The Nature Of Reality And Koans?

BIG question – simple answer.

The nature of Reality is that it is REAL

That’s it!!

Hmm… I hear a disappointing groan… What did you expect, some long-winded reply with references to classical texts and  ‘big’ names in philosophy and spirituality? Nah.. why rely on the dead minds when you’ve got your own: alive, thinking, ticking, questioning curious mind??

However… it is up to you to figure out what is NOT real. Starting from the contents of your mind, which, like in Hercules and the Augean stables tale – can be cleaned out so comprehensively that you will be left wondering how you could stand the smell of the faeces before.

Now, those falling trees…. does a falling tree make a sound in a forest if there is no one to hear it? Sure, absolutely. The tree absolutely makes a sound regardless of who is there to hear it. The sound is a movement of the air particles. When the tree falls – the particles move, and the sound is created. Your ears are surplus to requirements.

In the same way… Just because there is no one to see the atmosphere on Venus – does not mean there is no atmosphere on Venus. I hear it is pretty toxic, don’t you find it ironic? And in reverse.. just because you believe something is NOT there – doesn’t mean it does not exist. Like viruses, for instance. You cannot see them, but can you deny they exist?

“Ewww!!! Don’t sneeze on me!!”

You will be able to crack every koan once free from the blindfold. They all rely on common sense, not on book sense, i.e. borrowed wisdom.

Thinking Ape


Disclaimer: Fear not! When I decide to write a book – I will of course make it all sound much more complicated and mysterious, in line with the head scratching ‘tradition’.


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4 thoughts on “The Nature Of Reality And Koans?

  1. Hopefully you will decide to write one day a book! With or without head scratching tradition style…lol

    1. It would be a non-seller. Crawling into a dark tunnel in search of light is not what people look forward to. Kinda counter-intuitive, and true Reality scares the daylight out of most.

      Who wants to learn that nothing alternative exists, no unicorns gallop this earth, pain is part and parcel of being alive and one’s search for love and compassion is based on the quicksand of hope?

      Also, I’ve just discovered that the HTML pages on this site are pretty much buggered. Hence, very few will ever come across them.

      I am a ‘one man team’, know next to nothing about HTML and how to code web pages, so….. time to learn.

      There are always shiny things in the world to keep one entertained.

  2. Please T, don’t make the same mistake as Jed did. It might fill your pockets – since you have, in my humble opinion, an aptitude for writing – but it will most likely leave your readers still left in the dark. Literally not literairy 🙂 Having said that I do – publicaly – want and need to express may Anger towards Jed.

    Jed – or whatever your name is – I’m so ffn mad at you for delivering absolutely diddly sheit! It was all ego and it’s natural deception at work. So many have already said what you repeated and copied. You delivered nothing! I got the books years ago, started reading and said to my wife: finally somebody who gets what it is I’m struggling with! There was hope. I was so happy seeing there might be light at the end of the tunnel. But as ‘time progressed’ I still kept buying your books, all of them, and at last it hit me: you are exploiting the shit out of me and this issue. And worse: I’ve let myself be exploited! I trusted you. What an arse I’ve been!!!

    So be happy, I don’t know who you are or where you live. I would start by punching you in the face and kick you between the legs for producing waste. 🗑 No doubt about it. For the rest I’ve dealt with you in a gruesome way.

    So searchers alike beware: you are all alone, nobody can help you with this.

    There are no teachers.

    Thanks for the place to express this.

    1. You are not alone. Your expression reminds me of this, under ‘gullible’ heading:

      The guy left it on Ken’s forum thinking Ken was Jed, but the gist is the same.

      Of course, for those who did realise the truth behind Truth….. the search itself made them open their eyes and see that the changed perspective will not change Reality.

      No one is free from Reality which we are but a tiny part of. The analogy would be a wheel that detaches from a car. It stops being part of the reality of driving. In humans terms it means death.

      No one is free from who they are. The analogy would be a dog becoming free from being a dog, a nonsense.

      Jed killed a few sacred cows. He expressed some truths about Reality. He conveyed the torture people go through in the course of their lives. He did it in a way that pressed every emotional button in those who read his books: from anger to admiration to cynicism to complete agreement to devotion to… many flavours, but it didn’t leave people INDIFFERENT. Which is what counts in the business of attracting attention.

      He then said ‘I am the man who lives free, and so can you’.

      He lied.

      No one is free. His desire to profit from the books, his efforts to keep the business going for close to twenty years, his need to keep publishing are the witness to this. He didn’t want a 9 to 5.

      I know of only two men who were honest enough to state that no one is free, themselves included. Obviously, they are not selling millions of books. And I am not against people selling books. I am against people selling dishonest books about non-existent goods.

      Jed lied because he never called the search for enlightenment what it is.

      He left hints, but hints are not enough for desperate minds. The search has to be named without ambiguity and ambivalence: A BULLSHIT FAIRY TALE ABOUT A SEARCH AFTER NOTHING WHICH RESULTS IN NOTHING. It is a struggle with non-existent shadows.

      And then you die.

      He delivered only half Truth, and after nearly twenty years – he knows that only too well. But I do not see a disclaimer on that from him, and neither do I see him slowing down. His sales pitch for translators states the opposite – going global.

      Regarding book writing… if I could write in such a way that would kill the millennia old myth of ‘getting it’, getting ‘enlightened’, getting ‘nirvana’ed, ‘getting’ some place – I would. I am not sure I can. The task dwarfs me.

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