5 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. He has updated the nav series page in forum, adding testimonials for better conversation rate. guess his business is going south :))

    1. The number of people who post on the forum certainly reduced much, but I wouldn’t gloat about this.

      The whole situation is sad more than anything.

  2. I guess it is because of summer, people are enjoying it and don’t have much to complain about :p

    1. It is entirely possible that people are enjoying summer. However.. they always have much to complain about.

      There are a few reasons why people still post on IG forum, the main reason being… people have much to complain. And what better than venting for free to a stranger on the internet.

      The person above posted about the fact that Kenneth impersonates Jed, yet, they posted under my name, impersonating the EM.

      The perfect irony.

  3. That’s the best post ever. Reminds me of George Carlin. 😊

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