Sidling Up To Jed McKenna?…

or Jed McKenna sidling up?

Go ahead. It is on Amazon. It is not Jed’s. But wait… only 2 stars?? Is that because the Jed crowd has finally wised up to various scams in his name that seem to appear biannually now?

Well, this time the scam (or as some prefer to see it – Jed’s playful dance with Maya) is of Jed’s own making. Just remember.. every time Jed dances – you pay.

Modern Thoreau hey?……. Let’s see….

Henry David Thoreau’s cabin at Walden Pond, Massachusetts:

Replica Of Thoreau Cabin

Jerry Stocking’s ‘cabin’ at Clarkseville, Georgia:

Jerry Stocking House Outside Cropped

Henry David Thoreau’s cabin inside:

Thoreau Cabin Inside

Jerry Stocking’s ‘cabin’ inside:

Jerry Stocking House Inside Cropped

An existential lakeside bubble.

Granted, no yacht or a private jet.

Is this why Jerry needs ‘Master Jed’,

while Jed wants a body double?

There is a boat, OK. Small. I could not resist. And who can resist “a modern day Thoreau” Jerry and his smitten flirtatious encroachments into the Jed psychedelics territory which Jed himself is unwilling to cover in depth? The question of psyching up has been touched upon, but not really developed in our guru’s books. He is not much into drugs, and besides, psychedelics is a political question, and Jed is not a political fella. Well, a little bit. In real life. Not in books. Above all, he is careful not to delve too deep into antiestablishmentarianism.

So other, braver souls are given the torch and the springboard in the form of Jed’s Amazon account in order to sell you the idea of psychedelics as a revolutionary technique for breaking into Truth. True? Together with the email address of Jerry, should you wish to travel in that direction. He will deal you.

Jerry's Email

I wonder how they will split the profits.

Nah. Jerry has so many enlightened thoughts that he needs to peel the eyeballs inside out occasionally, as a release mechanism. It is a choice pastime for some people who just can’t stay away from own minds. And why not? I mean.. some pass their time popping pills or… a bubble wrap? Popping bubble wrap makes for such a satisfying experience, don’t you think? the plop and pop sound! the cushiony feel under one’s fingers! an orgasmic sense of meaningless but safe destruction!!

Only Kärcher steam machinery comes anywhere close.


Not Jed. Repeat this mantra every time an urge to spend some cash on a stupification guide arises in you: “Jerry Stocking is not Jed”. But in all that commotion people fail to notice the fact that Jed has played them once again.

Psychedelic Motive

Sugarman, you’re the answer

that makes my questions disappear.

Sugarman, cos I’m weary

of those double games I hear”.