Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

“The only way to get rich from a self-help book is to write one.”

God Is My Broker, Christopher Buckley

I would add that the only way to remain blind to Reality is to keep reading those self-help and spiritual books. If any of you are of the illusion that spiritual books are NOT in the category of ‘self-help’.. well, you are in the illusion. They are ‘helping’ you to get to some promised place (which is the illusion), while simultaneously relieving you of some cash (which is the reality).

Anyway… while browsing old California archives of printed material I was having an inner dialogue with myself. It concerned two matters: the sheer stupidity of the diverse ‘spiritual’ scene of the West Coast specifically and the subject of further ‘Jed McKenna’  research. It went like this:

“Woah! Look at all THIS. Spiritual science… Theosophical Society…  Presses publishing various denominations of (any fucked up) ‘spiritual’ thought.. groups of micro/macro cults huddling around their chosen figures… massive shows from self (with marketing background folks like Tony Robbins)… dozens of publications spewing nonsense, with soft minds eagerly absorbing it.. No wonder Jed hated the scene.”

“Quit the idiocy! Jed IS THE SCENE. He lives exactly there and rubs shoulders with exactly those people. Remember him going to ‘spiritual’ conventions anonymously? Editing spiritual magazines while mocking spiritual industry in his books? Being married while portraying the figure of a loner? Recommending Deepak Chopra to his readers?”

“Who the hell recommends Deepak Chopra, one of THE  best master manipulators of the masses???”

“That’s what I’m telling you, you idiot! Jed lied about it all. Being IN the business, yet bashing the business would mean professional death. Why the anonymity you think?”

“Hmmm.. that’s called hypocrisy, no?”

“Who cares. People think the ‘message’ is important.”

“Right. By that logic Hitler could have done all the gas chamber executions AND at the same time write a novel. Anonymously. His novel could even contain some fucking awesome material, and that would be OK. Right. The twisted human perception of Reality. Now what?”

“Walk away. Shut it all down and walk away. No one cares anyway. McMordies.. McKennas.. McCheatas… people find the story entertaining, nothing more. The deeper implications of it escape 99.9% of those who accidentally come across the EM. Just like people don’t try Arjuna’s story on for own realities – they do not see the parallels between Mr. McKenna, Mr. McMordie, Mr. Chopra and that guy in the bar attempting to scam you out of a few bucks.”

“I don’t find it entertaining.”

“Why not? You don’t care whether humans get caught in the McKenna’s tales.”

“This is not entirely true. I may not care about individuals whom I never met, but I do care about what is true. Something inside of me PROTESTS at such blatant lie that spiritual literature propagates. Protests!”

“I get it, but trust me.. integrity exists only as a highly abstract notion in human minds. In Reality it gets tucked away deep in human psyche. No one will benefit or lose if you walk away. Walk away!!”

“It is not about benefitting or losing. Is the understanding of what conscience is – has been chiselled out of human minds through centuries of mistreatment and abuse?? Conscience? It has the same root as Consciousness?”

“Oh the hell with you.. I just told you that conscience, integrity are words of  illusion. They are magic concepts, like Santa Clause or love… people WANT them to exist, but when it comes to reality…  Reality (people) disprove their existence every step of the way. if you wanna burn while foolishly defending the illusion – suit yourself”.

“That’s not true. I exist, and I am not like that. It means there are others out there who are not like that”.

There are others. They just don’t write spiritual books, don’t broadcast political speeches, don’t run businesses with the only agenda to profit, don’t shout about own selfhood. They don’t make themselves known. There must be others who don’t think that survival of the fittest, at any cost, is the only way to be.

Or else… how are we human?

“So. What are you going to do?”

“Hmmm… it’s a million dollar question”.

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70 thoughts on “Jed McKenna And Survival Of The Fittest

  1. Loved that ! You are gifted in inner dialogue and in expressing it in writing. 🙂

    If I remember right, in his first book he quotes Deepak Chopra, it was one of the reasons I stopped reading it. He quoted also Da Free John or Osho (one of the two, or maybe the two). And my inner dialogue went like this : “What the F. ! Why does he quote those bullshiters ? That Jed McKenna is a fraud.” 😉

    1. If the man wanted to get it out of his system – the first book should have been enough. But he didn’t stop there, and his books are gaining ground.

      Despite being a small fry compared to other enterprising ‘spiritual’ individuals, anonymity makes Jed above scrutiny, above questioning, above looking into the facts rather than words.

      You think Kenneth is the only one to take advantage of the anonymous factor??… Nope. I know there are teachers in China (China? Huh?) who have set up courses to teach Jed McKenna message. They do not pretend to be him, obviously..

      Another Lao Tzu in the making, but I find it ironic.. this time the West is exporting back to China.

      Wait another fifty years. Jed and Wisefool Press are quietly relentless, the fact that escapes the masses.

    2. I had a quick look at the first book to be sure. In fact he does not quote Deepak Chopra. (but like you said, he recommends him somewhere). But he quotes Adi Da Samraj, born Franklin Albert Jones, (also know as Bubba Free John, Da Free John, Da Love-Ananda, Da Kalki, Da Avadhoota and Da Avabhasa, Adi Da Love-Ananda Samraj or Adi Da. etc. (thanks wikipedia) ) haha all those names, just the number of names tells us he’s a fraud…

      Jed also quotes Ramesh Balsekar, another man just interested in money and the position of “the master”, just using “spirituality” to feed his ego and interests…

      In fact, i’m not surpised he quotes them, he’s just one of them. There are thousands and thousands like them…

      1. When I read the books (which was more like run through them, I never finished the second and the third books of the first trilogy) – those names were unknown to me. In fact, most names of spiritual dudes mentioned were not familiar to me at the time. This is because I hardly read anything spiritual prior.

  2. Forget how others are like, you have your own standard, live upto it. And ofcourse making survival of the fittest the center point of life is meaningless since we are gonna die.

    1. Good to hear from you, Shubham.

      This is what I did. The EM is the result of living up to my own standard when one sees the lie and cannot pretend the lie does not exist.


  3. “one sees the lie and cannot pretend the lie does not exist.


    One finds what one is looking for. Simple indeed.

      1. Perfect example of the perpetuation of “the lie.” The separation between “what is” and “that who is observing.”

        1. I don’t know what you mean, J. Your statements tend to be cryptic most of the time.

          What is “Perfect example of the perpetuation of “the lie”? What are you referring to here?

          Where is the separation between “what is” and “that who is observing.”? What exactly are you referring to here?

          1. You said “one sees the lie and cannot pretend that the lie does not exist”

            I said “one finds what one is looking for.”

            You replied “one finds what is”

            It seems that you still see “what is” and “the observer” (how/what one is looking for) as two different things.

            The lie does exist to YOU. Not to me. This whole storyline that Jed is somehow taking advantage of peoples need to “know.” If after all the journey leads one back to self realization, where exactly is the foul?

          2. Thanks, but all those are not enough if one cannot lie.
            On another note and the state of supermanhood… I think these of Jed’s are relevant, if a tad ‘in your face’:

            “”unenlightened people seem like a characters in a soap opera. That’s what I see when I watch people with all their concerns and hopes and dreams and conflicts and dramas. That’s not meant to diminish the human experience in any way, and anyone watching from my seat would say the same thing.”

            I can add from myself that I do what wants to be done at the moment it wants to be done. All those human ‘dreams and hopes’ and other little projections into the future have the same value to me as a used condom.

        2. You want to drag me into the classic loop of a meaningless non dual discussion of ‘the observer versus the observed’. I am not interested, J. The days of looking at conceptual understandings are well behind me.

          I know you see rainbows mostly at this time in your life.. free will, making choices, kinda a superman stand on everything. It is understandable, and I suggest we revisit these ten or twenty years down the line, if I am still alive (which I doubt will be the case).

          As I said.. enjoy while it’s there.

          1. I’ve just always seen you as intelligent, authentic, and persistent (strong willed). Very potent qualities if focused in the proper direction. But that’s not my business. Whatever makes you happy. I’ll leave ya to it.

          2. Well you can tell the truth of something by its fruits.

            I’m as you say, standing here like “superman”

            Jed and many others are sitting around like miserable little twits making comments that if you dont squelch your hopes and dreams then you aren’t “enlightened” …in their opinion.

            Truth exists. Take your pick…

          3. Yes, one can tell the truth by its fruits. You seem not to see Jed’s fruits clearly. He is known in the real physical world AND is laughing all the way to the bank on the back of his books.

            A ‘miserable twit’ you say? Look at the facts.

            A little humility would do you good me thinks.

          4. God himself couldn’t humble me through several noble although unsuccessful attempts. My will is unbreakable and that’s what is.

  4. Full realization consists of:

    1. waking up from a dream – ego as attachments, believes etc. dies here. Everything you touch turns into dust. You wake up to the Beyond. Realization: life is a dream. Not only stories about life, but life itself.

    2. waking up within a dream – ego as control, personal will, “someone” separate from Life dies here. Your life is not your own anymore, Life/God takes over.. Realization: ego based life is insane life and basically a waste of time.

    Jed doesn’t really care about 2 part. For him Awakening means waking up from the dream, the rest is just an entertainment.

    And for the 1 part to happen, only one practice is needed: inquiry. Therefore he sees all other spiritual practices as a distraction. And they can become a distraction of course. Ego is a tricky beast.

    The part with Chopra… doesn’t it show clearly enough that Jed does not see those practices as false, only as IRRELEVANT?

      1. Entertainment as “something to do when you’ve finished the real work” (waking up FROM the dream).

        Jed basically reduces waking up WITHIN a dream to “what the universe can do for ME” BS. He goes from smooth cooperation in the Trilogy to “how do I navigate this damn thing” in JT1 (Harvey chapter).

        I just don’t think that Jed shares your views about “harsh unchangeable reality”, Tano. He can see that there are people who are:

        “in complete control of your reality as a practical matter. Not because you’re drunk or coked up or in your manic phase, but because you understand how life works and how time and space are your playground”. (quote from JT1)

        He just doesn’t get that to understand Life, one has to become Life, see through the illusion of separation, not trying to understand it from a safe place of a witness. And THAT’S what waking up within a dream is all about.

        That’s where all those ideas about navigating, manipulating and fixing reality are crushed. Not because it doesn’t work but because you start to see that Life is much wiser than you are and it knows what it’s doing.

        At least that’s what I see when I read him. Unfortunately we cannot ask him for clarification, can we?

        1. Concur with the above joanna.

          Beyond what jt1 says, I say why create the unnecessary distinction of waking up “from the dream” and waking up “within the dream.” Both have their place. Taking the tiller in hand doesn’t mean that you stop going with the flow of life per’se. That you dont set personal will aside from time to time. About 70 to 80 percent of the time its sufficient to just embrace what is as it is and relax. But when the time comes to steer your ship in a certain direction, you do so without reservation. Contrary to popular belief, being “enlightened” doesn’t mean that you keep grinning like an idiot and watch your boat go crashing into the rocks.

          What matters here is not how or what you woke up from but just how awake are you in general. Just who is the captain of your ship? A skilled sailor knows the precise time to set and lower his sails. He knows how to navigate through stormy seas. But just because he’s set his course doesn’t mean that he doesn’t trust the ocean to carry him there.

          1. j(:

            Different people, different paths. I have never chased enlightenment. Quite the other way around. Through the years I have watched helplessly as my life was falling apart. Hopes, desires, family/friends connections, ALL of it including the will to take care of myself, as making money to simply survive was disappearing. I tried to fight it but failed miserably. I only felt two things: fear and longing. I didn’t know it at the time, but that longing was actually killing “me” even more successfully than the inquiry that was happening somewhere in the back of my head.

            I was literally lying on the floor when Jed’s books came to me. They made me consider that maybe what is happening isn’t that bad after all. I stopped the fight. I don’t regret it.

            But.. There was one part that I couldn’t understand:

            “When it’s all over it’s time to be a human being in the world again and that means slipping back into costume and getting back on stage”

            My reaction was “HOW?!”. And when you speak about “taking the tiller in hand” and “steering your ship”, I’m having a flashback of that same reaction. I’m guessing, maybe you and Jed haven’t felt that longing yet? Or maybe your path is just different than mine. If yours is less dramatic, then I’m happy for you.

            “Limbo zone” can happen for some people (example:, and that’s ok, until one gets stuck in there..

          2. Joanna,

            You did say it best “two different paths.” Ultimately it boils down to you doing whats right for you and for me I navigate that by how it feels (intuition). Youre the only one who can sense that. I’d implore you not to follow advise just because you think someone else knows better than you. There are however, in the spirit of inquiry, a few things that I would have a look at if I were wanting something to do.

            I get the sense that there is still an attachment to the identity described above and that its causing you a state of grief. I see a lot of this stuff coming out of Jed camp and I dont know why but for me there was a tremendous amount of relief felt at the release of that burden I called “my life”. “My story” was also dramatic but then pretty funny to me after I realized that “that story in the past is not who I am” I identify more with the awareness than the objects of it (unless I need to immerse myself into what I’m doing.) I have remained unscathed from all the dramas and I’d be willing to bet you have to so maybe lightening up about it all would be beneficial? Unless you dont want to.

            You said “I gave up the fight.” So did I. I either attain what i desire or i let it go. That’s the quickest way out of a state of “longing” as you say. If you’re referring to the “fight of life” I’d suggest looking at that as well. Life does not have to be a struggle based on mere survival. Id seen below you refer to life as “meaningless.” I take that literally as in the is no meaning thrust on you as in you’re free to create it as you like. Life does have purpose and the purpose is to live and if you’re going to do that then you may as well enjoy it? Unless you dont want to.

            Lastly in reference to what you said about “God” or calling on something that knows better. I would be curious to investigate that further. Namely the idea that there is something separate from you that knows what’s best for you (you dont intuit for yourself) or is not actively working through you or is not you. Unless you dont want to. I’ve found that there is no higher authority in my existence and if there is, its simply not working independent of me.

            That takes up back to the first point in which you have to decide for yourself how its it’s going to play out from here. Unless you dont want to. For me its it’s rather fun now. Not so serious and because of that I feel much lighter “enlightened 😉 “ life flows much easier. A stark contrast from the I that I thought I was prior.

            I cant tell you what jed means by “When it’s all over it’s time to be a human being in the world again and that means slipping back into costume and getting back on stage” What I can say is that life goes on and its it’s going well. Unless you dont want it to.

            🙂 be well

        2. The word ‘entertainment’ is mentioned:

          2 times in The Damnedest, NOT in the context of ‘all is entertainment’.
          0 times in Spiritual Warfare
          0 times in Theory of Everything
          8 times in Dreamstate

          I didn’t read the Talks and so cannot comment. However, as I stated in ‘Jed McKenna Evolution’ he is progressing in his understanding, meaning… he understands that in the absense of the intrinsic meaning to life one has to create the meaning, and what better but to have a pleasant existence as opposed to the crappy one = entertainment.

          The reason you mentioned it is because Kenneth is VERY big on entertainment. I understand you used to peruse the Invisible Guru? Correct me if I am wrong.

          When Jed says ‘as a practical matter’ it is said from seeing things as they are.

          The same cannot be said about you, Joanna. I can tell from your writings that you haven’t crossed the divide and are very much in the grip of ideas ABOUT Reality and not WHAT Reality and Life are, in truth and without the fluffy and meaningless sentences such as ‘Life is much wiser than you are’.

          As if life and you – are not of the same origin, duh.

          In short.. what you wrote is mostly bullshit. Jed is good at manipulating his Reality, and in a very practical way. But that does not mean he is blind. He is good exactly BECAUSE he is clear as to the real state of affairs.

          Your pinky hue version of what is – belongs in a satsang group with the tree huggers, mandala drawings and OM chants, or any other similarly deluded group.

          Choose your poison. The list is as long as the equator.

          1. Tano:

            1. “one has to create the meaning”

            No. One has to SEE through meaninglessness of life, and then FEEL it in the body. One has to cry the tears and dissolve in them that part of oneself which needs life to have a meaning.

            The body must be included in the awakening process, otherwise, you’re stuck as a half-dead caterpillar. If you’re lucky (or maybe not so lucky?) with enough ego to function.

            p.s. Maybe I could have used some better word than entertainment, my english isn’t the best, I work with what I got. But yeah, I’m lurking IGF.

            2. “Jed is good at manipulating his Reality, and in a very practical way”

            Poor Jed.

            3. I am Life, yes. Life as an ignorant little Human, and Life as a wise God. My job as Human is to admit to my ignorance, admit that I don’t know how things work here, don’t know what to do with my life, what I want and what I need. Basically that I don’t know shit. And then call for something that knows. I call it God.

            4. You have no idea how little spirituality is in my life. No satsangs, very few books and very few teachers. No religions, philosophies, esoteric stuff. I’m very down to earth and all about experience. I use spirituality to put my experiences into words, mainly for myself, and I’m learning from experiences of those who are further down the path than myself. I’m the last person you could accuse of chasing fairy tales.

          2. Dear Joanna,

            There are two things which get addressed and dealt with irrevocably in this process:

            First, the emotional/psychological part of every human being. I mentioned psychological death before and have reasons to think Jed had reached that same point. It brings relief from the emotional roller coaster and is where many people stop.

            I can also say that Kenneth is around that same place.

            I can observe how people stop and never go further – in those interacting with Kenneth on the forum and especially his ‘students’. They get a glimpse of understanding of own emotional life (and believe me, the majority of humans have no idea, can’t even distinguish between a feeling and an emotion). This glimpse of understanding brings relief. The relief is temporary however. The same demons will come to haunt them weeks, months, years later. This is because they didn’t go all the way.

            Second is that missing part, the ‘all the way’. One’s mind has to see and understand what it observes around and within. Jed never advocated not knowing. This is Kenneth’s idea and unfortunately it is making the people he communicates with- quite unable to use their brain cells.

            Truth is sterile, cold, very surgical instrument-like. When Jed says ‘I don’t do heart’, he means that to understand and see things clearly one has to be absolutely rational.

            As an example… you wouldn’t want a surgeon getting all emotional and ‘heart-felt’ over your appendix, would you? You need someone with a clear head, a steady hand and no adrenaline bubbling over. This is the meaning of ‘practical’, and why would you pity anyone over this? (you said ‘poor Jed).

            The same is with Truth. To see clearly one needs to drop the emotive side. For me it happened in the course of interaction with another human being. Psychological death. For you – it hasn’t happened yet.

            When I mentioned satsangs – it meant you share the same ideals and aspirations as those who attend them, not that you attend them. I look into the substance of what people say, not into the superficial surface of their expressions.

          1. Nobody is “further down the path than” yourself, Joanna.

            The simple idea of “being less or being more” than somebody else, or somebody else “being further” or “better” than you, etc. is a big big trap…

            Don’t believe any of those “teachers” or pseudo “gods”, and of course, don’t believe what I write here myself.

            Seriously there is no path. Do you believe me ?

  5. J:

    1. What I described happened years ago. My intention was to show you an example that one can lose the personal will completely and that IT IS OK. More than ok.

    You don’t lose it for a while, you lose it for good. After death of this part of ego, the only thing one can do is to resist. The only choice to make is to surrender or become a vegetable.

    2. “That’s the quickest way out of a state of “longing” as you say.”

    The longing I’m speaking about cannot be fulfilled from the outside. That’s why it was killing “me”. “Me” as my hopes, desires, a will to live.. It was longing for oneness. At some point living as “someone” becomes just too painful and the only solution is to dive deeply into that longing and drown in it.

    3. “you’re free to create it as you like”

    No, I’m not. As I said earlier, waking up within a dream means that your life is not your own anymore. It’s hard to describe, Adyashanti speaks about it a lot if you’re interested.

    Besides… When you’re busy playing a creator you’re missing the fact that you are THE CREATOR. And creation.
    I don’t have to create anything, I’m enjoying what already is.

    1. Joanna,

      I see. There was a time in which I may have entertained “what adya said” but that time has simply come and gone. All I can really say to you is that when I first started to learn the guitar I played mostly the cover songs. When you’re a novice you dont have a choice but to play the music that others have already written. After some time of feeling comfortable with playing other people’s music it really just holds you back.

      To reach the next level of mastery you dont get there by continuing to play songs already written. You dont get there by not playing at all. You get there by using what you’ve learned to that point and applying your own technique and further exploring your own tastes. Then you may even write a few songs of your own. They wont all be perfect but they will be yours. You can appreciate the music of others but you will never again play their music exclusively because you will be too busy creating your own music.

      Thanks for the chat. Be well 🙂

  6. Tano:

    I don’t know what to say, Tano. How does one share her experience of God with an atheist? It cannot be done.
    I will only say that every prodigal son becomes homesick sooner or later, and leave it at that.

    1. One more thing..

      “Jed never advocated not knowing.”

      I think that while yours and Jed’s versions of SA have worked as Neti Neti and got you to the awakening on the mind level, mine got me to the gut. I was asking very practical and down to earth questions, and whenever I though I figured something out, I was proven the opposite. Finally my mind gave up.

      And gut awakening is very practical, here lies the intuition, non-linear earth-wisdom, and here you lose control… and Pandora’s box of course.. with all those feelings of meaninglessness and longing..

      The video I posted here once, it was all about gut awakening and it didn’t resonate with you…

      1. Joanna, look deeper.

        The mind and intuition are inseparable and come from the same place.

        The human body intuitively knows something about a given situation which is beyond conscious cognition. This is because we as animals have around 2 million years of evolution behind us and all the survival challenges that come with it. Intuition allows to make quick decisions without deliberating too much. After all, one does not want to become a meal for a predator in the jungle while processing a strange sound or a shadow in the corner of one’s eyes. And so the senses constantly send signals to the body to be aware. The same applies to reading others’ body language – unconsciously, the tone of voice and facial expressions – unconsciously, reading the emotional atmosphere in a room – unconsciously, etc. etc. etc.

        However, the signal for this intuitive knowing IS processed by the mind on a below conscious awareness level, without you consciously bringing this up to the surface.

        Intuition cannot exist without the mind, and the mind cannot function without intuitive guidance.

        Look and see.

      2. Joanna, just to make it clearer.. all I did was to bring those intuitive feelings, hunches, flashes – to their final conclusion: that of taking them up into conscious awareness and examining them one by one.

        You can call it ‘neti-neti’, when one listens to own SELF voice, looks at facts, asks real questions, checks the available information and then AGAIN listens to own SELF that tells one what the answer is in Reality.

        You gave up too early (you said “whenever I though I figured something out, I was proven the opposite. Finally my mind gave up. “).

        Too early. There is much more. And this is exactly what I mean when I say ‘People stop their own fall into the pit, all the way to the bottom’.

        The result, Joanna, of breaking that fall is called ‘in Limbo’, and I have seen many folks in limbo.

        1. Yes. To “decide” is to choose one over “doubt” or “duo” “dual.” Liberating one from “confusion” or not “fusion”…one.

          In practical terms it means you’re settled within and no longer split.

          Helpful if you’re prone to believing someone’s mind telling you that your mind is somehow a problem. 😉

        2. Tano:

          1. “You gave up too early”

          I didn’t give up. My mind gave up after 15 years of inquiry. What more is there to dismantle when you know nothing? My mind is empty. Open, alert, constantly listening, but empty.

          And I feel like a deeper level of reality could only have been revealed, because there is no one here knowing anything.

          Living in this state of not knowing is like living in a constant state of surrender. You know something one moment, you let it go the next, because when the mind grasps at it and states “NOW I know”, that which was wisdom a moment ago turns into BS in the next.

          2. “Intuition cannot exist without the mind, and the mind cannot function without intuitive guidance.”

          One doesn’t need gut awakening to hear the intuitive voice, obviously. But in my experience, after awakening on this level you don’t have a choice but to listen and obey. That’s why you lose control here, and that’s what I mean when I say “Life takes over” and that “Life is much smarter than you are”.

          1. Joanna, if you are content living in a state of not knowing and (from what I can see) having rejected every possibility of knowing – then who am I to tell you otherwise.

            Are you content?

            Regarding your experience of gut awakening, and especially ‘to have no choice but to listen and obey’… you will be deceived, and not once, by those more in touch with reality.

    2. In my search I went through all possible hierarchies of divine beings, keeping an open mind at all times.

      I realised very clearly that the story of God is the story of man.

  7. Cedric:

    You have replaced pathological dependency with pathological independency. Not much difference, both create separation.

    At this point in my life I don’t see others as separate from myself. That means that I don’t care if wisdom comes through my body, your body or a guru’s body. I can recognize it.

    In the past, yes, I felt like “I don’t know whom to trust, so I better trust myself”.

    BTW.. seeing as this wisdom comes from all those different places in perfect timing, “healed” me from seeing others as separate from myself better than any fancy, mystical “all is one” experience.

    1. Ahah… funny, so, you, Joanna, you say, you think that what I live, what I think is “pathological”… ahah… very funny… so you know everything, you are the one who knows… you are the one who knows what is healthy and sane, and what’s “pathological”… 🙂

      I will tell you very simply : I don’t believe you at all. There is no “beter” no “further”, just different states, different experiences, disconnected, no “cause and effect”, no path, dear Joanna. But once again, don’t believe me. Keep believing your bullshit, I know you can’t help but believe that bullshit, keep needing Adyashanti and those other bullshiters because you can’t see the world or yourself by your own eyes, because you need others’ words and others’ thought…. If you saw the world by yourself you wouldn’t even mention Adyashanti…

      Keep thinking that I’m experiencing the world or my being in a “pathological independency”, keep thinking that YOU are the one that knows beter, that are sane, etc. I’m perfectly fine with that. I just think it’s funny. 😉

        1. Lol.

          I will never marry a woman, even less a man. By the way, he didn’t even propose ! I will let him propose first (and then say : NO !) 😉

  8. “you will be deceived, and not once, by those more in touch with reality”

    I can see the reality of earth. I can see the reality of heaven. I can also see what happens when these two merge together.

    “I see it, if it ain’t abiding, it ain’t shit – just another ride in the park” – Jed on God Consciousness.

    What he doesn’t see, is that GC has to come “down” to be abiding. Most spiritual aspirants aren’t interested in that part, and THAT is what’s wrong with spirituality. Hence, we have all those gurus who are acting very saintly until on satsang, and not so saintly in real life.

    The animal in us has to be tamed by love. That is what turns us into humans.

  9. I am going to bite my tongue here and ask you a couple of questions.

    1. What is heaven, from this below expression of yours?

    “I can see the reality of heaven.”

    2. What is ‘enlightenment’ to you?

    I’ve had what they refer to as GC. It did come down, literally, from nowhere. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Any human would want this kind of experience to last and last. So? Drugs do that I’ve heard, and any unusual body/mind experiences of this kind happen because something in your body temporarily shifted.

    The fact is it ALWAYS goes back to how it was before. I am going to go with both Jed and Kenneth here and say the same: it aint’s shit.

    3. What is love?

    Those three need to be conveyed in crystal clear form. If one is unable to clearly explain the meaning behind the words they throw around – it means they express something without full comprehension.

    Thank you.

    1. 1. “What is heaven, from this below expression of yours?”

      Love, God, Spirit. Conscioussness experiencing itself through the heart.

      2. “What is ‘enlightenment’ to you?”

      Realization of: “I am nothing”, “I am everything” and embodiment. Head, heart, gut. No-self, Self, self. What is the Truth and how it experiences itself.

      When I started to meditate and experience GC, the feeling of despair started to grow inside me. The contrast between what I was experiencing in meditation and in my life was becoming more and more painful. I asked: “How do I bring this down? How do I live it? Is that even possible?”. And the answer became clear after some time: “you die”. First, as this conscious part of me, and then as purification of the gut, subconsciousness. That’s the hard part: meeting your demons, cleaning old wounds, traumas, this life, past lives.. etc., personal and collective, feeling, feeling, feeling everything. Hatred towards yourself, towards love, rage, pain of abandonment, separation. It feels like PMS on steroids sometimes. A lot of crying. Complete emptying of the body.

      It still continues, I’m far from over. But about a year ago a shift has happened. My “default” state which was a kind of dullness and separation from the world was replaced with unconditional enjoyment and a sense of intimacy with everything. It was slowly happening for years, but the shift was hard to miss. Before, I could feel it when I concentrated on the heart, now it’s here all the time, until something comes to the surface to be purified.

      “The fact is it ALWAYS goes back to how it was before.”

      That means: clean up time. Key words: human, vulnerbility, longing. That brings God “down”.
      The feeling for me was very clear: “There’s no room for the two of us in this body. Choose.”

      Being in the heart activates BS in the gut. That’s why people are either grasping at the heart and trying not to look down, (or up, to no-self on which Jed concentrates) but eventually can’t help acting on the BS. OR they are staying away from the heart to keep the BS quiet, but eventually also can’t help acting on it in one way or another.

      3. “What is love?”

      There are different faces of love. When I say “the animal has to be tamed by love” by love I mean silent, patient presence in the heart. Undearneath every “unsaint” action there is pain. Underneath every survival-oriented action there is separation. This pain has to be met with that presence to the point where you feel almost lost in it. “The only way out is through”. And then there is no need to behave like a saint, you are not able of doing “bad things”.

      4. “Those three need to be conveyed in crystal clear form. If one is unable to clearly explain the meaning behind the words they throw around – it means they express something without full comprehension.”

      I’m just sharing my experience the best way I can, you can always ignore me. On the body level, in my experience, it’s simple: find the longing, follow it, step aside and watch what’s happening. And then frustrate when you cannot find words to share it with others.

      5. The whole thing comes down to the simple honesty: what am I avoiding right now? Avoidance = ego. And until there is someone that avoids something here, one cannot see reality clearly.
      And the ego protection may be as subtle as the feeling of boredom for example. And either one is so dedicated to the Truth and curious about oneself that he/she will explore everything that arises, including such seemingly unimportant things as boredom or not.

      6. Sorry for a long comment, but I cannot see more efficient way to make myself more clear than to share my experience.

      1. Thank you for sharing, Joanna.

        I want to make a small correction here as to your personal impression of ‘head realisation’ as far as Jed (and myself) go.

        If you read the books and didn’t notice a hint of past agony in them – then you saw little. The man behind Jed character was not immune to emotion. Feeling and emotion precedes The Insight which, in turn, leads to clear vision.

        I went through similar motions very briefly, years back. It is a rabbit hole. The Mind is what makes it possible, not the ‘heart. You constantly refer to this concept of ‘heart’ in what you write, as in here, for instance:

        “Conscioussness experiencing itself through the heart.”. or

        “patient presence in the heart.”

        The above expressions, despite sounding deep, make no sense. The concept of ‘heart’ in the way you use it – is not even in the dictionary. A heart is a muscle, a body organ used for pumping blood. It helps to distribute hormones in the body via the bloodstream, hence, people associate the heart with elevated emotional states and give it the poetic license.

        It has been used as a meme since time immemorial, but ask yourself… does it contain any REAL meaning?

        The bottom line is emotion clouds one’s perception, obscures vision, prevents humans from distinguishing between what is in Reality and what they emotionally perceive.

        Emotions make people blind.

        1. “The man behind Jed character was not immune to emotion.”

          Never said he was. T/R is an agonizing process. But, when the search is over, discovery begins. And that doesn’t mean staying in the mind and trying to figure out what is happening here. It means coming back as consciousness and meeting everything. So while meditation wasn’t very useful for T/R, for integration it’s crucial. (

          “The bottom line is emotion clouds one’s perception”

          Pure love has nothing to do with emotionality. (

          Anyway.. I think I shared enough. Take care, Tano.

          1. Last word on emotionality. As long as there are unhealed wounds in us, we can only see reality through them, not clearly. No matter how good we are in managing our feelings and emotions.

          2. Feelings and emotions can be ‘managed’ no more than one can ‘manage’ own heartbeat.

            Does one feel angry and supress their anger or does one simply feel annoyed, exhibits it and lets it go instantly, in the same way a dog bites and forgets?

            There is much difference between the pretence of being serene and being serene. The first one is ‘management’. The second one is true detachment from the story.

            I understand why Jed McKenna didn’t have much hope for human beings. Fantasy and stories around fantasy are the bloodline of humanity.

  10. “Does one feel angry and supress their anger or does one simply feel annoyed, exhibits it and lets it go instantly”

    What is the cause of the anger? Is it pure anger or egoic one? (caused by someone/something triggering an old unheald wound or unconscious belief). Without investigation/meditation, going to the bottom of it, you cannot know.

    If the latter is the case, you can watch the anger passing and coming back for years, waiting to be met fully, waiting for you to follow it to its lair.

    It comes, you find an excuse to express it, you feel relief, you think it’s gone. It comes back, you find an excuse… rinse and repeat. A subtler form of supression.

    1. The cause of anger is always fear, mostly the fear of losing control. The purity of anger is expressed in the fact that it is hormones controlled, the ‘fight or flight’ response, and there isn’t much to be done to eliminate anger entirely. It is simply not possible.

      Two people crashed their cars into one another, jump out and let loose, no words spared. They do so because they both got very scared at nearly losing their lives.

      A woman is angry at her man for looking at a hottie in the street. The fear of losing him to another.

      A parent is angry at their child for whatever. The fear of losing authority over the child and in the eyes of the child.

      When one understands (consciously sees) the dynamics at play, anger diminishes to near non existent. I personally get irritable in the traffic here. No traffic rules observed whatsoever, riding here is taking an everyday gamble with one’s life. However, it lasts the same as a dog’s bite – seconds, and is forgotten instantly.

      Anger is always egoic in origin. Why? Because anger only manifests in relation to OTHER PEOPLE or circumstances that OTHER PEOPLE created. As an example… you wouldn’t feel particularly angry at the flush floods that destroyed your home. But you may be extremely angry at your insurance company that doesn’t want to pay up, or at your husband because he didn’t pay the last instalment and invalidated that insurance, or at your sister because she doesn’t want to let you family stay with hers until you sort it out.

      Likewise, one wouldn’t be angry at a tiger for wanting you as a meal, would they. One would fear the tiger and would run.. real fast. No human ego.

      Anger is directed at others, or self, and that makes it egoic, always. Hardly ever at natural events. Imagine being pissed off with Vesuvius for its latest eruption.. that makes me smile.

      If one lived on a desert island.. hmmm.. but then one’s reactions would be somewhat different, and to what extent – I have no idea.

      1. Pure anger = anger towards BS, ego, falseness. God’s wrath, the energy of Kali the goddess, the fierceness that is so compelling in Jed’s trilogy, Jesus in the temple for example. Pure anger = dedication to Truth.
        If I see someone hurting a child and the anger arises in me, it can be pure anger OR it can be pure anger mixed with egoic one, coming from some childhood trauma.

        For me ego = resistance, identification, avoidance, protection, separation. Individuality I call Human. A cancerous cell vs. a healthy cell.

        You’re focusing on the conscious mind, Tano, while I am pointing to the subconscious one. There are parts of us that don’t give a damn about our reasoning, understanding and maturity. You don’t reason with a 1-year old. You simply are there for the child, and heal it with presence.

        1. ‘God’s wrath’, ‘energy of Kali’, ‘Jesus in the temple’ are not the phenomena I’ve ever encountered.

          Regarding conscious versus subconscious… Intelligent CONSCIOUS Awareness. As I have already stated – one brings the unconscious parts of their mind to the surface and examines them. Only a small part will be available for examination. The Subconscious is an absolutely vital part of the mind, most of it inaccessible, and for a very good reason.

          Make it conscious, Joanna, and your anger will evaporate like the morning dew at sunrise.

          I don’t reason with a one year old. I am talking to a grown up woman – you. As such, I presume you are able to handle an adult manner of having a conversation – rationally and consciously. Are you?

          1. “Make it conscious, Joanna, and your anger will evaporate like the morning dew at sunrise.”

            Just like yours, Tano? Impatience, contempt, arrogance. What do you think that is?

            If one deals only with what’s arising without following it deeper, then it’s like bandaging an uncleaned wound. It seems like it’s working… for a while. And then you think you’re taking care of yourself, but in reality you aren’t.

            And the deeper one goes the more useless the rational mind becomes. And that’s the problem, isn’t it? Here you have the fear of loosing control just in front of your eyes.

          2. There were a few periods in Western history that could be called ‘the age of enlightenment’, among them some periods in classical Greece and the 18th century Europe. They were a natural development from scientific exploration and were fueled by reason.

            Reason is what distinguishes human beings from animals. Sparks of reason is what stops human beings from pillaging, raping, warring. Reason is the result of clear vision of both self as an individual and of humanity’s origin.

            Developments in classical Greece were dwarfted by the rise of Christianity, when one deluded man decided he had some special message. Reason was killed for centuries.

            Developments in the 18th century Europe gave humans science, and with it – some relief from hard physical labour and subsistence living. We all benefited from that.

            Your disdain for reason and the insistence on remaining in the subconscious are puzzling to me.

  11. Truly its your over reliance on reason and “science” that puzzles me and that’s where I see you are being held back “tano.” You’ve shut down and closed yourself off from anything that you cannot directly perceive with your eyes. What close the comments on the disagreement article. Because your closed off and rigidly positioned. The question is what are you closed off from?

    I assure you that just because you cant observe most forms of electricity, wi fi or energies in the body that they do still exist and probably have more effect in your life than you’ve ever allowed yourself to understand. I hope that some day you are able to discover more than what’s observable by the human eye. The most important thing you seem to be missing is the energy of LOVE and its REAL tangible effects. My wish for you is that some day you find it.

    1. What do you mean one cannot observe electricity, Wi-Fi or the energies of the bodies? One cannot always observe them with senses, but their EFFECTS are easily observable and very direct.

      Electricity – lightning or a bodily shock from direct contact.

      Wi-Fi – via transmission of data and its tangible results on your phone or computer.

      Body energies – hormones that make one feel all sorts of things, from the signs of illness to emotional states.

      I closed off the comments on that article in order for you to break free from this site. We have known each other for a number of years, Justin. You need to set out on your own, and to keep exploring Reality using the tool available to you directly – your own Mind.

    2. On the subject of love.. Love is not a noun. It is a verb.

      Actions, what and who you are in real life – is love. Not using the word in online discussions to move forward own agenda.

  12. Got it. We are bombarded but all sorts of opposing realities on a daily basis. I’m well beyond being swayed by them at this point and really have no need to isolate in order to use my own mind. I actually enjoy (love) hearing other view points because in that way I can see exactly who I am. My agenda is to become the best version of myself as possible while given the opportunity. Love, excitement, passion in life is one of the primary ways of getting there. Best wishes to you and EM.

    1. Thank you.

      Reality is a friend. It teaches much if one is attentive and open to its lessons. What I transmit here comes across as arrogant and inflexible, but own knowing is very different from constantly doubting minds.

      I trust myself, and in that trust lies the freedom.

  13. Hi EM, I read the Jed books and was a long time poster on his original forum website, and in the first group to start the Nav series. Jed and I also corresponded off-line about lots of stuff. I never got into his new forum, nor finished the Nav series – life got in the way. I just found your site and read through it with interest. Based on a goof few years of interacting with him daily and as ‘new’ JMK books were published – I agree with you that the ‘Jed’ of the forums is the ‘Jed’ that authored the books (I think that’s what you believe?). I also know that ‘Jed’ of the forums is the same person as I see your photos (why: I actually got a photo from Jed himself by ‘accident’ in 2014)…. and lots of other things to confirm parts of your accounts (girlie bars etc :-)….can’t be bothered with explaining details.
    Jed helped me see that “the universe isn’t made up of tiny atoms, its made up of tiny stories”. Knowing ‘Jeds’ story is fascinating – no wonder the guy had a massive awakening with all the crap he got himself into.
    FYI: the BC Secrutities Commission recently stayed the $16m re-payment from 2009 see:

    Love ya and Mwah, SIAS

      1. I got confused. I am new to this website and didn’t read all of it, but my first impression was that Kenneth was a person behind Jed McKenna moniker, that is the author of the Trilogy. Now, I followed the link in this comment and it says that Kennett had nothing to do with the books. So who is the author then? Can you help me out? Maybe I just missed something?

        1. Sergey, I started with the premise that the IG forum host was the author, but in the course of investigation found out that Kenneth is NOT the author.

          The entries were written in live time, I decided not to change them, instead publishing the disclaimer as to the identity issue. This way it is faithful to how the events unfolded.

          I don’t know who the author is. Working on it, slowly, at leisure and when the time allows.

          Thank you.

          1. Thank you for your reply. So it appears that Kennet just hijacked Jed’s name for his own purposes?

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