The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

THE deepest understanding of humanity sends me from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom to medieval castles of Europe to the heaps of trash on the streets of SE Asia to the Moon landing to the future human expansion into space to the inevitable cognitive immortality of future humans… Internal travel is easy, and the bird’s eye view of Humanity is strangely comforting. I am currently looking at the (human) life of Muhammad and his wives; he was an interesting and complex character, and  Michel de Montaigne whose book I first read when 16; I was impressed and dragged it with me everywhere over the following decades.

But the vast richness of me, this finally achieved emotional, mental,  psychological maturity of my specific individual consciousness – will be lost for posterity at last breath. A pity. While we can teach one another about computing and technology, numbers and words, engineering and equations, historical events and medical knowledge – we are unable to teach one another to see the world clearly. We are UNABLE to pass it on with a flick of a finger, without years of lived experience that may, just MAY, lead to seeing Reality and Life without obstruction.

And hence… the perpetual motion of re-inventing the Great Wheel, and it works as such:

  • Each new human is born and begins to learn about Life from Ground Zero. They have no prior experience and nothing to align themselves to, therefore they begin to align themselves to whatever is fed to them externally.
  • The new young life is always at the mercy of own hormones, the Mating Call and, sadly, at the mercy of other, older minds. It hasn’t formed own worldview yet, and let’s face it, those more advanced on life’s ladder have much power over the young.
  • The first couple of decades are spent making sense of this Reality, which to any discerning intuitive person – simply never makes sense.
Credit to: Sekou Kaba

It doesn’t make sense why they have to pretend and subdue their own nature on a daily basis. Or why humans perform tasks they have no interest in, in order to survive in the world where getting to that breakfast meal is ten times removed from nature’s laws. I used to ironically refer going to the supermarket as ‘OK, let’s go hunting’.

They attempt to please their family members, their love interests, their bosses and neighbours. They lie through their teeth about being ‘OK’ when they want to scream. They push away thoughts of aging and eventual physical demise by weaving great tales around those; every culture is awash with pretty tales of the ‘afterlife’. Mr. McKenna was absolutely correct in saying that the East is even more guilty of this than the West. They pay one another fake compliments in order to appease, because they are dependent on another in some way. Or conversely, they will trash everything in sight driven by inner frustrations, sometimes by way of getting those guns pointed at school children.

They dream about being completely free, but very few realise that Reality is always Prison, and you only become free at full recognition of this fact.

Every human innately knows two things: 1. They live a life of lie and deceit, because  they cannot afford to be who they truly are. 2. Life leads nowhere no matter what one achieves in it, because it ultimately leads everyone to one place – Death.

And when someone expresses these thoughts – people get mightily uncomfortable and either take strides not to notice, or attempt to drown the one who had expressed Truth. I think it was Bill Hicks who said that people always kill those who tell them how things REALLY are. Not always physically, but certainly expunging any presence of that person in the visible world.

So what are those very few with the clarity of vision to do? Why doesn’t ‘Jed McKenna’ engage in any discussion with his readership? Well, should he choose to transmit the true facts even the authority of the books would not save him from eventual crucifixion,  BY HIS READERS. And I have to give it to him – he mostly understands the true facts of life, which unfortunately means that he has to adjust the writing in such a way that would not offend…… too much. It offends just enough to stir people, just that much of controversy, but far from delivering the full blast of unvarnished Reality.

The Wheel Of Life
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So the Great Wheel…  I didn’t read anything on any wheels; it simply became seen a few years back, an independent origination echoed in ancient scripts and acquired through own mind. The newly born humans will walk all stages of human life. They will ask the same questions and will grovel at the impossibility of getting quick answers. They will  run into the same rabbit holes and will kiss the same frogs along the way.

They will be walked down the same garden paths by  unscrupulously inclined minds. Some will abandon the trail in favour of joining The Game; a charismatic prophet and quick profits seem to go hand in hand. Others, few stubborn and self-reliant individuals – will walk the full circle, only to find themselves at the same starting line. BUT in this process of constant internal questioning – their minds will have greatly expanded, and they are set free from the debris of emotional disabilities and from schematic, externally influenced and internally crippled human thinking.

These few see and know. They are internally free, but never free – from the world and its realities.

The next real step, if human civilization is to progress beyond the confines of own animal origins, shall be this: acquiring an ability for instant and direct mind download of the vast information that we as species have been collectively accumulating in the past two million years. Technologically, we as species will move vastly beyond what is currently possible, towards eventual immortality.

However. Internally the majority of human beings will remain children. They will huff and puff and blew own and others’ emotional house down. They will endlessly argue about insignificant life details. They will lie to one another to avoid the embarrassment of being ‘inadequate’ in each other’s eyes. They will compete for a bigger display of wealth, health, status, trophy wives and real estate rich husbands, acquired encyclopaedic knowledge and IQ levels. It will play out on the level of supermarket supervisors and the level of the heads of states. In fact, it plays out exactly in the same way between ALL species of the animal kingdom. If you were to look into what Ego really is about, you may be shocked to discover that human ego is a tiny part of the Primary Ego, shared by absolutely every organism on Earth.

There is NO COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION of human consciousness taking place, as stupidly claimed by those ‘in the business’ of consciousness. People view Higher Consciousness as an abstract concept, without grasping the full extent of Responsibility that possession of Higher Consciousness bestows upon a human. It sets him/her much apart from the animal states inhabited by most, but The Great Wheel of Life seldom allows this degree of consciousness to flourish in younger individuals. The reason is very simple: mating rituals would be vastly inhibited in highly conscious individuals, not a desirable outcome for species at large. Richard Rose, for instance, remained celibate for most of his twenties. Mother Nature strategically placed the Mating Call as an absolutely unavoidable necessity for Life proliferation.

Homo Sapiens overtook other Hominidae in the evolution race. It happened to Neanderthals, but now only a significant genetic mutation will move the human race beyond functional limitations of the human mind as is known now. Which means.. hmm.. our distant humanoid mutant cousins will not be, strictly speaking, humans. They will be another order of genetically related species, and who knows, perhaps, Higher Consciousness will have a chance to blossom then.

Je ne sais pas. Peut-être.

The warning to people to steer away from the big E and go for human adulthood instead is absolutely valid. I once said on the fake Jed forum “I wouldn’t DREAM of suggesting to anyone to go and search for the Truth, WTF?? the OPPOSITE. fucking run while you can. RUN!!”.

Enlightenment as a mind expansion – is a regressive step out of The Game. It is a plunge into the eerie state of detached flotation. It ain’t colour ‘happy’ or colour ‘royal blue’ or colour ‘sunshine’. At the core of it is a clear realisation of Finality: of Life, of world, of self, of Consciousness. Your life is nothing but a series of gradual surrendering of position: every year is less and less remaining of what once seemed a vast and shiny empire on the lines of ‘The world is my oyster’. While the mind is getting clearer and clearer – the body is shutting the systems  down one by one, and one suddenly fully comprehends the cosmic joke: “I have finally arrived, but am about to go extinct! Ha-ha!”

This is the internal state of Knowing, as real as the warmth of your body or the twitch in your little finger, yet, not possible to share or to teach, to bestow upon, to transmit or to pass on. And I am not attempting any of it. I write for myself, because with every written piece Clarity becomes infinitely more.

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12 thoughts on “The Great Wheel Of Life Re-Invented

  1. I agree I have come to the same conclusion. Spend many years chasing enlightenment 16-21. But no more through all my questioning i have realized I only care about myself that is the truth no longer do i pretend or conform or am scared of “karma” or an afterlife. I cheat in my relationships scam everyone i can. This quote i really like

    “It doesn’t matter whether it is your parents or your country, sell them, but at high price”.

    I have no care for anyone except for myself.

    1. So.. you are acting like 99% of the human herd. OK. At least you are honest and clear about it, while they do it on autopilot.

      However… just because one can (sell anything to the highest bidder) – doesn’t mean one should.

      Why not? Well, I have an internal drive, a complete sense of inner obligation to remain human. I wasn’t born in a cave, although it has always felt like living among the cave dwellers, with stones and sticks and the corresponding mentality.

      Up to you.

  2. “I have no care for anyone except for myself.”

    Thats a cop-out attitude bro, good luck to you.

    1. The realities of post ‘enlightenment’: “Before I was a cunt unconsciously, now I am a cunt consciously’.

      People don’t change. They just change the costumes they wear.

      1. Sorry, felt compelled to say something. Theres too much of this non-dual “I dont give a shit about anyone else caus this is all a dream” crap flying around… McKenna Syndrome.

        Although most humans will operate at (or below) the threshold of an animal, the ability to self-reflect, realize we’ve been a cunt, and modify our behaviour accordingly is ultimately what sets us apart from them. It’s also what sets human children apart from human adults. Taking responsibility for ones actions and expanding awareness beyond the scope of ‘myself’ to a perspective that incorporates ‘others’.

        Of course, there’s absolutely no obligation to change, however one is obligated to remain within the confines of the human game until expiry – enlightened or not. So why not just make the best of a raw deal? The odds are stacked heavily against, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that cuntish behaviour is far less profitable than making an effort to co-operate, care and serve in whatever small capacity one can.

        Doesn’t mean becoming a saint, but at least have the decency to remain isolated in a dark room and refrain from polluting others’ lives with toxic behaviour until you grow up.

        “I have no care for anyone except for myself” is a selfish, destructive attitude that leaves no room for growth or maturation within the game of being human. You may as well give up, your dead in the water, you’ve boxed yourself into yourself.

        So good luck to the fellow who cares for no-one except himself – perhaps one day he will also find himself hiding out in Cambodia, rubbing shoulders with the world’s most unsavoury characters for his past deeds.

        I step down from my soap-box now

        1. @Oliver

          I agree with the points in your soap-box production, and thank you for making them. Except this:

          “cuntish behaviour is far less profitable than making an effort to co-operate, care and serve in whatever small capacity one can.”

          Cuntish behaviour and conduct can be and are very profitable, and cuntish humans do co-operate – with one another.

        2. @oliver

          I agree. This ‘enlightenment’ buzz seems to me to permit what can be described as ‘damaged’ behaviour to prevail. And lost beliefs in such behaviour. Thus, I feel, without actually having read any of the ‘Jed’ books in entirety…. rather in bits and pieces and listening to YouTube clips now and again, that the ‘following’ of this Jed phenomenon is disturbing to say the least.

          You are right, once a dick always a dick, Jed or no Jed, but to use a book and/or its following to continue to be a dick well that’s just ego….. or maybe insecurity …. or ….. (full in the blanks here)…..

          I bid you good evening x

  3. “They dream about being completely free, but very few realise that Reality is always Prison, and you only become free at full recognition of this fact.”
    and….. “but far from delivering the full blast of unvarnished Reality.”

    Would you please clarify and explain what these two quotes mean or point to?

    1. @David

      For me….
      You can only be free when you or your body or who or whatever you identify as….. does.


      We are in a living hell.
      We are in a living heaven.
      All at once.
      Death from your hell is your freedom.

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