Richard Rose And Humanity

“you’ve got to get this Pollyanna crap out of your heads. People think they can indulge in whatever whim overpowers them at the moment, and that somehow this ‘spontaneity’ is going to transform them into a wonderful spiritual creature that God just can’t resist loving. This is nonsense. Life isn’t pleasure, it’s constant struggle driven by relentless tension. Look out the window. It’s a bloody carnage out there. Everything’s trying to eat something else, just so it can stay alive long enough to reproduce and provide more food and fertilizer for this slaughterhouse.”


Rose is absolutely THE closest to what I perceive as unvarnished Truth, and there are reasons for this similarity of perception beyond this article. His take on life’s realities is absolute and nearly absolutely true. I say ‘nearly’, because Rose was not beyond the confines of his particular upbringing, hence, the use of the word ‘God’, even though he imbued it with the meaning far from the ordinary church goer. His description of the moment of realisation (mind opening) sounds very similar to what I had experienced.

However. The differences lie in the fact that he was a dick, and I am a vagina, which  does influence how a person will go about their life. Dicks tend to need a form of activity, an unconscious vector of direction towards something, THE ACTION driven by testosterone. Why do you think males ‘mellow’ with age? The hormone levels drop, perhaps to the levels comparable to that of vaginas.

So Richard Rose ran about, farming, lecturing and ashraming in the belief that changing the realities of a few people is of value somehow. Of course, that in itself is a mirage, but dicks feel compelled to ‘make a mark on the world’, even when they do not consciously realise that. He did what he was driven to do, an inner inclination. At least, his vector of activity was not directed towards chasing vaginas as the main purpose of his existence, or building multi million dollar empires on the backs of human slaves. Sorry, dicks, and one day I will have something to say about vaginas too, with their incessant need for material security.

I hadn’t watched a single TV programme between 2011 and 2017. It was an instinctive drive to stay away from the Hive Mind in order to figure things out for myself. Now I occasionally watch the National Geographic which accurately records the real struggle for survival among absolutely every living form on Earth. It is the true jungle out there, a bloody, meaningless attempt of each individual life form to stay alive for as long as possible, only to turn to ash. And it takes the most peculiar shape in human societies, if one observes carefully the reasons for the despicable human acts. One step from monkeys on the evolution ladder does not automatically create the state of true humanity in every human. Pride of lions eating a pray in Masai Mara

Mother Nature is not as remarkable and awe inspiring as humans like to think of it. It is a fusion of natural laws of physics and of random, mindless chance. The necessity to consume another life form in order to survive is a fucked up cruel joke of creation when one considers it consciously. Lions do not feel remorse for tearing down a gazelle; they have no conscious capacity for consideration. We, on the other hand, are continuously caught between a human will to exist and human awareness of the cost of existence.

The price of sapience is the internal split, that mysterious word ‘separation’ so loved by spiritual groups. “You are ONE with the universe”, they repeat mindlessly, without any understanding that there is no ‘with’ and no ‘separation’ anywhere, except in their heads.


Is Truth too much to take for an average person? How much do you really dislike yourself to deny self a simple realisation that you are the Alfa and the Omega of your existence? That NO ONE in the entire universe will ever care about you in the same way you care about yourself? That YOUR life is primary to you and this can never be any other way?

If there ever was TRUE love – this is it: your own relationship with yourself, unsurpassed and invincible. After all, one does not get up in the morning and wish themselves all sorts of bad shit to happen. One wishes themselves only the best. And yet… humans desperately seek external love, scaffolding one another in this myth so that they stay afloat in the world.

Of course, there is also another side of the coin. You are absolutely nothing.

Mr Rose got that. He was also of the illusion that waking someone up from the snoozy nightmare is of benefit. A mistake.

“Oh, I still exist in the nightmare. Everyone on earth exists in the nightmare. The
difference is that when you people ‘die’ you’ll just go into another nightmare. Then there’s a tremendous agony that accompanies the realization you’re still not free. My job is to find five people and wake them up now in the hope that they’ll each find five more people, and so on. In that way, mankind might be benefited.”


As I said before….  no one is free. He was right to say that stepping out of the agony makes the difference. However, Human Condition, our collective Blueprint as species – is unchangeable, with all the consequences and high costs of being self aware, and no one man will ever have the power to affect this.
All spiritual movements are essentially about one thing: attempting to confront our origin, and failing.

Note: Jed McKenna writings are pretty close to Rose’s, but without the enigmatic belief in saving Humanity.

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12 thoughts on “Richard Rose And Humanity

  1. I’ve always like Richard Rose’s stuff. Based on other writings of yours I’ve read and this one I think you might like Season one of True Detective , speaking of shows. Rust Chloe has some interesting ideas there. I think you “might” like it .

    1. Thank you for the recommendation. One day may be.

      My observation is that people arrive at the knowing from entirely different paths, and attempt to convey it later on in different ways, but where they all land – is exactly the same spot.

      I mean.. what would I have in common with a mid-Western American painter cum farmer cum teacher who was born exactly a hundred years ago and is nearly fifteen years dead? And yet… I can see him, who he was, his Mind – quite clearly.

      Richard wasn’t as clear-cut or as mystical or as powerful or even as ethical as people like to think of him. Money wasn’t a consideration in what he was doing, this is true. But if he ever attempted to try on me some of the tricks he tried on his students… well, ‘a taste of own medicine’ expression comes to mind.

      But he was real, not fake.

  2. I read, or tried to read, a couple of Richard Rose’s writings. I came away thinking one must of had to be there.

    Reading this post makes more sense to me than the two or three books I touched. And reinforces that we all come to an understanding via our own unique path. It’s rather doubtful anyone else gives a rat’s ass for my preferences about music, art, or literature and very, very much less my views on spirituality.

    After reading this I thought what only I probably thought and went through my recollections of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Slaughter House Five. As above, we all perceive things based on our own unique backgrounds and interests. And so, I too tended to see literature through the eyes of a traveler. I’ll leave you with these tokens from Vonnegut’s novel and let you decide whether the novel or movie if worth a second look from a slightly different perspective than is typical.

    “- Why me?
    – That is a very Earthling question to ask, Mr. Pilgrim. Why you? Why us for that matter? Why anything? Because this moment simply is. Have you ever seen bugs trapped in amber?
    – Yes.
    – Well, here we are, Mr. Pilgrim, trapped in the amber of this moment. There is no why.”


    Billy had a framed prayer on his office wall which expressed his method for keeping going, even though he was unenthusiastic about living. A lot of patients who saw the prayer on Billy’s wall told him that it helped them to keep going, too. It went like this: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom always to tell the difference.”

    Among the things Billy Pilgrim could not change were the past, the present, and the future.

    and of course,

    “So it goes.” which is used though out the book when death appears apparent in Billy’s mind.

    “So it goes.”

    Sounds dismal. But the light, at least for me, is found in the understanding that it’s high time we got on with living because all the bullshit that comes with seeking is exactly that – bullshit.

    One more:
    “But she did look back, and I love her for that, because it was so human. So she was turned to a pillar of salt. So it goes. People aren’t supposed to look back. I’m certainly not going to do it anymore.”
    ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

    1. Richard Rose writings are too cerebral for his audiences, in contrast to what his physical presence was – unadorned and simple. A professional editor who also thoroughly understood his meanings – would have enormously improved his scripts. I don’t think he could afford one.

      L, I’ve always admired your ‘get on with living’ because you actually do just that, without fuss and fanfare.

      I sense sadness, but you know what?… Those who know, who got the cosmic joke – are somehow connected by an invisible thread. It is inexplicable and beyond reason. This is what my personal light is about – knowing there are others.

      1. Sadness? I think there is a reaction as some point when we see the sham of belief systems and seeking. In Jed’s first book he describes an interaction with one of the people staying at his house who has finally understood and is “done.” It doesn’t describe a celebration. Then there is the dark night of the soul which comes late in the game and described in other methods of seeking. It’s not any different than what Kubler-Ross describes on the progression of emotional states on the loss of a loved one. What the seeker has lost is the seeking. What the follower has lost is the belief system that accompanies the guru or religion. It’s a loss and as humans we almost always follow a pattern of emotional adjustment to loss.

        But the beauty of these dark, sad moments is what follows after the loss. Realization that we can now move forward. That we have enormous capacity without the dogma of beliefs. And plenty of time to live without the wasted time of seeking. The puzzle solved, we move on free of the shackles. In time it becomes apparent that in some ways it’s no better than the shackles but it’s where we are suppose to be. Being done doesn’t bring joy it only brings acceptance of truth; the laundry still needs folding.

        And so, perhaps Vonnegut was right in offering three simple words to handle reality and loss (or people, beliefs, paths). Three words which I think allow a moving on by simplifying a letting go of that to which we cling. “So it goes.”

        1. I can’t really qualify myself as someone who was seeking. It happened too fast, without any prior encounters even with the word ‘spirituality’, leave alone all the worldly commotion around it.

          All I had was the burning intensity of wanting to know what was real. The great intensity ran me through every conceivable illusion with a neck breaking speed. It smashed all of them to smithereens, nothing was left.

          Herein lies acceptance of what is, and a laugh at what isn’t. But I get impatient when humans attempt to sell the re-packaged, cleaned up, desensitised Dream – back to the dreamers.

          I place Richard Rose higher on the evolution ladder than Ramana. He made no attempt to escape Reality. The only illusion he held on to: that people change and can be changed.

          They don’t.

    1. Not so much gangs, but it is now a massive construction site. I was there a month ago. I’d imagine Miami was in the same state when they started the Florida coastline development a long time ago. As I said a year ago “An architectural statement of an intent to stay’…the Chinese aren’t going anywhere. The West lost Cambodia, and for a good reason.

      Most barangs left Snooky, moved to PP, Kampot, Temple Town or repatriated back home, incuding long term expats. They call the city Chinkville now.

      Election yesterday and today. News websites are blocked. Phnom Penh is very quiet.

  3. I don’t know what are you trying to achieve here, you claim its absurd trying to awaken others yet you write …you’r writings are full of unexamined assumptions. makes no sense to me but hey, everyone is living in their own world.

    1. Makes no sense to you? You are not alone, it makes no sense to 99.9% of humans.

      I put myself ‘out there’, but I fully understand why Mr. McKenna avoids direct communication with his readers. In the majority – it is not pleasant, and from my perspective – silly. For instance, you suggest ‘unexamined assumptions’, but if I asked you to outline a specific example of such assumptions – you’d bail out.

      So in a way you are correct, writing here is completely meanigless.

  4. The whole paragraph about vaginas and dicks is baseless, that’s just pop psychology at best. you said you are a vagina, really? is that true??

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