Enlightenment In Six Minutes

I am stuck in a tiny room near Phu Quoc ferry terminal, which I procured from a food vendor. All crossings have been cancelled due to choppy sea and a possible storm, which could last for a few days. Hmmm… my entry stamp expires tomorrow, which will make me an official overstayer.

It is a single storey building with about five rooms in a row; a side source of income for the family. There is a toilet and a tap without a sink.  The bed is Vietnamese style – hard as a rock. But the room is clean and cheap, and the family friendly. There is no food, however, as they tend to wrap up cooking early in the evening. I am sharing a few cream crackers with a bunch of ants.

The place is for the Vietnamese, not for tourists, so I am a bit of a curiosity.

There is nothing for miles, the closest town is 20 kilometres away. But the wi-fi is strong here. So I am watching some Youtube videos and just came across what perfectly expresses the result of so called ‘enlightenment’ and where we all so called ‘enlightened’ folks end up. Told in simple language for the modern man, unlike complicated, long-winded book stories.


“It sets you free.”

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10 thoughts on “Enlightenment In Six Minutes

  1. Another adventure for you! 🙂

    Some years ago I was conversing with a fellow of the Buddhist inclination and at some point he commented I was a nihilist. He condemned what he saw as a negative view of existence. I replied that, quite the contrary, it was liberating. He couldn’t wrap his head around that. As I recall I did a poor job of explaining myself that all opinions, beliefs, and positions, past and present fall away. Maybe I should check in with him and see where his sitting is taking him or if he’s planning on sitting his entire life.

    More recently I had the opportunity to sit and converse with a fellow who had written a book on philosophy. He is a student of Martin Heidegger and an elderly retired physician. I’m sure he had lived a lifetime of looking at death prior to writing his book. And at his age I suspect he is looking at the realities of his short time remaining. Of interest during our conversation was a discussion on Buddhist monks sleeping in cemeteries for a period during their training and the benefits it would yield in obtaining a realistic view of death. Imagine laying on mat in a graveyard and staring up at the universe. Perhaps that first night would be unsettling but by the end of the month one would be sleeping well and enjoying the calm, quiet, beauty.

    1. Haha L, I know you are ‘one of us’, humans with an unobstracted view of Reality.

      Most Buddhist folks are mired in the Buddhist dogma. Just like most Jed adherants are hopelessly lost in Jed theories. They would do better with sleeping on gravestones instead 😏

      I once spent a few hours in an old cemetery back in England. On Halloween, at midnight. With my then ten year old. It was a supposedly haunted old village. We wanted to make sure once and for all that no ghosts populated the place.

      None appeared. We nearly fell asleep, it got boring, headed back around 3am.

      As a result, my son got very clear on the (non)existence of the walking dead of all denominations.

      Comprehending own mortality clears the mental cobwebs and paves the way for a higher perspective on Reality and our place in it.

  2. Existential Dread or Optimistic Nihilism

    It’s like those pictures where you’re suppose to see the hidden image if you stare at it long enough.

    Then, when you see it you can’t not see it – ever.

    I guess the idea of Optimistic Nihilistic is the image that can’t be seen until it is.

    1. All common sense, which is very uncommon among people, hence, the so widely spread evaluation of ‘theories’ of existence instead of… well, getting real about it all.

  3. LOVED 2 important points made in the video. There are an enormous amount of things that you dont and will never know or understand and that your time here, whatever you make of it, is limited.

    That said why dont those two things stick with most “enlightened” folk. That’s somewhat my frustration while talking to people who’ve supposedly done the work. They fail to drop the extra baggage and are preoccupied with all the spiritual and mystical dogma rather than focusing or even improving upon said time limited personal experience.

    I shot out like a cannon. Trying to embrace it all and make the best of it all while I can and yet that somehow that gets confused as “ego or maya.” I mean whatever, I dont really care that much what others think but I just dont understand how so few come away from the whole thing without that hunger and fire for life like I and a few others have. Anyways, just touching base. Enjoy your travels 🙂

    1. I would say there are a few reasons:

      1. Most of those ‘enlightened’ folks haven’t grasped the totality of it. As in that famous metaphor about blind men touching different parts of the elephant – they see parts of the picture, but not ALL of the picture. That’s why the metaphor exists, to describe that partial realisation.

      2. Some folks are IN THE BUSINESS of ‘enlightenment’ and so deploy the ‘speak’ which keeps their audiences confused and hence attached to their products, be it books, talks or courses. They may be fully realised, but any business is based on a degree of deception.

      3. Some are preoccupied, because after years of living in the dark Clarity is very exhilarating and compelling enough to want to share. I think this last one applies to those who by nature are inclined to speak out. Let’s say Jed is that type, hence, the 11 books. I am also that type, hence, this website. Yet, some are quiet, and I know those folks too.

      Regardless, all remain in Reality (Truth) and have to deal with everyday life: bills, illnesses, other people etc. They live, Justin. How – depends on their true nature.

      My true nature is that of experience and presence. Therefore, I am sitting in a Vietnamese road cafe, listening to the very intense chatter of local folks at the next table, just had the authentic (not tourist) pho, am tired, one more ‘no crossings’ day, but hey! experiences is what drives me. I love the open road, but also love to come back to the cosy domesticity of my own place where everything is just the way I like it.

      What I dislike the most in life is monotony.

      1. Honestly, traveling the world seems to be more in alignment with realization than writing a kajillion books all under the premise that “truth exists.” Good for you.

        Anyways I promised myself I’d take a break from the conception and dive in. Glad to see you doing the same. Just wanted to comment on the video and let you know that I appreciate you. Be safe and enjoy.

        1. “traveling the world seems to be more in alignment with realization”

          Nah, not really. It is my choice for now, as it reflects my general curiosity levels. Other folks may be realised and perfectly happy to stay in one place. Depends on who they are at core.

          I am very similar to Jedbot McMordie in that sense, we share the same inner nature, sans the deceitful part.

          Enjoy living, friend.

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