Niz, Lin, Jed – On Enlightenment Absence

“There is no such thing as enlightenment. The full appreciation of that fact is, itself, enlightenment.”


(that guy who no one really listens to, because if you did – you wouldn’t followhis teachings. But, paradoxically, thousands ‘follow’)

Not there yet?

Repackaging ‘enlightenment’ in a way accessible to modern day humans (what ‘Jed McKenna’ has done with a degree of success) will continue to lead folks on a merry-go-round. When I started this entire enterprise it looked something like this in my mind: “Go there don’t know where. Fetch that don’t know what”. Like you, I had no clue what I was ‘looking for’. Luckily, the madness only lasted for two years. Just like Mr. McKenna spoke about cutting pieces of skin off oneself (metaphorically) and one day suddenly comprehending the sheer stupidity of the whole gig – I cut loose of the madness that invades people’s minds for DECADES.

This below was written in the 7th century AD.

And YET… in over one thousand years the penny hasn’t dropped. Why? Because the damn humans who ‘got’ it – continued to ‘teach’, thus enticing scores of inwardly vulnerable adult children to look for the non-existent. That pink elephant romping around in the distance, always just that little bit out of reach – because it is.

Didn’t Jed say “You will never become enlightened”? Because no one can become something that has no reality behind it.

RinzaiGigen I tell you, there’s no Buddha, no Dharma, no practice, no enlightenment. Yet you go off like this on side roads, trying to find something. Blind fools! Will you put another head on top of the one you have? What is it you lack?

Followers of the Way, I tell you there is no Dharma to be found outside. But students don’t understand me and immediately start looking inward for some explanation, sitting by the wall in meditation, pressing their tongues against the roof of their mouths, absolutely still, never moving, supposing this to be the Dharma of the buddhas taught by the patriarchs. What a mistake! If you take this unmoving, clean, and pure environment to be the right way, then you will be making ignorance the lord and master. A person of old said, “Bottomless, inky black is the deep pit, truly a place to be feared!” This is what he meant.

But suppose you take motion to be the right way. Every plant and tree knows how to move back and forth, so does that mean they constitute the Way? To the degree that they move, it is due to the element air; to the degree that they do not move, it is to the element earth. Neither their moving nor their not moving comes from any nature innate in them. If you look toward the area of motion and try to grasp the truth there, it will take up its stand in the area of non-motion, and if you look toward non-motion and try to grasp it there, it will take up its stand in motion. It is like a fish hidden in a pond who now and then slaps the surface and leaps up.

Followers of the Way, you lug your alms bag and rush off on side roads, looking for buddhas, looking for Dharma. Right now, all this dashing and searching you are doing, do you know what it is you are looking for? It is vibrantly alive, yet has no root or stem. You can’t gather it up; you can’t scatter it to the winds. The more you search for it, the farther away it gets. Don’t search for it and it’s right before your eyes; its miraculous sound always in your ears. But if you don’t have faith, you’ll spend your hundred years in wasted labour.

You rush around frantically one place to another. What are you looking for, tramping till the soles of your feet are squashed flat? There is no Buddha to be sought, no Way to be carried out, no Dharma to be gained.

Seeking outside for some Buddha possessing form, this hardly becomes you! If you wish to know your original mind, don’t try to join with it, don’t try to depart from it.”

Linji Yixuan

Note: He is the guy who said “When hungry – eat, when tired – sleep”. It became my favourite BY FAR after I got to see past the illusion.

No one gets zen, huh… Keep chasing that tail.

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43 thoughts on “Niz, Lin, Jed – On Enlightenment Absence

  1. Very good, Tano. Linji is better known in the West by the Japanese form of his name.

    1. Rinzai Gigen. Like most us idiots – he spent a fair amount of time chasing his tail. Yet, he, too, continued to ‘teach’, while stating “If you meet the Buddha..” and all that.

      I guess working the rice fields was less lucrative.

      I see these Buddhist monks here collecting alms every day from businesses and individuals. Occasionally a scandal will erupt: monks fucking little monks in their care, monks running away with a woman, monks participating in politically charged rallies.

      The whole chunk of male population was taken out of competition for economic resources, who were, are, will remain human. The West romanticises the robe and those who wear it, but really… let’s open our eyes to the facts of real life.

      P.S. He looks pretty pissed in that drawing. For good reason.

  2. Yes, even Lin Tsi has to be moved aside, forgotten, burned. “sages” are words, and words are bullshit.

    What is “UG Krishnamurti” ? What is it ? Or “lin-tsi” or “nisargadatta” ? What is it ? They are WORDS ! And words are nothing. Words fuck people’s mind. Words make as if there is something to attain, to reach with words… That’s the fucked up thing.

    People are looking in words, are using words, that’s why they can’t see the simpliest thing…

    Thought IS the mirage.

    1. It is not the words that fuck up people’s minds, as you state. Words are nothing but symbolic representations of Reality.

      But words are created by humans who don’t know how to use them constructively.

      It is the inability to see the true meaning in words. It is the inability to think actively. It is the inability to make connections between world phenomena. It is the inability to express oneself clearly.

      Why? Well, ‘think for yourself’ is hardly encouraged in human societies. Emotional and intellectual honesty with own children is absent. How are they supposed to learn the skill if no one showed them?

      Not every thought is a mirage.

      1. “Not every thought is a mirage”

        Yes in fact, it is. By definition. Every thought/belief that one identifies with is a limitation. A piece of the whole and can therefore never be an absolute truth. That’s why I think it is funny when you believe that your thoughts are more accurate than others and why I also believe you when you say there is no such thing as enlightenment. Youre not. If you were of a higher conciousness you could see this and would stop your incessant preaching about what is which would maybe open the door for you to appreciate more than what lies within the confines of your own mind.

        1. Hmm… Justin, what happened to ‘intelligent and authentic’ from you just a couple of weeks ago? Especially ‘authentic’, as it somehow doesn’t go with the word ‘preaching’. But OK.

          As you saw I am not the only one who says there is no enlightenment. I gave quotes. I may be nothing in terms of any world recognition and do not aspire to that, but those ‘masters’ are followed and read by millions. They may sell the dream, but they know their shit too.

          “Every thought/belief that one identifies with is a limitation. ”

          I have a thought. ‘I am hungry’. It reflects the reality: the rumbling stomach, the digestive juices flowing, a sense of hunger. Not every thought is a mirage.

          Higher Consciousness… I am afraid you do not know what it represents.

        2. Then perhaps the next step for you would be to take control of your thought process. Realizing their interchangeable nature. Choosing more life affirming beliefs rather than stagnation or whatever excuse to stay stuck in what you believe to be “reality.”

          1. That is what I call “higher consciousness.” Choosing your beliefs and by extension your life experiences as opposed to being led by others or at best your old stale belief and thought patterns.

          2. As I said… you replaced a miserable dream with a pleasant one. I stepped out of it all together.

            Reality is both. Mostly pleasant on micro levels (my personal reality) and horrendous on macro levels (out there, so to speak).

            Both. And as such – it is one and the same Reality. Can you see that?

  3. But to each their own. Such is the nature of free will. I just get a bit excited when people purport their singular experiences as fact and cite some Chinese guy in a dress as an authority.

    1. Why does it trigger you? There are people out there who do things much better than me. I acknowledge that and admire their level of skill/understanding. You, in contrast, get irritated.

      1. Because you dont “admire.” You tell me that what I do is replace dreams when what I’ve done is reached the highest level of consciousness and therefore am in firm control of my reality as opposed to the vast majority of seekers who may stumble upon an article like this. Here you may as well just tell someone to give up entirely. Whereas I know from experience that there is great progress to be made be made and levels of freedom to be achieved that are unfathomable to the average person.

        1. I’ve not seen you make a slight bit of progress since I’ve met you nessa yet you speak with some authority. I wonder if you’ve considered that you dont know as much as you claim. That’s not an insult but an honest question.

          1. I stated from the start, both on the IGF and elsewhere: The Vision and all that came with it – was FINAL.

            There is much that I don’t know, absolutely. What I don’t know – I do not speak about. Like those combustion engines.. know nothing about them.

        2. “when what I’ve done is reached the highest level of consciousness and therefore am in firm control of my reality as opposed to the vast majority of seekers who may stumble upon an article like this.”.

          I’ll just leave the phrase here. It kinda stands as a testament to young, freshly minted human ego.

          1. Allow me to post it a 3rd time.

            “what I’ve done is reached the highest level of consciousness and therefore am in firm control of my reality”

            As can anyone who doesn’t believe in the limitations imposed on them either by oneself or others.

  4. I believe that you believe that and so no you wont ever become US president.

    It’s been fun. Gotta run

    1. So you are suggesting that I am limited by my belief that I will never become the US President, and if my ‘belief’ doesnt limit me – I CAN become the US President. Correct?

      1. I’m saying that you’re limited to your narrow perspective and confusing it as “reality”

        To answer your question, if I desired something and had enough belief and conviction in it then it would be a reality. I cannot speak for you.

        1. Do not play games with me. I do not appreciate bullshit and evasiveness.

          Can I become the US President, in Reality and not in my or your head? Answer this HONESTLY or fuck off.

        2. In this same way no sage, master or internet guru can tell you anything, only speak to their own experiences. Truth is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. You would have to tell me, that being your belief. There was a time in our country when people said there would never be a black president.

    Getting off of your tangent, the point was originally that you are professing your opinions as facts. “Enlightenment” is nothing more than being able to step back from that. Whether you or Chinese dress man agree or no.

  6. 1. Because you dont believe its a possibility so you wont attempt it.

    2. The opportunity to act on something has passed.

    3. There are obstacles in the way that would require persistence and you would not be willing to devote time and attention to overcoming them.

    4. You have already given up, show no interest in further development or achievement.

    Those are the top reasons I can figure why someone would want to stay stuck in their current reality.

    1. Bullshit. Those are assumptions on your part. Give me FACTS.

      Try again, this time with TRUTHFUL intent and without being coy. Why can I never become the US President. Facts only, from Reality.

      1. You’re going to say that you’re not a us citizen but that doesn’t stop you from pursuing that goal within your country of origin.

        Like the gentleman below said, “it’s” not about the words, ideas or the beliefs. Yours or others. None of them stick.

        1. Do not change the context. The US President was the context, not the president of some other country.

          1. Does me not being the US citizen or not having been born to an American citizen limit my choices as far as the US Presidency is concerned?
          2. If yes, in what way, in realistic terms?

          If you attempt to evade the question again – I will choose to drop this exchange.

          1. I’m not really needing any sort of convincing and am comfortable with dropping the exchange…

  7. “But words are created by humans who don’t know how to use them constructively.”

    What do you want to construct with words, Tano ? Words are an endless game. Words cannot create anything real.

    Reality IS. Period. And Reality doesn’t give a damn about all the words humans are writing and speaking… (those included of course).

    “higher consciousness” “nirvana” “higher level”, etc. etc. are just words. They are nothing. But the mind stick to them. People think they are the words they express or think… that’s the mirage…

    I’m not a single word I just wrote. Words are fun to me, nothing more, I cannot help anybody to BE. And TO BE is the only thing real in life.

    1. Constructively, in the way that brings results and NOT the meaningless game WITH words, as is evident from this latest exchange.

      Reality is not an entity and so cannot give a damn or not give a damn. Humans can.

      Perhaps you don’t need to exchange words, and if I remember correctly – I asked both you and Justin to do exactly that. To no avail it seems.

  8. But still I wonder what they mean. Because you wrote that you had visions and even a ‘final’ vision. Wouldn’t you equate that with ‘enlightenment’ in a sense? That’s what they mean right with enlightenment…?

    I get that it’s seen more as a loss than a gain, I guess. But I’d appreciate it if you could elaborate a bit more on what I just said.

    I still haven’t seen clear words on it and it seems to be contradictory. You do get all sorts of visions and realizations, but still there is nothing to find? You realize that there is nothing to find?

    Then what is up with those who say you are not the body and so on? Who experience the absence of ego? Isn’t that enlightenment?


    1. Enlightenment is a complete irreversible state of abandonment of every illusion and fairytale in existence, INCLUDING the abandonment of the enlightenment fairytale. Which is what my article attempts to convey via the words of others.

      The word ‘visions’ is loaded with medical or religeous connotations. I didn’t have ‘visions’. I had insights – sudden spontaneous understandings on the nature of various phenomena of reality. They hadn’t come from nowhere, however; I did my work or, rather, work did me. It was not by choice, but by being dragged along with the current. I HAD to, no choice.

      One realises there was nothing to find, yes. Along with a bunch of many other things, but they are so dark that most ‘enlightened’ wouldn’t even go there in an attempt to explain. Thus, Jed spoke about holding back and possibly letting rip only on his death bed. Maybe. When there is nothing left to loose for him. He is no fool, total unvanished Truth will destroy his livelihood.

      A piece of advice for you: stop asking strangers what it is and ask self real questions about the world around you. This will fetch you all the answers and all the ‘enlightenment’ you can swallow.

    2. You are not the body. You are the body and the mind supported by the body. Right now there is no way of supporting the mind outside of the body. Maybe, there never will be, considering the complexities of the human brain.

      Would one choose to live in a vat, outside the body? Perhaps, but then it would not be an experience of a human being anymore.

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