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This will be of some interest only to those who observed the battles around the EM a few months back. I wrote this on the EM Facebook page yesterday.

This post below from Frank Hand was posted a couple of months ago, but I didn’t visit Facebook, so it is the first time I see it. There is a distortion of the actual events in it, the fact that I intend to correct on the EM website soon, backed up by evidence of actual conversations between all involved.

I stress here again that at the time I reluctantly agreed to the games and got manipulated as a result. As Frank stated to me himself, he is quite a cunning person and is good at playing. And I have to say… he is. He would make an excellent undercover agent, as was proven by the events. The result of his game was that he is the only person who walked away with ALL the information about the true Jed McKenna identity, without soiling his name in the slightest.

That takes some beating.

There was much that I chose not to discuss publicly, out of a silly sense of loyalty, but since Frank continues to talk by way of presenting the picture that is missing vital details and does not correspond to what really took place.. I see no moral obligation to keep it under wraps.

Anyway, below is the short account of his. My response will follow soon enough, after which I can continue to concentrate on… Life.

Some outright lies, Frank. And you know I always keep the evidence of everything. Say ‘hello’ to those you befriended and lied to. In the end I asked you to tell them the actual truth, because the lies cast a long shadow on me… have you done so?

Frank Hand: There is not much mystery left
Nessa stumbled onto forum Jed and smelled a rat and followed the trail and investigated what she could..
She blogged the process as away to document and forewarn people about who the forum Jed really was..
She did a fantastic job and yet people still refuse to see the reality of the scam faker Ken McMordie a Ponzi scammer who stole millions $
She herself remains under the spell and delusion that Ken McMordie is Truth Realised..
He is not !
There is no link or credible evidence that forum Jed/Ken knows or has ever met the Book Jed
Jed McKenna is nome de plume the books are fiction with some autobiographical information
They contain mostly fictional information about the author so as not to reveal his true identity or life situation.
In fact the books deliberately misdirect people away from the real life situation of the author ..
Nessa can’t link Peter Sweeney to Ken McMordie and the whole section in her blog is supaszion !
A theory concluded on misdirection from Jed/ Ken clever bread crumb trail he left behind to create the false evidence he is the real author..
Nessa and I fell for that false evidence!
When I realised that and received information about the real books author I ended my part in any further investigation refusing to expose and reveal the identity of the author, Nessa would not agree to maintaining his anonymity so she forced my hand to not reveal the final information I received !
I wanted her to correct and or edit the last few articles in the blog about Peter Sweeney..
Nessa refused that and maintained the two men are connected
Her confirmation bias just would not let her see the truth and sadly we parted ways and she cut me off and blocked me on Facebook.
Peter Sweeney is an innocent bystander to the story because he is linked to Wisefool Press.
Many have read the blog and still refuse to accept the clear truth about the forum and can’t accept that forum Jed is a fake ..
People believe what they want to believe and most can’t move past their own emotional investment in the story and certainly can’t face the music that they have been tricked and fooled by the conman.
Frank Hand: Well the easiest way to describe the reality of this is the author of the books has little interest in the machinations of the world and doesn’t spend his time googling his own nome de plume
He eventually was informed about first forum and took no particular view or concern.
Later when Kens 2nd forum started to sell get enlightened packages he was once again approached and requested to distant himself from the forum.
He did this virtually straight way by placing a disclaimer on the Wisefool website
There is not much more he can do ..
Ken is not actually breaking any laws
Anyone has the right to call themselves by any name and imply such and such..
Ken is not infringing on copyright or trade marks
That is the cleverness of the man..
Official protests have been made to the forum moderators and they failed to act or respond
The first forum archives were removed on complaint ..
As long as people search for Jed McKenna and find Ken McMordie they aren’t carrying out a further search to find the real author so it serves the book authors anonymity to some extent.
Whether that accounts also for the weak response I don’t know.

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18 thoughts on “Masks And Games

  1. I was thinking about you a few days ago. Telling to myself : “well, there’s nothing new on the site, nothing new about all that “Jed” story ” Tano must be simply living her life not bothering about all of it anymore.

    I think the Truth always unveils one day. And I’m patient. I think one day I’ll know who the author/s of the books is (or are) and what’s the link between Kenneth and the author/s (maybe he’s one of the authors). It’s not important for me, but I’m curious. 🙂

    Always a pleasure to read what’s written here.

    Best to you.

    1. The truth will be unveiled when the author dies and one of his associates would want to make some money on that, and will publish his/her account.

      Alternatively… since the name is unknown, the books can continue to be written indefinitely. Ya know.. like a McDonald’s franchise 🙂

  2. The book jed and the forum jed are the same person, you don’t want to accept it because then the fun and trill of uncovering a mystery will be over. Of course everyone wants some drama in their lives hahaha

    1. Huh?.. One camp accuses me of not accepting the fact that they are two different people, while another (to which you seem to belong) wants to hammer me for not accepting that they are the same person.
      Damned if you do and damned if you don’t… Both sides fail to see that I don’t care either way. All I want is what is true to factual reality.
      And I have the answer now.

      Regarding drama… that’s if you get all emotional about it. I don’t.

      1. Hmm you say you don’t care but the amount of effort which you have put forward to discover who jed is, is huge 🙂
        nonetheless I appreciate what you have done here, it was a helpful read for me and I guess it is heplful for any Jed student to get disenchanted and grow up.

        Btw you don’t need to prove to me that you don’t get emotional. because that totally fine with me. as you said you can’t pull human out of human.

  3. I can remember warning some that the Jed thing was taking on a cult like vibe with unhealthy attachments and emotional investment. I’d simply see my time on the forums as a yet another short term life experience and continue onward focusing energies elsewhere to things that actually matter. In this way my attention is not lost in the details of a meaningless story in which there is absolutely nothing to gain and everything else to lose. But such is the nature of free will and to each their own.

    Best regards

    1. Hi J.

      I gained from this meaningless story… I have gained so much crystal clear awareness that perhaps I should open a shop selling… CRYSTAL.

      Everything teachers, and so is it meaningless? 🤔

      1. Lol selling crystals… it’s a hard sell to those who recognize that they themselves Are crystal.

        Awareness is…always. Nothing to do about it. Where is attention is the question.

        Attention keenly and relentlessly directed can make the average human rather powerful. But I suppose not all are meant to embody that for themselves.

  4. So what actually is your beef or accusation in what I wrote in the first quoted piece you have posted here ?

    Nothing there is a lie or inaccurate .. it may just be my opinion based on my experience and recollection and it might even differ from your own .. that however is normal no two accounts will be exactly the same ..

    Specifically you can’t deny or challenge anything I’ve said as being factually false ..

    I unequivocal stand by the content of that Facebook comment ..

  5. In my second quoted comment there is absolutely nothing inaccurate and it’s clearly my view and frankly there is nothing it that you could possibly take exception too

    Further both comments are fair and accurate in the context I wrote them responding to someone else’s comments which you haven’t posted here so distorting the accuracy and context completely ..

    Why don’t you specifically state factual inaccuracy and correct them .. because you can’t !

    I totally stand by my assessment in the comment ..

    1. Your understanding of what constitutes a truthful account of events – is flawed, Frank.

      Omitting the very significant facts, such as your undercover activities, with all the lies that entailed, means the account was incomplete and akin to a common politician’s spin.

      This is why I chose to publish factual information in the form of continuous conversations,, rather than just my views about it, unlike ‘clearly your views’, as you put it.

      I did not publish the Marina conversation in continuous form because it involves the third person (YBS) who has nothing to do with your presentation of events.

      I stated here on the website, in my conversations with you (see PDF) and on Facebook that there was a loss of judgement on my part when, after having learnt about your undercover story – I was persuaded to let you go for it. It did not sit comfortably with me, I expressed it to you and take full responsibility for not having prevented you from going down that route.

      In that way we both fucked up. I said that much on Facebook.

  6. YBS read the PDF he must have felt a bit bored .. I haven’t read it and probably won’t!

    I’m clear about what occurred and the sequence of events ..

    You did question me mostly after the event of initial contact etc that I agree with and I also agree we both made an error of judgement .. but your spin on it is nonsense and distorted take

    I did what I did for your benefit and out of concern for you so called stolen blog content posted on reddit and my concern that Ybs was Ken playing us .. I didn’t feel bad about being under cover in that context because ybs was anonymous and I owed him nothing .. you were only to willing to take the information I got though and use it !

    After exposing Ken you had nothing ! Everything you wrote came from my contacts .. so I was more then generous and more then loyal to you ..

    In term of my two comments you published from Facebook there is no reason need or fact necessary to raise my undercover pursuit of YBS because he has nothing to do with context of my comments / reply to the Facebook post

    Your using those comments is a piss poor justification for going ahead and breaking our agreement to keep our privacy and all our correspondence private !

    Talk about fuked up judgement try owning that ! There is no justification for sharing my emails etc and frankly it is a straight up hostile act so saying we are still friends is just insincere..

  7. If you don’t read the PDF then you are in no position to make comments on it. Read it. You will see that I have not taken anything out, concerning our last week of communication.

    I didn’t ‘benefit’ from your activities. It was not about any benefits.

    1. You know only too well that I have put in money into this website and into my investigation here on the ground.

    2. I was not after any ‘teacher’s’ role or gaining some credit in the area of ‘spiritual’ business. The people who wrote to me are all aware that I kicked many out, and some said so, with (actually) gratitude. It allowed them to stand on their own two feet, to the degree that their levels of awareness allow.

    3. Look at the final fact… WHO HAS THE NAME? Not me. You. I cannot speculate whether you would have gotten it if we never crossed paths. But you cannot deny that the events around the EM lead you to YBS. BTW, I never thought he was Kenneth, it was your impression in the beginning. I just couldn’t take his account seriously, because he presented no evidence, no matter how weak.

    Stop talking about benefits. That is not the way my mind works.

  8. To finish our communication…

    1. The more we exchange thoughts here – the more confusing it becomes for the audience. I’d rather they look at the information, read our conversations and figure it out for themselves.

    2. I do not deny your friendship, and it is not insincere of me to say that. The events of the past few months are just that – a transient insignificant mote of dust. I do not take them as seriously as to allow them to seep into all other areas of my life. Neither should you.

    Be a friend or don’t be a friend. It is up to you.

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