Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

I had a number of emails from someone young whose mind hasn’t yet calcified to the point where prising it open becomes a torturous and painful for them process. This young person has just realised something I brought up many times here on EM:

“The world we experience is an illusion and a dream in that we project meaning, stories, etc., but the world itself is real.”

Fuck yeah! I was impressed. It took me a couple of years after the Big Bang to fully formulate this. ‘Life is but a dream’ is only so because it is lived from imagining what is, instead of seeing what is: imagining what your friends and enemies think, imagining what your new job will be like, imagining fucking a hot new booty, imagining winning a lottery, imagining gaining or losing weight, imagining your next holiday, imagining leaving your drunkard husband, imagining getting robbed, imagining getting old, imagining winning that contest, imagining… imagining… imagining what does not exist and doing shit all to make it Reality.

When Jed McKenna said ‘Advertising is the art of monetising fear’ he should have thrown in insurance and virtual reality industries, TV, film and gaming industries, wedding and dating industries, education and public policy industries and many many more, which all ponder to the little scared child inside each human, burdened with oversized imagination and preferring to dream his life away.

The young correspondent of mine also realised what exactly is meant by ‘Ask yourself what is true’, the essence of self-inquiry.

“There’s only one thing you can tell anyone to do to make spiritual progress (I cringe using that word now), and that’s to REALLY look at what’s right in front of you. It’s so simple, and most people can’t understand it. I couldn’t for so long.”

Yep. Truth is as immediate as one’s breath, always within reach and always available if one makes an honest, self-directed movement towards it. From the above it was clear to me that this individual had processed something on a deep level of Insight, and so it came from within, a direct understanding unfiltered by words of another: a direct experience.

I felt a warm glow inside from knowing that someone might be well on their way to Reality and so could be spared living the rest of their life in Illusion. Red Flowers

BUT. Illusion is full of movement and colour and drama; illusion is what makes one feel alive. It is simply more exciting, as long as one remembers that it will all end one day, and would stop taking it all THAT seriously. In the realm of the Absolute – your mental delusions never mattered. In the realm of Grand Illusion – they screwed you up. In the kingdom of Reality – they simply added spice to your existence.

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14 thoughts on “Forget Another’s Words: Own Insight Takes The Biscuit

      1. Ha Ha Ha. No. Not at all. Just someone young and probably immature. The insights are beautiful and genuine. I just hope that they don’t suddenly think they have unraveled some great mystery or become something special and decide they have to share it with the whole world…..or worse still write some shitty, half baked, long winded and complicated fucking book about it…..P.S. I luv your work.

        1. Thank you, Gerry.

          The person is young, but mature enough to follow own drumbeat, and I salute them for doing so.

          I wish there WAS a book that would put to rest this generations long human myth.

          Irrefutably, once and for all, so that no middle aged guy or gal ever attempt to pass their individual process of Mind maturation as a unique ‘highest achievement’ of ‘enlightenment’.

          Part of me appreciates the expats here in Cam, for one reason – the long timers here keep everything cynically simple, as many’ve sussed it out, this life, from past failures and disappointments. No bullshit can pass through people’s filters here.

          1. Cynically Simple…nice. Maybe this need to share is just human nature at work. Maybe it’s a necessary part of the process. Maybe it’s ego. I don’t know. All I can say is a few years ago when I started to “wake up” I felt compelled to tell anybody who would listen all about it. I too started down the path of writing about my experience and insights, encouraged by other “seekers” who I was apparently “helping” in their quest.

            I quickly realised that what I was experiencing was deeply personal and relevant only to myself and that other people were merely reading my words and making them fit their own experience. I just knew I wasn’t qualified to help anyone at that stage and what I thought I knew one day turned out to be pure bullshit the next day as the process continued and matured. So I stopped. Lots of other people don’t.

            The whole thing is just so incredibly simple, obvious and immediate that it requires no outside help. But I guess everyone has to make a living somehow.

            Keep it cynically simple Tano.

          2. I completely understand, Gerry.

            You may know from experience that most will not see the simplicity of the fact that the human Mind MATURES as time goes by. It is a natural process, runs its course independently and takes each individual as far as their Intelligence and curiosity levels allow.

            It is a fallacy to make this simple fact into the complexity monster by labelling it ‘enlightenment’ and, thus, sending uncountable numbers of fools on the road to nowhere.

            I was one such fool once, but luckily, not for long.

            Gerry, do you still have your writings somewhere on the web? I would be curious to see your Mind’s process.

  1. I think most would agree that “spiritual progress” is to come from a state of completeness. Where one is lacking nothing. One who comes from a state of total completeness within has overcome the need to seek satisfaction from external sources. They are content.

    However, getting hung up on this notion of having no desires or resistance, while it has its merit, is not the purpose of life. Overcoming the need for such things before you can be complete doesn’t mean that preferences cease to exist. (You would prefer a nice…whatever… to a kick in the shorts.) Thats the nature of being alive.

    If not misunderstood, observation serves a wonderful purpose of creating a space in which to clear out, reset and become poised. If misused it’s a great way to get stuck in a world of disempowerment and reaction. Everything you do in life, if done deliberately, must first be imagined and intended. That is creative consciousness. That is the highest form of “spiritual progress.” Following own hearts desire while given the opportunity to do so. Living a self determined existence. Being a creator of life rather than a receiver or a denier of it.

    To “make spiritual progress” you would want to break free of reactive consciousness and live a more “spirited” self determined existence. Not out of a state of longing or reaction. But truly inspired action. Rather than fighting against (trying not to feel) desire and resistance you simply attain and become unreactive to that which is not for you.

      1. Not in general no. But when I feel that attention best be withdrawn from something I wouldn’t hesitate.

  2. I see you closed the comments on the no such thing as enlightenment thread so I’ll just post it here.

    At this point I have no problem with ending our communications. I’ve come to see that not only is this thread but the entire “EM” a testament to the fact that you have never experienced “enlightenment” and are so convinced of your subjective experience that you are attempting to dissuade anyone from it.

    I find that unfortunate as I know from experience that if taken all the way, one can not only gain enough altitude to break free of their stale belief systems but can in fact become more conscious of the beliefs they are building and by extension the life they are creating in the process.

    Not sure what the motivation would be behind directing people away from doing something that could be so beneficial but really have no use in further involvement with such it. Best to you

    1. “only gain enough altitude to break free of their stale belief systems but can in fact become more conscious of the beliefs they are building”

      Isn’t it what I said to you? That you replaced one set of illusions with a more pleasant set of illusions? Your lack of self awareness is the opposite of being conscious.

      I wish you the best, J.

      1. You’re still seeking for something, that at some point will be replaced by a direct knowing. At which point it wont matter to you what is said by myself or others. You wont be attempting to push away any of it. You’ll simply see it for what it is. Not it.

  3. You’re still seeking for something. At some point that will be replaced by a direct knowing at which point you’ll see everything else simply as not “it.” Be well.

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