The Search Is Over: ‘Jed McKenna’ Mystery Solved

I have the name and all the particulars.

Many candidates were mentioned, many names argued over: Peder Sweeney and August Turak, Stephen Gray (Adyashanti) and a Richard Rose student,  Thomas Pynchon and Richard Bach, Kenneth McMordie and…. on and on. I went with my intuition which said: none of the above.

Well… the answer is – none of the above.

To all those who accused me of lacking intuition and relying solely on my (clear) Mind: there are bucket loads of intuition in this body. It guided me in the right direction, in the same way it did with Kenneth McMordie’s story. Plus, as usual, sheer dumb luck which I also seem to have bucket loads of.

Not one, but  TWO big mysteries uncovered in three years. Not bad for a true dumb ass like myself, and I intend to write about all the dumb asses of the world soon. But like in  the tagline for the Wisefool Press website – “The Search Is Over”. As a matter of fact, I find this convergence quite amusing.

I want to thank all those who contributed to this in their own ways, be it aggressive, persuasive, friendly, hostile or secretive. You may not have wanted to spill the beans, but each one of you inadvertently parted with the tiniest bits of information which in the end contributed to solving the riddle. THANK YOU.

As I kept repeating over and over.. it is about generating profits first and foremost, and the only way to make money on ‘enlightenment’ without any corresponding hassle is to write a book on ‘enlightenment’ – anonymously.

Forget about ‘enlightenment’. Go make some money, and this below expresses the overall orientation of the project (the insiders call the Jed McKenna franchise ‘a project’):


This website is about generating truly absurd amounts of income, totally out of proportion to any risk or effort. Pretty cool, huh?

Yes… if it’s true. If it’s true, it’s the coolest thing there is.

We call it Enlightened ********* [name withdrawn] because a new paradigm of prosperity is represented here: A paradigm of effortless abundance.


It is a good reflection of the state of the mind of people involved. The rest  uses words such as ‘fortune makers’, ‘perpetual income’, ‘virtual investment’, ‘e-wealth’ and purely marketing jargon. Oh, and ‘charity’. There is always that word – charity. Kenneth used it too, without being tangibly charitable.

Despite my seemingly anti-Jed rants I recognise his depth of Clarity and do not harbour any ill feeling towards the man. Strangely, I do not harbour any feeling at all. I thought arriving at the name would be exhilarating, but all I feel is – nothing. Flat as a pancake.

However, remember Jed’s expression: Truth at any cost. Which may just come to bite him in the ass.

What am I going to do about it? I don’t yet know. Perhaps, I should write a Trilogy of my own, what do you think?

  1. Book One  Impersonating Jed: The Invisible Guru Tale
  2. Book Two  Being Jed McKenna: The Damnedest Tale
  3. Book Tree  Get Real: Sod Off ‘Enlightenment’ Tale

Time will tell.

Money & World Collage

Note: ‘Jed’ is just as wordy in his non-spiritual writings, and not particularly discrete. He does have a sister and a family, and I spent a few fascinating hours getting myself acquainted with his numerous life activities. He never seems to rest.

The dude is pretty much mainstream, a privileged genetic material and background, leading to a successful  life game. But he never wandered the world and never ate out of any dumpsters. Keep that in mind when destroying your real tangible worlds over a fairy tale story.



51 thoughts on “The Search Is Over: ‘Jed McKenna’ Mystery Solved

    1. Not yet. I’ve been dealing with two masters of disguise and learnt much from that.

      Wrong guess. ‘Jed’ is much more likable. That is not to say that he walks the talk; he doesn’t.

  1. I have been reading your posts and quietly watching the whole Jed/Ken drama unfold over the past year or so. May I say it has been a most interesting and insightful journey, culminating in many eye-opening (and not always pleasant) perspectives.

    In a strange way I feel as if you have become a friend, pointing out erraneous beliefs that run counter to ‘the way things actually are’ – the honest truth.

    I can’t deny that I would like to know the answer to the question on everyone’s lips: “who is Jed McKenna”? But that knowledge is the hard earned fruit of your labour.

    So give yourself a pat on the back you clever sausage – jolly good work!

    As always, looking forward to reading about these ‘dumb asses of the world’ in future posts.

    1. Thank you, Oliver, you made me smile, I recognise a fellow Brit 🙂

      It is not my intention to hide what had been found, but I need time; it has been an intense enquiry. Just as intense as Mr. McKenna himself.

      When I said previously there is a lot of emotion, intensity, drama in his writings – it’s because he is that way. It was something I picked up very early on, due to the fact that I myself possess a similar kind of intensity. This intensity gives a person kind of a tunnel vision to get to the intended place.

      The books are a perfect expression of his innately turbulent nature and his questioning mind.

  2. So Tano, I presume you will present to the eager audience proof of your discovery? As you have thus far on this site with McMordey.
    I’m sure you could make money from this.. some clever software scratch card ticket which links to paypal. €20 to reveal his true identity with a few swipes of the mouse 😉😂
    Be like Jed ,and “love ya” money honey haha

    1. I am not going to sell the name, one pop at a time or wholesale. That would be unethical.

      James, perhaps, you could engage with own awareness before you write here. Some things that come out of your mouth – are inflammatory in nature and in bad taste, and I don’t mean just your comments here.

      1. Tano,
        Nothing unethical or in bad taste intended. Just recognising a business opportunity.
        Dictionary definition:-
        Adjective. Unethical or lacking moral principles or unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct pursuing the private space of others.
        Say again Mc? 😉

        1. You need to change your dictionary.

          1. Merriam-Webster:

          the act or crime of wilfully and repeatedly following or harassing another person in circumstances that would cause a reasonable person to fear injury or death especially because of express or implied threats

          2. Dictionary. com

          the act or an instance of stalking, or harassing another in an aggressive, often threatening and illegal manner

          Sue me.

  3. Maybe so, however is it “ethical”, or “inflammatory in nature” or in “bad taste”?
    Never trust .com dictionaries. Collins hardback is yer only man.

  4. Throlling? Intent? You got me there.
    So enough of the BS . If you are truly awake and as one with the “real” Jed, you would stop talkong throuhn your ass and spit it out. It maybe pussy out like Theresa May! Cup of tea my dear ?

    1. OR perhaps….. people could continue to gaze at the moon and pretend their ‘blue-in-the-face’ best to ignore the finger.

      They’ve been shouting “The message is important, not the messenger!!” for a long time, right?

      Oh the irony of the (hairy) bottom line.

  5. Thank you for all your work. It was very illuminating and put a light on a lot of things, mostly not pretty things. I was following it from the start you posted it on mr ken forum, on which I got scammed btw. Really no reason to write here, you get many silent thank yous for sure. Really appreciated!

    Today accidentally I found the name of our misterious writer while searching for something unrelated on the internet. Increadible guy, no wonder people around are not sharing his nickname. I think it’s mostly because you cannot write about solitude while having family around – people wouldn’t bite the bullet. It is quite a shock to me, because it seems he lives what he speaks and how good he looks. He is zenning it out!

      1. Yes, it is opposite, I agree. I had some stories, but after thinking again no story seems to fit, so I will leave it at that.

        Forgive me my motivations – they were not intended, at least consciously.

          1. Well, I can’t believe this.

            Initialy I though my find was triggered by search terms related with “solitude”. I looked through the history and found that actually after that I was searching for “spirituality dick contest”.

          1. “Follow your fucking bliss… (cut) I’m going to compare my dick instead.” Mr Mckenna

            It sounds hilarious, to the point of disbelief when I really think about it. As for the search part, I was using google.

        1. The original chapter No. 26 in The Damnedest read “Fuck Bliss”. It reminds me of my “Stick Your Peace Where The Sun Don’t Shine” article: we both perceive the chase after love, bliss and eternal happiness as a mirage.

          He changed it in the final version to “The Golden Rule”. Pleasing the audiences and all that. See…. Truth is so fucking dark that even ‘Jed’ has to tweak the delivery so that his readership does not reject his offerings outright.

          But he knows the facts.

    1. “I was following it from the start you posted it on mr ken forum, on which I got scammed btw.”

      It keeps happening, even if not on a scale observed previously.

      If anyone wants to express their thanks… PM the newbies on the IG forum and let them know. Spread the word so that fewer humans get caught.

      That’s the best thanks I can wish for.

  6. Do you think Mcmordie knew who was/were the real JM and that’s the reason he could impersonate him with impunity for years?

    1. I don’t know. My guess would be Kenneth doesn’t know and never knew. To figure out the name takes a (very) long research.

      Knowing or not knowing the ID has no bearing on whether one would impersonate or not. Chasing any impersonator is

      1. Not cost effective
      2. Potentially leading to the name disclosure
      3. Meaningless, as impersonators do not subtract anything from the franchise. In fact, they ADD to it, providing their past and present is not as fragrant as Kenneth’s.

      If our Ken turned out to be an average schlock – I am sure there wouldn’t even have been the disclaimer. It was only placed because Kenneth’s character is way more colourful and somewhat cast a shadow on ‘Jed’.

      Jed may be highly intelligent and gifted with words, but he certainly has never done half the stuff Kenneth attempted to do.

      Jed always played it safe. Always on the internet.

  7. So everyone is supposed to take your gospel word for it that you’ve found the real Jed McKenna? How come you don’t name the person? or share what makes you absolutely certain, without any shadow of a doubt that your Jed is the ‘real’ Jed? And even if this all happens to be the case… so what? if anyone has ever woken up through practising self-enquiry/spiritual autolysis then why would it matter who wrote the books?

    1. No one is supposed. So what.

      Enlighten me… erm….

      1. Why are you here and how did you arrive at this obscure website?
      2. Why did you feel compelled to leave a comment about something unimportant (from your statement: ‘why would it matter’).

      Self-enquiry is not ‘practiced’, in the same way as a wanking technique is not ‘practiced’.
      Rituals are practiced. Medicine is practiced. Religion is practiced.

  8. Also what makes you so unequivocally certain that “Jed’s books were only written to sell” and the whole purpose of them is solely to make money? were you the author of the books? because if you weren’t then there is no way on earth how you could possibly know… it seems to me like they’re a series of beliefs based on a hunch. Personally, I find Jed’s logic flawless, i cannot say the same about these articles. As for the Forum Jed, Perhaps it is the case that this is an imposter. Whoever it seems to have done a great job at imitating Jed’s humour and ‘would be advice’. It is strange that wisefoolpress put out the disclaimer and that the courses are monetised ( i can’t imagine Jed doing that).

    1. I never said they were written only to sell. I always maintained that the books were written for two reasons:

      1. Jed likes to talk. He always enjoyed the sound of own voice and own thoughts. He always had much to say on the general state of human affairs.

      2. Make a living.

  9. I also listened to some audio recording of the nav series off reeddit. and the voice quivers and lacks depth & the confidence which i’d imagine Jed to have. All that being said i would not part my money on any of them. The Forum Jed is, however very helpful, and it seems to me that he has ‘done the work’ to be giving such advice. Even is forum Jed’s purpose is to monetise he (or his team) is certainly spending a lot of time writing very astute (in my opinion) feedback for free. So is he delivering value? i’d say so. Anyways I look forward to seeing your grand unfolding and if it holds up to scrutiny… Much love x

    1. Olly, you haven’t answered my questions. It also sounds like you are a late comer to the saga.

      Are you ‘enlightened’ from the value delivered by Jed books and Kenneth’s expensive Navs?

  10. If it is an imposter then it’s fraud… and the penalties lie on his/her/their head(s). I do find that interesting, the whole thing intrigues me, as do the books which I’ve witnessed genuinely break people.

    anyway… answer to your questions >

    1. Why are you here and how did you arrive at this obscure website?
    I’ve seen this site whilst researching Jed and trying to see if there is anything about the ‘real’ character. I was redirected recently because someone just messaged me pointing to this exact page as proof that Jed McKenna (presumably all of them) are money hungry scam artist.
    2. Why did you feel compelled to leave a comment about something unimportant (from your statement: ‘why would it matter’).
    I’m just looking at the bigger picture here, in the grand scheme of things, what the message points to is what really matters if it is applied. Who wrote it does not.

    No i’m not enlightened through “Jed’s” Navigator series. As mentioned in my previous message i think whoever did them did not write the books. And yes is, essentially committing fraud (for those silly enough to fall for it).

    Anyways I wish you well.

    1. Thank you.

      “what the message points to is what really matters if it is applied. Who wrote it does not. ”

      One day you will hopefully see just how much this is untrue. The bigger picture always starts from tiny details.

  11. I have to admit that all this is fascinating, the possibility that all this about JM with all its sophistication and depth is just another belief system, a description of reality according to the thoughts of X person.
    A few years ago I went to see a few advaita teachers at their satsangs including Adyashanti and I couldn’t stop noticing that, in spite of the coherence and the depth of the teachings, what we really had was a bunch of people living a specific lifestyle and choosing to see their realities according to what Adyashant and his wife Mukty say(I wonder if uncleShanty and GrandmaShanty will later get on the team too).
    One sees those crazy protestants or those radical terrorist and wonder “how can they believe that” but… well maybe as they all vulnerable to believe that, in the same way we are vulnerable to accept this kind of belief systems (that doesn’t look or feel like a belief system).

    1. One of the few chances to wake up from a teaching trance is to be witness of the fact that the teacher, the source of this specific brand of wisdom doesn’t live according to what they teach, to see that the whole thing was just a product of a creative mind.
      As much as I love the part on Mobydick, maybe all that was just the result of an interpretation, done by someone creative, capable of adding deep and beautiful meaning to a story that doesn;t really have it. Now I see moby-dick and I see enlightment and I see maya and the strugle for awakening (I even had very interesting synchronistic experiences with it) but… but maybe that link really never existed other than as a literary creation…

      1. Once a certain level of understanding is achieved – anything could be interpreted as a story about awakening. Absolutely anything.

        My first personal story came from a kid’s book “Bambi”. It was a real shocker (I was only six), and now, knowing the history of the author – I can understand why. One day I’ll write about it perhaps.

        To give an example closer to home… I once interpreted an ABBA song here as being about cults. And not that it is wrong in any way. The power of creative work is that it will resonate with many many people and many many experiences, but each will translate it differently, depending on their life story.

        This is how art touches millions. It is about commonalities of human experience.

    2. Tito, I have to disappoint you by saying: this is not a belief system.

      My point was that Jed’s natural affinity with and appreciation of what is true – stems from his particular genetics and personal history. He simply was lucky in that his particular internal/external setup provided a fertile ground for understanding.

      It is not a given, however. Clarity is available, is there for the taking, but not everyone will have the capacity. It may sound arrogant, but observe many different levels of consciousness in people around you. Most are so far down the ladder that the chances of opening their eyes are next to none.

      I begrudge Jed his expression ‘All will arrive’. It is simply not true and not realistic. It is the same as saying all can become John Nash kind of mathematician. But again… Jed had to throw the crumbs of ‘hope’ to his audience, otherwise what is the point of reading his books?

      This is why like UG and like Jed in many of his utterances I hold that there is no teaching, and any understanding and clarity will be born out of own life experiences – or not at all.

    3. I also want to add that even in his early twenties his mind was already sceptical, questioning and rational. He grokked it very early on.

      Whatever happened during his personal moment of Truth – was underwritten by prior years of observing and making connections between phenomena of the world. It didn’t come from the blank slate and was simply a final confirmation.

      It is always very final, no going back. This is why it is called abiding.

      1. On one side you are saying the guy lives a normal regular lifestyle that doesn’t resemble what he describes in the books and that the whole plan and motivation was just to make money and that was some kind of a project that involved more than him, a team of people assembling a story that will sell. On the other side you are telling me that this is some sort of metaphor tale written by someone that underwent the process or was sort of born with this “state”.
        The fact that he is a great writer and that he is persuasive doesn’t necessarily means that what he says is “the truth” or that it is only his conviction about things. After all we can associate good or bad feelings to anything. He is a master of that.. Associate bad feelings to everything spiritual and great feelings to his nihilistic approach..
        I mean… I learned a lot from his writing and I can understand a lot of my life and experiences by having read him… but… I just see that, according to your discovery that this is just a very intellectually capable person only and that’s it..

        1. I find myself in a position of defending Jed huh.. that is because there is no ‘on the one hand’ and ‘on the other hand’.

          This is not his personal Truth as you imply. It is the bottom line of all Existence. Intellect is only a part of turning to see it. Insights – are not intellect: they are a spontaneously occurring event which is the RESULT of the intellect, the result of considering the facts of Reality very carefully. In that sense – an insight is very much on a par with intuition: free flowing, uninvited, unexpected and difficult to define in intellectual terms.

          I am sure you have experienced that. Can you recall those times when suddenly your mind got illuminated by a particular inner vision, if only for a fraction of a second? For many – those moments of inner illumination get quickly swamped by everyday events. Hardly anyone stops to pause and think what that vision was. We are just too busy with our lives.

          As for the books sales.. he likes to talk… he knew writing was his strongest asset… he had the know-how… he didn’t want a 9 to 5 job… he had people interested in supporting his endeavour. All those factors contributed to what is now known as Jed McKenna books.

          I have an issue with calling it ‘enlightenment’. I have an issue with calling it ‘enlightenment’ from ANY writer. Enlightenment is a myth. Human experience – is not. It is real. The Mind grows, evolves. For some – very fast. For others – takes a lifetime or never.

          1. You’re assuming you know who Jed is. And assuming based on this your commentry on his behaviour and activities. So why dont you cut to the chase and cut the cake and enlighten us all?

  12. Hi Tano,
    It’s been quite a ride, following your writings here since the beginning as well as your comments on FB.
    I learned much from Jed’s books, and at just the right time, I found your message and that allowed me to “kill Jed”, just as I was seriously thinking about doing Nav. In reviewing the series on Reddit, I’m glad I didn’t spend the time nor money.
    Although I’m curious as to who the real author is as opposed to the character presented in the books, it would not make much of a difference in my own personal journey.
    I too am a “dumb ass” just a regular guy with a wife, kids and a job who started asking the big questions a long time ago. I’m no longer interested in “enlightenment”, just interested in walking my path with with eyes wide open and seeing as clearly as I can what shows up.
    Thanks for your content and for the hard work you put into it.
    With Gratitude,

    1. Hi Ted, a long time yes.

      We are all dumb asses: me, you, the Jed books author. Everyone is at sea, and there are no exceptions.

      It just helps to see the sea clearly, without the fog. Jed refers to it as ‘braincloud’, I call it ‘mental fog’.

      “I’m no longer interested in “enlightenment”, just interested in walking my path with eyes wide open” – Yes. Eyes wide open, relying on own judgement and wisdom.

      By the way, I never wrote about psychology, as promised a long time ago. The whole field is a sham, dear Ted. ALL of it, the blind leading the blind. Psychology books taught me nothing, despite a first degree.

      But I learnt everything from this: past life of not knowing anything ‘spiritual’, the two years of crazy enquiry, intense questioning of every assumption, the Ken story, the McKenna search, the interactions and wars that both stories provoked in people, the email correspondence, the questions and knowing that none of it was and is in vein.

      An ordinary human life.

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