You Will Survive

I’ve been writing quite a bit and would like to take time away from the website and the subject. Frankly, I am getting bored with it.

But before I go.. I was asked these four questions recently.

“How do you achieve TR?

What is this ‘stuff to dismantle?
The process of deconstructing from world conditioning. How does it work?
How do you see reality without a lense?”

The first three questions are interconnected. Stuff to dismantle is that world conditioning. There is much in it to explore.

What are emotions? What are the power structures in the world? What is money? What are relationships? What is human? Does one have to follow the usual culturally predestined path: grow up, study, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, die? What is green leaf? What is death? What was before I didn’t exit? What sources of information can I trust? What do they teach at schools? What do they not teach at schools? What is the role of understanding history? What does mathematics describe? What is time? What is awareness? What is Consciousness? Are humans honest? What is behind human love? What is behind parental love? Why do we get attached to others? What is the origin of attachment? What is me? What is our primary ancestor that bind the entire history of life? Why do people want to fuck all the time? What is our relation to and perception of other animals? What are thoughts? Why is there a dialogue in my head? What is addiction? Does it matter? What is the true nature of good and evil? Why are there serial killers? What is Kundalini? What is definition of Life? What is definition of Death? How do people die? What is neuroplasticity? Why Plato’s cave analogy? Why speak in analogies and metaphors? Why Eastern religions? What is the Tibetan Book of The Dead? Who is Eckhart Tolle? Who is Ramana? Why did he build an ashram? What is Tamil? Are utopian communities possible in the long run? Why is the first kiss so delicious and the last one stale? What is human archetypes? Was Jung enlightened? Why three years in the desert for Jesus? Who was Jesus? What was really behind his stand-off with authorities? Did he die or did he escape crucifixion? Why could it be a good idea for guys to have a few wives? Is homosexuality natural? Why lingams in Indian temples? When was the very first one discovered? Who was the Buddha? What was he really doing under the tree? Why collect alms? What does Yin and Yang represent? Who are kings? Who are warlords? Why banged up abroad? Why do people lie? Why do people use Facebook? Why do people hide true feelings? How does electromagnetism work? What does it mean to really read a book? Who is my son? Why is he intelligent in more ways than me? What is creativity? What is fear? What is Ego? What are the primary needs of human beings? Are we Apes? Do insects feel pain? What is the origin of all religions in the world? Why so many similarities? Was Darwin correct? What will happen to my body after death? What is referred to as ‘Spirit’? Why is the divide between ‘have/not have’? How do parents screw up their kids? Why school shootings and rage? What are the differences between men and women? What runs inside the human body and makes it feel? Who is Osho? What was his life path? What is meditation? What does it do or not do? Why have children? Why not have children? What is pain and pleasure? What kind of pain is real? What is imagination? How do people use it? Why stupas in Eastern pagodas? What is science? What does it mean to feel alive? Am I?

I started from the beginning as you can see. Went through that and much more, and got my answers. And whence is the answer to your other question ‘How does that work’…

1. Ask yourself a question.
2. Look at all sources of information available, it’s easy these days.
3. Check the answers against your gut feeling: does it ring true? False? Always doubt until sure, 100% sure of the answer.
4. Get the Insight. This one is not guaranteed, spontaneous by nature and cannot be ordered. But most likely – your vision will begin to improve from above, the insights will begin to happen and the questions will be resolving themselves, sometimes one by one and sometimes – at one big sweep.

In other words – get madly curious about the world around you.

At some point it will all crumble. All will become clear. You will begin to laugh upon realising you were an idiot. That’s the normal sane reaction to obvious simplicity of it all. You will see there was nothing to look for. Reality as is – has always been here as is.

In answer to your question ‘How do you see Reality without a lens?’… I see what is, instead of what my mind wants to see and imagines. That, in a nut shell, is what they refer to as ‘an empty mind’ But it is not empty at all. It is richly full of true Reality.

I see things as they truly are. Truth will crush you, but you will survive the burn. All survive the burn, get themselves up and dusted and keep on walking until the day it all inevitably ends.

YOU WILL SURVIVE. We have 100% survival rate. Why do I say that? Because we are still alive.

Black Cat


21 thoughts on “You Will Survive

  1. So before you go, are you going to release his identity? Yes yes I want to know…..

  2. “We have 100% survival rate. Why? Because you are still alive.” – so, you owe me your life!

        1. That made me chuckle. “You arose”… hmm… sounds like an ancient mysterious entity with special powers which arises and towers above the rest.

          I wish I could arise.. like a superman or some such thing. Would be fun.

          1. wait until i figure out this real dream director business. maybe i shall grant thee thy wish

  3. Thank you for sharing this article. I am adding some questions.

    What is the default mode network?
    What is matter? Am I matter? What is antimatter?
    How does a subjective experience rise from the brain?
    What is space? What is a vacuum?
    What is time? What is spacetime?
    What is energy? Why do I need so much of it and what are my resources?
    What is wave-particle duality?
    What is my body made of?
    What is the difference between sense and perception?
    How close to reality is perception?
    Why do I have habits, why are they so difficult to quit?
    What is desire? What is appetite?
    When I get attached to something/someone, what is actually attaching and how? Why does it hurt to break the attachment?
    What is fashion?
    What is make-up? What is its purpose?
    Why do I feel awkward farting in public?
    What do I expect of my life and of the world?
    What is astrology? Is it real?
    What is family?
    What are friends?
    What is abuse? Why is it so common?
    What is manipulation/brainwashing? How could it happen to so many people?
    Are alcohol and cigarettes drugs? Why are they legal?
    What is the sixth extinction?
    Why do people enjoy violence and horror in movies?
    Is the news reliable?
    What is individualism?
    What is ambition?
    How do humans exploit nature?
    Why does nature feel so appealing?
    Where do your clothes come from?
    What does science not know?
    What are supernatural phenomena?

    1. Good questions.

      While one does not have to ask all of them, an act of asking some, and then searching for an answer, cracks the skull open and sheds the light on the nature of the world we inhabit.

      1. Screw McKenna’s metaphor of cleaning out the attic. This job is way more smelly!

        1. What I mean is that it does hurt for some reason. Even though I just started trying. It really is quite different than I thought from that metaphor… I never really knew how/where to start. And the things I already came across… how little I really understand and how much I always took for granted..

          I never actually thought I could find answers!

          1. True. I felt the same. It wasn’t even clear to me what to look for and where to look for it. I just knew the questions had answers. Had to find out for myself.

  4. You say that I’ll survive the burn. But sometimes when I get a peek into my fears I feel like I won’t. How do you know I won’t go nuts? It feels like I shouldn’t go there. But it is tempting also.

    1. “How do you know I won’t go nuts?”

      You will not, because you have no predisposition to being clinically ill.

      I draw a distinction between the genetic/environmental predisposition to psychological disorders (clinical illnesses that require long-term management) AND temporary loss of ground because one is confronted with challenges to their every world/reality perception.

      You could experience this temporary loss of ground in the form of….

      …… episodes of psychosis. This will cease, just the mind attempting to deal with the rapidly changing view of the world. May require friendly supervision from someone you trust. Psychosis is a symptom, not an illness.

      ….. depression. The vague state of depression will remain, but not in a sense of the clinical ‘black’ depression when one does not want to get out of bed. It is more of a pure understanding of the inherent meaninglessness of everything one has ever done and will ever do.

      ….. suicidal thoughts. Just keep in mind that one day your life will end regardless; why hurry the event when you can explore some possibilities granted by being alive?

      ….. desire to isolate oneself from the world. It really depends on your personal psychological makeup, but I would find total isolation boring, although not entirely undesirable.

      Should you ‘go there’…. Go where? While you are in the process of asking self all the questions about Reality and the world – you are exactly in the same place externally. Internally… you may grow, mature or at least move forward in your understandings.

      There is nothing ‘there’ (in your mind) that can kill you.

      1. Thank you for clarifying.

        ”There is nothing ‘there’ (in your mind) that can kill you.”

        I do have many family members with mental illness, I might have predisposition. But I think it should have triggered by now if that was so. But I’m not sure.

        I understand there is nothing there that can kill me directly, but that does not mean mind has no effect on your physical well-being. Possibly it can even kill you, I’m quite sure of that.

    2. I want to add that the line between a clinical psychological disorder and the so called ‘normal’ human behavior is not easily drawn, but the majority of humans sense the line instinctively.

      For instance, there is a difference between:

      1. someone in the general state of being brainwashed. They have tightly held beliefs about the world, or a cult, or an institution, or a course of historic events. They can make inappropriate decisions based on their state of brainwashing, such as join ISIS.

      2. someone in the state of emotional arousal, such as anger. Anger may be instantaneous, in which case one has a bar brawl, cracks a few ribs or even kills someone. Or anger may be exacerbated by desire for revenge, in which case one plans and executes a school massacre.

      3. someone who seems inherently strange, always and without any changes to their overall pattern of behavior. Mr. Bean comes to mind as a more innocuous example of the inherent abnormality, but there are of course plenty of more murderous examples.

      Most human beings belong in both No.1 or No.2. When I talk about clinical disorders I mean No. 3.

  5. Hello Tano,

    Was there a question or more that you could NOT find the answer to? This seems to be the case for me right now… If you had the same situation, how did you deal with it?

    Thank you!

    1. And with ‘NOT find the answer to’ I mean finding basically zero information on it. I found some stuff that might be related somehow, but I’m speculating too much.

      1. @ petorikoru

        Let’s draw a distinction here.

        Answers to life’s realities (FACTUAL information) are obtained quite easily from external sources of information.

        But answers to EXISTENTIAL questions that people are looking for – are the result of own thinking process, examiing external facts, evaluating own life experience and coming to own insights that will form the basis of your world view and understanding of reality.

    2. Of course there are. Usually because the question is speculative in nature and , hence, cannot have a definitive answer.

      For instance, a question ‘Why do we exist?’ cannot be answered, because it presupposes a reason for existance, some plan or a purpose. A very human need to have a purpose is manifested in questions of this kind.

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