Whose Trojan Package At Your Door? A Switch To Reality

Let’s change the focus a little bit.

There is a tendency among people to complain about the ruthless power of the few. We all like to put the world to rights in private conversations, but few pause to think just how much they had contributed to the power acquisition process.

Here is one example. When was the last time you ordered something on Amazon? Mine was exactly.. let me see… around the year 2001. My first order was in 1998. Yep, a few books. They were cheap as chips, arrived neatly packed in one box and on time; the whole experience was trouble-free. Amazon then was no more than an online book store. I remember its basic, but easy to navigate website layout and a massive choice of books, including the most recent publications.

A couple of years later I bought a few more items, mostly some electronic stuff, again all easy experiences. Then I stopped. I never bought anything on Amazon ever again. I have no idea why. But perhaps, it was the same inner sense of ‘something isn’t right here’ when I first saw the concept of Facebook in 2006. No little me on Facebook either, and who cares, correct?

Amazon_Cloud Well, perhaps you should. Enter 2020 when Amazon not only dominates the online commercial real estate, but is a serious player in space race, cloud computing (three times the market share that of all other big  players) and soon – politics and legislature. An integration of Alexa was nightmarish to begin with. Now Amazon is hosting cloud computing for countless companies, big and small. In other words – it functionally owns them. It is turning itself into something indispensable, a fully operational global network that has a controlling stake in many vital industries and activities.

There was this movie I saw a long time ago. It was about the future world where everything on earth was controlled by one satellite company that positioned itself in space, away from the actual planet; omnipotent and ominous in its total reach, but unreachable itself.

It’s becoming a reality. Jeff Bezos is planning the first livable pods around the planet, like space colonies. Think of the potential to dominate there. Should you not comply, one turn of the switch – and you are out of oxygen. Care to protest now, little pumpkin? After all, Amazon did something metaphorically similar with book publishers and other undesirables who dared to voice an opinion about Amazon business practices.

These are not ideas of a faceless corporate entity. These are ideas and ideals of one man who speaks softly and carries a big stick. But who gave Jeff Bezos unprecedented in human history wealth and, let’s face it, by now – the power that can rival any government?

YOU. By making a mindless choice to support the platform that is essentially as exploitative as the Chinese sweat shops. You have enabled it, without thinking how those speedy deliveries happen, what it costs for them to arrive at your door, how low prices are kept low.. oh well. Amazon warehouses are described as ‘existential shitholes’.

AMAZON Warehouse Entrance

Kinda close to the subject of this website which is – REALITY.

What does it have to do with Reality and enlightenment? Everything. This IS Reality, not the stale discussions on what awareness is. THIS is awareness of your world. And I’m punching the hole in the awareness levels, driven by personal incredulity at our collective lack of foresight and our eager acceptance of the Trojan gifts, as long as they come cheaply packaged and delivered.

Do with it as you wish.



The documentary below is well worth watching.

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11 thoughts on “Whose Trojan Package At Your Door? A Switch To Reality

  1. OMFG. Watch this docu.

    Then, someone please remind me, “Why does humanity deserve to live?”

    1. Thanks for sharing.

      I feel like this world is.. absolutely insane.
      [quote from one of the filmmakers]

      I feel the same as him.

      Why does humanity deserve to live?

      Wrong question to ask in my opinion. There’s no question of deserving to live, Noboby deserves to live, or does not deserve it, we just do.

  2. Then I stopped. I never bought anything on Amazon ever again. I have no idea why.

    So whenever you wanted to order something online after that, you decided each time to choose another webshop? The ease of use of Amazon and the vast amount of options, you would surely have come across their site on a couple of occasions as the first option to buy something. Why opt for a different webshop, simply because of that ‘inner sense’?

    it was the same inner sense of ‘something isn’t right here’

    Do you mean instinct? You told j( recently that his gut is closer to his groin (than his brain (my addition)). This seem at first glance like an obvious contradiction. What’s the deeper layer here?

    refuse to do what others want you to do, be it a choice of a movie or an activity or simply of a reaction others are expecting from you.
    [recent reply from you, to me]

    That last bit – a reaction others are expecting [of me] – I do that a lot I’m noticing now. I am overly friendly to people of whom I know that they don’t care about me, and whom I don’t care about if I’m being honest. There are very few people I actually like talking to, or have any interest in getting to know better.

    1. An instinct capacity has been millions of years in development, i,e, the body registers things in its immediate environment much faster than the human mind does. The mind needs time to contemplate, the body makes a split second decision to move out of the way of the rolling boulder.

      By the same token a sexual call is closer to instinct in its nature. Hence, the gut and the groin in tandem as opposed to the mind which is more of a human faculty and not so much an animal feature.

      We humans are still evolutionary babies.

      Regarding friendliness.. it is (again) an instinctive reaction, in order to keep peace in a pack. Observe that wolves approach pack members with the same reverence. It is a necessity in a communal living.

      I don’t know why I ignored Amazon’s existence, but then the same goes for all big consumer orientated networks: Facebook et al, Netflix et al, Grab et al, Whatsapp et al and so on.

      This is not to say that one can avoid ALL of them. I use Microsoft (Cortana disabled at registry level), Google only to the minimum, with a faceless account in order to have access to the phone updates. I tried to go without, and it is possible, but the headaches of keeping all the applications up to date are not worth it. I use Duck Duck Go for general search.

  3. Halfway through the documentary by the way, wow. This goofy guy – in the interviews from the early days – who is actually an incredibly smart and ruthless businessman.

    1. Not ruthless to be ruthless, but because he is very very determined in his goals, and being ruthless is incidental to that. That’s my take so far.

  4. I respect and support your view .. the choices we make now will have long term consequences

    But we don’t have a crystal ball .. the short term consequences are more easy to know

    Amazon is a giant that needs dismantling but getting it to pay its corporate taxes in individual countries would be a better start

    And of course Amazon is an aggregate based model so it’s collecting commission on purchases made via its website much of its advertised products and books still come from many small business and individual authors who need that income stream to survive, so it’s not so simple in the immediate to not mess with small operations trying to create a living ..

    Where possible we should seek out the product or book from the websites directly bypassing Amazon and the other Aggregate models like Zhivago Hotel. Com and all the flight sites ..

    Calling a hotel direct or using their website gets you a much better room rate.. it just takes effort because google won’t show that website in the first page..

    Jed’s real wealth intially came by controlling his own publishing and taking the full amount, no commissions to Amazon

    Of course that’s now changed because to survive you have to grow and Amazon exposeure increases his opportunity a thousand fold

    What’s lost in commission is made up in sale volumes

    At the end of the day self interest will trump the collective good .. sadly

    In my new age days in the 1990’s doing seminars with the# five alive tribe ( anyone here know them?)

    One of the first things was check under your kitchen sink that’s were awareness starts and personal integrity begins..

    1. The decisions on the future of Amazon have to be political now, even though politics and businesses dance in the same room, so not so easy.

      My point was that we, ordinary people, have created the monster.

      What is more.. the nightmare will continue. It is easy to say ‘Just switch off your phone’. In reality these technologies are now pushed upon us when it becomes impossible to go without: you will not have a job, will not get paid, will not be able to do your job if you have one. All of which affects the livelihood.

      And who provides the tech? It is another form of slavery: the technological form that puts everyone in easy reach of the tech companies.

      We are all collectively the mark now, and this is not a conspiracy theory (I hate conspiracy theories).

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