Get Your Wallet Out: Jed Talks 2

As previously mentioned… Jed Talks 2  got published, a deluxe PDF priced at $9.95. Other formats in production.

The title “Away From The Things Of Man” remained unchanged from the first sighting. There is some kind of chapter listing and an excerpt on the website. More of the same scathing irony (I really don’t think ‘Jed’ likes humans that much) plus some invented medicine names. ‘Jed’ has a throbbing crotch and is confounded by Pubic Irritation.

And so he should be, although why it is ’embarrassing’ to him – is beyond me.

Enjoy the emptying.

Jed Talks 2

Note: I would like to have a poll on when the next (chargeable) title  is due. My guess.. hmm.. next summer?

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2 thoughts on “Get Your Wallet Out: Jed Talks 2

  1. Big LOL…..when Jed stated at the end of his trilogy that he will no longer write or teach anything and said he has drawn back from social life, my first reaction was: Great! Sounds truly like a retired Zen master or so. At the same time my gut said: come on, you dont really believe that. Now I know why my gut was right….

    1. He needs to eat and enjoy… the things of man. No one is ‘away’ from those.

      Intuition can be the first real pointer, from my experience. That niggling feeling that something is not what it seems on the surface.

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