Whack-A-Monkey Emails

I guess I am a bad bad human monkey for writing ‘bad’ emails like the one below. BAAAD.

It was prompted by a gazillion emails from the person, mostly not making any sense whatsoever, and flooding my inbox with tantrums akin to a little boy in the playground. Yet, the man is fully educated, physically grown-up, mature and intelligent and has lived the life.

So I said this:


There is rage spilling out into your erratic writings. Big deal, snowflake. The world owes you nothing and wants nothing from you.

You better get used to the fact that no one gives a shit about your life and whatever is taking you to the boiling point. Maybe, your mother does if you have a good relationship, but even she lies to you.

I am not an authority on anything except myself. Stop writing to me, stop writing blogs that make zero sense, stop looking for a crutch from internet strangers and become your own authority and your own man.

If you can overcome your anger – so much the better. The world is already full of lunatics, and you are not a grizzly bear to mindlessly tear down passers-by. Get some perspective as an evolved human, and fuck off.

My best, and I will not reply anymore.”


Wack a MonkeyAnd you know what? The person in question understood that sometimes it takes a full on assault to shock someone out of slumber of self-indulgent rage and of feeling oh so important.

No one is important. Get that. Let them all go.

Travel on your own, independent in your being.



12 thoughts on “Whack-A-Monkey Emails

      1. Beautiful..

        The idea of ‘on your own’, in the article, still is not entirely true, nor correct, however, or is it?

    1. : – ) quite right, if it weren’t sharp and in the eye, how would one see? thank you.

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