Jed Talks 2: A Medley Of Real And Unreal

The book is a thoroughly cooked medley of spiritual abstractions AND a solid grasp of the real. ‘Jed’ is also somewhat fixated on medical issues, and no wonder: mid-fifties and over is the time when the arrogance of the young body has been ripped to shreds with the first onset of physical decline. It is yet small and quite manageable, but don’t let it fool you – what’s coming is the real eye opener.

After having looked through the book I sent an email to book ‘Jed’. The full text below, it is self-explanatory.

“I have the Talks 2, haven’t paid, no apologies. Using your language… the Universe provides. Sounds like a great promise of being cuddled by the mythical ‘Universe’.. But I am me, so I will say – someone obliged, plain and simple.

Just read through briefly; I don’t need much to figure out the writing on the wall. You quoted De Mello:

“There comes a point in your life when you become stark
raving insane, commit suicide, or become a mystic.” 

No, none of those. One becomes a human who sees Reality with Clarity, without the mental fog. The ‘light’ will hurt the eyes so much one will need to don dark glasses for a while, sure, but no need to check out, will be taken care of naturally, why hurry?

Mysticism is a form of deceit. You are playing a mystic now, and not for lack of Clarity: I see a conscious choice. It sucks. It sucks because you are taking people further INTO their minds, not AWAY from them, deeper into conceptual worlds. And the drama! The emotion weaved into the narrative!! The ride!!! Humans are more and more compelled to try to figure out the ‘greater’ meaning behind the spectacle and get hopelessly stuck. Most – for a lifetime, with complete inability to use own minds to dump the strands of words and apply own life experiences instead. They draw maps (!) of Reality and study ‘it’ like the cartography application, phew.

I am a nobody, an average ordinary representative of the species. But I can think, far and wide, and ‘in here’ Reality is much simpler. I can only presume that you have decided to go all hog and play the Game to its logical end. Many children to feed or something?

A great mind and a great affecting power, but ‘with great power comes…’ and all that; do you see this? Very very few will grok the real direction in which your personal evolution is rolling.

“The real never is not”. Simplify: “The real always is”.  The next (real) step would be to acquire own harem, pen Rumi inspired poems on hand-made parchments of paper and organise Spiritual Autolysis classes, special invitation only. Oh wait… you have done the Rumi bit, and the classes (I suspect).  Heck, go for the harem, what can go wrong?  And learning to change a car tyre yourself might come in handy too, a great skill in this non-Reality.

The lure of the world’s offerings
breaks most men, 
sends them back to animal origins.
The House of Human collapsed.
A pity.

It was ‘like this’ for everyone, yes. And then? Roll with the rest?
Harmony – through conflict. You should be the one to understand the many layers of this.
Take care,

P.S. The gist of this entire email: it is not WHAT you have written, the agent of The Great Illusion.. It is that you HAVE written, and never fell silent after.

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