The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users


Proxies, VPN servers and tor exits are fairly frequent on this website, but I will not reply to correspondence originated from Tor nodes.

I simply don’t have the technical ‘know-how’ and the time to deal with potential cyber probes, nor is there a team of knowledgeable techies supporting this site. Hence, the conservative approach.

It is not so much about my personal anonymity, but about the security of this website. As stated from the very beginning, I want it to remain live, a testament to the Grand Illusion of Enlightenment, irrespective of whether I continue to write here.

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13 thoughts on “The Onion Network And Secure Mail Users

  1. Can you say more about ‘Grand Illusion of Enlightenment’ and ‘testament to’ it (rather than ‘testament of’ it – being this website, not you or ‘Jed’ or anything else) ? I wonder if the question/s make any sense.

    1. The story of Kenneth McMordie’s impersonation and the continued fraud… the secrecy, lies and illusions around the name of Jed McKenna…. the misleading camouflaged origins of the books… the blatent ‘don’t care’ of Jed in the full knowledge of what takes place in his (anonymous) name, not just by Kenneth, but by the self appointed ‘jedvaita’ teachers out there… all that begs some
      questions.. What does it all mean in REAL terms? And what kind of human beings are we dealing with?

      Oh boy.. all we are missing are some juicy details of a sex scandal, right?. That would complete the picture of the Grand Illusion of enlightenment to perfection.

      Enlightenment simply isn’t. What is – are human beings following their personal life journeys, growing, maturing, discovering what the world is, and the subsequent stories they tell.

      You see… one is often too young in the life’s beginning, too busy fucking, chasing goals, building empires, to simply stop and think and ask some questions about life.

      I told the story of what I had found. Nothing. But I did find my mind. And if those ‘seekers’ finally mature in their own minds – they would see that with Clarity – nothing. Just life, as is.

      Jed was correct in that no one should try for Truth. It is absolutely NOT what would make your life pleasant and easy. Those who proclaim themselves free and enlightened are either deluded (temporarily, in which case they will recover from the delusion at some point, and boy would it hurt) or deceptive (intentionally, with a view to gain).

      Enlightenment (aka seeing things in light of Reality) is not what it’s all cracked up to be. It is ANTI any human concern, it is the least desirable state, although the rarest, true that.

      Wanna be dead and see the bottom line of everything? Sure, get enlightened. You will regret it. The amusement park is so much more enticing. The problem is.. I SEE it as an amusement park, a frivolous and, frankly, boring contraption of mad human activities. What to do, huh?.. can’t go back.

  2. Thank you. That clarifies my question/s. Just a side note: do you ever get marriage proposals or get asked out on dates?

    1. No, but thank you for your consideration.

      You’ve got to understand that I am not interested in human relationships. Anyone who knows me in physical life and even those who corresponded with me here – will attest to this.

      It becomes part and parcel of being clear about the layout of human interactions and how and why they play out: how they start, progress and end, and what drives them.

  3. There is absolutely no risk in answering someones comments who use tor or secure mails etc etc… The same way that there is no risk for you to use your real name / identity here. World is not as scary as you think

    1. I never said the world is scary, and you cannot say that I think in those terms. I left home at 17 and lived in many places, East, West and in between. ‘Scary’ is not what comes to mind.

      The point was this, however.. If someone chooses to send me a personal email with questions, yet sends it from the Tor node – I do not feel inclined to communicate.

      Why? I don’t use Tor or even a VPN to cover my ass in case the world is too ‘scary’💣

      P.S. There were attempts to log in to the website from some of the proxies. I am just protecting the site. “Better safe than..” and all that.

      1. ok I see now, yeah I don’t like to communicate with people who share nothing of themselves either.

  4. and those login attempts from proxies are robots (automated hacking software) who search for all wordpress websites across the web and try different hacking methods on them in order to find a vulnerability and hack into their server to get advantage of it for various pruposes (blackmail, botnets, etc) there is no real person behind them.

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