Jedvaita Coming Soon To The Dream Near You

I want to refer to what I wrote here exactly a year ago:

I am very sure that if mass media and relative freedom for individual expression existed during Jesus’s times he would also have published a piece or two, instead of putting himself through the rigors of ministry, wandering around in the heat and dust of Judea among a crowd of eager disciples.

There is a certain parallel between the two men: that of mystery. One disappeared after his execution, another disappeared well before. Mystery keeps the story going, and has the biggest potential to grow bigger as time goes by, in the same way that of crazy Jesus had taken place. Which would be utterly devastating to the state of human rationality, which collapsed many a time in the history of mankind.

I was referring to HOW all major religions were conceived, and how the ‘Jed Message’ was beginning to run along the same lines. If you remember, the stories of Jesus were put together by those who had never met him, a second and third person accounts. Like today’s spirituality groups – early Christians were congregating together in small gatherings to ‘study’ the message in an attempt to understand what the half crazed Nazareth man was conveying so hypnotically. Suckers for the mystery, aren’t we.

Very few did. And even fewer understood what I was saying a year ago: that the Jed books have a massive potential of taking on a sinister form of a new religion. That’s how strong their impact is on the readers, and especially young and impressionable ones.

Below is the proof. It was left on Reddit by one such young and unquestioning mind, with a full intent of ‘deciphering’ the books for the public.  That’s all it takes – a few impressionable minds, and hey presto!! we are staring into the abyss of a new mind bending device. Think of all those YouTube videos created by anonymous fans to illustrate the books, and more keeps appearing.

Time to come up with a name so. ‘Jeddism’ is no good, sounds clinically scientific, as anything with -ism would be.. and even negative.  Jedvaita, that would be a good name.. but wait! this name has already  been reserved by the Jed McKenna franchise!. Why would they do that? Why would they reserve a name fit for a religious movement?

Jedvaita – THE new world religion.

“We will merrily rock your boat. Come dreamwink with us!”

You feel new religions cannot be born in this day and age? Oh please… Read below… consider the YouTube videos… consider that it took nearly a century after JC demise for Christianity to start taking hold.. consider the claimed 65 countries in which the Jed books are being sold…  consider the Chinese Jed courses… consider all the weird sects, clans and religions in existence right now, in this supposedly secular 21st century… who says a new well-packaged flavour of Mind poison cannot begin to dominate the mental markets? And didn’t ‘Jed’ call himself ‘the agent of illusion’? What don’t you get about this very direct expression?

I said humans do not peep that far ahead into the future. Ah well…

“I want to produce a video series where I read through the Enlightenment Trilogy and break it down as I understand it, highlighting connecting themes and nailing down terminology so as to be useful for others. But I am concerned that what I am considering may be a no go for copyright rules.

I want to live stream myself reading along with the audio books and on screen text files of the book, pausing periodically to comment, analyze etc.

Now this would involve me following along with the audio book AND the text files from start to finish with my commentary and analysis throughout.

Will I run into copyright problems if I try to produce this and make it available for free? If anyone has any helpful thoughts I’d love to know.

I’m very excited to find this community, I’m 24, and have read most Jed books 5-10 times plus times each. I’ve never had a place I could talk to others similarly enthralled in this obsession. I know reaching out to a community goes against what Jed would advise for progress but I’m not fully convinced he is totally correct on the go it solo route all the time. Anyways, glad to be here!


So then…wait till Simon The Maker (doesn’t it sound like a disciple already?) creates a new, bite-size digestible ‘interpretation’ and ‘analysis’ of ‘Jed’ for ya. He doesn’t have a clue, in the same way JC groupies had no idea, but the new Jed gospel might take root and get published (the author did promise some young minds help with their Jeddism books). I recently saw some research papers (!!) specifically referring to Jed McKenna books as the source of authority.. hey, we are in for a treat in the next two or three millennia. Praying cockroaches

Don’t believe it? Hmm.. do not underestimate the power of human conviction. I don’t think JC could have ever predicted that his half insane ramblings would survive well into the third millennium. And ‘Jed’s ramblings are nowhere near half as mad.

Of course, the author cannot be held solely responsible for the monkey action. But as an intelligent entity he, of all people, should have foreseen the effect and how it would play out.

He wouldn’t care, however. Such is the nature of monkey-ism, and why would one bother about these pesky creatures when Eternity wipes the slate clean?

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