“Life Goes On, You Don’t” We Say. But You Can’t Hear.

“yes, me ending, and with it everything i experience, or the end of all my perceptions. i think i mentioned this in my past comments. i don’t think the mind can truly imagine it’s absence. it just slips into something seemingly different, like “I’ll be gone, but the life goes on.” said Ze.

Oh the mind can absolutely imagine. The mind can see it with daunting clarity.

I spoke much about death. So did Jed. He speaks of it in EVERY BOOK, including the latest.

“There is no overstating the death part, but you can find courage in your own mortality. Let death be your open ally instead of a hidden enemy”.

“My death is my one true friend. It walks before me in the light, not behind me in the shadows. I am always aware of it so I never forget who and what and where I am”

Jed McKenna

I described this ‘walks before me’ phenomenon years back in my short stint on the Invisible Guru forum:

“It’s a cloud… ever so vague, permeating everything I do or not do, and in it – a sense of inherent meaningless of all my movements through life. This absence of hope is not black in colour, maybe transparent lilac grey, changing shades slightly, I’m accustomed to its never ending presence.

I’m conscious of what I carry within. Sadness, even when I gasp at a joke. And like you said.. “This is not necessarily evident on the surface”.

It feels… empty. It has no voice, for it doesn’t judge or evaluate, it’s just… around. always. It sounds like your Void may be, but there is no despair, no hope, no mood swings, no (un)happiness. Boundless Emptiness.”Tano

Of course Ken, being the perceptive SOB that he is, got instantly that I spoke about death.

People focus on the insignificant trivia in the books, debate the no-self, the meaning of consciousness, the existence of objective reality and all other sorts of unreal alternative ‘realities’.. debate it all till the cows come home, and YET carefully ignore what Jed keeps trying to tell you, you ignorant fucks, and that’s annoying beyond measure.

Why this ignorance? Because this frightens the most: your ‘no-self no–you’ future.

British Cemetery

But perhaps you are right to instinctively avoid this gruesome subject. Once you are in the grip of your deathly friend – your life is essentially over as you know it. You are dead internally, and that’s what happened to Ramana, what happened to Jed, what happened to me, and what happened to those few who do get it. All becomes a joke, all is ash, and from this absolute perspective – sure, nothing exists anymore. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has lost its value. One carries on because the prospect of NOT carrying on is even worse.

Do you even understand the implications? Who in their right mind would want that?

It is also annoying to hear from arrogant youngsters who as of yet to feel the cold embrace, to speak as if they are beyond death, as if the decay of the body and the decline of the mind will never get them. Well, here is the chap who perhaps was ‘you’ in the past, for he said: “In my arrogance, I thought that I could conquer death with logic. But now I know that I only used logic to suppress my fear of death.” He was a philosopher who should (SHOULD) have understood this much earlier. But he only understood it when getting into his 90s. Yeah.. those philosophy PhDs don’t work their magic.

At 13:57 he tells you what he feels about it now that it’s so close; at 97 he had the full right. Look into your future, folks.

All will arrive.

Note: The man is dead now. His work was in the field of mind. He was from California.

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3 thoughts on ““Life Goes On, You Don’t” We Say. But You Can’t Hear.

  1. “Sorry, didn’t realise there was no comment space. Added.”

    No problem, I actually think it would have been a good actualization of the post topic, “no comment.”

    I think I can make it even more dramatic: you will die, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I just want to explain myself a bit: I say the mind cannot really phantom this fact because the mind, the psyche, is not only what the person declares it is, it also contains all the other things one separate the self-image from.
    One time the guy imagines an “afterlife” of no one to suffer consequences, another time he imagines an “afterlife” of lack of the things of life, although there will be no one to suffer this lack.

    Speaking of which, I hope you don’t have many chinese tourists there.

    1. Once the vision has occurred on a pshycho-physical level rather than just the ‘hear-say’ level.. it can spin one into a mind spiral.

      An interesting thing is that approaching REAL (not envisioned) death as and when it is happening – is not scary at all. I figure that’s because at that single moment one has completely given up the fight and allowed whatever is to happen – to happen.

      Loads of Chinese.

      1. “Once the vision has occurred on a pshycho-physical level rather than just the ‘hear-say’ level.. it can spin one into a mind spiral.”

        I don’t see why not, but there has to be some buildup into one’s mind. This kind of visions troubled me for some time and there was nothing I could do about it. But one day I found myself not visited anymore, and now, lingering on that feeling doesn’t do anything to me. Immediate danger is another thing though.

        “An interesting thing is that approaching REAL (not envisioned) death as and when it is happening – is not scary at all…”

        I suppose that if one can keep some composure and not give in totally to fear, it may happen to have a sort of a split in his psyche, one side only watching what happens.

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