Human Stupidity Versus Human Ignorance

I had this message recently from someone who read all the posts on the EM. It made me think of ‘ignorance’ versus ‘stupidity’ conundrum whereby ignorance in my eyes is infinitely preferable to stupidity.

Hi, there,
I am a student of Jed… I appreciate the effort of yours… just have some kindly suggestion…
Let it go… even you prove that Jed is not Jed… so what? You can’t prove that you are right by proving others wrong… if you are really as enlightened as you stated, you should know that nothing will go wrong… if you continue to find who is this “I” you are talking about… you can find nothing… true self is no self… on the other hand… that nothingness does have some qualities…
Jed, Kenneth, you or me is just story.. your side of story is real to you… neither of those story is real to me… so I get to pick the favorite one…
During my experience with Jed… he wanted nothing from me… he doesn’t intend to hurt me or please me… in a way, you were right… he doesn’t care about a part of me… however that part of me is story… I felt deep connection with the guy no matter what his name is, no matter what his story is.. I am grateful that I have him as my guide… and for you, no matter good experience or bad experience, you are not the person you are today, if without that guy… so why don’t you let it go? Your truth is just another side of story… and none of the story is true..
I guess, you are doing what you have to do, and I am doing what I do.. and Jed is doing what he gotta do… so… where is the right or wrong?

No intention to do the harm… just a soft reminder, you forgot about the power of trust and love… if you do take the humanity seriously, you should give it a good consideration…

Anyway… thanks for your info… it gives me another possibility to see my side of the story is not the only one… but I do favor it and I still trust and love Jed even more than before…

Have a nice day…”

Instead of taking people to see things with Clarity, the Invisible Guru forum communications and behind the scenes student teachings lull humans to sleep, a deep comatose state with no sign of independent thought and all the signs of being mentally culled.

You can’t prove that you are right by proving others wrong.” – It has never been about proving anyone wrong. It has always been about what is true to Reality and to facts. Facts speak for themselves. Is Kenneth Jed McKenna? No. Did all the events described here take place? Yes. However, incomplete facts can lead to wrong conclusions that I have corrected here.

true self is no self” – Not ancient Hindu scriptures, not Zen masters, not even the poster boys of modern nonduality paradigm Niz and Ramana ever stated that. The belief (for this phrase reflects nothing but a belief) comes from contemporary second-hand (second-hand, get it?) accounts of mainly Western origination and is nowhere near what truly is. Not that the East hasn’t fucked it up too.

Your truth is just another side of story – Once again, this is not ‘my’ truth. Facts are not anybody’s truth. They are, and are part of what is, part of Reality. How can the fact that Kenneth is not the author, or that he participated in a Ponzi scheme – be ‘my story’? These facts have nothing to do with me, in the same way the piano keys have nothing to do with the pianist.

you are not the person you are today, if without that guy. – Sure. I chose to have a closer look and started seeing things as they are. However, it does not warrant feeling grateful for being deceived. Is pretending to be someone else and charging for it – not deceit?

During my experience with Jed… he wanted nothing from me. – The person read most entries on this website, yet Kenneth remains ‘Jed’ to them. The person paid a couple of grand for being a ‘student’, yet, Kenneth ‘wanted nothing’. Cognitive dissonance in action. Most people will never cross the divide, our old Jed was correct.

just a soft reminder, you forgot about the power of trust and love – Well, I happen not to invest my resources in the human idea of ‘love’ that happens to cover up the most manipulative of human endeavours. But there are things I do in my real physical existence which are considered by others as ‘love’. And no, I don’t trust human minds who take other human minds astray, away from Truth.

My reply is below. I didn’t want to go into details to show someone just how much asleep they have become as a result. I am nobody’s shepherd.

“Why are you writing to me, you brainless troglodyte? Whose ‘story’ are you trying to defend, while simultaneously proclaiming these are not ‘important’?

There is nothing of Jed McKenna in what Kenneth is ‘teaching’ his infatuated audience. Nothing at all.

People like you are why Jim Jones’ cult existed (remember the cool aid expression of Jed’s?), why scientology keeps destroying lives and why religions have persisted for millennia – soft brains gone into mash.

I’ve heard ‘nothing wrong’ many times from his devotees. Until something DOES go wrong, like cancer or rape or being thrown into the street. Then the story changes.

Now, I am sorry to say, but – fuck off. I have no patience for preaching stupidity.”

I can understand and empathise with human ignorance; it comes from lack of information and can be remedied. I absolutely do not accept it when people know the facts and choose to remain stupid.

Burnt Orange Geader


5 thoughts on “Human Stupidity Versus Human Ignorance

  1. I see rather “fear”. Fear of standing alone.

    That’s why the “guide” and “guru” thing is so common. Most people are afraid to stand alone and face the truth. They need guides, churches, ashram and yoga classes, etc.

  2. Each is entitled to their own beliefs or lack thereof. I’ve yet to find a “truth” be dictated to anyone who understands that on the deepest level. However, most “students” have yet to recognize this inherent ability within themselves and will apparently always be receiving “truth” in a second hand nature. I don’t know that it’s a matter of “stupidity” possibly “ignorance” and maybe “fear” but most likely just a lack of maturity and the inner desire to lead oneself rather than be lead. Its because of this that those who have the power, keep it. It’s not hidden but most simply don’t take it and make it their own.

    1. Most human beings are just not interested in finding out by themselves what’s true and what’s not (even those who have the aptitude of doing that), and they prefer the easier way, the comfortable way : listening to (or reading) and believing what others tell them.

      1. Yes, easier but also why I’d say a matter of maturity and realization that while it takes courage to step out on one own that it’s not in their best interests to simply be a sheep in the herd. (Especially if the herd is in the current state of society at large resulting in low levels of capability and general awareness as a whole and also why I have no pity for those playing the role of victim while disregarding sole responsibly for their reality altogether.)

        1. Hmm… it seems we were thinking on similar lines as I was writing another post. Understanding history helps to see all the contributing factors behind modern ‘spirituality’ and its claims. Most are divorced from Reality.

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