“I will Take Leave Of You”

“I will take leave of you”

Richard Rose

The author of McKenna books has been wise in wanting to have absolutely nothing up close and personal with his readership: no exchanges or correspondence, no forums, discussions, blog writings, no question/answer sessions, skype, Facebook groups, interviews… zilch, zero, naught, nil, nada. Nothing.

It is the most satisfying form of sending Humanity into oblivion – a refusal to engage in its ant-like, child-like exhausting existence. Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t buy groceries in a local store or doesn’t put petrol (gas for you Americans) in his car or never visits his bank.

It simply means disinterest in what any human has to say. Well, except a cashier at the said grocery store who may inform him they had run out of his favourite brand of toothpaste. THIS is a piece of information worth paying attention to. Your (and mine) philosophical and personal ruminations and putting the world to rights – are not.

All becomes really simple, to the point of wanting to yawn in the face of the most intense human drama out there.

I find my own writings both brilliant and exceedingly boring. I can’t even begin to tell what it is like to see connections between, and consequences of, every human act. To know what each one of you had felt prior to leaving a comment on this website. To observe and understand human frustrations that spill out daily into the world. To look into people’s faces in the street and to be able to instantly see what is in  their minds. What it is like to have a vast multitude of simultaneous perspectives: from seeing a pimple on one’s chin to the heart-stopping zoom out into Eternity of Existence, which you are but a tiny fragmented part of. And what IS the pimple in the face of the Absolute?

Absolutely nothing. You are that pimple.

With that in mind – I can now take leave. I do hope each one of you will ‘get’ it one day (unlikely as it is), and by god would you feel incredulous at being cheated out of a large portion of your life.. just like the chap below who landed in it with a thud and subsequently went into spontaneous combustion on the IG forum. It was nearly three years ago, I never spoke to that person, and the post got deleted fast. Of course he didn’t know he’d been writing to a fake, but even with the real ‘Jed’ – it still applies.

People react in different ways to a sudden loss of innocence. I was lucky. It didn’t cost me a penny and had taken just two years out of Life.

All has been said and done. I see no point in further engagement.

Gullible me

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i was gullible enough to believe that there was something I could do to become untruth unrealised. It was comforting and exciting to find Jeds books. And talking to Jed personally gave me a feeling that ‘I’ was special and the belief that I was a worthy candidate for adulthood or enlightenment or whatever…deluded deluded confused…and you knew it Jed McKenna!..and you ushered me into a secluded corner and asked for money. And I gave it to you. You surely know full well that there is not one single **** thing that anyone ever has done to become enlightened or grow up and become a human adult…or any other **** well spiritual **** bullshit title!.
Oneness!!!….no  seperation…no free will…no control…AND NEVER WAS!
AND NEVER WAS….and so it seems that the nav series and the forum a place where weird
**** spiritual egos what ever the **** they are, get together and have a big communal ego wank.
And as for a journey!!!…god damn you!!!!…there is NO ONE TO BE ON ONE!….couldn’t you be a little more careful and give a purely non seperate message to your poor confused congregation.
And as for manifestation!!!….Jed siddious…ego nurturer…’I’ suggest you manifest yourself the money next time and don’t get it from your most gullible or should I say serious students.
Good bye Maya…oops I mean Jed

Love ya

So it goes.