A Curious Case Of Mimicry

MIMICRY – the action or skill of imitating someone or something.

I haven’t observed the activities on the IG forum for some time. The last time it was when:

1. Jedbot Kenneth introduced strict moderator approval of all posts, so nothing appears live now. Hence, no challenging or revealing posts will ever see the light of day.

NotKnowing Threads Approval

2. Access to a membership list was removed, I guess to prevent harvesting of email addresses.

3. Facility to send personal messages (PM) to members was removed, which means no new members can learn that they are talking to an impostor. As for the old members who are in the grip of the illusion… they paid the money which needs to be justified, and they need a crutch which the real author does not feel inclined to offer anyone (good for him).

4. Facility to look at the timestamps was removed, so as not to track the comings and goings of anyone.

5. A few old threads with any trace of the scandal were deleted (no need to explain, the record needs to be clean in order to continue the deceit).

I also have to mention that three years ago Jedbot removed the search facility for non-members after I told him that I’d found a few contradicting posts of his. I asked him about this event, which he swiftly denied. Three days later there was no search for non members. I have an email exchange on the matter.

Mimicry 1A couple of months back Jedbot also placed an IP ban on my IP address, which meant no forum access. Yeah, right. This was fantastic news. For a long time I was contemplating getting a VPN, but since nothing illegitimate came from my end – there was no valid reason to spend extra money.

JedKen gave me the reason, and I embraced it fully, considering other possibilities that it provides now. Thank you!

I had a look at the Invisible Guru forum after some period of being occupied elsewhere. Hmm… same old same old. The formula of ensnaring minds and emotions remains unchanged:

Offer your wisdom in the form of a written dialogue (with a ‘student’ of course)

Plato, Jed and numerous others deployed this form. It sets an instant tone – you are the ignorant seeker, they – a fountain of wisdom in a position of authority. Now we have Ken joining the fold.

Student Dialogue

Make it a group affair

Mimicry 2 Groups have incredible power over people and are the best tools for keeping one ‘in the bosom’ and fully hooked. Think ‘Facebook’ and how it influences the world now. Remember, most humans have sheep mentality. Some, however, are shepherds and prefer to FORM the groups, usually with a well-defined hidden agenda. I don’t have to remind you that every ‘enlightened’ self-professed ‘teacher’ always runs some form of a group.

I don’t know if this below is true or deceit by design. However, I do know there is activity around the man by way of people coming and meeting him here in Cambodia. They all paid up, of course.

I was told he didn’t feel like the man of the books in person. ‘Something was missing‘ as it was expressed. Well, that’s because 1) he is not. 2) what are your expectations as far as gurus go? Of gods?

Thailand Event

Provide some freebies

We know that Jed does that too in the form of free short plays. It captures the audience that little bit further. Jedbot Kenneth provides his own versions, in the form of breathing exercises. Just when does one man become an authority on breath technique is beyond me. In fact, it is beyond me that you people NEED to be taught how to fucking breathe. No really…. do you? You forgot how to take air in and then let it out? How are we all still alive?

All I can say here… poison is free too.


Make the content personal

Humans are suckers for personal connections. Make them feel special, even ‘chosen’, and they will do just about anything for ya. Kenneth, our master manipulator, has learnt that waayy back. Personal invitations do the trick in this case.

Personal Invitation

Having said the above, I also have people from Canada contacting me now, since the search for the name ‘Kenneth Mcmordie’ leads to this website. Most never heard of Jed McKenna and were looking for Ken. They are delighted to find where Ken varnished to. They tell me about other enlightening magical events of his past life that Kenneth Mcmordie used to create while residing in his home country. Delivered to them personally and with the unexpected miracle twist: the money and the promised land vanish simultaneously! A miracle!

Brazilian owl butterfly

 The price per person doesn’t seem to vary much: always around 2-3 thousand mark. When one pools the gullible folks to a respectable big crowd – the income rocks. However, people may be less inclined to chase someone for three thousand bucks, but they never forget the act of having been duped.

I have the details, as usual.


Here is one interesting situation to consider.

Since our Jed chooses to remain silent on the matter – the name of Jed McKenna, the person who writes about Truth, will be forever associated with a scam.

His name and the name of our very own scam artist, Jedbot Kenneth Mcmordie (had to put this in full, Google will index, lo) will always appear in close proximity. Not that either of them cares. It works, it puts the bread on the table, right?

… don’t you love life and its delicious ironies?

Green Grass Header

22 thoughts on “A Curious Case Of Mimicry

  1. Kenneth’s dumb-them-down version of “Think nothing, no thought/mind exists, relax, play” is taken for that of McKenna’s.

    Some members of the IG forum regularly read here, including Escapist. Some also send hostile messages, since their long-time investment in the belief of JedKen is too strong.

    In the minds of the people who spent years on that forum the two men are now merged into one. They find it near impossible to notice that the two versions are qualitatively different.

    But a drowning person will grab any piece of flotsam and jetsam in order to stay afloat.

    The IG forum is producing mindless drones. They don’t know it yet, and some may never find out. In the meantime.. JedKen sneakily drops his openings for potential sales:

    “I am mildly addicted to oxygen so I made a study of how to get the proper amount of the right stuff and one can get pretty high on that s h i t. That brings me to the question … do you have my breathing tape.”

    Do you have his breathing tape, folks? It is free. Apply for it, and while you are in the process of getting the tape – Kenneth might subtly convince you to engage further, and that will cost.

    The defenders say ‘He did a lot of good for me’. Then they open their mouth explaining what they comprehend now, and it is clear as daylight that they were taken the furthest AWAY from truth, reality and even jeddism. And they still faithfully follow whomever, Ken included. Many come back after a few years of absence. Why?

    Because they are as lost as they have ever been.

    As someone once said “That {the Invisible Guru] forum is a testament to the intellectual capabilities of his readership.” I wish I could speak to that person. They got it right at the time when I was convinced Ken was Jed.

    See… we all are stupid at one time or another.

  2. I paid about 1500 for the Nav Series. The money would have been equally well spent had I burned it all.

    ‘Truth at any cost’, that was probably my mindset at the time. Now this mindset is really stupid when you start applying it to your bank account. I didn’t think much about it back then, but looking back it’s a ridiculous transaction. It takes some proper ‘grooming’ to get someone to spend that amount of money for basically nothing, and even getting thanks in return.

    Luckily I never believed I was gaining any understanding or was becoming clearer on reality. I just got more and more confused. Hoping that it would all eventually lead somewhere, until I just got fed up with all the spiritual talk. I saw that it would only lead to more confusion, or in some cases the delusional belief that they actually were gaining some meaningful understanding.

    I never became too attached to Ken or the books. Enough to spend 1500 euros, not so much that I had to justify the money by becoming a (more) mindless follower. He does get a lot of hooks in, borrowing your terminology, he’s very good at that.

    I still take a look at the site every now and then, with a VPN (I already had one for torrents) as he had blocked my IP as well.
    It amazes me to see some that some people are already a few years on the forum. When will you see???

    1. People don’t realise just HOW MANY people got caught in the scam.

      In my conservative estimate Kenneth has made over half a million dollars by now.

      With me it is pretty clear, but why would he block your IP address? Seems extreme.

      Abd why do people just shrug their shoulders and let these guys walk away scott free?

      1. I didn’t stick to one account on the IG forum. There was a thread made by someone ranting about how the Nav series is a scam. I replied ‘Better ask for a refund.’ This was before I joined the Nav series. That’s when he blocked my IP.

        I can’t remember having any strong gut feelings at the time about doing the Nav series. It was probably masked by the ‘Truth at any cost’-mantra/brainwashing. And like you said, someone drowing will do anything to stay afloat.

        ‘Abd why do people just shrug their shoulders and let these guys walk away scott free?’
        I have no legal knowledge whatsoever, but it seems that I would have no leg to stand on as I willingly gave the money to him. Also, if it wasn’t for you I would have no idea who he is. Of course, there’s other things besides legal action, what sort of things did you have in mind?

        You mentioned a few times you have strong sense of justice (can’t remember exactly how you put it), which is why you started this site.
        I don’t feel the same need to do this, to me it’s not worth the effort necessary.
        Also, it seems people will get duped regardless of sites like this. You did hurt Ken’s business quite a bit. But there are countless others like him.

        1. I think I made some mistakes.
          The amount was around 1200 euros if I remember correctly. It’s a few years ago now, so it’s a little fuzzy.

          Also, the IP block could have been from after I joined the Nav series. It was a very innocuous comment, so it seemed extreme to me too that I received an IP block. Ken wasn’t aware that the account I made the comment with was me, who was doing the Nav Series, as that was done via email.

          1. Dont you like this fuzzy-ness? Keeps me more grounded and awake to whats “happening” now.

          2. I’m not sure what you mean.
            I meant to say that I can’t remember exactly how much I spent on the NS since it’s a long time ago.

          3. My brother bullied me for years and years when I was a kid. He treated me as less than human, and I still feel like that very often, combined with feeling totally helpless. Those feelings can get really intense at times.
            So for me it’s more feeling patterns that I have to deal with.
            Although, underneath that are a lot of beliefs, but those don’t run through my mind much that I’m aware of.

            So I don’t live in ‘reality’ all that much. Or like you put it, I am not grounded and awake to what’s happening now, but I live in my own world pretty much all the time.

          4. Maybe we are all very helpless. That why we take on roles, like father, son, director………Now we can add meaning to our lives and at the same time cover up this feeling of helplessness.

          5. I get what you mean by that.
            But my sense of helplessness is different I think. It is because I stood no chance against my brother at the time since he was a lot stronger than I was. It’s the feeling that I cannot stand up for myself or upset anyone, because if I do I will get my ass kicked, as that is how it was with my brother and I.

            Now I am not making this distinction to make my issue seem more important, it’s just different from what you are talking about.

            That’s actually something I’ve been thinking about. Why do I place so much importance on my emotions and let them control my actions? Even though when I look at my actual reality it doesn’t line up with my emotions at all, they still feel so important.

        2. I am curious why in ANY OTHER circumstance the following would raise red flags:

          1. A Western Union transfer to an unknown address

          2. A man residing in Cambodia who asks for money

          3. Money transfer to an unknown/anonymous name

          4. No confirmation whatsoever who one is dealing with.

          In any other normal circumstance people would consider all of the above highly suspect. I mean… Nigerian scams are less obvious. And yet…. common sense is just not there when it comes to ‘enlightenment’ and a promise of ‘salvation.’

          I am not concerned about countless others. Those others haven’t crossed my path. One cannot deal with others. One can only deal with what they encountered directly. I encountered Jed McKenna books and Jed McKenna impersonator Kenneth McMordie. Others – are irrelevant.

          What I have in mind is to shut down the forum and prevent any other such forums from mushrooming elsewhere. It would be sufficient, no legal action is necessary.

          Ken’s former Canadian acquaintances are telling me it would be nice to see some justice come to the man who also took from them, even if it was decades ago.

          As I said before – people never change. They simply change the costume.

  3. I was in the first group doing the NS. I did not pay 1500 so I guess as there was more interest he also raised the price. Doing the NS didn’t feel right at the time but I did it anyway. I think its been over 3 years now but one lesson I will never forget.


    1. Thank you.

      It is a very good lesson which I also acknowledged. The reason why this website and the information exists is exactly because I followed my instinst.

      What was your gut feeling telling you at the time?

    1. @ guest

      I am curious which name you went under. I remember quite a lot of the old members from 2014. My thread had the highest view count. I wanted to know what kind of human ‘Jed’ was.

      I was so earnest in my communication, even when I wasn’t looking for anything at that stage… what a mug.

      And so all of us mugs deserve a little comeback.

    1. Ah right… you were there from the beginning, right? Then gone and came back, perhaps a year or more later. I’d been gone by then, threads deleted, an occasional comment might be floating somewhere.

      1. Correct, had a couple of emotional burns at the time I was active on the old forum, needed time to implement, came back on the new forum with only a few posts so not an active member.

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