On Ice Giants And Being Prey

Below is a reply to the last comment by Trashbox, which touched upon a few interesting points.


If you asked me the same question (How am I not a prey?), my answer would be – I was very close to becoming prey. If by ‘undercovered’ aspect in the story you mean my personal investment in it – it was not in any way material: not financial, not romantic, not the usual human two-way street of mutual exchange. But in the drive to see the real was a kernel of belief that somehow the real is different to the world we live in.

Cleaner. More honest. More beauty. More ability to hear another. More openness and less desire to overpower and undermine one another. More realness and less fake posturing.

More humanity. All those things human beings crave for, and hardly ever receive.

But I haven’t found that. The real turned out to be.. the same as always. The same. I didn’t fall into the opposite rabbit hole of telling myself all is wonderful, in the same way many brainwashed ‘enlightened’ entities speak about Reality. They are no more ‘enlightened’ than a bucket.

Reality is both ugly and beautiful, and I have no intention of painting it anything but.

Was I disappointed? No. I was incredulous, that’s all. But the question then arose… what ARE all these books and manuscripts about then? Waxing lyrical on enlightenment that presses every emotional button in a human? Those described ‘visions’ of grandeur that send people into a fever-like search? All those ‘methods’ of how to ‘get there’, cheerfully being offered on numerous websites now? And no ‘enlightened’ beings as a result of those methods? And all those mediocre humans behind the ‘methods’, whose unremarkable existence contributes exactly nothing? And me who didn’t need those minds? Who never stumbled upon mythical ice giants, as I had enough sense to look at the trail and know there are no ice giants? And why did I not chase any method, yet – got to see Reality, method-less? After having been an IMPOSSIBLE romantic with the head in the clouds for much of my life?

What is the TRUE REASON for the existence of ‘enlightened’ teachings? The bottom line of it all? And so I found the answer, once and for all.

Do I feel for the victimised, as you said? Somewhat, but guess what.. they DO NOT KNOW that someone much smarter than they are – is taking advantage of them. They cannot see own victimhood even in the presence of all the facts, because they believe they are getting something out of it. All that ‘striving’, searching, communicating the inner world…. they are sincerely convinced it is leading some place.

And that is the most enduring form of prison – the one a person has built for themselves without being aware of it. For instance, the people who interact with KM on the Invisible Guru forum are all aware of this website, have read it, and yet they keep coming for advice to.. ah well. Advice on life from someone who got screwed up by life and decided to shamelessly peddle what is not his own.

Death is the Great Equaliser, and those who plunder their way through Reality – have nothing to fear in the ‘after’. Let’s face it: many a tyrant died with no repercussions for all the crimes they had committed against others. The long standing myths of Judgement (Osiris’s feather, remember?) were there to stop humans from realising this simple truth and, thus, a possible consequence of indulging every dark fantasy that had ever inhabited the human mind – without restraints. Those myths were the precursors of the criminal law.

It is even deeper with McKenna’s influence. I am yet to come across one person who doesn’t revere the man and his books. Not ONE. They all see someone special, and something special in the books when the entire message can be expressed in one sentence: use your own counsel on absolutely everything you perceive in life, and you will KNOW Life. As McKenna himself said ‘I do not defer’. Neither do I. Free mind has no other masters, but itself.

What a nightmare for people to come across someone who does not hang on to their every word.

Nothing surprises me anymore. Simple people in remote parts of Cambodia revere Pol Pot. The man on a par with the greatest dictators: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin… is now considered a deity, and there is even a shrine with daily offerings in his honour. The offerings are said to bring prosperity.

What does that say about the REAL extent of human ignorance?

However. Do I feel superior to someone who has no capacity to use own mind? No.

Do I feel contempt for those who use human ignorance/lack of thinking capacity to own ends? Yes.

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4 thoughts on “On Ice Giants And Being Prey

  1. Jed is still trying to pretened that he is the author of the books and tries to convert the innocent people into Nav Series, read his comment here:

    after a long and spiritually correct answer he shows his true nature:
    “The books filter out contenders from pretenders, the forum takes that further and then perhaps they join me on a one on one basis in the Nav Series…. it’s a little like a funnel. Why do it this way… you already know the answer.”

    maybe prefect opportunity to post a comment and telling the truth ?;)

    1. Yes, I am aware of that comment and the net casting contained within. However, this comment of yours is somewhat revealing.

      1. You called Kenneth McMordie ‘Jed’. Not true and misleading to anyone who may read your comment.

      2. In August 2017 many such threads were placed on Invisible Guru forum, first, about the information on this site and then about the disclaimer on Wisefool Press. There is a remnant left in one thread, the forum owner’s oversight, but overall – any such threads get deleted within hours, no trace of dissent ever left.

      3. Do not attempt to incite others into something you yourself wish to happen. If you wish for a comment on IG forum – place it yourself. Do it with your own hands and mind.

      And if you don’t wish for it to happen- do not egg on another. This is a coward’s way, and I am no fool.

  2. 1- You are right I actually should have said Kenneth
    2-Yeah I’ve noticed that. its likely that Kenneth delete such comments before anyone see them.
    3-I don’t think that’s a big deal whether to post or not. just thought that would be fun. but you know Its a hard decision for me to make. because on one hand I know Kenneth is scam and I hate this about him and don’t want anyone to fall for his scams. but on Other hand Ken has been a very helpful character in my life and I’ve learned a lot from his posts and answers in the forum. it feels not right to stab him in the back.

    1. An honest reply, thank you.

      I once asked Ken’s advice on something completely unrelated to spirituality. His reply was ‘You take me for someone who gives a shit’.

      In other words… your perception of him being helpful is just that – your perception. He did not intend to be helpful in any way and wouldn’t care much about the long term effect of his acts.

      There is a great divide between normal people and people with strong psychopathic tendencies: normal people experience pangs of concience for their deeds. This often prevents them from carrying out deeds internally considered questionable. Which is what allows psychopathic humans to control you, because THEY do not have such hang ups.

      Your ‘stab in the back’ is a good example of the dynamic. It is a completely misplaced sentiment. While I feel responsible for Kenneth’s welfare since I am the one who curtailed his scheme to a point – I feel no personal discomfort as long as he continues to use deception to obtain funds.

      To sum up.. just because all this changed me in numerous ways, I don’t see how it should be attributed to Kenneth and his obvious disregard for anyone but himself, and why scammy conduct should be rewarded by silence stemming from the false sense of loyalty.

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