Dance Macabre. Why Not?

Coincidentally, today is exactly five years since the loss of the blindfold.

The purpose of this website has never been to position self as a ‘spiritual teacher’, because wisdom and maturity cannot be taught… to gain followers, because the thought of ‘following’ makes me shudder…  to make ‘friends’ out of some imaginary sense of loneliness, because I never feel lonely…… to build ‘connections’ with ‘useful humans’ because I don’t do business with humans… to make a living by charging confused minds for ‘teaching’, because I consider this an outright fraud….. to pay back for some sense of wounded ‘love’, because the nature of my interest in Mr. McMordie’s story was never romantic….. to gain a feeling of moral and intellectual superiority, because I intimately know the direction in which we are all heading, and in there – superiority is naught.

The Enlightenment Myth website was set out to deliver one thing: to bring the information in line with Reality. And so people are holding their breath waiting for the name.

Consider the following:

  1. This is the latest from Reddit, while simultaneously relaying the information from the EM:

“Sadly, she has noticed that holding back the name of the author ensures a steady flow of visitors to her blog, to whom she can pretend to be enlightened herself and write nonsensical rants à la “angry enlightened women from the books” . Sad sad state of affair.”

2. This is the comment here on the EM on ‘business opportunities’:

“So Tano, I presume you will present to the eager audience proof of your discovery? As you have thus far on this site with McMordey.
I’m sure you could make money from this.. some clever software scratch card ticket which links to paypal. €20 to reveal his true identity with a few swipes of the mouse.

3.  This is the comment (among many similar) on the ‘finger versus the moon’:

“One point I got from Jed’s book is that obsession with the character or aspects of the story can be the veil that keeps one trapped in illusions, the veil to the truth. Not the truth of ‘which guest stole a cookie on the titanic’, but something way more interesting and important than that. “

4. This was sent to me in the last couple of days, preceded by insistence on communication and references to enlightened figures of the Muslim world:

One Final Word
I (who/what the fuck-ever I am) am ONLY talking to YOU (what / who ever you care to be) BECAUSE:

1. The Mission Statement on Enlightenmentmyth website.
2. Possibility of making that mission statement, particularly the last part, of making money – COLLABORATIVELY – between I and YOU.

Outside of these two Reasons, I don’t give a damn about your opinions, views, thoughts, assumptions or life.
:That is all.”

5. This is a Reddit comment, in a hurry to kick Jed in the teeth in light of the latest revelations:

“The books seem to be also lower and lower effort attempts to say the same thing. Each new book seems to be a parody of the previous ones (ah he was invited to give a talk in a classroom for reasons? in which a dialogue similar to the one with Maggie and his friend’s twins occurs, the person who invited him ends up losing her job).

The only remaining value of the books for me was that they were entertaining, funny and well written. Even that has progressively disappeared with each, visibly rushed, new release.

Time to definitely kill Jed McKenna.”

6. This is the comment praising the two ‘Jeds’ for their ‘humanity’ and cleverness:

“The irony is that both Jeds DO live up to the standards that they preach. They are neither holy nor wise. They are real people who see the world for what it is, and see humanity for what it is. Which means they have left all that idealized bullshit far behind long ago. And which means that they’re not stupid in how they conduct their affairs.”

  • To those who praised Jed, but upon recent revelations indiscriminately kicked him in the teeth – the low level sensationalist aspect of the story is the ONLY part you grasped. You don’t need to know the rest.


  • To those who are concerned only with ‘the message’ – keep gazing at the illusion of the moon. You don’t need to know the finger.


  • To those who see ‘business opportunities’ – you failed to grasp the spirit of this website. You would sell your children down the river if the price were high enough. You don’t need my ‘business’.


  • To those who admire the cleverness – well, you already ‘see’ humanity for what it is.  You don’t need role models and their names.


  • To those who feel privy to the knowledge and robbed of it – your sense of entitlement is misplaced. You contributed nothing but drama. You don’t need more drama.

I understand that people say a lot of things in the heat of the moment and driven by their inner emotional states. But being unconscious does not excuse one from being charged with stupidity, in the same way as being ignorant of the law does not grant one immunity from it.

The illusion is pretty much indestructible, even if, judging by the above comments, the EM did place a chink in the armour. Those few who do succeed in demolishing it inside own minds – do so DESPITE any teachings, rather than due to them. Jed knows that, however, the development of the Jed McKenna franchise into ‘trilogies’ and ‘talks’ placed him exactly in the same spot as every other spiritual dealer: a dependency on the customer base, with subsequent reluctance to really nail it how it is: how this world is. Jed does have a strong strategic advantage which mediates the effects of customer dependency: he does not communicate with his following.

A wish for remaining hidden is largely a result of feeling distaste at the state of human minds and humanity in general. Who in their right clear mind would want hordes of fucked up people to beat a path to one’s door? And please don’t tell me that the above examples are conveyed by sane human adults. Are they?

I know there are also many of you who are able to be objective and see the value in what has been done on this website. However, a few (many) bad apples make the entire human cart rotten.

Misanthropy so thinly veiled in Jed books – has valid reasons for existence. By having written the books ‘Jed’ has created a monster, and his instincts are right in avoiding any direct contact with his readers. I have come to share the feeling. So, in the name of that feeling and after having carefully considered the implications for the author…..


Note: I was once asked if I ever paid for any of Jed productions. No, never. I am a cheapskate. Sorry, Jed. Plenty will, so keep going and collect as much as you can, and the same for Kenneth. 

I personally couldn’t, but……  why not? Go get ’em, boys. You know the score.

The End.

13 thoughts on “Dance Macabre. Why Not?

  1. An internet marketer with a spiritual/mystical bakgrund. Also very capable in writing. The entrys on this blog over the past years suggests a man of perhaps 60 or beyond.
    He has a Sister. All business mail handled through P. O. boxes and such. Fairfield Iowa, but He does not live there. WordPress seems like a reoccuring theme through this investigation, wp wisefool press etc.
    Could be many people. I have one candidate but it is only speculation.
    Never heard the name before. Not exactly discrete either.

  2. The reason for Book Jed never did speak out about the fraud of Forum Jed, could it be the same reason as of U.G. Krishnamurti?

    My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.
    End quote.

    1. I do not recall anyone impersonating UG Krishnamurti and so him ever speaking out about it. How can it be the same reason thereof?

      Krishnamurti never wrote books about ‘it’. Everything that you see floating around in cyberspace – are his talks with people, recorded and transcribed by those who were mesmerised by what he had to say. No books, no teaching, no copyright.

      I suppose Jed realised that in his case copy righting the books is useless, as fighting any copyright breach means loss of anonymity, something he cannot afford to lose. Therefore, after the first Trilogy he never applied for copyright protection again.

      Jed is not more forthcoming because:

      1. Notoriety plays in his favour. It is in itself a form of publicity and a form of advertising. Boring – bores. Notorious – excites. In a nutshell – the books excite the readers regardless of their providence.

      2. He genuinely doesn’t give a shit. From the perspective of Reality – all under the sun has a place, has happened and will occur again. Cultures, technology, participants, levels of knowledge change, but human minds remain the same.

      It all happened before, just under different circumstance, with different people and outcomes.

      1. In fact, he did help in the publishing of the books with his name as the author. But like his refusing any valid of readings (palm reading, for example), he did enjoy them from time to time; or despite he didn’t want shopping, he did go window-shopping for a change.

        1. Please point me in the direction of any books where it does not say ‘Conversation With UG Krishnamurti’? They were all re-told stories of interaction with him, NOT his own writing.

          He had a couple of long-standing friends who followed him for many years, had conversations with him and recorded some. I read those online a long time ago, but can’t remember their names.

          The earliest book I can see is dated 2005. At this point Krishnamurti was 86 years old. I doubt very much he participated in the publishing. If there are any earlier publications – I am not aware of them.

          The books were not his endeavour, they were his friends’ enterprise.

          I don’t know about palm reading or window shopping; not sure what you mean exactly. But I’m sure if he liked something – he simply did it, nothing more to it.

          1. Of course the books published in his name, and he knew and even help in the process of publishing them (the ones who wrote them sent the manuscript to him, and he pass them to someone else to edit or “proofreading” them). You can find many of this kind of books here:
            All the books under his name are free on that site. And you can see the books that published that dated way before, for example “The sage and the housewife” is dated 1990, “Mind is a Myth” is dated 1988…
            You can read “The Seed Beneath the Volcano”, a biography of UG, to know what I mean about readings and window-shopping.

  3. What if Tano is actually Jed/Kenneth and all this is his Orwellian strategy. Now I have a mission to find it out! Maybe I am Jed too. LOL *read all this as my poor attempt at humor*

    1. Shubham, please do not come up with such suggestions. It may be a joke on your part, but you will be surprised how many could take this seriously.

      No one is THAT intelligent to create a masterplan with the twists and turns that Ken/Jed and Jed McKenna story provided.

      1. I am sorry about that. That thing came to my mind because I saw something similar in all three of you, maybe an intent to express your truth? Though for people who might take this seriously without critical thinking let me layout differences between these three persons. I hope that we all know the personalities of Jed, Ken and Tano are very different. I’ll talk about their teachings. These are just my observation and they could be wrong, well maybe only about Ken, I am more sure about Jed and Tano.

        Ken speaks more in riddles, his work is to confuse people and keep them from moving forward, he may take you a step forward and then desert you in confusion. He wants his sheep in the Pen.

        Jed, when he did speak about truth, specifically in his very first book, He was direct, but I think maybe he was too advanced or something? Or maybe I was too dumb dumb to practically implement spiritual autolysis, hell now it looks like I didn’t even get the theory right at that time, But he did bring me out of
        my spiritual ego delusion but didn’t take me any ‘further’ Reading his first book just for once should have been enough. I wasted way more time than that on him.

        Tano, The person who taught me so much in just three or so emails that I corresponded with them.I didn’t email more cause I didn’t want to bug them with my unlimited arrays of questions, but in those emails, they taught me what I needed the most, ‘Think For Yourself.’ It was like for the first time I was directing the questions at myself instead at the great teachers, previously I had even abandoned common sense, let alone critical thinking, believing that the mere instrument that I am, I cannot trust my own thinking, Ah so dumb so dumb. Anyway, about Tano’s teaching style, I don’t think they even regard what they taught as teaching but their approach is so direct, absolute common sense, something that a mere human like me understand. They are the only one who made sense to me among all three.

        1. On Ken and Jed – quite so.

          Jed’s first book should have been enough. The book allowed him to get it out of his system and gave the basics of the whole ‘think for yourself’ stance.

          But he kept on writing, and ‘Think for yourself’ turned into ‘Keep following my thinking. Read my books. I am a funny guy and the real deal. Buy another book’.

          Kenneth needs income. His latest is ‘Manifestation Course’, teach how to make every wish come true or something to that effect. Well, if one has no scruples – perhaps, it is much easier to ‘manifest’ one’s desires. Want sex? Come to Asia, cheap and plentiful. Want fame? Pretend to be a known writer. Want money? Charge for the courses as the said writer.

          Easy-peasy ‘manifest’.

          Both boys are hard at it, in their own ways. The hell with the greedy bastards.

          As for Tano… gosh thanks, Shubham. No, we didn’t exchange much, but that’s the case with all the people who wrote to me: they always go their own way soon, and those who attempt to hang around for no reason… they too go with a little help from me 🙂

          There is nothing to teach. I wish it would be possible to eliminate the idiotic human dependency on others, and I do appreciate it when I see that someone finally got their sanity back.

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