How’s Your Corona?

These are beautiful times.

I don’t know about you guys, but most people I spoke to (expats) are excited. Their eyes sparkle, there is suddenly a spring in the step and smiles around. This comes despite inability to travel back home, despite losing jobs, despite being stuck in other countries with no way of coming over, despite having to change work practices, despite cancelled journeys and loss of money, not to mention the fact that SE Asia medical services are sketchy at best and downright dangerous to your health – at worst.

But I am like the  McDonald’s. I’m loving it, this corona kick in the ass.

I had a flu once, a long time ago. For those who have never had one – there is no question of distinguishing between flu and a cold.. you will know the difference. I swam in own sweat and headaches and breaking bones for ten days, with an occasional aspirin to knock down the temperature and mostly out of it completely, unaware of any movement around. It locks one into the world of their own, and those ten days are completely lost to me. Just like now – there was no medication for the flu, and thanks god I didn’t develop pneumonia; viral pneumonia is dangerous alright. No one traced my prior whereabouts, and there were no lock-downs.

So why the hell are we excited? Because it breaks down the drudgery of human existence, that’s why. It makes one feel alive, on the edge and with the anticipation of the unknown… which of course is not everyone’s cup of tea, but boy! those away from their places of birth – do understand the excitement. The precipitous abruptness of life seeps into one’s consciousness real fast; one buckles up in anticipation of the twists and turns of the ride ahead.


Developed societies unfortunately lack the right balance of order and chaos, something our ancestors were very familiar with.How_To_Catch_An_Australian

So I spent 200 bucks extra on food, the kind I usually don’t buy, but would eat anyway, and some medication. No toilet paper, we use bum guns, much more hygienic. And should we lose water supply.. go commando and wipe your ass with jungle leaves. I also watched a couple of post apocalyptic movies, just to get in the mood as this great painting of the world pandemic is unfolding right before my eyes. It feels so fucking good I have no words to describe it!

Are we gonna die? Some will, most won’t. Will it affect the future of humanity? For a period of time, after which the majority will go back to the comfy snooze. It may rearrange some vital human systems, such as distribution chains, education platforms and medical provision. It may teach world economies not to place all eggs into one basket and to learn to diversify. But overall this is a tiny blip in the course of the human history, in the same way the Spanish flu was, regardless of the countless personal tragedies behind it.

The Bezoses of the world will profit no matter what, just as Jeff is doing now.

Here is the time to take a much broader look at humanity and at own place in this world. Are you a contributor to or a destroyer of the worlds? Now is the time to understand and embrace own mortality. Can you die in full acceptance RIGHT NOW, and are your earthly affairs in order so that you could check out peacefully? Now is the time to see clearly that a sneeze in one part of the globe will return a hundred coughs in other parts.

Now is the time to truly evaluate the meaning of the word ‘interconnected’. It is not a pretty New Age term, but Reality, sometimes severe.

You matter to yourself, so take care of the one and only, and of all those whose existence in this world brightens your own. They are once be and gone, just like you.

There used to be street parties during Black Death. There was no cure, and most died after contracting plague, so what was one to do with that kind of prospect? But we are not in that same space.

Take care, stay safe, have a party.


18 thoughts on “How’s Your Corona?

  1. The boys in America are bunkering up, 3 hour wait for firearms and ammo. Let the games begin. Lol

    1. Interesting, right?

      On one hand, there are acts of individuals who leave massive tips to resto owners and postpone rent collections for now… on the other hand, population is weaponizing in haste. Both groups inhabit the same land.

      Survival of the fittest is suddenly getting a human translation.

      I once watched a group of bisons being trailed by a pack of wolves. There was a lone deer who realised the danger and was trying to blend in among the bisons. It got separated from its herd, was much smaller in size and so more vulnerable to the wolf attack.

      What do you folks think the bisons did, considering they were horned bovines of massive size perfectly equipped to chase away any wolf?

    2. I own 3 firearms and well over 1000 rounds for each. I don’t pack as im rather physical in stature and am not a fearful person. But the motivation is based more on a feeling of safety should someone attempt to loot our home or harm my family. My wife knows how to fire, disassemble and clean each one of them. They are locked away in a safe. Some day I will teach both my son and daughter how to handle them as well. We dont go looking for trouble but if someone were to come to us looking for it, they could certainly get some here if they so choose.

      I would say this is fairly standard practice for most Americans and especially those with families. Those of us who are already stocked up on ammo buy it like we buy milk. We dont rush out when there is a cold spreading around and decide to buy a gun.

      I forgot to mention that i sell firearms as well. We’ve had our national gun check system go down completely over the last several days due to the demand. Ive sold ARs to 60-70 year olds the past few weeks to go along with baskets of ammo. Unfortunately to too many people who probably don’t have a clue what they are doing with them other than providing themselves the peace of mind that they could defend themselves if they had to. My personal take is that those who are out rushing to get firearms right now are precisely the people you don’t want to have them. The irrational types. But then again this whole thing has been saturated with irrationality in every aslect and the response to what is basically a cold has been nothing short of a human drama spectacle to behold.

      1. Ive long thought the human race needed a wake up call but id say this has had the opposite effect in a sense leading to more panic and mass hysteria rather than any sort of focused awareness or understanding, learning ect.

        1. I guess some people are able to take this time to observe and learn. I guess Trump is thinking about shutting down all businesses here for 2 weeks and its already begun in major cities. Lots of people are freaking out and im just looking forward to the down time. We are sitting good but thats a product of daily mindfulness to the things that matter. Not some sort of knee jerk reaction.

      2. What are you.. mission impossible?

        Gun ownership is a contentious issue, and I happen to come from a country that outlaws private gun ownership.

        For good reason. And if the Mad Max scenario materialises.. the civilians will find a way to get hold of weapons anyway. Most guns of the world are not in the hands of the millitary, but in the civilian hands. It’s a fact.

        Statistically, very few people manage to use own weapon against assailants; no one sleeps with the gun on their chest or carries it permanently around ‘just in case’. Which defeats the aim of gun ownership: self protection.

        A false sense of being in control.

        1. Its a very real sense of control tano. Just ask you government, armed, how they will enforce their outlawing of private gun ownership. Sounds scary.

          Furthermore, people dont fuck around here in the West. Precisely because we are ALL armed.

          1. Your much less likely to fuck with someone if they can defend themselves. When everyone can? When you grow up with guns and everyone you know has them, its not a big deal. Its when you live in a country that lords them over you and outlaws them so only the criminals can aquire them that you have a problem.

          2. I don’t want to enter into a debate, Jay. Just consider the stats on violent gun crime country to country and look for correlation with the gun ownership laws.

          3. No debate dear. Just a matter of preference. I prefer to be able to defend my family should some grown men want to harm us rather than just sit there helplessly watching…I know my wife appreciates that. If thats not important to men in other countries or different cultures then thats their business.

          4. ‘Dear’ hey… In the UK this is often addressed to old folks seen as helpless, clueless, not quite right in their head fossils. Especially females.

          5. I don’t know what you mean. I was talking about England, which IS considered the West. England has the same gun ownership laws as Japan, i.e. outlawed.

            No one is armed in the UK, including the police, and frankly.. I prefer it that way. It means in everyday life I don’t risk a bullet in my ass if the officer mistook my hand movement for a gun, or an irrate fellow citizen wants that parking space or.. whatever. It is easier to nurse a smashed jaw me thinks than a gun wound.

  2. JR writes a good article today. Similar to yours, it’s a creative yearning for aliveness.
    Expats here in EC are clearly and rapidly dividing into 2 camps: sufferingly pretentious authority bootlickers and brazenly aware freedom-loving hotheads. Perhaps there’s a third camp of hunkered-down cave dwellers that no one knows anything about anyway.
    Things aren’t anywhere near critical at the moment, but of course that tipping point can arrive without warning. Immediate and extended family cohesion is far stronger here than back in the USA, so that’ll maintain a fair amount of sanity. On the other hand, EC has been through some rough times within living memory of all Ecuadorians, which has resulted in a weird passive obedience to authority whilst also being ready to block highways and throw a party (riot) at a moment’s notice.
    So, who knows? If everyone can be kept fed and entertained via internet, it all may fizzle in a week or two.

    1. “JR writes a good article today. Similar to yours, it’s a creative yearning for aliveness.”

      I beg to differ. I looked through, he sounds crazy, as in ‘conspiracy theory’ crazy, in the same bathtub as that ex footie commentator David Icke and his lizards.

      The virus is new. Humanity had no experience of it and has no natural immunity. This has to be taken into account when responding, so the amount of hysteria is absolutely understandable.

      If half the American population dies out – people will blame the government for not doing its job. If the government (in this case he mentions CDC) reckons strict controls – people will blame the government for creating paranoia.

      Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.
      This is not a healthy attitude at all.

      Placing churches at the forefront of some truth telling resistance is naive.

      He says in his services sales pitch:

      “Personal consulting—the purpose of this work is expanding the scope, range, and power of imagination.”

      Yep. Much to imagine. A co-creator of personal illusions.

      As for the mindset of Ecuadorians.. same here. I guess all third world nations have been suffering so much trauma at the hands of their barely legal overlords that psychological response is pretty much the same across the board.

      1. From the sound of your post, there is a lot that you do not know, and need to understand from the scientific/medical POV about this ‘pandemic’. There are SO MANY logical, scientific and practical common sense holes in the conventional narrative that it’s laughable, though the laughter is beginning to give way to irritation. There is SO MUCH bogus BS flying around, swallowed whole, as your reply demonstrates.

        Creative thinkers (aka conspiracy theorists) are often correct, if not largely so. If you feel justified or politically correct in blanket disparaging them, you are woefully underinformed. Frankly I’m surprised at you. If anyone buys the official narrative, statistics and whatnot, they are either purposefully complicit or incredibly naive… at best medically and scientifically illiterate (which is understandable). That is why MEDICAL martial law is the authoritarian’s first choice of cover stories – hardly anyone will challenge it, and most everyone will gladly defer to said ‘authorities’.

        The whole concept of government and govt authority is absurd on its face, so I don’t give a hoot what people think or feel about what govt does or does not do. It’s simply a Daddy complex that immature people cling to.

        JR’s article this morning is meant to be an allegory. He’s completely non-religious; merely using that shtick to get his point across. People need an outlet where they can feel accepted enough and connected enough to allow themselves to shout out their sense of spiritual connection, to feel it and show it unashamedly. It’s part of maintaining workable sanity. Every tribe of humans has understood this and done so for millennia. Modern life/modern attitude/scientific/rational/logical thinking serves to disconnect people from their spiritual outlets and squelch any other outlets that pop up. As long as authoritarians can keep their ‘subjects’ feeling disconnected from each other and their Source, then the illusion of the authoritarians’ faux rule and power continues. That’s his point.

        What’s with your need to dis everyone’s ability to creatively imagine? That’s what gives life joy, excitement and passion. You’d rather everyone nihilistically slosh around in muck of despair about ‘the stark reality’ you imagine to be solely true? Seems you are stuck down deep in your own rabbit hole.

  3. Personally, I kind of enjoy it. I like the empty streets, the reduced traffic, less people at work, empty supermarkets.
    I don’t know if excited is the right word, maybe nervous is more likely to describe it.
    They smile more in order to befriend a potential help or enemy.
    This epidemic acts like the glue of any movement of the masses. We are brothers reunited…
    Until we find ourselves running for the same food, or someone is coughing!
    I’ve seen people fighting over cornmeal, they were carrying tens of kilos, for what purpose other than profiteering.

    1. Empty streets are great!

      Here the stupid wailing KTVs (read: whore houses masking as karaoke centres) stopped the nonsense of pounding music late into the night irrespective of the hour.

      Traffic is much better. There is less chance of being run over by a 4×4 that will never stop and may even turn around and run over you one more time, just to make sure you are dead and there are no expensive costs in order to maintain your broken body for years. Cost effective considerations.

      The air quality has improved.

      Kids are all at home.

      Supermarkets are OK for now as general population cannot afford most produce in there, and the rich are well stocked already. But this should change as both Vietnam and Thailand have closed borders, and they supply all the goods.

      If one leaves the country – they cannot come back. But the Chinese can no probs. Money you see. Money talks.

      “Until we find ourselves running for the same food, or someone is coughing!”

      Happening in England already, from fresh home reports. People grab the last remaining package of whatever simultaneously and begin the tug of war.

      Fun times all around.

  4. What’s with your need to dis everyone’s ability to creatively imagine? “

    How are conspiracy theories – creative? What exactly do they create except unfounded gossipy suggestions of improbable scenarios?

    I noticed that conspiracy theorists are almost always white middle aged males with a certain disappointment about the world; this is the way the disappointment expresses itself, but they fail to see the reasons why they have such an interest in conspiracies.

    Of course I could be accused of the same sans conspiracies. Oh wait… it has already happened, see below

    You’d rather everyone nihilistically slosh around in muck of despair about ‘the stark reality’ you imagine to be solely true? Seems you are stuck down deep in your own rabbit hole.”

    As always, when I express disagreement – it becomes personal with people: stuck, rabbit holes and the rest of it. You, you, you etc. And Robert.. I was waiting for us to disagree. There is a profound disconnect in the way we perceive the world so it was inevitable. I got it from that therapies link you once left here.

    I am a realist first. That does not mean I lack imagination, quite the opposite, but I prefer to use it constructively, i.e. when creating something. Conspiracies are nothing but imaginative elevated gossip. There is no creation behind them.

    So…use your imagination combined with thinking about everything you know about the human condition… Imagine that absolutely all governments of the world disappeared. No governments remain.

    What will people do? What do you envision would happen?

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