How To Be Frank, Part 2

After the ‘Marina’ conversations Frank and YBS progressed to skype. This was the point at which I realised that Frank stopped being upfront. We had a FB conversation in the course of a week where I stated that, and Frank didn’t like it much.

There were many more interactions prior to that, both on FB and skype, but this one gives an idea in real time why Frank and me parted ways. I converted this conversation into the PDF document. The only changes made to it are:

  • spelling mistakes
  • **** placed instead of some names
  • removed picture attachments, as Frank has a habit of sending tons of those

The rest is in sequence, without any parts removed. It touches upon every part of the investigation: potential leads, discussions of our interactions with others, fact checking, ideas swapping, overeacting, sulking, throwing in the towel… all very human.

Our cooperation was good up until the point of Frank getting the information. This particular part starts at Page 83, the day after Frank had his conversation with YSB on Skype. I must admit.. I felt like shite when he turned around and said ‘You have all the same info that I have, guess!’. But it is not true. I didn’t have the initials of the name and so how could I have guessed?

For those with enough patience: the entire document, all 163 pages of it.


For those without patience and no deep interest: see the highlights below.

  1. Eva’s message to Frank. Eva is the lady whose ex boyfriend had known ‘Jed’ many years ago. She was closely involved in all the events. From what Frank told me – Eva and YBS have become an item as a result of all this. Something good came out of it at least 🙂

Page 17 Eva

2. YBS invites Eva and Frank for a chat.

Page 70 YBS Messenger Invite

3. Kenneth’s backstory which he distributed after the IGF was bombed by YBS is mentioned. Parts of it will be the subject of my last post on Kenneth McMordie.

Page 25 Ken Backstory

4. The point at which I realised Frank was not telling me something.

Page 83 Break Up

5. Franks statement that he knows everything about who ‘Jed’ is. Further in the conversation he mentions that ‘Jed’ published another book under a new pseudonym.

Page 84 I Know Everything

6. Writing a book. Frank was very encouraging, sending me links to screen writing and such. Book writing was also mentioned by people on Reddit and in private messages to me. I was taken by the idea for a number of weeks, but got it out of my system fast enough.

Page 93 Book Writing

7. I ask Frank to give me the name here. This part of the conversation was quite heart breaking. Not only hadn’t I reached the logical end of getting the name, but someone I trusted explicitly, had chosen to play the game.

Page 104 Ask About Name

8. Frank poses a condition: he will disclose the information if I give him control of the EM website.

Page 120 Price Of Info

9. I refuse to hand over the reigns.

Page 121 No EM Control

10. This mentions the Amazon reviews Kenneth placed for Marc Leavitt and others. I actually questioned the validity of the links well before that, on Reddit, in my conversation with the forum moderator who at the time believed the link was convincing. I questioned them myself, because the possibility of Ken playing the game well in advance of his future forum was not lost on me. There is a record of this conversation on Reddit.

Page 123 Amazon Link


11. Frank states he read ‘Jed’s emails that YSB shared with him. I saw a couple of those and cannot verify if they are the same emails that Frank read. YSB shared some stuff with me prior to the forum bombing.

Page 129 Jed Emails

12. This states how Frank got to know the name. He told me he saw the initials.

Page 154 YSB Slip

Frank said my account will be selectively chosen pieces to support my version of events. No. The PDF is above, all of it, download, read… or not.

While I was accused of speculating on the details of the story, that always happens in the absence of true facts. Then one has to put forward a hypothesis based on the information they have at the time. Once more facts come into being – the hypothesis changes, and the investigation moves forward. It is scientific in the way investigations work. The EM website reflects this live process, as and when it occurred, something I got much derision for. No matter. As a result of this website existence:

  1. Wisefool Press placed the disclaimer
  2. Kenneth’s business enterprise has shrunk quite a bit.
  3. We know where the author lives.
  4. I learnt from first hand accounts that Kenneth McMordie, the man who for years ran the forums under the name of Jed McKenna – has nothing to do with the books. It was something I could not categorically state until now. I just seem to be very lucky in the chance stakes.

On this last one – soon. Enjoy the journey, don’t take it too seriously… unless there is money involved, in which case most humans do get very protective of their affairs.

Note: Frank has signed up on this website for future updates today. It is kinda too late. I have very little to add, other than completing the JedKen story. Frank, as I said to you a month ago – I chose to keep quiet until you started to convey the distorted version. Lies always bite in the ass.

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4 thoughts on “How To Be Frank, Part 2

  1. Nessa I haven’t been on Skype since 2009 !

    YBS and I have never Skyped ever !

    Just as we never Skyped because I don’t have internet strength to do so.. why have you lied about this ?

    And this so called realisations Nessa is nothing more then you believing your own Paranoid thinking .. I was being evasive because I was trying to honour my agreement with YBS and still be loyal to you at the same time..

    As for this PDF you don’t seriously expect people to just take it on face value that it’s all there unedited, not rearranged or context altered to suit your agenda !?

    The only possible way to prove that is for me to publish everything and let people compare them ..

    And that won’t happen because I intend to live up to our agreement to not publish private correspondence from our emails or messenger exchange .. incidentally you are breaking that agreement and it is also a direct breach of copyright laws !

    You do not have any legal rights to publish my emails and messenger letters !

    I’m instructing you to remove them .. private correspondence does not qualify under fair use laws because they are private not published content ..

    Your lack of integrity and playing games by your own rules whilst criticising everyone else for doing life by their own rules is both ridiculous and hypocritical… and it’s certainly not the actions of a Truth Realised woman .. who claims she does no harm in the world now is it ?

    I think your whole bitter vindictive nature is on show here and just exposes and reflects badly on you and contrary to who you claim to be ..

    What a disappointment that you lack the basic awareness to at least be accountable to yourself for such destructive vexatious blogging.. revenge is just ugly and unbecoming to healthy well adjusted people.

    Is this simply the case of bitter old woman scorned by Ken for refusing to meet you in person for your lunch invitation ?! .. Now Morphed into a Frank beat up because I refused to disclose YBS Idenity and who I concluded was the real author of the McKenna books ?!

    It certainly would seem so to any relatively rational sane person.

    You haven’t damaged my reputation but your own integrity ..

    As for YBS I disclosed everything to him prior to your articles

    I sorted things out with Joan and apologised to her which she gracefully accepted ..

    I’ve contacted Marc also on a number of occasions and still hope to put things right with him.

    My conscious is clear and I will let others draw their own conclusions on what account they believe is true.. of course they aren’t privy to our voice conversations and what you haven’t published that reflects you in a poor light ..

    Did you edit out your real name, your sons name and where you work out of the PDF?

    If so then you lied about the editing process .. so you are liar when it suits you .. hilarious irony .. much like your implausible deniability about my under over story to YBS .. which you stood to benefit from and would happily of published if you could!

    You have zero credibility in your smearing of me.. and zero journalistic credibility because you refuse to correct misinformation in your articles.

    Anyone following Inessa blog is free to messenger me on Facebook to discuss the PDF content or clarify anything at all or hear the other side of the story ..

    Frank Hand

    1. Frank, I transfered it all into the PDF because it is easier to read. If you prefer me to do screen by screen shots, with every previous phrase, to show that the conversation was uninterrupted over the course of that final week – I can do that. It will mean a lot of work and will be harder to read, but Truth is worth every effort.

      Regarding your copyright claim.. you are not in a position to claim the high ground here. YSB sent you a copy of my entire website, and I have a record of this conversation between you too.
      Stop lying, Frank. It’s over.

  2. In regard to your 4 numbered points ..,

    You claim credit for getting wisefool to post a disclaimer that’s is completely false and you have no right to claim that credit .. Wisefool put up the disclaimer because YBS contacted Jed MCKenna personally and informed him about the forum and that Ken was selling enlightenment packages in his name for $1500 dollars .. Jed then decided to post the disclaimer on Wisefool press website to remind people he does not teach or run a forum or sell enlightenment etc credit where credit is due you said so stop claiming YBS credit here ..

    2. Oh really ! You have Ken bank account statements and have followed the money trail of the Ponzi scheme and established his net worth and viewd all the transactions made with money transfers by Western Union etc ?

    I think not .. another non factual claim crediting you with nothing but wishful thinking on your part !

    3. Maybe you do or don’t but who is We? And I hope you have enough integrity not to publish the address !

    4. Well let see if you do ?! Because you certainly didn’t have it before and you refused to correct the infactual reporting in your Ken And Peter are connected articles ..

    Sounds like some kind of back peddling to me ..

  3. 1. I claim the Wisefool disclaimer because without this site existence Wisefool Press would continue to ignore Kenneth’s activities, just like they have done for years.

    2. This will be answered in the closing Kenneth article. However, the forum activities are very slow now, compared to the past, aside from all the people who wrote to me and said that after having stumbled upon this website they changed their minds about joining the Navs. That is not to deny that some people will always choose to ignore the facts and will pay regardless.

    3. I haven’t published your address, have I?

    4. The website was work in progress. I publish as new information comes in. New information came in. It is not back peddling. It is changing one’s perspective once new things become uncovered. It is called following the leads and remaining open minded to possibilities and new facts. Being right is not important to me. What is true to factual Reality is important to me.

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