A Quick Note II To Justin


Rationality, critical thinking, honest inquiry, discernement, a healthy sense of self (not the flailing defensive ego of the newly ‘spiritualised’), an open mind, curiosity and an ability to go further – are not found in either the Invisible Guru or that other forum. Both trap humans in their belief of ‘attainment’, and this is where the folks stop and bask ‘in the glory’.

It ain’t that.

I observe, it is a very curious phenomenon, but really… do not expect to get any sense from either place: you will be  spoken down to.

I interacted with many people at this point. The most honest did say they went through a period of elevated grandiosity from thinking they grokked it all, while many years down the line it became apparent to them they hardly even started.

There is a saying in Russian that accurately reflects ‘further’: “Live a century – learn a century”. ‘Further’ is the only order of the day for absolutely every human on planet Earth, including me, you, Jed, Chopra, Tolle, Dalai Lama, UG (no, UG is dead, no further for him) and every Jack and Harry in existence.

Only fools think they have arrived. We never arrive, we only journey, until the day we die.

Let them weave own tales. Reality is able to accommodate all.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Note II To Justin

  1. The challenge seems to be trusting in my own ability to discern and not getting lost on some tangent but that just seems to be a delusion of perfection and like you say, live and learn. Every day I get more clear and this is most definitely not a group project. The forum discussions have to go.

    I do plan to step away from this. I’ve learned all I can from anyone else. I appreciate that you’ve been one of the more honest voices I’ve encountered along the way. Thank you for your down to earth and honest comments and for putting up with my shit from time to time. Enjoy your time away. I plan to do the same 😘

    1. I attribute the ‘shit’ as you call it to only one factor: you are still young, and youth is always a tad arrogant.

      But you have a good healthy mind. That’s gonna take you further than most.

      Interacting with others also takes one further. But perhaps you’ve just outgrown those two places, in which case they will only drag you down.

      Take care of yourself and yours. Your girl is lucky: she’d have a human adult for a daddy. Not many do.

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