All These Teachers… Where’s Truth?

I find it ironic that the Jed McKenna books are supposed to point to Truth, and yet, everything around them is mired in deception.

No author’s name. A fictitious account of events that only vaguely reflects factual reality, but looks as an autobiography. No company address for Wisefool Press, with numerous PO boxes and disposable email accounts for correspondence. No students to corroborate at least some parts of the story. Anonymous people with fake email addresses, and believe me the EM had a few of those. Those who endorsed the books – have no idea, and even the man whose book was endorsed – was none the wiser as to who was behind the endorsement.

And yet the subject is about Truth, the search for which is said to be the most important endeavour a human can undertake. Hmm…

All this was mentioned and discussed many times before, but there is one person who I feel has become a true prisoner in his commitment to the Jed McKenna franchise: Peder Sweeney.

There are no employment or business records for the man after the year 2000 when the first book proposal started to take shape… except some vague independent enterprises that never took off. No writing material that could showcase his spanking sharp literary skills so evident from his student days. He keeps changing names and residencies, retreating further into the woods, very literally. Perhaps, being the front man of the operation brings some financial benefits, but I didn’t see much evidence of that either.

The show is bigger than what people allow themselves to think. But who controls the show and what is being so obsessively protected?

Abilgen PapersSome people suggested to me that a former student of Rose may have written the books. I can find no tangible connection to any of Rose students. Yes, the books follow many lines of Rose’s teachings, but such similarities are to be expected, considering that both McKenna and Rose saw the same thing. The differences are also evident. Richard Rose was KIND. Just plain and simple: a kind and humane individual. He didn’t sugar coat anything to meet the expectations of people around him, and many considered him a loose cannon. He could stand in front of a hostile audience and not wince; remember, practices of spiritual talks and gatherings were not that familiar then. He was an ‘acquired taste’, and yet, most people had come to deeply respect the man.

Jed McKenna?? I don’t know. You don’t know. To know that – one has to know the person in real life, beyond the bullocks of ‘I am only the finger..’. just in case the finger turns out to be a dirty one. What about ‘Jed’ then? How real is he, beyond printed words? I would love to think he is. But I don’t know what is beyond the manuscripts, into Reality.

In contrast…. here is something about Richard Rose: After The Absolute: Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha

It is a beautifully written, real and honest account. It can also be found online to read for free, if you search. Keep in mind that none of the people mentioned in the book were anywhere close to the big ‘E’ and were generally clueless as to what the man was about. They were young, lacked any serious life experience, and Rose believed that young minds are more receptive to the message.

THAT again, the idea of ‘teaching’, was his delusion, and there are things I find questionable. However, the intent was clean: Rose tried, sincerely and without greed, to pass on what he had come to realise at the age of 30 and what he had been keeping to himself for twenty years. In ten years of the farm operations no one got ‘enlightened’, which just confirms what I keep saying: Enlightenment is nothing more than a natural process of mind maturation and cannot be granted or pushed upon ANYone by ANY means.

The writing is captivating, detailed, sincere and objective, a credit to the author, David Gold.

Richard Rose was an ordinary man with an open mind, both naïve and profound at the same time. What did you expect from the ‘enlightened’? Miracles?

The closer to the ‘enlightened’ archetype a teacher is – the further they are from Truth.

One minute thirteen seconds of the ‘plain and simple’.

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48 thoughts on “All These Teachers… Where’s Truth?

  1. I find your relationship to Jed’s work very interesting. I can’t tell if you actually like it or not, hah.

    As far as Truth here goes though, I feel like Jed would say that only one thing is Truth, and that’s what he’s pointing towards. Everything else, Jed, the books, the words, the thoughts, are all untruth.

    1. ‘Jed’ can say a lot about a lot of things. None of it means anything.

      The real measure of man, ANY man, is what he does and how he does it.

      Truth is Reality, Reality is Truth, and we are all ‘it’. Brahman/Atman conundrum which ‘Jed’ figured out pretty well. Do you understand that?

      Again.. get out of your head and turn your gaze towards Reality, not towards the words ABOUT truth.

  2. I don’t know anything about this Rose guy, but the Post-Apocalyptic Lightmare at the end of Warfare suggests that a major influence was Descartes’ skepticism. Sweeney or McKenna — it’s hard to disentangle the two — thought that Descartes “built the bomb but he never set it off in his own life.” So that’s what the McKenna character set out to do: “I still had my own personal deconstruction to do, which is how I spent almost the next two years . . . everything I believed I now had to unbelieve.”

    As for the deception, you can see even in Sweeney’s student journalism from the 1980s the urge to create for himself the facade of an enlightened master, one who is superior to all those around him. I wouldn’t be surprised if McKenna were Sweeney’s fantasy version of himself, a fantasy that can be maintained only if no one gets to know who the real Sweeney is.

    Ironic, too, that Sweeney, who likes to pretend that he is Jed McKenna, should inspire McMordie to go out and do exactly the same thing.

    1. “a major influence was Descartes’ scepticism.” ……………. LOL One would think that, wouldn’t they…. Nope.

      A major influence was that he (the author) fucked up majorly somewhere in his life and fell to pieces as a result. If we are to believe the books timeline – he was the same age as Richard Rose – 30.

      He came across Descartes when looking to EXPLAIN to himself what the hell ‘went wrong’, why he had fucked up and how everything blew up and left him with nothing. Descartes and all other names are the aftermath, not the catalyst.

      It is a path of failure.

      You assume Sweeney is the author. I don’t. I could knock on his door tomorrow, but that would result in nothing.

  3. Very nice article.

    “Enlightenment is nothing more than a natural process of mind maturation and cannot be granted or pushed upon ANYone by ANY means.”

    If “enlightenment” means something it would be that, yes.

  4. Really dive into the Albigen papers and some other Rose books, the Plato Cave analogy gets used quite a bit, Walt Whitman gets mentioned a lot as does Herman Melville. It’s for sure one of his students most likely Turak.

    Turak a student of Rose was caught in a photo with a well worn Moby dick on his desk, if you go through his old twitter account some of the Jed writings match up with his stuff too. I

    1. @There Is No Self

      Does August Turak like Moby Dick because he has WRITTEN the books or does August Turak like Moby Dick because he has READ the books? Cause and effect?

      I don’t think August is TR, at least not from what I have seen him writing (and doing).

      I gave you my reasons (and have a bigger list of those) as to why I don’t think it is August, and asked you a question elsewhere, to clarify further. You didn’t reply.

      Why so mysterious?

        1. August Turak was born c. 1952. “Jed McKenna” was born 1961. So they are not the same person.

          At the same time, reading Turak’s piece “Rose’s Kitchen,” I do see a resemblance between Rose (d. 2005) and McKenna’s character “Brett,” who owns a Virgina farm in Warfare (published c. 2007).

          1. How do you know when “Jed” was born? the mcmordie guy didn’t write the books.

          2. We don’t know when ‘Jed McKenna’ was born. There WAS a remark from those who claim to know him that he is in his mid to over fifties as of now (2018).

            Peder Sweeney was born in 1961.

            It is entirely possible that one of Rose’s students wrote the books. But to write the books with that kind of content – one has to have had the mind opening. August is NOT THERE, so I cannot see how he could have pulled the trick of writing so clearly about something he had not experienced.

            Although… there are fake copies of ‘Mona Lisa’ better than the original.

            If so – a fake account of an enlightened person that is better than the account of the real enlightened person (Rose, for instance) huh….. that would be a pity.

            What I find amusing is that in the past there was a division between ‘McMordie is the author’ and ‘McMordie is not the author’. Now we will have the following:

            1. Turak the author/not the author

            2. An unknown Rose student the author/not the author

            3. Sweeney author/not the author

            4. None of the above

            I am in the ‘none of the above’, with a slight ‘maybe’ towards No.2, because it doesn’t contradict other known variables.

            Let’s just keep eliminating. One out (Kenneth), a few to go. I am not in a hurry.

  5. A lot of people think Steve Gray/Adyashanti wrote the books, if you go to the earlier Adya talks I can see how they would think that.. He said he would sit in coffee shops and write until he could find what wasn’t true. The younger Adya was more ruthless in discussing truth, talking about it being like death and the process of awakening a “bloody mess”. But I don’t think it was him, his writing style is totally different.

    1. I know.

      If you read carefully – you will see that Augie’s style is also different. Neither is he a ‘bad ass’. He drifted away from Rose because they had a totally different perspective on things. Turak is a salesperson at heart, as much as he would like to present himself as an enlightened being.

      He is certainly highly aware, no dispute there. But he is not ‘Jed’. His energetic signature feels very different.

      But as always… I’m keeping an open mind.

    2. Also, the similarity of accounts is due to the similarity of how one ‘arrives’. It is always bloody and tragic, considering how many untruths one has to destroy in the process.

      1. Yes. It is a horrible thing when it starts. For me it was illness that almost killed me and pulled everything I knew away. A forced dissolving of attachments. The Jed books are full of the energy of non division, I realize that it is not something that can be put into words. I don’t know who wrote the books, there’s a chance that they weren’t even realized themselves.. that is was a work they considered “channeled” and let themselves/ego drop away enough during the writing process for it to come out. All I know, is the Jed books put out the same energy that Adyashanti did when I sat with him, which of course isn’t “his” energy.

        1. I don’t really understand what people mean by ‘channelled’, but the books were written consciously and deliberately. Look at the amount of research that went into them: all the quotes and the names mentioned.

          The person who wrote them – went in deep.

          I don’t know what you mean by ‘which of course isn’t “his” energy’.

        1. I don’t know much about Kesey other than what”s in Wikipedia. He seemed a lost to himself iconoclast.

          However, can you see how the Collective Conscious spreads ideas and notions from human to human, UNCONSCIOUSLY? Each next generation picks up on what particularly resonates with them, and adds own flavour.

          The result? A medley of half digested ideas, trials and errors repeated by the next young.. The Great Wheel keeps turning. Fascinating.

  6. Augie T isn’t enlightened, so he can’t be Jed books author? Why do you believe that he is not awake, or alternately that the Jed books author is?

    I also thought along similar lines for many years (aided by our fake Invisible Gurus persuasive misdirection – god bless him). No way could it be AT. An RR student no problem, but no-way was it RR student AT – he’s a Christian F.F.S!

    Anyways, the last few weeks I’ve actually gone back and read / listened to both AT and RR talking about this enlightenment stuff. Now, AT has definitely deleted heaps of his earlier ‘spiritual’ web presence (wonder why), but what’s still there is pretty revealing. RR on the other hand is Jed incarnate. Check out youtube ‘The psychology of the observer’

    Tano – I remember reading somewhere on this site that the friend who was investigating Cambodia Jed with you saw the ‘real’ Jeds initials and told you to ‘guess’ if you wanted to know who it was. Seriously, it’s staring you in the face if you could only get over a preconceived image of what the author should be like. Every puzzle piece fits – do some more research.

    1. I don’t believe. I know. Sounds arrogant? Whatever.

      Turak’s internal dependence on a monastic order is just not it. I subscribe to no existing human philosophy or creed. All those are a crutch for the mind, like a lullaby for a baby.

      It is not Stephen Gray, no. It is not a matter of preconceived images. It is a matter of tangible evidence rather than profiling. One can profile till the cows come home, means nothing.

  7. SIAS here.
    Isn’t “Turaks internal dependence on a monastic order is just not it” a preconceived image? Clearly you haven’t actually read about Turaks history with Rose and SKS etc, or listened to Turak talking about and have just read the book titles. Easy mistake, I dismissed him to, and I had Shawn Tedrow telling me he stayed with Turak and was convinced he was Jed and I’d done a decent amount of investigation myself. Still couldn’t see it or more to the point didn’t want to. I wanted Jed to be someone supposedly worthy of my devotion. Augie just didn’t cut it.
    But going back now, revisiting and digging deeper, reading and listing to more AT and RR, without the illusions of Who or What Jed should confirm too – It’s clear as day.
    And unless you come across hard evidence (whatever you believe that to be) then profiling is all we’ve got. Jed wants to stay hidden- take that into account in your search for his identity. The why and the how he dies this helps the profile immensely. Also, in regards evidence – your friend who saw the ‘real’ Jed’s initials – that’s pretty hard evidence. What other initials could he have seen fir him to immediately know who it was and tell you to ‘guess’ if you wanted to know?

    Others who are actually interested in who Jed is – profile or not – start to dig around AT – and remember that book Jed is an amalgam of the author, his teacher/gurus, his own awakening, his intellect, his personality and the Jed personas, marketing, misdirection and half truth stories. Jed author felt he couldn’t write the books under his own name. Why? He continues to write – but has continued to protecte his identity. Jed author will not be a walking talking mimic of Jed in his books. In fact he may be masquerading as a retired businessman, promoting selfless-service. What else is there to do in the theatre if you are awake other than meditate in a monestary? Oh yeah, that too 😉

    1. You keep changing the handle, I don’t know if I am talking to the same person.

      But IF you are the same person.. you thought over the years that the author was Bach, Adya, Turak, McMordie.

      You don’t need to do this very human thing: trying to convince me of your convictions. I don’t think it is Turak. What are you gonna do..shoot me?


  8. lol. I’m really truly not the slightest bit interested in convincing you of anything. I’m interested in having genuine discourse about who the JMK author may actually be! I though you may be someone who would be interested in delving onto looking at the possibilities. Clearly not. All good. I do understand not wanting to believe JMK is anyone other than a real world enlightened master or a secretive regular awake guy. But there is no other credible JMK option than Augie (based lots more research than off the cuff guesses). You have lots to say about lots of things, lots of opinions (almost all negative) about everyone else. You are welcome to them. I’m only, really, just keen to know who the real author is. Not in having a battle of opinions and egos. You have the gall to try and attack my credibility by listing my JMK guesses. Lol – well I didn’t go live in Cambodia for months to find a fake JMK. You did! how’s your credibility! Anyway, I don’t hold that against your opinion on who the real JMK is, he is hiding pretty well and our invisible guru was pretty convincing. But to throw my guesses in my face when I just trying to get to the truth is a reflection on you, not me. When I was searching and researching everyone and everything spiritual in the hopes of discovering JMK – I was under the delusion that the forum Jed was the author Jed. Our wonderful forum guru was also very happy to deny any guesses I came up with (including Augie) – and so I kept looking for the ‘name’. It had to be someone who was known. Had to be. When I found out it was Kenneth I guess I gave up the search. Now – with you revealing it isn’t Kenneth (thank you so much BTW) – my focus returned – without the rose colored glasses and deception of forum Jed. It took about 2 -3 weeks of rechecking my original guesses to realise JMK is Augie. It would be wonderful to share the whys and whethers with someone else as interested in the truth as I have been. Though it may have been you – but you don’t seem interested in looking at who JMK is anymore. You seem to just be interested in proffering your opinion on us ‘humans’ and playing games with Peder Sweeney information – revealing some details about him but saying ‘don’t bother trying to find him’ as he has changed his name – blah, blah. WTF. Stop trying to tease everyone with our knowledge – or keep doing it – whatever -its just boring for me as I want to have genuine discussion, not games of cat and mouse as to who knows more! You are just playing silly games with this whole thing. If you are awake as you claim (which I am definitely not) you have the ‘stink’ of an enlightened ego. Get over yourself. xxx

    1. Sally, I told you I don’t think it is Turak, and look what I get in return.. a wall of text.

      Well, I will just repeat: I don’t think it is Turak.

      You contacted me privately, but spoke about Adya a couple of weeks back. Now it is Turak, what’s changed? Neither suggestion is without provision of any serious basis from you. As you said yourself it is about profiling, but 1). Profiling is not proof 2). Turak does not profile that way for me.

      As people know from the history of this website and the research – I am not afraid to change my position, but only if there are serious grounds. Right now I see no such ground, but if that changes – I will let you know.

      1. AT sounds convincing but I believe Jed is a complete nobody we’ve ever heard of. And we never will….
        His identity is locked in a time capsule enroute to the moon as we speak. Why do you think everyone is pointing at the moon???

        1. I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.

      2. As a human, I feel compelled to say something on this Boulevard of Broken Dreams here..

        I’m not so sure we/you can know how ‘deep’ the books go. It is a silly assertion to make. The Turak and Adya things have indeed been debunked a thousand times in recent years.

        What I do know is what I sense and that is that at least the book are very cleverly co-written trilogy – by one who’s probably a lawyer and one whit a background in marketing and/or screenwriting. I can sense it jumping off the pages. There are (IMHO) other subtle clues that point to dual author(s), like the age thing. All the shenanigans in the books comes off as, what I dub, ‘old man shenanigans’ making the author(s) no younger then 60, 65. Old enough at least to fancy some Melville, Whitman and Blake. At least one of the Jed’s is probably gay/bi-sexual (don’t ask me how I can sense that, I just do).

        Book Jed also mentions an editor (female) who helped him with editing the books. It is my assertion that this ‘woman’ (who gets very little page time) is actually ”Tropical Jed’ helping out Book Jed. I do believe there is/was a real human Book Jed out there but he’s probably a ‘goner’ by now.

        These books are conceived and co-written with clever Tropical Jed editing and inserts and him being responsible for marketing (and keeping Book Jed out of the limelight). Tropical Jed is probably responsible for all the clever Lara Croft and Matrix (another trilogy) stuff in the books as well. The reference to Adler’s (‘How To Read a Book’) are also fairly deliberate. As are the UG, Katie and stuff. None of these things come from Book Jed IMHO… They are put in there by someone who has roamed the web. The overly enthusiastic ‘house buying’ bit in one of the books are also a Tropical Jed give-away.

        Tropical Jed is a real life-long schemer (per your investigations) but I do think he is or at least was in charge of ‘the business side’ of all things ‘Jed Mckenna’ and the ‘profits’ are (or were) probably split for quite some time. Tropical Jed is not an author per say, again I sense that from the old forum I frequented and some answers he gives on the current forum when pressed about certain passages from the books (his coy answers don’t jive with some of the ‘deeper’ (lol) stuff in the books. I have some emails, they don’t jive. I also ‘believe’ that the funeral story in ‘Incorrect’ (I think it was that one) is actually about Richard Rose and not some fierce woman..

        To sum it up; I believe there are/were two fake jeds in ‘cahoots’ with one Jed writing the core stuff and another running Wisefool and making it commercial enough (sheepdog cover and false claims of a million sold and all) to sell and make himself into a believable voice on the forum. I also think it is not all bad intent and evil, just someone who smells fools from a mile away and will try to take their stupid money just ‘because he can’. He probably feels he’s doing most of these idiots a favour as well. And from where I’m standing I can’t blame him/them. It’s quite a ‘story’ that’s for sure.

        What do you think about the ‘Living Unbound’ organisation? There seems to be no mention about that in your research.

        oh, and Hi Sally 😉

        1. No.

          Marc Leavitt would argue the point of Kenneth being an editor. Marc hired Kenneth to edit his book and had to let him go in the end and get another person to finish the editing. Kenneth was not good at the task.

          Kenneth McMordie had absolutely nothing to do with the books, in any shape or form, apart from having read and admired them himself a long time ago, when the first books came out.

          It is hard to conceive how one man can have absolutely no hangups about claiming another’s name. This is what honest people stumble over so much: if he still claims the authorship then he MUST be the author.

          But Kenneth has nothing to lose now: no family to support because he refuses to acknowledge them, no financial responsibilities, no children to feed as they are grown-up, no properties to maintain and mortgages to pay and not that much time left in this world.

          You see… you guys are all lost in the books, the words, the thinking, and I know exactly what it is like to be unburdened in PHYSICAL LIFE. Even prison would be a pleasant walk in the park now.

          However.. Kenneth is not going to any prison and never will. No law enforcement agencies can get him in Cambodia, and no law is broken, because people pay him a handsome amount completely voluntary, these are not hard drugs he is peddling, it is not even a cult in its conventional form. So.. the scheme is impenetrable.

          There could have been the legal case IF the real author was not so concerned about keeping himself anonymous. But the confusion plays in the real author’s favour, so the author will not move a finger, and your lighter wallet is of no concern to him really.

          Imagine how that frees one up to be what they really are. That’s what Kenneth McMordie is. That’s what the real author is. They want to survive, and you are the prey.

          1. Thanks for the reply. I must wonder in what reality I am the prey in this scheme? The prison bits are delightful.

            You just summed up everything I suspect is fantastic if you’re KM. I can see your other points but what could be a good editor for one job could be an abysmal editor for another, so it can’t mean that much. Anyway, in these murky waters most my nonsense is intuitive speculation at best.

            This essay on the JM mystery was wonderful to read, even if it by no means detract from the power of those books as far as I’m concerned.

          2. Thank you.

            Nothing detracts from the power of the books, in the same way nothing detracts from the power of the snake venom. And here is the nature of being prey: once the venom is injected – most people can’t get out. They keep buying books, keep being enthrawled, both with the books and even the fake forum.

            Hunt and fighting for survival takes modified forms in the human kingdom. Not the biggest muscle rules, unlike with animals. The biggest (cleverest) minds rule. Both ‘Jed’ and Ken are excellent hunters, with ‘Jed’ taking the biscuit for his stealth and ambush abilities. One never knew how they’d get hooked… until they are. Most – for life.

            So tell me how you are not prey.

  9. I don’t know … AFAIK, it amounts to not much more then ‘just what the doctor ordered’. Fascinations abound. Can’t deny that. But no sense of huge betrayal here. Nor do I pity a bigger fool then myself. Bless my ignorant rotten soul. If we’re not all pathological liars, what are we, etc.. It does not ‘hurt’ in the same way that being eaten by the Dogfish did not really hurt Pinocchio I guess.

    I could ask you the same question because that part seems a bit under-covered in the story. Some tenacity expressed itself directly proportional to a sense of betrayal. On the other hand, from what is there, I can fully understand the protection you feel for the ‘victimised”. It certainly gets people talking. Job well done I say.

    I was not able to reply inside the thread.

  10. Not sure if I understand this sentence correctly in the text:
    I am yet to come across one person who doesn’t revere the man and his books. Not ONE.

    I recently noticed an unusual very long one star amazon review for
    Spiritual Enlightenment, the Damnedest Thing, left october 6, 2017 by reviewer „ Truthseeker“.

    He for sure does not admire McKenna. He writes:
    For the past 30 years, I’ve read legions of books on spiritual / esoteric subjects. Most of them follow the same pattern: you’re missing something! What you have to do is this and that. In the end you realize that you do not really have to do anything to get from here to there, simply for the reason that there is neither a here nor a there.

    Jed McKennas explanations are “logical”, meaningful and thoughtful. However, he also cooks with water only! He also says more or less what one should do or not do. He is often referred to as arrogant by other readers. In a certain sense I can agree with that. He always says that he knows something and sees what others do not see as they are living their lives in a fogy kind of awareness. He states he is awake and everyone else is sleeping.

    I assume that it has its reason for such a view of things not in a “biochemical disturbance” similar to psychotics who also see things or believe things which are hidden for others.
    Again and again the question arose in me: Well and what now?! Entertaining, provocative and interesting are all his books.

    But what concerns me the most is why he writes under a pseudonym? Here my own fantasies and questions arise like: Why does he do so?
    Does he has something to hide? If so, what? Why does he create a secret about his person when he always pleads for clarity? Are his words the lines of someone who has studied extensively philosophy or psychology, someone who learned how to construct exciting thought constructions and now want to present himself bigger than life? I also ask myself why none of his students ever went public, gave the correct name of Jed, or told about him somewhere else. Very strange as the author himself writes how many people have went in and out into his house. All these thoughts lead me to say: Cool theories, written to entertain but in fact nothing appears really transparent or authentic to me …

    1. @Deep Blue Lake
      When I say ‘come across’, I mean ‘have a direct contact’, such as correspondence or some form of direct interaction with the person.

      I saw the review a few months ago. His/her questions are valid. They point to Reality and not to the invented book content, no matter how thought provoking and even disturbing it might be.

      Reality of ‘Jed’, and if one shouts ‘Forget the finger, look at the moon!’ – they have lost touch with Reality and live in the conceptual world of ideas.

      Just a reminder… the word ‘idealist’ comes from the word ‘idea’, and I was one once upon a time.

      1. Thanks much for your response. That makes a lot of sense….even if I don’t like „sense“….lol

  11. This “I’ (or Jed, or whoever) AND Truth business ‘you’ appear to be in, which is false as such (or Truth would have to be two) is exactly what Damnedest is talking about. Truth stands apart completely from ‘experience’, ‘persons’, ‘the world’, whatever, but includes it all. Everything!

    All this talk, all experience, all these explanations, that what’s been written here, is happening and acting, spontaneously, ‘within the dream’ (to borrow a concept), This is as close to Truth as experience goes. I’d call it ‘true’ (within the field of experience / knowing). In reality / Truth this is known to be a fraud.

    The ‘seeing’ the book(s) talk about, is not actually focused on the apparent ‘reality’, but away from it. Away from experience, away from ego, away from everything, actually. (turn-a-round.)

    So that, when there’s an honest look, the ‘I’ – which is been searched for through the questions ‘who am I’ and even ‘what is me’ is oblivious as a separate, definable ‘thing’. (Seen as an appearance in ‘reality’, actually appearing ‘together’, while there’s no ‘real’ this ‘I’ or in reality.) This may seem / appear as a theory, or view, but really it is not.

    Within the apparent context ‘truth or lie’, truth is true, all else (including ‘me’, and everything this ‘I’ appears to know) is a lie. (But again the whole division between ‘truth’ and ‘lie’ is nonexistent, except as an interpretation (lie) of ‘reality’ (lie) within ‘the interpreter’ (‘I’ / lie.)

    Who is that one speaking, acting, experiencing within ‘the confines’ (see the absurdity?) of Truth? All descriptions were made up ‘after the facts appeared’, and the knowledge that ‘facts appear’, can’t – since the describing is non existing – be proven.

    Whenever I would believe (as (a) Truth) anything that appears to happen, whenever, wherever, I am looking in the opposite direction of Truth.

    So all that’s being shared on this website (about Jed McKenna, the man, the books, the behavior, the whatever) – including this text that appears to be written here – is as much a fiction as the subject that’s being written about.

    It’s an illusion to believe (illusion) there’s something to be known, understood or experienced, let alone explained when it comes to Truth and Reality. (Which, as was stated, is not two.)

    ‘I’ appear to care, share, and love, but it’s known it (‘I’) doesn’t even exist as such. Where, when or how is that ‘I’ to (accurately) explain and judge? It’s not.

    Most ‘seekers’ appear to only want to talk, think, and whatever about personal stuff, which is as said not helping to see though personality. All while Truth and ‘personal’ are mutually exclusive.

    That’s why (in my observation) this ‘not going public’ would make sense. Thinking there might be something behind it, says more about ‘thinking there might be something behind it’ and believing that, than ‘something being behind something’. The only thing that could be said against staying out of the public arena, is that it apparently won’t work that way. Minds create images out of thin air, start searching for evidence and (through some wrong conclusions) finds it. Maya rules ‘this place’.

    F.e. When the book linked in the article was looked up on Amazon (now the thought could be ‘is there some money making going on here?’) it appeared as ‘often bought together with ‘spiritual warfare’. Now it almost has to be (thinking could go) this website is actually part of the ‘JM enterprise’.
    But since there’s no illusion it’s possible to know anyone else’s thoughts, feelings, motives, or whatever, I don’t know. While the whole thing really started with looking up the link, and the mind jumping in to explain something that is (given the lack of information) impossible to explain, and believing there’s a ‘me’ to draw any (semi)accurate conclusion.

    To end this ‘rant’.

    Reading “Hunt and fighting for survival takes modified forms in the human kingdom.” brought to mind ‘one form could be warning others about some non existing trap, on the premise of one’s own denial, and ignorance (wrong-knowing) while believing these illusions to be true’.

    Effectively distracting, stalling and deluding these others by persuading them towards your (selfish) cause, while deluding yourself you are not doing that.

    And now…. Further…. 😀 😛

    1. If all is fiction then we have nothing to talk about. I don’t converse with fictitious characters.

      I suggest you stop reading all, including this website, and go back to your lived personal experience. There is much to learn from that; the texts only add to your already extremely busy and untidy mind.

      P.S. ‘Not going public’ is because one would have to deal with walls of text and much deliberation about Truth, without Truth. in other words – we both see the futility of intercommunication, but Mr McKenna is wiser than I am, by having chosen not to engage with the public.

      1. And so your ego prevails.. good on you 🙂
        Wiser than you are lol
        Wow shes a beauty, ya gotta crush her some day ya know 🙈

        1. Sorry, James, your comment went to trash, just noticed and restored.

          Don’t know what you mean by your last line. As for ego… it does respond to egos of others, but only if the intent is unclean.

        1. There is nothing wrong with rants. They ARE honest, unedited and raw, even if coming from an unaware space. I had my fare share of those in the past.

          I prefer people to rant, rather than make snide ‘witty’ remarks: those are just word games. So I appreciated your rant and your comment, S.

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