More ‘Enlightenment’ ($$$) From Jed

Looks like another book is in the pipeline. It is well concealed yet, but being me…

Hmmm… Jed aficionados, “Away From The Things Of Man” is the next title. The meaning only applies to – you, who seek and not find, while Jed has figured it all out, is NOT away from the things of man, and you are paying the price.


My suggestion would be to apply the same degree of scrutiny to Jed’s (concealed) deeds as many of you have applied to Kenneth McMordie’s in the course of reading this website. If one hides – there is something to hide OR to gain from the fact of hiding.

The question is… what?

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5 thoughts on “More ‘Enlightenment’ ($$$) From Jed

  1. Answer is, he kinda gets more credibility in the eyes of seeker by staying anonymous.

    1. I don’t know how being anonymous adds more credibility, but it certainly adds more unaccountability.

      And talking about accounts… “vires in numeris”. I am thinking about Wisefool Press acceptance of all types of cryptocurrency. If you consider that there is no tax or fees of any kind in cryptocurrency transactions… I can tell you that people who work for ‘Jed’ are smart and know how to ride the wave and how to enhance their reality in very real tangible terms.

      It is an underground operation, in part.

  2. I mean, a seeker sees that Jed has resisted the temptations for blowing away his cover successfully for many years, he has never interviewed anyone, no photos leaked etc etc. it all appear to the seeker as signs of strong realization and freedom from ego. Although you and I both know well that he is a fraud and that no one is free from ego ever, but an average seekers falls for it pretty well isn’t it?

    1. Perhaps, for any normal person making a name, becoming somewhat known is indeed a temptation, and something I could never understand.

      Jed found a way of making a living without the superfluous fame. THAT I can understand and have no problem with. It’s just that what it says ON the tin (his reality) is not exactly what is IN the tin (in his books).

      So going back to the point of how noble of him it is not to make a coin as a spiritual teacher… First, we don’t know that he doesn’t, not with certainty. Second… why, dealing with all these crazed minds when he is generally quite pessimistic as to the nature of man… I wouldn’t either.

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