How To Be Frank, Part 1

I thought how to introduce Frank’s role, because there is so much material to go through. In the end I decided “Sod it! I will place it all here”.

I will introduce the first part:

Marina Conversations

They took place between Frank and YBS when Frank was attempting to befriend YBS, and it certainly worked. YBS (youvebeenscammed) received this name because of the thread of the same title he placed on the Invisible Guru Forum, and to which I referred here. YBS knows the real author.

I have 83 screenshots of the secret conversation between Frank and YBS which Frank emailed to me. YBS was carefully groomed by Frank to believe that Frank and myself stopped communicating. He even provided Frank with my email address, as Frank claimed not to have it, when, in reality, he had a few of my email addresses and forwarded the information to all of them.

I will not place all here. I chose not to post YBS parts of the conversation, because he is not the one who spread lies in the ‘after’ event. Despite his obvious mistrust of me – I never attempted to befriend him in order to extract information, even though he contacted me first a couple of weeks prior to the IGF events and what followed after.

I will comment above each screenshot.

  1. Frank called his email ‘Trap and Bait’, to ‘hook and comfort’.

Click & Bait 02. Kenneth has never been capable of murder, and Frank acknowledged that before.

I didn’t hold back. Frank received absolutely every piece of info that came my way.

Click & Bait 4

3. A story that Frank came up with and told me about AFTER having delivered it to YBS. I was not happy about the  outright lies.Click & Bait 7

4. Not true. Frank seriously whipped up a storm to make his story significant. Again, Kenneth is not capable of physical violence.

FBI… lol! I was gobsmacked at reading the story.

Click & Bait 8

5. More of the same plus an appeal to YBS to open up


Click & Bait 9

6.  This is the only word from YBS that I chose to place here. Shows just how wrong he was in his estimation of the situation.


Click & Bait 18

7.  Again, urging YBS to show his hand. Frank has never been an undercover officer. Canada is not interested in pursuing it further, because there is no money. THERE IS NO MONEY left from the Ponzi scheme. I have read every document relating to this, the latest as of this year.


Click & Bait 27


8. One has to live in Cambodia to know that below is pure bullshit.

Click & Bait 28

9. A legal background would help to see that these are clever words without substance.



Click & Bait 48

10. More subtle pressure from Frank. He WAS interested. He started emailing Wisefool Press weeks before our paths crossed.

Click & Bait 49

11. An attempt to place the blame for the source disclosure on me, while he fully endorsed it. In contrast, I had information from many sources and never disclosed any of them. Except to Frank. Hmmm… I was an idiot, without doubt, just like YBS was duped.

Click & Bait 55

12. Remember, Frank is attempting to distance himself from me in order to extract the info. Which means telling some untruths.

Click & Bait 56

14. A conviction for what exactly? More pseudo legal language.

Click & Bait 58

15. I don’t want anyone to go hungry. Full stop. I certainly don’t want a 71 year old to be stuck in Cambodia without funds. But Truth still means something to me. I dislike deceit.

Click & Bait 79

16. This refers to the message I left for YBS on the IGF, warning him that if he doesn’t stop bombing the forum, I will disclose the account of his meeting with Jed. It was done to stop the abuse that was beginning to take place on the IGF. Worked like a charm.

Secondly… no one abused me. It would be impossible.


Click & Bait 82

The actual conversation is much longer. All of the above is pure b.s. constructed with a single purpose of extracting information from someone who met ‘Jed’. How YBS, an intelligent and thinking entity, could have bought it – I have no idea. This is why I said somewhere earlier ‘Beware those who want to befriend you, not those who want nothing from you’.

The next post will publish the entire content of the last days’ conversation between me and Frank. As I said on Facebook.. I have nothing to hide, except the identities of people who were helpful in unravelling this mystery.

The last post will wrap up Kenneth’s story, in view of the recent evidence. I did not want to speculate until I got all the ducks in a row.

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5 thoughts on “How To Be Frank, Part 1

  1. Nessa on lying and compromise !
    Seem she plays her own games whilest critiquing the right of others to the same ..

    ‘To play the human survival Game always means the loss of true Self. Always, there are no exceptions’.
    This statement above had the following reply:
    ‘Survival is a core driver of living organisms. So it simply cannot be a betrayal of anything real… only perhaps of some false, egoic self.’
    The real doesn’t get betrayed. It gets abandoned in favour of the Mask.
    Human survival means cooperation with others. Cooperation means negotiation and compromise. Compromise means a human ends up doing what was not quite their original intention, to meet the requirements and often demands of those around. The degree of compromise is directly proportional to lack of self awareness. The least self aware people tend to depend on others the most for their survival needs and so flock together in groups.
    It is a societal game in which, should you choose to stand alone – you will be ostracized in various small and big ways. Being part of a group, ANY group, means adhering to group conformity, and there are millions of ways to do so.
    If one wants to put this to the test… spend one day being your absolute self, without hiding your real thoughts and feelings, without pleasing anyone’s expectations of you (and that includes your boss!! and your family members!! and your friends!!), without wearing The Mask. Let them know what you really think. Hmmm… how did it go for you?
    ‘Stand alone’ is when your self is the least compromised. Of course, in practical terms it is near impossible. That is why, unless one completely removed self from any contact with other humans, Self is always lost. Everyone lies to a smaller or lesser degree and, as a result, find it so extremely difficult to get back to Self, to find Self, to afford it the place it deserves.

    1. I state what the majority of humans tend to do and be. Tell me this is not so. You have the brains, Frank, figure it out. I have no problem with your personal conduct per se. I just thought we had developed enough trust not to act like the rest. I considered you a friend and sincerely enjoyed our communication.

      No hard feelings, darling. I will take my research further (have good leads), but this time – on my own.

  2. Nessa why are you lying ?
    Or are you deluded ?

    Look at your last 2 articles attacking me and twisting events to suit yourself ..cheery picked .. fake news articles.

    Why ? Because you are out for revenge … you have published private correspondence without the rights or persmission from me .. it’s obvious your words are both false and hollow it’s all about your hard feelings !

    Why would you break our agreement not to publish our personal correspondence ? It’s nothing but below the belt behaviour ..

    You have nothing worth saying because if you did you would stoop to rewriting facts to suit your agenda ..

    This blog is about Ken McMordie a serial liar and thief pretending to be Jed McKenna to gain confidence of unsuspecting people finding his fake forum and selling them enlightenment packages !

    I’m not the story and nor is airing our laundry in public
    Over what exactly ?
    What occurred or was said that deserves such malice and vindictive behaviour from you
    And the real surprise is it all comes from this holier then now I’m truth realisised woman act ..

    You’ve made a mockery of your own blog and turned it into a personal vendetta over nothing.

    You called off our cooperation while I was talking to YBS I simply accepted it .. because I took exception to your accusation .. you destroyed and pulled down things between us then blame me ..

    You doing it again by publishing our personal correspondence..
    I owed you nothing morally legally or otherwise. I simply adapted to the circumstances of you pulling the plug in working together and YBS suddenly outing his real identity..

    By that point I had enough of the whole thing and was uncomfortable about the course the blog had taken and my own failure to fight for what I thought correct..

    It went against my own preference to be honourable to expose Joan and Marc and I only went undercover with YBS to help and support you over your blog content being taken and put on Reddit ..

    I regret not keeping my boundaries with you over Joan and Marc .. I got to caught up in your drama and your agenda loosing sight of my own integrity ..

    We would still be friends now if you respected my situation and agreement with YBS and hand not blocked me .. and now publishing our correspondence means there is no way forward with you and consequently we are not friends and you are not trust worthy at all .. the fact you can’t see or own this new low in your own integrity is very telling to all your readers about your true nature ..

    I’m sure they will see through it and be as disappointed in you as Iam .. and they certainly will see you are are all about hard feelings ..

  3. You protesteth too much. See my comment on ‘Masks and Games’ thread.

    Look at the front page of this website. It states “This website is about Reality of what is and a true identity of Jed McKenna, the author of The Enlightenment Trilogy.”
    It is not about Kenneth McMordie per se. It is about Reality. This above was your Reality.

    I can certainly be friends with you, Frank. I just won’t go into the battlefield with you, just in case you change your mind half way and walk off the field, letting another to bear the brunt of all the crossfire.


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