The Consciousness Of Little Bo Peeps Of The World

Here below lies nothing that cannot be considered seriously even for a second. A female writes to fake ‘Jed’ Kenneth McMordie with her latest revelations, and you may remember my honest opinion about girls and their thinking abilities. True thinking and girls don’t go together. Not that they can’t.. it is just that they generally don’t, although there are rare exceptions. I may sound up my arse, but I’m saying this as a fair representative of the unthinking girl class in my past life.

Little Bo Peep According to Ken our Little Bo-Peep has (lost and) found her sheep. She has been at it for two years. Convert those into various course fees coupled with exalted levels of guru adoration and voila! She’s just had a little head trip akin to those infamous CC  experiences, and is now convinced it’s the real deal and she has arrived.

Of course, the contents of her gushing reveal the opposite, but she will probably never know. She could live out the rest of her life trying to convince self this is it. It will come with a beatific smile and some spiritual ceremonial garb. I say ‘trying to convince’ because deep down she will remain just as unsatisfied as ever. But one cannot admit to themselves under any circumstance they have failed in their enlightenment quest, right?

I once met one such person in physical life. She was in the firm belief of being enlightened. She ran retreats for ‘instant enlightenment’, whatever that means. She was sincere but totally lost, eaten from within by depression and frequent uninvited tears. She was all over the place, and if not for her husband who was very business-orientated and down to earth, she would have slid down the life’s ladder pretty fast.

That Ken is callously feeding his feverish intensity in exchange for cash – is expected. It is entirely in his interests to promote any unusual experience as special. It makes him look the grand deliverer of the promise… it makes him Jed McKenna in the eyes of those who don’t know he is not, and who have no capacity to see clearly that he cannot be.

Note how Bo Peep refers to the apple tree analogy, from the real Jed’s latest boon to humanity. She is convinced she is talking to the real deal. Haha! again, talking from experience, gives me a big wide grin to think back to my own idiocy.

But. Neti Neti, ‘not it’. This below has NEVER been ‘it’, regardless of how amazing the trip may be, which can just as easily be achieved through drugs (and why to me psychedelics are another form of self-deceit, a form of clouding one’s mind).

The real ‘Jed McKenna’ remains silent. His own intellectual and financial capital is not diminished by a few small time crooks here and there, so who cares, right? These baby boomers.. they’ve had it so easy. Why would they give a shit about anyone.

I know that I personally couldn’t stand by and watch how people part with money in exchange for a lie, all done in my name. And money is nothing compared to the crushing sense of betrayal if and when these folks find out they were being duped and taken advantage of in the most unscrupulous manner.

By a fellow human being and in the most intimate part of their lives – their inner world.

Here is something I have learnt about suffering… those who suffered – will go two ways: they either develop a great hatred for the world and desire to punish it in some way for all the wrongs done to them… or they gain compassion as they once walked wearing the same painful shoes.

Either way – they are NOT indifferent because they know the cost of pain.

Meanwhile… our Jed is standing by and studiously picking the lint off his dark overcoat,  impenetrable in his indifference. Well then… fuck you, Jed McKenna. You do not deserve consideration as you yourself have none.

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Ken McMordie Mar 2015 Sville

Dear Forum/Series Member:

I recieved [sic] the following email this morning and promptly obtained permission to share it. The student has really struggled with his/her studies and as for her success, well, I would evaluate it as average. However, as for her dedication and hard work, I would place them high on whatever scale I am making up here. He/She has worked with me for something like two years (I don’t keep good track of these things) and has always taken my suggestions to heart. I should also add that our communications never smacked of any drama or histrionics, he/she is a professional and practical person.

I want to point out is that the type of experience described in the email almost always just pops out and frequently when a student is frustrated with their journey and ready to give up. Patience and persistence in the presence of doldrums is very important.

So, have a read and comment as you see fit. I might add that he/she is not a native Enlgish speaker, and I take this is additional proof of their determination. Very much appreciated and respected on my end.

Much love to all and best wishes for your good health in our next little dreamventure. Jed.

Dear Jed,

Mr. Apple Tree, Mr.Infinity, Mr. God, Mr, Consciousness, my dear guru ( whatever name please you will work) 😄
You are such a genius… oh boy…. here is my report…. last night…. emmm, there is no last night… but well… I can say it anyway…

Last night, when I was doing the contemplation.. it happened… it�s the continuous experience of my last one… I was expanding… over the body… over everything… until the expansion reached all places… OMG… I am everywhere… I am nowhere…. so full and so empty can be at the same time…. time? There is no time…. I am the space between atoms… no atoms… zillions and zillions little dots flashes (appears and disappears) to make different images… stories… they are ghosts… but I am the pure light… I was trying so hard to find the very location in the body… haha… there is no body… I am in everyone�s body… there is no everyone… everyone is just appearing in me… I can�t go anywhere… I am all… how come I couldn�t see it before? But this I is not that me… no me… wired… when I say no me… it seems I mean no clouds… no table cloth… me is not me at all… it just sounds like me… lol… I am crazy….😂😂🤣

Haha… I tried to imagine how it will be… but…it�s not what I thought at all… but it�s the only way to be… sorry for my report…. I laughed so hard… I am not quite recovered from this shock yet… I will write detailed report to you later… to report the detailed progress..
Lol…. but I still love you… haha… I don�t see how this can be changed at all… you are the best….

Always love you,

(Jed here: I trust this provides a little encouragement and perhaps justify, if needed, my extensive use of the word ”further”… it always applies. The student does adore me, but that is definitely not the point. He/She did exaclty what I suggested and got the result that I suggested she would.)

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A little encouragement got the result he says… what’s the result again?

Rippy The Razor

8 thoughts on “The Consciousness Of Little Bo Peeps Of The World

  1. Good morning! First: You missed the point in your comment about psychedelics; your way off in how effective they are at healing trauma- you might try them. Second: The message you are sending out is the same as it was a year ago, when I engaged you in your blog: You have a grievance with the real Jed because he will do nothing about the fake Jed, but you do nothing genuinely assertive to expose him even though you have the intelligence and resources to easily dismantle him publicly. You could say your blog is that, but your blog is obscure in comparison to what you could do. I know all your reasons- as you shared them then. My guess is that it serves some sense of victim hood you still nurture, and the whole Jed narrative feeds that. I could be wrong. When I think of you as the blog author and an awake human being, I think of a person who is stuck, emotionally as well as physically (in Vietnam- if you are still there.) You’re isolated. I moved to New Mexico; of all the places on Earth, it seems to have the best energy and people. Why not move here and lighten your load (break your isolation), heal, and finish your adventure; be with good and grounded, heart centered people. There are some not so grounded folks here too, but their trying. You could have a positive influence on the people here struggling to find their way. Just an idea. Peace. Mark

    1. Hi Mark. A beautiful interjection.

      “your way off in how effective they are at healing trauma- you might try them.”
      “My guess is that it serves some sense of victim hood you still nurture, and the whole Jed narrative feeds that.”

      No. There are other ways of healing trauma if one needs to. I was a victim, and so were most people I met in my life, some to appalling degrees. You too are a victim. But no one is nursing this, it is simply a cold clear fact and in no way connected to Jed McKenna.
      I don’t know why occasionally someone will come and attempt to look for hidden dramatic reasons to this site’s existence. There really are none, other than it’s bad enough that lies come for free, but I don’t appreciate when lies are sold as truth.

      “your blog is obscure in comparison to what you could do.’

      Sure. Let’s discuss this.

      I could make this into a money spinning machine, just need a business plan. I could make waves in the ‘spiritual’ community to start with, then slot into teaching. I could become a new Messiah.

      What do you think the basis for my Messiah-dom should be? Each one had something going for them…

      .. like Jesus was all into fatherhood and kingdoms, and had a touch of a masochist in him….

      .. and Jed is all about fire and brimstones and taking the piss out of every living thing, or he would dearly love to, but has to hold his tongue….

      .. and Niz was about devotional gatherings in his front room, smoking a few beedies and getting impatient with those who didn’t get it right away…

      so I was thinking…. I need a selling point.

      …. my inflexible character and my rigid adherence to The Principle!! Ha! Where else can one get this idiocy?? I am SO DIFFERENT from this terrible lying human scum, aren’t I? Can you see the halo? Feel the blue rays? See the purple fog coming over my patch of Ministry?

      I will roll into New Mexico, but I’d have to start charging for the wisdom.. let’s say a dollar a sentence. I’d need to recoup the cost of the plane ticket you see…

      Is that an acceptable spiritual rate?

      Together we’ll make it a new Sedona, only better (is Bentinho back yet? we can take over his spot!).

      “I know all your reasons- as you shared them then.”

      Well, seriously.. no one seems to believe that I actually do require as close a confirmation as possible before I could even mention anything. However, I did share the name with one person to begin with.

      Mark, in one of his books (don’t remember which) Jed quips something on the lines of “I prefer to live in close proximity to people, but not too close”. I happen to feel exactly the same way. For this reason I really appreciated automatic checkouts back in England when they first appeared. Imagine that.. one can do their shopping without uttering a single word to anyone!! How great is that?

      Isolation is good, even though I am not really isolated, not in a hermit sense (that would be great, but I can’t hunt and never used a gun). Why on earth would I want a community of pretenders who think they are following some special path?

      Expats in this part of the world are cunts, and some are fucked, and some are true scum, and some are ruined by lifestyles, a need for drugs, sex and danger. BUT. None of them pretend that life is not what life is. Few wear the illusion goggles, and most know who they are, and are not.

      I appreciate this twisted honesty.

      Oh and also I am bored. Jed writes his books and earns a living; he is bored. I write here for the same reason: I have no life in the way you people understand life. It’s gone.

      I am not at all joking when I say life ends once a few things come into conscious awareness.

      “I moved to New Mexico; of all the places on Earth, it seems to have the best energy and people.”

      Give it a few months/years.

      Anyway.. it was a good laugh. Thanks, appreciated.

      1. Haha! am just thinking what sort of a dramatic psychoanalytical catch could our three mentioned guys deliver..

        OK. Jesus.. hmm.. father issues. His father must have been a distant figure who didn’t acknowledge that he loved his son. Jesus was starving for fatherly love, hence his speeches of his father’s kingdom and the message of love. He also comes across quite submissive to authority.

        Jed, on the other hand.. well, Jed also had father issues, but of a different kind. His father was a traditionalist you see.. and our Jed had NEVER been into following convention. I envision clashes between the two, or perhaps, Jed’s hidden resentment at his father’s lack of revolutionary spirit. So he splashed it all in his books.

        Niz… hmm… traditions run strong in the indoctrinated Indian society, and Niz was no exception. His father was very religious, died young and left the boy with the void. Never mind, Niz found a guru, attached himself firmly and followed him until the guy popped the clogs. He then continued to preside as a fatherly figure himself in those meetings.

        There we go.. from the psycho (!) analysis all three had father issues!!


      2. You are ridiculous to try to engage. You have clever witty answers to direct challenges that spin grandiose narratives that lead nowhere. You’re so far above us lowly humans, down here just scrapping along in this relative world of illusion. LMAO! You misquoted me and didn’t even answer my challenge in a way that made any sense- it’s not about you and bringing attention to you. You could easily expose Mcmordie clandestinely, but I think you’d lose your blog content and focus. You wouldn’t have anything left to complain and bitch about either. I’d say more but I’d be hitting the same wall as before.You just need to grow up- out of- your egotistical form of enlightenment.
        Please do me a favor and ban me from your blog. I’m tired of getting your email notifications.

        1. Oh you are the flippant type.. OK. Your New Mexico suggestion was conditional on us merging the perspectives, is that right? And when I said I am not interested.. you turned the tables and stopped being so polite. Can you see how childish this is?

          Mark, I am not above anyone. But I stay away from exactly the kind of reactions you hsve just displayed. And why New Mexico would prove something along similar lines.

          “Please do me a favor and ban me from your blog. I’m tired of getting your email notifications.”

          There is a very visible ‘unsubscribe’ link in every notification e-mail. Press it. Let it do its magic 😊

          P.S. What do you mean by ‘expose Mcmordie clandestinely’? I have given his name and the story, unless Jed supports the closing of the forum, Kenneth will go on till his death.

    1. Have you calmed down now, Mark?

      You saw something personal in my response, hence your reaction. There was none.

      I simply found the thought of me in New Mexico in the role of a helper cum teacher – funny. If you flip here.. imagine the real life reactions. Why do you think Jed stays away from everyone?

      I appreciated the thought however, thanks.

      Be well.

  2. “I want to point out is that the type of experience described in the email almost always just pops out and frequently when a student is frustrated with their journey and ready to give up. Patience and persistence in the presence of doldrums is very important.”

    I love how round this is, how it brings one back.

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