Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

It has been less then a month since Jed Talks #3 came out. Yet, we have the next proposed title: Jed Talks #4 “Beauty Enough To Stop A War”, to be out by 2021. As mentioned before, Wisefool Press is publishing a book roughly every 1.5 years now. The first trilogy that expressed everything that could have been expressed – is being expanded into a library of expressions.

Of course, it is silly to say things like “I will never….” How many times some of you, for instance, said “I will never read this sodden EM shite ever again”, and yet here you are… reading it again. And why not? Become Arjuna and apply the lessons to your real life. Now we can carefully look around and see if the same strange occurrence takes place in other aspects of our lives. Do we swear something with hot intent and purity of the promise, only to find ourselves abandon it at our earliest convenience?

The time of The Broken New Year Resolution is nearing! This valuable cultural experience teaches that human beings at large are an unreliable and quite untrustworthy sort, subject to the ebb and flow of internal moods and external influences.

Well then… Jed. Something does not feel right about this rushed announcement, folks. Too soon, too.. un-thoughtful… too not like Jed. While he has never been keen on a perfect detail in his tales (think of all the typos, for example), he used to allow himself wide gaps of silence in between public injections.

So what’s happening? It says ‘Book 4 of the Jed talks Trilogy’. Four of Trilogy is an interesting suggestion, if it were ever possible. I guess there is no such word as ‘Fourlogy’, or else Jed didn’t pay attention to what he was writing. How and why is he losing focus?

Jed is hurrying; he is zooming in and out of topics like  the witch’s broomstick over the treetops, and it is not clear why. Something’s up.

Or maybe I am the drama queen. OK, I’d rather be the drama queen; in this particular instance it’s the least of possible evils.


23 thoughts on “Jed Talks #4 And Purity Of The Promise

  1. I do wonder where all the money goes because that website looks like it hasn’t been updated for a decade and the book’s cover looks like it was made in MS Paint.

    Anyway, you could call it a tetralogy now.

      1. I’m not. I am marveling at their clockwork appearance.

        I too wonder where all the money goes. You are correct in noting that the Wisefool Press website hasn’t changed in a decade and looks like a job of one person. Just like the EM, but I have no extra cash to spend on it.

        Also, ‘Jed’ does not seem to live extravagantly. What does he do with it all?

        Unless… it is entirely possible that a figure of ‘well over a million’ books sold – is well overstated.

        I’m just thinking aloud. Jed used to be relatively relaxed about his book writing. In the first decade he produced three books. This decade – six, plus the free editions.

        What can prompt a person to suddenly start writing obsessively?

        1. Might be that it is overstated, but where I live there are even Dutch translations of the books… Which usually only happens when a book is very popular.

          The website does look like a job of one person. For such a ‘big’ company it doesn’t seem to make sense. For not that much money you can already have a very decent looking website…

          They clearly do not have a designer, because they are using outdated fonts. Also That logo looks ancient. Another thing is that it won’t load in Firefox for me, could it be the website doesn’t support the browser? In Opera it works.

          Literally everything about that website looks amateuristic. The whole way it is setup. Another thing is, why does this whole company ONLY focus on Jed? They don’t publish any other author? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jed set it up himself. There is no background on wisefool press whatsoever either. Not even an ‘about us’ thing. And is it me or is there not even a contact form?

          1. “Literally everything about that website looks amateuristic”

            Well, perhaps Jed will listen to us and will invest some money in his franchise.

            Then we can REALLY hope for the birth of a new underground religion. It is not flashy millennial avocado sandwich, but hey! It is the millennial generation who are currently getting caught in jeddism so… way to go.

        2. ”What can prompt a person to suddenly start writing obsessively?”

          What makes you think it was sudden? How do you know he didn’t plan the whole book, knowing that spiritual enlightenment books were hitting popularity? Maybe he just saw an opportunity and is a master manipulator and good writer.

          1. Which could explain his marketing strategy which is acting as if he’s popular to make others buy it… But there is legit no information on any of that besides that crappy/shady website.

          2. “But there is legit no information on any ”

            Correct, there isn’t. Even the distributor/publisher contracts are very basic three page documents.

            The books sell, so who’s really laughing here.. all the way to the bank and with minimum expense.

  2. “Dutch translations of the books… Which usually only happens when a book is very popular”

    The Dutch translations are from Samsara, and that was only because the previous owner who established Samsara was fanatical about spiritual and particularly nonduality subjects. It was a labour of love on his part, and that’s ALL they published: spiritual stuff.

    He is dead now.

    “For such a ‘big’ company”

    Wisefool Press is not big and not even a company in the normal sense. There are no records of its existence anywhere.

    They did have a designer who designed the logo, but that was ages ago. Tastes and design conventions have changed since.

    “Another thing is, why does this whole company ONLY focus on Jed? They don’t publish any other author?”

    Well, that one is easy.

    Because Jed IS Wisefool Press. Not the other way around. Wisefool Press was set up as a vehicle for Jed’s products. Only. It is not a publishing house; it is a self-publishing project.

    Jet caught the self-publishing wave when it had just begun in the end of the 1990s.

    There is a contact email, but one has to look for it. It is also live.

    1. Alright I see. I had such a different impression before, due the fact that I was ignorant of the publishing companies. Thanks for sharing this info, I have a better view now.

      One of my other questions is, if you know how he is, why do you keep his name private?

  3. By ‘sudden’ I mean the publishing marathon of the past six years or so, compared to the previous decade.

    The intent on Jed’s part has changed considerably.

    He did plan the first book absolutely consciously as a business project. If you look for my article “The first proposal” it quotes the whole proposal from Wisefool Press. Use the search form, it will come up.

    1. From Jed”s book “Theory of Everything”, describing writing again after completion of the Trilogy:

      “So now, five years later, I’m surprised to find that my writer sense is tingling again. Or is it? That question actually answers itself. If I’m not sure, then it’s not. I’m not going to embark on a new writing project for any other reason than because I receive clear instruction to do so, and if I’m not sure I have, then I haven’t. I don’t write for my own purposes anymore, as I did with Spiritual Autolysis, so the only reason I would write is because, as described in Warfare, I receive a clear understanding and the support is in place, so that, in effect, it’s not me writing, but a co-creative process in which I play a role and everyone knows their part. I don’t push or pull or steer. I wait for the pieces to appear and then proceed into effortless clarity. That’s not just for writing, that’s for everything. I relax into the larger process. I allow unfolding and flow with subtle currents.”

      1. Well, that’s a shitload of whitewashing on Jed’s part, Sam.

        Does anyone know how much effort goes into writing, and especially writing a book? And especially writing many books?

        In that passage Jed omits all the effort: the research, the cutting out and rearranging, the thinking up of characters and dialogues, the description of the scenes and sequences, the negotiations with editors, the logistics of putting it into print….

        In the same way Jed omits many true realities of everyday living from his books. You’d imagine that his meals arrive at the click of the fingers, his bank account has a neverending supply of cash and he never has sex.

        Oh.. and trains change their tracks to suit his destination.

        He is a bit of a fantasist, our Jed.

        1. Whitewashed Shitload. Pretty interesting visual, that one. 🙂
          Instant meals, endless cash.
          And no sex….. Whoa! Wait just one minute there!
          If there is anything that has stood out cockeyed in all the JMcK Enlightenment books, it’s the virtually total lack of mention of relationships, esp intimate ones. No sex to be found. And esp how the inevitable significant compromises of relationship, if nothing else, do serve to anchor one’s feet on the ground in this reality. They can also keep the emotions riled up, so that the practiced infinitely tranquil serenity mask of ‘enlightenment’ is ripped off the face from time to time.
          So, Jed’s what… celibate? Castrated? Gender questioning? Trans? Got a babe in every port? Lifetime membership at the Amsterdam Red Light District? Runs an escort service on the side?

          1. Your last paragraph made me laugh.. babe in every port.
            Nope. Married to one woman, how about that. However, this of course does not exclude the possibility of either a lifetime membership to the Red Light District or an escort service.

            Or both 😉

            I agree with the trials and tribulations, the lessons most learnt exactly from human relationships. These have the biggest potential to change a person.

            The mask of ‘enlightenment serenity’ only looks good in books or online.

    1. Hi, Robert

      I do think that Jed exaggerated the numbers for his book sales, so money could be the factor.

      And as you know… when we get older the bodies require more and more maintenance.

      That’s the cruel reality.

      1. Indeed. This ole’ body doesn’t quite work like it used to!
        How U B, Tano? I hope all is going well, and life is unfolding kindly. Things are AOK out my way.
        Don’t know what to make of Jed these days. I’ve scanned through a couple of his recent books, courtesy of a friend. As usual, some nice tidbits, a lot of sometimes decent storytelling to keep it mildly interesting, and an increasing amount of rather pointless keyboard riffing. I get the vibe that he’s milking it. Either he’s spending his stash faster than he wisely should, or else he simply needs more $ to keep dem bones from crumblin’. In either case, the ‘milking it’ vibe is quite off-putting to me. He himself said that the first book said it all. The two follow ups were merely color commentary about the first one, and that there’s no need for anything else to be said. So I suppose all the books and articles after the third book exist to explain more thoroughly why nothing more need be said!
        Or something like that…
        Best to you, mi amiga!

        1. Haha! Robert, it is refreshing to hear a voice of seasoned reason. I’m ok, thanks.

          IF Jed continues to write he could at least stop gilding the lilly, but he won’t go further. People tend to find the niche and then stick to it.

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