A State Of Profound Disagreement

I came across this quote today:

Question: When you have disagreements with people, do you raise your voice?

Jed McKenna: I hope not. I live in a state of profound disagreement with everyone about everything. I’d never stop screaming.


Yes. This is a profoundly true statement with many recognisable to me layers of meaning. It may sound as if one human is arrogantly positioning himself in opposition to the rest of the world. Not so.

Disagreement does not manifest in arguing over the state of family finances or book editing options or one’s choice of an evening meal. The statement is a simple recognition of the fact that there are no mind doppelgangers out there. And what does that mean?

People often spend their entire lives looking to be accepted by another, with all our human flaws, dark thoughts, illnesses of both Mind and body, our imperfections – unconditionally and without reservations. This desire for total acceptance is behind the mating rituals past the stage of fucking, when the two are looking to create a bond beyond a simple animalistic physical attraction.

While ‘opposites attract’, this type of attraction is short lived and begins to repel in the long run. Disagreement resulting from opposing perceptions and views is not what humans are looking for. They are looking for similarities rather than differences in another.

Most settle for a form of compromise, a state of approximate, ‘in-between’ understanding between two individuals. It is just easier that way in a world that favours group survival.

However, at some point a clear realisation dawns on you: beyond the superficial appearances of one’s origins, cultural backgrounds, looks, financial worth, social position, even moral and ethical credence – a complete meeting of Minds is not possible.

We all touch the many edges of one another’s feeling and thinking. Some are instantly comforting and make people fall into the trap of ‘He/she thinks just like me! We understand each other!‘ Well, no you don’t. I am yet to meet a single individual whose perception and understanding of life was EXACTLY as mine, and know without a doubt this is not forthcoming, ever.

There are no cognitive doppelgangers of ‘me’ out there, and herein lies the disagreement. No matter how many points we can agree on – there will be many more which we will always disagree on. In other words, my green leaf is not the same colour green as yours, and can never be so.

Disagreement plays out in personal lives of individuals and spills into the public arena, turning into insurmountable differences of opinion between groups, organisations, cliques, states, countries.

Your Mind is always in a state of lone disagreement with others, for it can never be perceived and comprehended by another mind in all its totality and without misconception. So while some of what I write may resonate with you… it is largely an illusion that we ‘understand’ one another.

We don’t.

No point in screaming, however.

Note: Please do not bring up the question of ego; this is a tired and meaningless conceptual  argument that ignores the reality of being human.

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7 thoughts on “A State Of Profound Disagreement

  1. Reality doesn’t need words, our words, our human words.

    “What is” doesn’t care about Thought, our human thoughts.

    Agreeing or not agreeing, nothing gives a sh.t

    Whatever thought I have today, I can disagree with it tomorrow if I want.

    If people are interested in what I think, it’s their problem. 😉

    Words are just a game. I like to play that game. But nobody will ever win that game…

    1. If you perceive words as ‘just a game’ then you fall into a category of a ‘shallow human”.

      Shallow humans do not consider own words carefully.
      They ‘give their word’ and take it back, without remorse.
      They promise the earth and never deliver.
      They use words for gain.
      They do not understand the true meaning of what they express.
      Their utterances lack any substance.

      All games, smoke and mirrors, empty air – is a shallow human.

      The concepts of ‘winning’ and ‘games’ are not on my radar.

  2. A whole lot of fuss about subjective realities to which everyone is entitled to their own. Which also means they are not required to respond to or partake in anothers. Even if it’s simply an over hyped, over emphasized importance placed on what they call objective reality. It just is.

    1. Until you write a few books about it, there by making it subjective and having people believe you. Then we can have a following and a cult like obsession with objectivity calling it special names like the absolute or truth realization!.

  3. This is for BOTH Cedric and Justin.

    While you young ‘uns vehemently profess own independence from external thought (why I said you two should get married).. your ‘independent’ stance does not fool me. Ironically, you exhibit a degree of obsession with the EM by faithfully posting your thoughts and understandings here.

    However. I see no true understanding in many of your expressions, and the EM is holding you back.

    There is much you two need to comprehend and to process ON YOUR OWN. Therefore, I suggest you leave the EM and continue your lives…. hmmm… independently of any other human mind, least of all my own.

    You may disagree with everything I wrote above (disagreement!!), but you will thank me a few years down the line.

    : ))

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