Curiosity Drives All (Even Jed McKenna)

In “Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing” ‘Jed’ character once speaks to his audience in the house with the following:

“All right, you got me. I spend a lot of time just killing time. I play video games, read books, watch movies. I’d say I probably blow several hours a day that way, but I don’t see it as a waste because I don’t have anything better to spend my time on. I couldn’t put it to better use because I’m not trying to become something or accomplish anything. I have no dissatisfaction to drive me, no ambition to draw me. I’ve done what I came to do. I’m just killing time ’til time kills me.”

One participant then asks “What if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one book?”. Jed’s answer is not important here. Her question is important, as it was asked from the perspective of someone who is clearly influenced by the Collective Mind, by contemporary culture and as such – is in the grip of ‘thinking’ their way through important existential questions and discarding the simplicity of it all.

It is the wrong question to ask. What question would I ask the man?

“Who, then, places the bread on your table? How do you pay for this shelter of a house? Where do the resources come from? If you don’t move a finger to survive – how do you survive?”

And ‘Jed’ would probably say “the Universe provides” if he wanted to really bullshit his way through, as he bullshitted his way through misrepresenting his true Reality in the books.

And I would say ‘The Universe is a meaningless term indicating ‘All that is’. All that is – does not give a damn about providing you with anything. YOU give a damn, since dying of starvation and cold is not one of your preferences. What activities then pay for your existence?”

He would then probably say “I write books” if he wanted to get real. Or he would say ‘Never mind me, I am not the answer” if he wanted to carry on the charade.

And I would continue “Writing books does not mean ‘having nothing better to do to spend one’s time’ as you stated. Why misrepresent what you actually do to stay alive?”

And he would probably say “It is more entertaining and profitable at the same time. Why not?”

That would be the only honest answer. ‘Jed’ earns his living in an honest manner of writing books, but he writes those books on the most dishonest subject of ‘truth realisation’. It is no surprise to me that he dislikes the term ‘enlightenment’. It creates a certain dissonance between the honest craft of writing books and a dishonest subject matter of those books, and he knows that I am sure. I mean.. his first draft consisted of the mightily weighty forty pages, a distilled version more true to Truth than what had  followed: a book every three years and now a book every year. I’d be damned.

Writing books feeds a team of people. They depend on Jed’s creativity and ability to issue more material, hence, the identity question will remain a closely guarded secret until the man shuffles off the mortal coil. But I am thinking about history. I always loved history, internally comprehended the flow of events throughout civilizations. I am thinking one hundred years ahead to those who will pick up the books and will get boggled down in the same meaningless mystery. Just as we don’t know much about Socrates  because none of his work survived (thanks, Plato, for some info!), those future readers will not know anything about ‘Jed McKenna’ aside from speculative stories written by strangers. A bit like the gospels, the authors of which never met JC, and so the mystery was born and endured over generations.

Most humans do not think in these terms of course.

The old Jed troops (those years into the books)  enjoy reading the books more for entertainment value than anything else. As much as I bash the man for his fictitious stories – the stories are good. But to make them true, two things should have occurred:

1. They have to be seen as works of fiction

2. The author has to become known.

If people say ‘The books stand on their own, the identity question is not important’… then the mystery is not necessary, right? The books will stand regardless, from this assertion, why the mystery?

rhesus-monkey-macaque gossip Aside from the survival drive… ‘Jed’ is a curious man. His is the curiosity about the flow of own thoughts and how they arrange themselves on a piece of paper. The books will keep coming until this interest expires. Curiosity is what moves human beings to try, to see, to attempt, to start. Curiosity bites scientists in the ass so that they could crack one more nature’s code. It keeps investigators pouring over minute details while burning the midnight oil. It propels individuals into space at the potential risk of death. In its most primitive, unproductive form it makes people gossip and spread rumours. Rumours are nothing more than human curiosity deprived of interesting real action. Never get offended by rumours, get inspired instead.

Curiosity MOVES us, not for material gain, the riches, the status, but for simply wanting to know the truth.

And I am an incredibly curious being.

Anyway… the above wanted to come out and so it did.

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14 thoughts on “Curiosity Drives All (Even Jed McKenna)

  1. Hi Tano,

    I will tell you what I think :

    I think that Jed is your Buddha, and you haven’t killed him yet. 😉

    I also think you will have him in your mind and life until you kill him, or rather, until you see him die in you. (If fact I don’t think one can kill his Buddha, just see him die, it’s not in our hand to kill the Buddha because the simple fact of wanting to kill the Buddha is keeping him alive…)


    1. I have also been told that:

      1. I want to have sex with Kenneth McMordie.
      2. I want to have a large following of people.
      3. I am another spiritual hack after money.
      4. Everything I wrote here is a complete lie.
      5. There are no facts that confirm any wrong-doing on Kenneth’s part.
      6. I am mentally ill.
      7. I am inherently crazy.
      8. I am a dragon.
      9. I have a bi-polar disorder, a border personality disorder or some other such disorders I am not aware of.
      10. I will never change my opinion on authorship.
      11. I write without considering facts
      12. I haven’t got a clue what Truth is about.
      13. I am attached to Jed McKenna and depend on his words.

      and a number of other ‘evaluations’, the details of which I cannot remember.

      Take your pick.

      1. I don’t think any of those twelve points you mention are true.

        I just think “Jed” is somehow important to you, in your life, maybe because what you read is his book (at least the first one) touched you. And you want to have some contact with him directly or indirectly. I don’t say it’s bad or wrong, it’s just what I think, it’s not a judgement . That’s what I meant by “he is your Buddha “.

        But of course, don’t believe me, look by yourself. Nobody will ever know you beter than yourself.

        One thing I’m sure of is you are not a dragon. (or maybe the chinese sign of the zodiac, but I don’t know that. 😉 )

        1. If I wrote about motorbikes which I also have an interest in.. would you consider them ‘the Buddha’ on the basis of the fact that I’d have a blog about them?

          1. No. 🙂

            But if you were debunking also other frauds on the spiritual marketplace, other teachers pretending there is something to teach (even those teaching there is nothing to teach), calling bullshit on all the fake gurus, in a nutshell, if you were not limiting your blog to “Jed Mckenna”, then I would maybe think something else. Do you understand what I mean ? But of course it’s your right not wanting to understand what I write… 🙂

        2. I won’t write about ‘other gurus’, because I know nothing about them, and I never speak of things I have little understanding/knowledge of. Also, those ‘other gurus’ do not hide behind the anonymity wall and allow impersonating activities to go on for years.

          Kenneth got fed, those people learnt their lessons OR got knees high in further shit. Fraudsters defraud and fools get fooled, a perfect fit for one another. It’s all perfect universe, according to Jed, right?

          As I said.. curiosity plays a large part in it. Most people who have read the books are curious and want to know, but few openly admit it, instead shouting ‘It doesn’t matter!’. And yet they were all reading the EM holding their breath.

          1. But don’t you see that you just don’t want to know about other gurus ? There are probably other writers/gurus hinding behind anonymity, but you are just not interested, because it’s Jed words that touched you, not somebody else’s.

            And I don’t think you do that (trying to know the truth about Jed McKenna) for your fellow human beings, you do it for yourself. It’s absolutely fine. Even if nobody were reading your blog, you would still do it, I’m pretty sure of it.

            All I’m saying is that “Jed Mckenna” has a special place in your life and your mind. I had that with UG Krishnamurti, I never considered him like “my guru” but the thing is that for years I listenned to him, read him, again and again, I was attracted by him, sometimes for some months I stopped watching him, but then I needed to listenned to him again, for years it was like that, he was part of my life. And one day, he died in me. I didn’t kill him, he just died.

            Now I consider UG just as one of the billions human beings who walked on Earth. Nothing special in him. I don’t listen to him anymore, no need, he is just a human being who lived and talked, some truth and some bullshit. My “guru” (who was an “anti-guru”) is dead, I don’t need, he said nothing special. I’m alone, I have to figure everything out by myself, experiencing MY life.

            In my eyes, you like it or not, Jed is your “guru”, one day he will die, and you will see that in fact he wrote nothing special in his books, that it was all bullshit. 😉 That he just wanted to make money. A clever guy, nothing more.

            I like the fact you are curious. Myself, I’m just here by curiosity. It’s fun. Your blog is fun to read and interesting.


          2. So.. let me sum it up.

            I am up to my ears in my guru Jed McKenna, see him as someone special and don’t want to know any other gurus because Jed is ‘the one’ that I need.

            You, on the other hand, are done with any gurus after years of reading UG Krishnamurti, see all gurus as normal human beings and all the rest of it is bullshit. You are self sufficient and don’t need anyone.

            We are both curious.


          3. Point 2 and 3 are correct.

            The first point, no quite.

            I don’t think you are up to your ears in Jed McKenna. But I think he has a part in your life, not an immense part and not a minuscule, I don’t say he is all your life and you only think about him, what I say is that he plays a role in you and in your life. Can we agree on that ?

            There is still some sort of attachement to him, to his words. Do we agree on that ?

            Do you think you are totally independant from Jed Mckenna ?

            We can disagree on that point, it’s not a big deal. 🙂 And I can change my mind on that point any moment.

            What I think is that one day you will be totally detached from Jed Mckenna, but it’s not the case for the moment.

  2. hmm… what Jed really is ..?
    is he a person? Am I a person? Is Tano a person? …hmmm

    I can go on forever, but you add whatever you feel like adding.

      1. actually they will stop asking if they means anything for them and instead will keep going if they don’t mean anything to them, coz that’s when the fun begins.

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