Hey Jeds.. Hey Judes.. Hey Dudes.. Subtleties Of Untruths

The (now ex) forum member LivininBliss left the following on about two dozen threads of the Invisible Guru forum:


Kenneth McMordie deleted those and this forum membership as usual. A comment by a faithful follower suggested it was me, which Kenneth reinforced with the long-standing line:

km hath no fury

Well.. it wasn’t me. But I know who it was, and thank you for that.

Maybe it is time to get the real Jed more involved. Concerns about keeping the Jed McKenna book enterprise balanced and well-oiled make him reluctant to name our Kenneth as an impostor, hence, indirectly endorsing the scam. Where is Truth in that, except embracing the lie of it?

In the meantime… more forum members are having their brains knocked out. Killing bodies is considered a crime. And killing minds by way of destroying their ability to think? Is that OK?

I recently watched a documentary about the three cup monte scamming enterprise which runs in every city of the world. Those who run it state “People who engage in the game – are simply stupid. We play on their stupidity”.

It is not OK to play on the differences in physical size and use them in order to harm another. It is done in the world, yes, but any normal HUMAN (not a human animal) would consider it not OK.

Is it OK to play on the differences of intelligence/life experiences and exploit those who may be more vulnerable to external suggestion because of that?


14 thoughts on “Hey Jeds.. Hey Judes.. Hey Dudes.. Subtleties Of Untruths

  1. Kenneth has made his forum confirmation only. He has to confirm every post for it to show up on the forum. 😂

    1. How do you know this? Did you try to post something, and it was placed in moderation queue?

      I would prefer to see the IG forum gone, in the same way webs.com closed Kenneth’s first forum. It is really screwing people up, both mentally and financially. Those people may not see this… yet. It will manifest some time down the line.

      Perhaps, everyone needs to encounter and get entangled in a scam in order to start losing illusions and rose-coloured glasses.

      1. Yes exactly, I tried to post st and it got placed in the moderation queue. He is truly a mad control freak, something totally opposite of what he preaches. He Is also desprate to keep his forum from because it is his source of income and he is afraid poverty. I don’t see a single human adulthood feature in this man 😔

        1. That is probably because I sent about 20 private messages, started 3 new threads, and posted my warning in about 30 threads as replies. They sat there unmoderated for about three hours before I went to bed.

  2. I added this to my review of Mckenna’s 1st book. It’s posted on Amazon
    Customer Review
    Mark B
    2.0 out of 5 starsThe Invisible Guru Forum is not run by Jed Mckenna
    February 18, 2019
    The Invisible Guru Forum is not run by Jed Mckenna, the author of this book. He should come forward and correct what has become a farce and discredit to his books. Otherwise, it’s just another bizarre work of fiction with no genuine merit.

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