Before ‘Jed’ Became The Phoenix Jed

Over a year ago I wrote about the “Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing” first proposal here, which to me looked like a strong selling pitch for a commercial product. Reading the proposal made me realise that the subtle promise of instant salvation in the books was largely a serious survival push of one man.

It completely disabused me of the notion that the infamous ‘done’ is somewhere where your mosquito bites don’t itch, your stomach doesn’t grumble, your dick doesn’t get a hard-on, where you need no air and walk on water with a silly grin permanently glued to your face. I realised that  anything with the word ‘spiritual’ in it has one of the most enduring selling potentials, and will sell into Infinity.

But just before solo ‘Jed’ became ‘Jed McKenna project’    ……………………………… it was this.
Butt Plugs

And before that – was the dawning of the brave new world, the INTERNET!! which had quickly become a perfect mirror image of the physical world’s concerns, i.e. $$$$. Before Google, Amazon, EBay, and wa-a-ay before Facebook  – there was a virtual and virtually unseen to the average Joe world of e-marketers and promoters who jumped at the chance to explore the invisibility and vast earning potential of the new medium.

Big names were made then and still operate in this Reality today. Heady times!!!

There were freshly faced nerdy entities with a skill to programme any and all human desires into a neatly laid out webpage. I should know that one. In 1999 one such face was among my friends. He introduced me to Google when hardly anyone heard the name, and when they did – they always tried to correct the spelling. Watching my friend gutting the computer gave me the courage to build my own desktops from scratch: it was easy, like fitting together pieces from a construction set.

Plenty of people managed to make heaps of $$$$ before the dot com crash. Yes, it only works if one gets there first and creams it fast. The rest become the unsuspecting marks in the ensuing game of marketing pyramid scheming. Suckers.

A few months into the new millennium the aforementioned website and its affiliates were gone or reshaped into silent spammy webpages, and the Wisefool Press rose from their ashes, a bit like that irrepressible bird. The original idea our enterprising folks were looking for was combined flawlessly with the marketing acumen and hey presto! DONE. The apocalyptic Lightmare.

BusinessThe sad truth is that many at the top of the food chain are the ones with the Vision. They possess the clearest understanding of what Reality is, and how to make it work so that one  doesn’t have to make daily choices between buying socks for the kids versus a tin of baked beans. They are the human adults. Their bank accounts (things of man) look solid and very much ‘in the now’, but on paper…. their Reality is spoken of as mysterious, otherworldly, ego free and gives people much to discuss and aspire to. They possess an ironic sense of humour because they see the irony.

Ah, that which cannot be simpler indeed, and which becomes so complex and unreal in those human discussions.

And.. erm…… there was no ‘her’. No birds got laid in  the process of setting up the Jed McKenna franchise. It was just one more facet of the Game: many fake identities with a lot of self referential feedback, links, endorsements, appraisals.

I kinda started with the premise ‘Follow the money’, but no one listened, the Cassandra curse. And don’t get me wrong… Jed is not particularly greedy, and he is by far not the biggest player in the spiritual Game. But he needs the ‘things of man’ just as much as the next man, and he made sure to secure them.

Expect more books.

Phoenix Bill 1


6 thoughts on “Before ‘Jed’ Became The Phoenix Jed

  1. I hope so! They’re good books and like nothing else out there. Very direct and to the point.
    One point I got from Jed’s book is that obsession with the character or aspects of the story can be the veil that keeps one trapped in illusions, the veil to the truth. Not the truth of ‘which guest stole a cookie on the titanic’, but something way more interesting and important than that. Something that blows all such definitions and perspectives out of the water and is more freeing and relevant than seeking out “true identities” of soon dead characters who were imperfect or even destructive and upsetting. Who cares? Who defines? Who gives meaning? Who hides? Who’s the victim? Who’s the hero? Who’s the fool? Who’s next in line to be judged for telling a truth based parable while not wearing clean sandals?

  2. EM is right.
    Xpect more books.
    The money God is worshiped. And it is favorable.

    Go your own way.
    Destroy Jed asap, to speak with his own words. You are the only one holding yourSelf back, and Jed ‘helps’ because it is in his interest to do so.

    1. As our friend Cedric said once…… there is an awful lot of dollar signs on the Wisefool Press website.

      However, Jed is a bit careless with copyright. I noticed there begin to appear unauthorised translation versions of Jed books on Amazon. Together with our Kenneth’s enterprise, the Chinese based Jed McKenna teaching courses – they feed into an undisputed marketing wisdom – Notoriety Sells.

      All those lead folks to taking an even deeper interest in the books.

      Even the EM has contributed to this in its own way. With the ‘know-how’ Jed’s small team possess – they could sink this site in a matter of hours. But it will reduce the notoriety quotient, not a beneficial to Jed scenario.

      Those who, like our commentator above, are hooked on the product – will keep sinking even deeper, i.e. buying more books like a junkie reaches out for the shot.
      For them Reality will always remain out of reach, a mosaic of cleverly combined letters in the mind, nothing more. With all the corresponding torment and lack of certainty.

      Nothing can cure spiritual junkies.

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