Kenneth McMordie And Jed McKenna Personal Artifacts

When I first began to publish information on both Ken and Jed, many folks were convinced I was imagining things at best or was bat-shit crazy at worst. They questioned the ‘guitar dude’, the validity of the name, whether the younger Ken was the older Ken, and those two were the same Ken McMordie from Canada

I’m sure those on the IG forum – still do, or else why would anyone embrace the con jobber? How lonely does one really feel if they are prepared to talk to the ‘wise’ fraudster just because the fraudster is prepared to listen to their pathetic ruminations? But I was neither crazy nor imaginatively inclined. I simply held back and am still holding back the details about the main participants of this Jed McKenna saga.

Recently Kenneth got quite lively on his Invisible Guru forum, sending the impostor rants to the unaware a few times a week. Unusual, which of course ramps up the interest and scaffolds the story of him as Jed McKenna. The posts are mostly long, rambling and about not much in particular. Certainly, not much truth. Why the frenzy of activity?

It is a well-known fact among celebrities that fewer mentions of one’s name in the press result in the public forgetting you exist or even losing the interest all together. And with this memory loss disappear all the perks of being a celeb: product endorsements, brand building, lucrative movie/fashion/book deal/business offers etc. etc, but in short – the loss of potential revenue.

Kenneth cannot let his student revenue to walk away in the hour of his need when their minds are preoccupied with the virus induced drama.

One thing stood out.

*quote* …a book club to reduce gratutois sex.


That was odd from any angle.

I thought it would be a good idea to present some proof as to the name. Do not ask how I got it, but I’ve had it for a number of years now, and there is a good story attached to the artifact and the date when the passport was issued. The passport number has been blanked out as per WordPress rules.



Phew!!! The more I learn about these two guys – the more I lose all hope for humanity if these two are humanity’s much ADMIRED and FOLLOWED representatives. One can envision a  worse situation of course. People admire and follow Mr. Trump, for instance.

But at least Mr. Trump plunders under own name.

Where was I? Oh yes, Jed. He too got quite vocal in the past four months or so and less cautious I would say. He is also moving in the direction I had predicted some months back: a book on manifestation; one can see the seed in the making.

They all get to this manifestation fraud eventually. ALL. People want practical tangible results: good looking pussy/dick for a partner, tons of money, health and all that stuff. What’s the point of just promising the enlightenment dust if it ain’t got the tangibly tasty bits? Jed will provide, just like the rest before him did. Just.. do a search on Amazon for the manuals on happy.

Here Jed is, still harping on about the loss of the truck and what he calls his better half (‘co-creative universe’) taking care of everything. His better half (aka wife, the co-creative aspect of the universe which Jed cannot handle on his own.. not the wife. The universe.) has always taken care of the practical shit above and over ‘Jed’s’ head. She’s been the model for his supportive but feisty female characters.

Let them women deal with the life shit  and let us creative men dream up and tell/sell stories… so that our women could deal with the life shit better and could take practical care of our less mature needs (and money helps to deal with the shit ya know. No seriously. It does).

Here’s ‘Jed’s former bedroom, shared with the better half obviously. As I said.. the man couldn’t live alone  even if the only choice of a companion was pit vipers.

The integrated co-creative state. Got it?


You like?

See… ‘Jed’ is not adventurous enough to stray too far from his American Mid-West roots. Each to their own I guess. Now you can accuse me of faking the photo above. And yet it’s not a fake, and there’s more.

Jed also mentions his Pink Floyd CDs. Whoa, next thing he’d say he loves Radiohead, and then we’ll have at least two things in common. Well, besides motorbikes. And besides being ‘enlightened’.

I hope he doesn’t like Radiohead. I’d  feel an obligation to shut down this patch of virtual real estate as it would be entirely unethical to snitch on a Floyd/Head brother, don’t you think?

Gawd, I’m bored again now.

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7 thoughts on “Kenneth McMordie And Jed McKenna Personal Artifacts

    1. “would you recommend the Trilogy to people?”

      Well, as you may be aware I am against people burying their noses in books on enlightenment, in view of the non-existence of such phenomenon.


      I would say read the FIRST BOOK ONLY, and only for one reason – for its shock value.

      What happens after the shock… well, in some it induces a lifelong dependency on all past, present and future McKenna works = adverse effect on own thinking capacity. These are hopeless cases.

      In others, it prompts a mild disbelief, they tend to shrug their shoulders and walk away. These are potentials for living relatively happy lives without any senseless dabbling in enlightenment subjects.

      In the third category, it starts a serious protest at the way the books present Truth under the umbrella of another illusion (that of enlightenment). Truth does not have to be served garnished with the falseness of generations old delusions. After all, no one seriously believes the Earth is flat, despite this having been a dominant perception for millennia. Likewise, we don;t have to use the myth as the vehicle for truth delivery. It is dishonest.

      I belong in this last category. It tells me that individual differences between people will account for lack of OR acquisition of ability to think for themselves, irrespective of the reading material.

      So from this perspective – it makes no difference what kind of literature one reads. You either have the capacity to gain independent thought – or not.

      Read the first book. Question what’s in it and further afield, beyond the book. That should be enough for those who have half the brain.

      That’s all I have to say.

    1. 1) There was this guy on reddit explaining his interpretation about the JM-Books. He said that in “Spiritual Warfare” he wasn’t burying Brett but his “Ego as teacher” and the diamond was representing a marriage.
      I did not believe this guy on reddit, but maybe he was right?

      2) I am a 19 y o boy, and after reading ur article about sexuality i felt very hopeless. Bc it’s true. Man are cursed. Seriously, I had my spiritual breakdown (as JM described it) and I was trying to do spiritual autolysis but I always somehow preffered to fap instead.
      No really, how do you deal with sexuality as an no BS-Person?
      I’m not but I want to be asexual. But what would be my goal if I wouldn’t care about…?

      3) I also want to write a book about enlightenment (Cause I am enlightened, of course). Bc seriously, what else can you do after having metaphysically jacked off for two years (aka Spiritual Autolysis)? “It’s a harsh business” he says and I believe it. Why isn’t he writing about what the enlightened guys do after their enlightenment? (besides knitting)

      4) Ok – u are done. Great. And now? U’ve spent over a year in intense discontent, what do you expect? U won’t be magically content as JM says. It’s called habit. And u are in the habit of thinking and destroying.
      What shall I do?!

      5) If i may ask, what is the purpose of this blog? Why can’t you just tell us everything about this guy called JM and then be quiet? Why can’t JM just write “Jed Talks #99 Deathbed Jed” (I mean he’s writing a 4th book for his triology, so why not?) and then be quiet?
      Sometimes I get the feeling you are supported by him (and vice versa).

      6) Good night & best regards from switzerland

      1. And it wouldn’t even occur to me to think that this bedroom even exists independently of my consciousness, so why’d I question it?

        1. “this bedroom even exists independently of my consciousness”

          It’s hard to figure out what people mean when they begin to throw the word ‘consciousness’ in the game.

          The bedroom exists. I have no idea what this fact has to do with consciousness, yours or anyone’s.

      2. Reddit spiritual pursuits in general, and Jed McKenna specifically, leave me shrugging my shoulders. There is not a thread of truth OR real thinking going on there. Just lost kids scrambling for something they have no idea about and no real motivation. When Makktu left – it has become kinda like a cult place.

        It is small and because of incoherent thought expression – does not attract serious thinkers.

        1) It was his interpretation. Both you and I can interpret things in thousands of ways. It does not make them a fact, nor true. Just opinions.

        2) If you want to be asexual.. hmm.. chemical castration will do the trick. It will swipe you for testosterone. You will live longer than an average male. Your libido will reduce greatly. You may put on weight or at least would have to work out for a good shape. You can still have kids, it is reversible. And you will be in the good company of Alan Turing.

        Live with a constant struggle with own desire or chop it.
        I do not think you’d want that. Notions of masculinity and our general gorilla-like nature – are hard to beat.

        3) Don’t. Write a Santa Claus book for kids – the same level of deceit, but with less damage.
        What does Jed do? Shop. Buy new trucks. Write. Most likely faps too (often guys do not get enough from the wife), but he is a baby boomer, getting on a bit now.

        4} You’re not done. You cannot be done at 19, as simple as that. You have only just begun, and it will take a lifetime. And plenty of discontent. What to do? Live and find out, just like the rest of humanity. No hard and fast fixes for your life, and no enlightenment. Just living.

        5) I need a place to get my thoughts in the open. Also, I am fighting own corruptibility. It is very tempting to give the name, but it is also very tempting to make the buck on this whole story. That’s what I am fighting within self: my notions of integrity are quite high, perhaps, inhumanly so.

        6) Thank you, I appreciate that.

        P.S. It would be fair to say that at this stage in your life you know very little about the world. That has to be addressed. Get thirsty for understanding. Keep asking yourself all sorts of questions, AND don’t forget to live, for one day you will die.

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