The Tao Of The Large Breasted Goddess

huh….. delivered to you soon by Jed McKenna.

Perhaps we will hear something about sex at last. How no man can live without, how girls use it to their utter advantage to trade pussy access for ‘goods’, and how boys pretend it doesn’t matter, but when deprived – instantly lose their cool.

In short – a little bit of straight talk for a change would be nice.

Or maybe he will converse about… breastfeeding techniques for new mums? Whichever it is – I would have lost the bet on the timing. I thought a new book would come out in the summer next year, but perhaps, there are some large medical bills to pay, given the ole’ man’s rants on the state of the medical care system in the US of A.

So.. will Jed play it ‘safe’ again? Who bloody knows. I should invite him to SE Asia for a doze of Reality.

Suck them and see.

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