To You Know Who


“To erase boundaries, right wrongs, ease suffering,
uplift the down-trodden, ennoble the poor in spirit
and make ludicrous amounts of money
without actually doing a whole lot.”

said Jed a long time ago.

‘Tis proved doable. Huh.. sorta. Parts of.  Well…………… ONE part.

Do you know the most odd aspect of trawling the internet armed with the name? Obituaries!! Of dead people. From many locations. Some photos are really shite… like selfies, taken in bad lighting and badly composed, someone’s body parts or strands of hair in the background, and the subject in the photo looks washed out and… hmm.. dead?. Couldn’t the so called loved ones provide something a little more dignified in order to mark the departure? It’s forever, no? The photos?

Me?… Couldn’t care less. I would much rather have my body casually tossed into the jungle. It tickles me to imagine the wildlife enjoying the feast, and trust me… piles of white meat (and fat) WILL be hungrily appreciated. The local wildlife is more used to malnourished morsels of little brown people, and they burn the morsels, what a waste….. Then one such atom of ‘me’ will hit you on the nose when you breathe in the jungle air: one atom had contributed to the oxygen formation, another became part of the animal turd, another is residing in the palm leaf, etc. etc… Fantastic! Just like ‘Lucy’.. I am everywhere!

My son is totally OK with the jungle scenario. Gotta save him a few bob. But I digress.

I can’t believe I am gonna say this… the two-part ‘Jed’ chronicles, so auspiciously splitting and fuelling personal convictions, wild theories and conspiracies, end with a somewhat disappointing little fart. A tiny bubble of freshly gutted air quietly leaving the confines of Jed’s back passage, and not even a whiff of stink!

You all will be pleased to know that ‘Jed McKenna’ creator doesn’t smell bad. His hygiene is impeccable: no nubile chocolate babes to entangle with, no smuggled jewels or guns, no border runs or IRS most wanted lists, not even one tiny Ponzi enterprise. A teeny weeny pyramid scheme or some such (well, aside from the lofty Enlightenment pyramid scheme, but that has been around for aeons so as to become a legitimately accepted con).

Instead, there are zeros and ones, the magic digits that have kept the world enthralled for the past 30 or so years. The Internet has enhanced the illusion with such persuasive force that I doubt many minds will survive the assault of augmented virtual ‘reality’ beyond the end of this century.

There are pay cheques (‘checks’ for you ‘murika dwellers). They also come in digits, are the result of the internet zero and one trade which I consider a dirty trade, but then I am not normal. Normal humans would kill for the opportunity to make money out of air. Whatever. Those digits look very good on paper too.

There is a measured, reserved, sheltered life expressing self only through words and sentences, but in a way that r e a c h e s…. and en-riches. Nothing has been smashed, burnt, destroyed in own life, but the far-reaching words prompt to smash, burn and destroy those of others, often very literally.

You called yourself a megalomaniac once, but I don’t see that. A highly intelligent Mind always pays the price for the vision: The Mariana Trench to the rest who cannot comprehend even a fraction of what one sees. So you scoffed and mocked and ridiculed, who is to blame…there is absolutely no hope in hell you would have made it in a conventional writing setting, and good on ya for making it out of the snake pit. Remember what happens to trailblazers.. arrows in the ass and all that.



Where it all goes OFF the Truth trail is the act of calling this state of own intelligence ‘truth realisation’, or worse – Enlightenment. ‘Enlightenment’ is a curse word. Dirty. Compromised. Over solicited. Underwritten. Kinda like the word ‘God’. Duplicitous. Let’s face it….. human beings are not that smart, bounded first by the DNA and then by external mind conditioning. Those two combined – conspire against any odds of initial awakening, and even fewer arrive at post awakened Clarity. Why the blazing hell are you writing books about it when you intimately know the facts?

Ah. OK, got it. The hell with ‘enlightenment’. I might have to ask you for some marketing tips, given your expertise. As you urged once..… go make some money, right? U.G. Krishnamurti said it. You said it. I say it… go make some money. Perhaps, the cunts at the top who squeeze the populace for every penny got it right. Perhaps, they are even enlightened. Heck, they ARE enlightened!

Also… out of ‘two Jeds’ could be born a magnificent human being: both smart and calculating like Jed, and adventure packed and daring like Kenneth. A superhuman who could burn his way through any opposition with cold precision. Hmm….  Chinggis Khan? Attila?

Run for your life!!! I must say I’m kinda glad it gets evenly distributed rather than lumped into one individual.

The fire in our eyes burns a hole in Humanity’s humanity.

Note: Too late. I saved every comma. You ain’t gonna go down in history as a ‘No Name’.

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23 thoughts on “To You Know Who

    1. Well, I can certainly not answer that, I am not Jed.

      But you can be sure that in the course of his days he eats, farts, sleeps, has sex, writes, talks to people, walks, does the internet banking, shops, goes to doctors occasionally, takes care of the property, watches movies, reads books, surfs the internet, hugs his wife, listens to music etc. etc. etc.

      He is a man exactly like you. Ponder that.

  1. I would love to copy your Editorial Mission Statement for The Blossom X. Will that be good? I’ll come back to read more and ask for permission to ‘link’, when I am in ‘read mode’. Thank you so much. Eternally.

    1. It is not ‘my’ editorial mission statement. It was Jed’s mission statement.

      I don’t know what The Blossom X is, sounds horny. You would have to ask Jed about the permission to associate his content with something dubious. If I remember correctly in the past he was not in favour of internet porn.

      He might have changed his opinion though, who knows.

      Contact him and ask.

        1. OK.

          Also… you sent a link via the contact form here. I don’t know who you are, and you never gave any explanation as to your messages above. You asked an unclear question and sent a suspicious link., again without any explanation as to what it is.

          I do not check the links from unknown sources: no clicking, no downloading etc. etc.

          Just a matter of common sense.

  2. Thank you.
    It was a Picture. A JPEG.

    It may have infringed copyrights of some organisations, as I had taken some photos from Google photos to compile my response, including explanation, and about me, all together.

    I agree completely with the idea of not clicking on suspicious links and downloading from unknown sources.

    In the absence of a reliable email address to directly send the photo file (complete response), I could only resort to what I did.

  3. This is an ordinary email.

    I don’t hope.

    I don’t give a damn about few people or many people. I care about the person, I see and ‘talk’ with, with my life, depending on the level of sincerity.

    Thank You. For what?

    You write that to me, today, because you have my email address.

    Thank you

    Anatta Nergui

  4. Jed doesn’t exist.
    Never has. Never will.
    I’ve ‘studied’ your website thoroughly, but there is one thing I really do not ‘get’: why would anyone feel any need to know who Jed is!? Who cares? What is the contribution to the process knowing or not k owing who Jed is? It is a distraction like any other form in the dreamstate whether it be alcohol, drugs, hamsters or even the bookseries itself! I for one think that by wanting to know this, one misses the point of being fed up with it all. You know what the point is, EM. Anyone who is untruth unrealized knows what the point is.

    None of it matters.
    The writing is on the wall.
    It is only about You. Jed never mattered.

    So pondering this obviousness leaves but only one question. Why?

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are indeed the writer of the Jed McKenna books. But you are most certainly Not Jed. You’ve said so yourself: “you ARE not Jed McKenna”. Nobody is. You however never explicitly denied being the writer…

    So the search hasn’t ended. It never started in the first place. There is nobody to find so it doesn’t matter whether you would deny or confirm the aforementioned statement.

    It is briljant.
    And I salute you.

    1. @NO Name

      I am not the author of Jed McKenna books. Better?

      Now. Apart from the first two lines of your comment it is below the level of real awareness and comes from a very confused state of mind: almost every sentence in it is untrue.

      Your handle ‘No Name’ is pretentious.

      You have an intense interest in the subject (studied this website thoroughly you say?), felt compelled to comment and yet declare ‘None of it matters’ and ask the question ‘Why?’

      You say ” It is a distraction like any other form in the dreamstate “, yet have no capacity to challenge the absurdity of this statement.

      A distraction from what? Life?

      What exactly would be ‘not distraction’? Dancing? Eating? Talking to people? Writing novels? Learning foreign languages? Investigating crimes? Running a political campaign?

      In which way one activity is inherently ‘better’, more ‘meaningful’, more ‘enlightening’ than any other?

      I have done the work. This website is my expression of normal human curiosity, but also compassion for those who are lost in the spiritual maze so eloquently depicted by ‘enlightened’ Jed and other bright, but not too clean minds.

      The Maze does not exist.

      Stop lying to yourself and others, me in this case. While the EM website helped a few folks to get out of some of the most deeply seated fantasies – it seems that in your case it contributes to the overall delusory state.

      Run. It is not doing you specifically any favours. You have no capacity (at present) for independent thinking.

      1. It is probably because English is not my native language which made conveying the entire message a bit sloppy. Yeah, maybe ‘no name’ is pretentieus, I don’t know really. My reasons for choosing that name were more practical in nature. I’m still doing the work and I got really tired of all these people wanting to know who Jed is. I concluded after having read all your articles concerning the object that I could come to an understanding as to why someone would put so much effort into this manhunt… You call it “normal human curiosity”.

        As for this ‘normal’ human curiosity: I simply don’t want people snooping around using my given name. It’s an “Anything can and will be used against you” sort of thingy for me.

        No activity is inherently better (or more meaningful) than any other. True. I just didn’t see that concerning this particular subject, mainly because it hit home.

        The reason for that lies in my past experience concerning the manhunt. That was a main distraction for me, which I projected. That was not right of me.
        Understanding this and – at the same time – calling you ‘the writer of the books’ would be more equal to an insult than a complement.

        It all fits together much better now.

        1. OK.

          I guess your manhunt was destructive to you personally because you did it from a completely different state of being: that of the seeking mode. Not so here.

          Everything that I write – is written from the other side of the gate, as someone who had walked the walk and has no EXISTENTIAL life mysteries left to uncover.

          I could be smelling flowers, learning computer programming or just lying in the hammock.. which I do a lot of, metaphorically speaking. I don’t have much left to do; there ISN’T anything left to be done. However.. there are REAL life events of curiosity and interest. Figuring out the name was infinitely more interesting than gazing at my navel.

          Alas… in real terms knowing the name does not add anything to anyone’s life, and neither does it detract from it. There is no human being, dead or alive, who could teach me anything about life. But I can teach myself by interacting with people, being observant, questioning and keeping an open mind.

          I could also choose to withdraw from the world completely, but that would be boring. Brahman needs stimulation, or else all becomes flat and dead, as it is cold, dead and motionless in the Absolute.

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