Charging For Deprogramming: Is It So Awful?

I had an email from someone I consider level-headed and sincere in communication. It contained a few interesting questions.

“I do wonder something about Kenneth: Do you ever think “hey, he’s playing the role given him by Nature, let it be”. Or are you more like: “he does his thing, and my thing is to reveal his fraudulent behavior”. It seems on one hand you know that the blueprint is what it is … but you still feel compelled to reveal him and stop people from believing his teachings. Do you believe what he teaches on the forum is complete bullshit? Just curious.

And although Realization can never be “gotten”, do you think removing human programming to a certain extent may uncover what is — this understanding you seem to have arrived at? If there are already tons of people in the spiritual market defrauding people (and themselves) by putting false shit in their heads about enlightenment (love, compassion, etc.) then is it so awful that Kenneth is charging for something that is closer to de-programming the human mind and setting people up for this understanding to happen, whether it does or not? It seems everyone is playing a role in this human play, including the spiritual market people that “Jed”, in his books, rails against.”

Yes, Kenneth does his thing, acting out on the Blueprint and his personal life circumstance. And yes, I do mine, also acting out on my Blueprint and personal circumstance. We manifest our true nature.

The same applies to every human, with a subtle difference: Kenneth, myself and other more evolved humans are aware of what their true nature is, and are not in any way ashamed or impeded by it. Acceptance of what you really are – is a big step towards maturity and true adulthood.

But this total acceptance of own nature also has a dark side: all becomes permissible. Absolutely nothing is out-of-bounds, which is why many self-realised humans are perceived as assholes. And some – are. Why? Because their specific true nature has always been that of a human without scruples.

The true nature of each human being is the dividing line between abusing fellow human beings and falling into feelings of ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ and ‘heart’.

I present an odd case because I do not belong to either of those categories. Someone very astute once said to me ‘There isn’t a single malicious bone in your body’. I find an ability of many humans to abuse one another quite incomprehensible, for many reasons. But neither do I fall in with the ‘love’ crowd, because I see the illusory nature of love. In fact, I have my understanding of what exactly humans mistakenly take for love and why this particular illusion is so persistent.

Next.. do I believe that what Kenneth is teaching is bullshit. No. First, he is not teaching anything. Kenneth acts as a blank screen onto which the forum participants project anything that occurs in their reality. The dialogues are more of a monologue type: people talk and he listens, occasionally giving a nudge here and there. This is people talking to THEMSELVES, but believing they are talking to him.

I once stated on the forum that no real interaction has ever taken place, BUT the only way humans learn anything of real value is via communication with one another. It sounds like another paradox, but it is really simple: to see into who you are – you need someone to reflect that to you. After all, if one lives on a desert island in complete isolation – one has no glimpse of themselves and will eventually devolve to a more animal-like state.

In other words.. to retain and see own human characteristics we need other humans.

Secondly… the point that I tried to convey and that people keep missing is that I have no problem with the content of the books or even the content of the forum. The problem lies in the act itself, the act of taking on a leadership role, a role of someone who lays claim to Wisdom and attempts to teach it. It is not possible to teach Wisdom. And even more suspect – to charge for teaching Wisdom.

If one is concerned about the state of other human beings – one is perfectly capable of parting with Wisdom in the course of their everyday life: by the way they act, their choices, their (free) advice to those near them, by not imposing themselves etc etc.. I thought it is a pretty obvious truth, but somehow it fails to be absorbed.

As a silly example… in the film ‘The Peaceful Warrior’ the man who guides the young fellow – is someone who quietly works at a petrol station, content and not in a hurry to jump on the guru bandwagon. While I thought the film itself was somewhat shallow in its message, with an obligatory ‘happy ending’, this particular detail felt very accurate to the true state of a self-realised person. And I don’t mean all have to have menial jobs; be a CEO if your nature so calls. Just don’t charge for your Wisdom of being.

Finally.. is it so awful that Kenneth charges for some de-programming.. No, it is not awful. It is simply fake. He has some honesty in saying that only 3 to 5% of his students ‘get’ it. It is a chance thing, which he is fully aware of. I have known people who absolutely get it intellectually, they make all the right noises and can have an intelligent conversation about ‘it’, and yet there is no Clarity, no Vision, no idea of themselves and who they are.

All is in the intent. Ask yourselves what the intent of the forums, the books, the seminars, the satsangs, the retreats is. What is the true intent?

Whatever Kenneth and numerous others like him do – they are playing God to your crippled psyche. Nothing else. And the reason why people like myself gain Clarity is not because we followed. It is because we questioned.

Question everything.

Note: Thank you, S.

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68 thoughts on “Charging For Deprogramming: Is It So Awful?

  1. Nice. Very well said.

    Nothing awful, just fake, simply fake.

    That’s what I like in what you share and write here, Tano, it’s not a question of what’s wrong or right, good or bad, but just what’s fake or not.

  2. You know I tried to defend Jed (or whoever the fuck he is). You said in your podcast that you’re not 100% that book Jed is forum Jed. I was simply pissed at the fact that if book Jed isn’t forum Jed, you’re unfairly blaming the writer. In his books Jed clearly wants people to think for themselves (all of his books are anti – guru books). Forum Jed never tried to make me do the NavSeries and his replies helped me in practical ways, he gave me his time and support (as you can see, I’m not brainwashed or one – minded, I wouldn’t be reading both the forum and your blog. People who give him money maybe deserve to be robbed of their posessions to realize how foolish they are for wasting their precious life on trying to become more than they already are (which is the purpose of all truth seekers, in my opinion). Life fucked me up, so now I’ll try to become omnipotent (as you can see, people on Forum Jed’a forum are competing who will be the better student in Jed’a eyes, we all have upbringing and fear of abandonment issues as I can see). If Forum Jed truly was Kenneth McMordie, the con artist, maybe he’s trying to repent himself for bad deeds from the past. Maybe he charges NavSeries just to make a living (after being publicly ashamed, he’s a clearly a lonely and broken person, had a difficult childhood (toxic parents), his wife left him or died. You think he’s happy in Cambodia? He needs all those people, cuz probably he’s got no friends. I feel so sorry for him because know how he feels. You’re beating a broken man, Tano, a sad, old man. Who are the real culprits? Fucking Eckhart Tolle (spiritual multi millionaire), hypocritical religious and cult leaders, sponsored by Oprah and Hollywood Satan worshippers. Expose the real culprits! Expose all of them! Leave poor Jed alone.

    1. I understand the sentiment, Bruno, but it is misplaced. I saw Kenneth in PP again over a week ago. He is not sad, unhappy or lacking friends, quite the opposite.

      Is it possible that you are projecting your own emotional states onto him?

      Regarding the money.. have you ever handled a few million dollars? Because Kenneth has. He states that 95% of his earnings go to charity here. If true, it means he earns a reasonable living, 95% is a sizable chunk of anyone’s income, don’t you think?

      If you personally know anyone who had a direct experience dealing with (as you say) “Fucking Eckhart Tolle (spiritual multi millionaire), hypocritical religious and cult leaders, sponsored by Oprah and Hollywood Satan worshippers”…. let me know their names, and I will gladly get in touch with them to see if they are willing to put up their stories on the EM website. I cannot talk of anyone I had no direct experience of.

      I suggest you get your head out of your ass and look around very carefully.

    2. To Bruno :

      The books are bullshit. I read the first half of the first book, I smelled something was fake, deeply fake (the story of that “jed”, that Iowa “ashram”, all those quotes from other “teachers”, (if you tell the truth you don’t need other’s words), etc.) I searched for more info about that “jed mckenna”, came across Tano’s blog, and loved it, loved her inquiry.

      I was never interested by the forum. Had just a glance at the books : they are fake. Period. 🙂

      (I don’t care if you don’t agree, Bruno. I just wanted to write what I just wrote.)

      1. The books deploy a literary device of the human character. The character and his surroundings are based on some factual information, but only in part. This in itself is not fake.

        But they do mislead humans, in many different ways, just as Carlos Castaneda books did.

        The problem with writing about Truth is that it tends to create lies as an end product. It is inevitable. For a man of intelligence that Jed is – it should have been obvious. Either he was blind enough to follow own human ego or he knew exactly what he was doing, certainly after Book No.2, 3 etc.

        My guess would be the latter.

      2. If on the cover of the book it was written : “Novel”. Ok, then I wouldn’t call it fake. It would have been a novel like thousands others are written every year to make money, to entertain the reader, to please the ego of the writer, etc.

        But it’s never mentionned. Even if some things are based on the real life (the description of the house, etc.) its simply fake, the book is fake.

        On the wisefoolpress site, “novel” is never mentionned about the book, it is written : ” AUTHOR, TEACHER AND SPIRITUAL MASTER Jed McKenna tells it like it’s never been told before. A true American original, Jed succeeds where countless others have failed by reducing this highest of attainments — Spiritual Enlightenment — to the simplest of terms. ….. ” Just some blablablabla. It’s just made to sell books, to make money, counting on the gullibility of people.

        And like you, I don’t say it’s good or bad, right or wrong, it’s juse FAKE. 😉

        1. I never had any attachment to the story being real and assumed it was just brilliant storytelling. Which is is actually. But I get how some people, in spite of all of his words in the book, might think. Oh boy!, an enlightened master I can go find who’s going to ____ ??? What? Save you? Heal you? People are always mistaking the pointer for the moon. Definately agree it could have been made clear on the cover or in the beginning that it is a fictional story… even if it were not. It would be better protection from those seeking a guru.

          1. The goal of the author/s was simple : make money. If they had put “Novel” or “Fiction” on the book, they wouldn’t have sell a lot of books.

            On the “wisefoolpress” site, it’s all marketing, price tags, dollar signs.

            When I click on “Damnedest”, I read “From a Spiritual Master Unlike Any,
            A Spiritual Masterpiece Like No Other”, (a whole lot of bullshit in just one sentence 😉 ), it’s made to attract the eye and the mind of the man/woman in “search of the truth” or “the end of his/her suffering”, those who are gullible will fall for that bullshit ” waouw finally a “real” “master” “. Then I see on the right of the website all the prices, and again at the bottom of the page 26 times “buy” “buy” “buy” “buy” “buy”. 😉

            Oh look waouw

            “Damnedest – 25% Off $18.71 Add to Cart
            Incorrect – 25% Off $18.71 Add to Cart
            Warfare – 25% Off $18.71 Add to Cart
            Above 3: Save 33% $49.85”

            I can save 33% ! I have to buy them !! Spiritual enlightment for less than 50 dollars, I have to try this,… 😉

            It’s so funny. The “Jed” has written those books for money. If he really wanted to help people, all of those fake books would be free, totally free. 😉

            I had a look on the first book, just to make my opinion, I enjoyed some of it, but when I realised all of the story was fake, I couldn’t continue. It’s so so so so easy to fool people, that “Jed” is fooling people for money. I hate that. 🙂

            He is free to write whatever he wants and to try to sell his writings to people, but I’m free to hate that behaviour and to call him a fraud.

            And people do whatever they want with their money, if they want to buy those books they are free. Personnaly, I will never spend a penny for spiritual shit (book, satsang, etc.) (I found the first book for free on internet 😉 ). I’m free, I don’t need anything. Words are free. Helping someone is free.

            But I know that the majority of humans have to fall in the trap to see that it was a trap. I can see the trap without having to fall in it, that’s my luck. 🙂


          2. I think it’s funny that people think conscious explorers like “Jed McKenna” (the fictional character and/or author who obviously “gets IT”.), should not charge anything for anything ever. Why? What an antiquated unjustified idea, isn’t it?

            These books are fucking great and helpful to boot and right on par with what the universe had in store for me at the time and as perfect as anything and everything if you know how to drop the bullshit and look at it, which is exactly what these books are about and support.

            I just don’t get making Jed/Ken whoever is the author so special as to say he needs to be perfect and a saint and shouldn’t charge for books because somehow he’s different than everybody else. He has a right, just as any human being to try to make a living. His books are right on and perfect… and if you don’t agree, that’s perfect too, nobody’s forcing anyone to buy them or like them.

            If you drop the book because the story is fake, you missed the point entirely and must have been hoping to find a “real guru”. Detachment from the reality of Jed being a real person or not is detachment from the guru. You guys still see him as a guru and want him to suffer for his sins and go without making a living like he’s NOT a normal person or something. Enlightened people are normal people, not perfect, that’s the point.

          3. There are people you feel close to, and others you don’t feel close at all.

            It’s a gut feeling. I could explain it beter to you, why I don’t feel close to the author of the book, why I call him a fraud and fake. But, of course it doesn’t matter that you understand me or not. It doesn’t matter to me nor to you. 🙂

            I could give you some names of some human beings, some “non-gurus”, I feel close to. U.G. for instance. I instantly felt a connection with him the minute I read his famous quote about copyright. He didn’t sell his words. I like that. Maybe I could explain to you why, but once again, it doesn’t matter.

            I don’t say it’s wrong or bad to sell words (here I mean “spiritual” words) but I just don’t see the point. If you really try to help your fellow human to understand his life or the world or his suffering or the functionning of his mind, put those words for free on the internet. If he wants to purchase also the book to have it in his hands because he prefer to read the words from a book instead of from a screen, ok, great, but the words are like air : it’s free, it’s for everybody. The “only people that give me money can be “saved” “is such bullshit… 😉

            Once again, if the book was presented as a novel, I wouldn’t say all of that.

            If the author, that Jed, really help people, then with a simple “donation button” on his site, he would receive money…

            Nobody will ever be a “guru” for me, even U.G. is not a guru for me, for me it’s just one of the billions of humans that has lived on this planet. 🙂 So is “Jed”, so am I, and you and etc.

            Nobody is special, everbody is unique.

            I “love” everybody, but it doesn’t mean I feel close to everybody or that I want to spend time with everybody. I don’t feel close to “Jed” at all, but why would that matter to you ? 🙂 I like U.G. but if he was still alive, I wouldn’t have te desire to spend time with him, I don’t need anything from anybody. 🙂

          4. Well Jed/Ken gives away a lot of free stories, writings, and time for free. But that doesn’t matter. You don’t dig the writing, so what? No problemo. Follow your heart.
            Nobody’s special means Jed/Ken should not be made special either, meaning he should have the same human rights as anyone and not be judged by some “higher” standard, Otherwise he’s being seen as different, special, and the point he’s pointing to and this blog points to is missed.

          5. I only judge by my standards. 🙂

            Every word that comes out of me is only my view.

            Everybody has to do the “work” himself. I don’t need others words to think or to be aware of my life, my consciousness, the life, the consciousness.

            Sometimes I like to read what others think, but it’s only for the pleasure and the fun. It’s never important.

            And I like to express myself, and that’s also just for fun. It’s a pleasure to write. 🙂 If it wasn’t, why would I do it ? 😉

            When it’s not a pleasure for me to read someone’s words, I don’t do it. Why would I read a book (Jed’s book or anybody’s book) if I have no pleasure reading it. 😉

            Once again, I’m free and not in search of anything.

            Have fun. 🙂 ( not having fun is also fun… 🙂 )

  3. For fuck’s sake. Let the man have a fucking business if he wants to teaching whatever Navigation Series, ideas about human adulthood or whatever. You seem incredibly judgemental. Who cares if he’s got millions of bucks and shoves it up his ass. It’s none of your business and doesn’t affect his teaching. People say it helps them, then it helps them. Helped me just having the free forum interaction with my reflection and I appreciated the free time he gives everybody. He never pushed anything on me or even suggested taking a paid course. That he wants to offer a paid course is his prerogative. Stop the witchhunt and go home. It’s not about the messenger it’s about the message.

      1. Do I think your extensive, judgemental blog containing no relevant evidence against Ken for doing anything illegal or even shocking, will effect Ken’s business? LOL! You’ve exposed him for patting girls butts and going to the bar. OMG, So fucking what. Did you read the books? Sounds just like Jed to me.

        If anything your blog will help sort out people who are looking for a “perfect person” (one with no past and who is not interested in women) to put on a pedestal. I can’t imagine anyone seeking out Jed is looking for a perfect person based on his books and emphasis on being human and inperfect and it not being about the messenger but the message.

        But here you are throwing your stones at the messenger. He’s a good pointer to truth. He helps people through his books and on the forum for free. He just started offering a paid course and I know people who said it helped them who also think you’re nuts. So, if it effects business, I can only imagine it will be in a good sorting out sort of way.

        P.S. What makes you imagine you can tell me what helps or doesn’t help me? That’s ridiculous. LOL. You think I’m fucked and are sorry? What the hell? LOL
        You are pretty funny.

        Why do I need help? Why do you think I’m fucked? Pray tell. I can’t wait to hear how you’ve determined all of these things. LOL.

        No need to be sorry. Thanks for making me laugh.

        Lot’s of Love!

  4. You are welcome.

    The crazy nutcase that is me – could have caused much damage and destruction to Kenneth’s life. I am not doing that, and he is aware of it.

    Why not? I guess I am THAT evil.

    The messenger IS the message. The message is not born out of the void. Just consider that, and consider if what you wrote above is true.

    In answer to your question… you need help because you are looking for help.

    1. Why would you even consider causing “much damage and destruction” and to think that you could somehow with this petty shit on here? There’s no way you have a leg to stand on to do any damage to anyone. You’re blog is clickbait and lacks evidence of anything illegal, surprising, or wrong going on.

      1. I considered it, because Kenneth has never been in any way apprehended for all the damage he created in the past. While you are talking about the blog, I am talking about the real physical life here in Cambodia.

        You tend to pick what suits your particular perception of him. I am able to see both sides in the man. Hence, my choice of letting him be. I know that. He knows that.

        Some people with the views directly opposing yours – also tried to question why I cut him some slack. Humans huh… can’t win with them. They see everything as black and white.

        1. Damage? You have shown no case for any damages done. If you have on here and I’ve missed it, please again I ask you to link me to this proof of damages done which he is legally accountable for. All I have asked is for proof of your claims. This is an extensive site with little substance and a lot of personal judgements.

          I don’t have much of a perception about him. I don’t know him or need to. The message is clear, the books are well written, the forum is helpful. If he’s done something in the past, you still haven’t shown proof of damages or how he’s involved exactly or explained why there were no legal proceedings. At some point even the past can be forgiven, at least in certain societies. You haven’t proven a case past or present to show you have anything to sand on with these claims. I just don’t like fluffy content making unproven claims and witch hunts against people pointing to the truth… which seems very popular these days. Heaven forbid you are not perfect and want to express an eternal truth on this fucking planet. LOL. Crucify him and get it over with why don’t you. I don’t think you have the nails.

          1. Thank you! I appreciate the links, finally. It is the first time I have seen this. So I guess you’re right (if you are) . He’s done bad things in his past and has no right to move forward and have a place in the world. Go at him with all of your tenacity! You make a lovely pit bull. The laws are obviously not enough for this man, we need a vigilante to expose what an imperfect person he is. Just because he’s already exposed himself as imperfect and separated himself from the brilliantly clear message, doesn’t mean you don’t need to reiterate it how imperfect he is and expose him now. Good job!

            “The messenger is the message” as you say, so lets discount the whole picture and judge away. You found a monster, congratulations on freeing the world in your own special way. Maybe we should all follow suit; no human with a past should be forgiven regardless of human laws that would let go and move on. Nor should their message be seen apart from their mistakes (the messenger is the message). Maybe people should only take their learning from saints according to the morals of the day? Is there such a thing?

          2. I understand that you are upset.

            The idea of representing the man as is is not about judgement. Human minds (including yours) make it so. The idea was to show that the books are written by someone who is entirely human. The idea was to disentangle people from the reverence and adoration-like perception of the man and his message.

            This is why I said earlier that you missed the message. And if you never read all the articles at depth.. perhaps you may consider that your own judgement of what I am doing might be incorrect.

            I gave Kenneth as much slack as is possible. That is why perhaps he once sent a hug my way on the forum.

          3. I understand human minds (including yours) may see me as upset for questioning you. That is irrelevant. Who would revere irreverent book Jed or forum Jed? I guess I just don’t get it. But if someone were to, then good on you. He has a naughty past and likes girls! Nasty dirty old man! I bet he smells bad too. Good points sweetheart. I’m sure you’ll save some from putting him up on a pedestal. It’s just not been something I’ve ever felt inclined to do. So I guess maybe this blog isn’t for me. It’s for someone who needs to remember there are no saints here. I mean that was pretty clearly stated in the books, but you’ve definitely done your best here to make it even more clear. Hopefully you’ll save others from experiencing the extent of disappointment you did.

    1. I don’t know. Isn’t that what you have stated here? Either way, both books and forum/nav series have been helpful to people, me included. Either way what you are doing makes no sense to me.

      1. Hi eternaldawnblog ,

        You’re attached to “Jed”, to the books/forum/nav series, you’re attached to te help you think you received.

        I don’t say it’s bad. But as long as you’re attached, you are not free.


      2. If you feel inner resistance to all this (and you do) there are two constructive avenues:

        1. Hold on to your existing perception, reject all the information, stop reading, leave.

        2. Stay, attempt to engage objective thinking faculties and see whether the information contains true facts.

        You are choosing to do neither, instead taking a very predictable human route of ‘All this is petty shit, you are nuts, clickbait, judgemental’ and so on. If you ever attempted to use any of these on Jed’s forum and be in that way aggressive – you would see how quickly he would extinguish your existence from his world. He has done it many times.

        You are welcome here, but perhaps you could adopt a more rational way of communication.


      3. I have given your blog much time and reading, and have asked you questions directly about actual illegal activities and proof of any actually bad things Ken is actually doing and you do not respond reasonably. Making a huge deal about someone who never claimed to be a saint, patting a girls butt at a bar he just danced with says a lot more about you than him (whoever he is). You have avoided answering questions, and are now telling me how I feel and calling me irrational and telling me how to think and be. And you’re worried about people being manipulated in the forum? Here you claim to know something but exaggerate and if someone spends the time to dig they’ll find only fool’s gold.

        As far as Ken’s ability to extinguish my existance from his world…. LOL Holy crap. Who cares. I’m not in his world. I used the forum recognizing the nature of my own projection. I talked to others who paid to take the course and say they enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I’m not concerned about being in “Ken’s world” as much as you are I guess.

        1. To Eternal :

          If you are free, and if it means the same thing for you as for me, then you don’t really care about “Jed/Kenneth”, his forum or books, “Tano” and her site, “Cédric” and even “Eternaldawnblog”. 😉

          If you are free, all of this (the words, yours, mine, “jed”s, tano’s, all the conversations,…) is just fun. 🙂

          If you are here, and free as you say, then, you are having fun, here.

          I’m here because I like it. I’m interested in what Tano is sharing. I don’t care about someone’s message, I only care about the human beings behind the words. Is the man/woman whose words I’m reading real or fake ? that’s what I’m interested in.

          I’m not interested in the author of the fake books “Jed”, he is fake to me, I’m not interested in Kenneth whoever he is. I’m here because I have the feeling Tano is real.

          But in fact, I don’t really care about what she thinks, everybody has to think by himself, she is free, I am free, you are free to think and say whatever you want.

          “messages” are words, and words are not important. What’s important is your freedom, my freedom, the freedom. 🙂

          And the fun we are having.

          If you are free, you are smiling right now. Are you smiling ? 😉

      4. I gave facts about:

        1. The man’s past 2. The man’s present

        How these facts are interpreted depends entirely on the personal reality and the level of awareness of those who see them.

        There is a distinction between doing something illegal (his past) and doing something questionable (his present), I agree. If you look at the facts – I never suggested that he is doing something illegal right now. He is doing something questionable, however.

        I understand you disagree. So let me ask you this… what is the real intent of your interaction with me?

        1. You did not give facts. Send me a link to actual facts… not long convoluted articles linking nobody to anything. Show me what I missed in reading all of the crap. Sort it out like you would in a court of law. Accusations, proof, desired outcome and request for ammends and detailing the damages. Facts are facts regardless of interpretation. You personally don’t like what he’s doing and have issues with him. You have a right to your opinion, but framing and trying to expose and defame him because of your opinion that his actions are “questionable” is misleading, odd and obsessive. My intent here is to see if you ever come up with anything real and also just here for the curiosity questions and dialog.

          1. Well.. it is obvious that no matter what you see – you will fail to see it.

            Do your own research, you may find it more satisfying. I said this to you before – this is not a court of law.

          2. Who he is personally and his personal past is irrelevant to me. I’m not looking for a personal relationship with the author or the forum person. I can’t keep track of who’s who and don’t care. It’s not the point.
            Also, I don’t typically ask people about their past when having a conversation. It’s about the point and he makes a lot of good ones, (my projection, all me personally). I find a helping hand and you see a failed human in need of exposure. I find the idea of focusing on who he is or might be, or what he did in his past, irrelevant to the teaching and the message, which I personally have found helpful and am grateful.

          3. Not a vigilante. If I were truly that – I would have caused much more destruction to his current way of life.

            Live and let live. However.. if a few people detach from the spell (and a few did) – it might send them back on a path to themselves, which is the only path.

          4. 🙂
            I have what I need. I don’t feel inclined to ruin a man in his seventies who made some dumb choices in the past, and may need some cash.

            Mine is method of non violent resistance: let people see and make up their own minds. That is all I chose to do.

            Besides… we are very much alike in many ways.

          5. Everything teaches. Coming across this particular story, moving to Cambodia, all the interactions of the past three years or so – taught me much. They made me see what is, without pink coloured glasses.

            I hope it will work for you.

  5. “is it so awful that Kenneth charges for some de-programming”

    This statement is inaccurate. There is no deprogramming going on in the books or the forum. It’s clear by the reactions in this blog. The only thing that has a problem with the way one ego expresses itself is another ego. And so what? This is what it is to be human. To discover who you are and who you are not.

    Like was said somewhere in here, life shows you how set down a cumbersome ego when necessary step aside for a bit and when to pick it back up. Not a guru. You learn to use it as a tool and not the other way around.

    I simply don’t give a damn what Jed or Kenneth among most other people are up to the days. They are not “evolved beings” and I don’t presuppose that they have any hidden or superior knowledge that I do not have access to through my own experiences. The only real crime is in the disservice people do to themselves by not trusting in their own intuition and ability to navigate through the bullshit themselves. But even this is just another step on the way to your own self realization.

    1. Yes, as long as someone is attached to a book or to a “teacher”, “non-teacher”, “guru” or “non-guru”, he is not free. (And I don’t say it’s bad or wrong to be attached, it’s just as it is)

    2. “Like was said somewhere in here, life shows you how set down a cumbersome ego when necessary step aside for a bit and when to pick it back up. Not a guru. You learn to use it as a tool and not the other way around.”

      when ego is really seen through, it dissolves. (“real seeing” happens not only through the head, but also through the heart and gut – search “Awakening on heart, mind and gut level – Adyashanti” on youtube).

      so what if it’s not your intuition that’s telling you “stay away from gurus”, but your ego? wouldn’t it be in your ego’s interest to convince you that it is under your control? but what if you are the one who is “a tool” (or a puppet) in your ego’s hands right now, not the other way around?

      “step aside and pick it back up” sounds like “run away and come back when it feels safe again” to me…

  6. i wonder if the jed forum master is pleased with the reactions of his students lol. is he thinking he’s not doing a good job? is he doing like the emperor in star wars “yes! yes!” ?
    what if tano’s blog is doing forum jed a service? people get radicalized by her articles, some will find reason to put him down, others will find reason to place him higher.
    tano’s articles give more body to the “mystery”, more flesh dough for people to play with.
    i remember the mulholland drive by david lynch, the silencio theater scene: there is no band playing, you hear what you want to hear. as long as I do not know the one who makes the choices, what is there to say?

    1. I doubt that Kenneth thinks much about the reactions of his students.

      If people get radicalized – they have missed the point entirely. There is not much to be done about that, everyone will take out what their current level of consciousness allows them to, no more no less.

      Regarding the mystery… there are people out there who have the full picture. They will not talk, either on the record or off. Some will not talk because they have tangible interests in the franchise. Some will not talk because they experience a sense of (fake) loyalty. Some will not talk because they believe I am crazy.

      For my part… while I am still not sure about the true identity, it ceased being of big interest. The reason for that is simple: whoever the man is, Kenneth or not – he is in every way equal to me, and in some ways – still a child.

      And in that way – he is no more a mystery. Just another bloke treading this Earth. The wizard of Oz no more.

  7. To all the gurus out there, cynically, yeah thanks for the information…

    Thanks for the information
    Never give a sucker an even break
    When he’s breaking through
    To a new level of consciousness
    There always seems to be more
    Obstacles in the way
    Thanks for the information I know
    It’s only a combat zone
    Thanks for the memory,
    I’ll just have
    To carry on my own

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