Environmental Movement: Truth Or Dare?

I am not an eco warrior. I just switch off air conditioning and the lights after use at work even when no one is watching. I use a disposable fabric bag for shopping and mostly refuse the offer of the plastic bag in stores. I wear clothes until they literally fall to pieces, some are 10-15 years old. I do attempt to ride a bicycle, but must confess that the motorbike is used more often: peddling  in near 40 degree heat feels like getting each mile closer to the heart attack, and the traffic conditions would send any Western person into the panic mode.

I hate waste of any kind: food waste, energy waste, materials and resources waste. I cut the tubes of hand cream and toothpaste in half in order to extract the last bits. I mend things if at all possible, such as fixing my motor helmet with plastic ties, and re-wiring the fan. I don’t think it has affected the safety.

This probably makes me a cheapskate, but so what.

My son resembles me in many ways. He refused to have a mobile phone until he started his uni. He doesn’t want to learn to drive. I hear this is a generational gap, i.e. many millennials have a similar attitude to cars. But he hates cycling, so instead he walks shorter distances and uses public transport for longer trips. He can last on 100 bucks for a month food-wise and fixes his own shoes.

We don’t do this because we have an environmentalist mindset. We do this because it is common sense: not to use what you don’t need, and make what you need – last longer.

I would like to support, in my tiny way, those who speak of truth. This can be in any area of human existence, and in this particular case it is on the subject of the green energy scam. I often asked myself how much energy goes into the production of solar panels, for instance. And who exactly finances environmental activism groups, because any kind of activity requires funds, right? And what are those big names in the field of green energy and environment REALLY up to?

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Well.. as always, when one starts digging for true facts, the picture that emerges is far from optimistic. There is one basic premise I uphold when wanting to get to the bottom of things: follow the money. Trace the money trail, and you will know the true state of every situation, be it Covid-19 or bio fuels or the Bidens in the Ukraine or… anything at all.

Below is something worth 1 hour and 40 minutes of your time. It was made available on Youtube for free for the next 30 days (I think from the 21st of April).

You may not be interested in the environment as a subject of discussion, but you will be interested in what is laid out in this documentary; it is not your usual spiel on slamming the destruction and the virtues of environmental protection. It is about the environmentalism itself having become part of the money-making and political bonus points making scheme. Some of it beggars belief, and if it hadn’t been supported by Michael Moore, one of the heavyweights of film-making and activism… I doubt this would have seen the light of day.

Observe also how the well-known personalities lie through their teeth. It is quite absorbing to watch.

Take your time.

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21 thoughts on “Environmental Movement: Truth Or Dare?

  1. I see the point you are making. I have green energy because they donate money to plant trees and use more local windenergy or something. Honestly I don’t really look into it much. I do get send a graph of my energy and gas use each month compared to other households. I use with 2 people less than an avarage 1 person household. Have everything led and have 2 gaming laptops but still use less. No idea how others use that much. Furthermore I buy new clothes when I feel like it and donate the rest to the poor. Once again no idea how that is being given and heard some bad things too that governments sell the clothes they get for free from the west. I just do as I do and am aware of everything is business.

    1. You should watch it, P. It will give you a bigger picture beyond donating to the poor and using led lights.

      Humans broke into the circulation of matter in nature – and have broken it. It goes vastly beyond our everyday ideas of where in the picture of this world we stand.

      The bottom line in one sentence… There is no such thing as ‘green’ energy. None of it is green or could ever be, because no human energy consumption is part of the natural cycle.

      1. I know. I know everything is fucked up. I know we broke out of the natural system and destroying the earth. And I also know there is no way back.

        1. @ petorikoru
          (have to put @ as it is becoming unclear whom the comments are addressed to)

          No, I don’t know the song, but ‘cry for the moon’ means wishing for something unreal or unobtainable. Why?

  2. Well, quite an eye opener of a documentary. Also very funny and fascinating to see how body language changes when somone has been caught in a lie.

    Are you aware of a man named Ted Kaczynski and if yes, then what are your toughts on him and his views?

    1. That’s an interesting question, John.

      I fully understand his dismay. He captured many points of how humanity is moving in the direction of global tech domination which will eventually dictate to all of us how we live our lives.

      It is already happening with this corona scare, but people are too concerned with ‘What am I gonna do in a lockdown, stuck at home’ – to consider the bigger implications of what is taking place right now, and how your basic rights are in danger of being eroded in the long run, and perhaps, even taken away, quietly and unobtrusively.

      Very few have noticed this.

      I do not support the idea of stirring it from within, which is what his bombs were about essentially. History shows that revolutions come about naturally when people simply cannot bear the situation and rise up because they have nothing left.

      I do not support revolutions either. They are cyclical movements that essentially just make minor adjustments in the course of history. However, I do understand his motives, they are the same as those of a guy who commits school shootings: a sense of powerlessness in the face of the big and mighty, be it individual people you confront or the whole societal movements, such as development of the tech, his particular gripe.

      In that way, I am fully with Jed McKenna: we have not moved anywhere and are going nowhere, in the big scheme of things it is all threading water, stomping the grounds, but the final result is the same: some people slave, some people rob, some people become insanely rich, and all of them suffer regardless.

      That’s the irony.. all of them suffer.

      1. Overall.. I get the guy, just not sure about the method.
        Just to add.. he is dubbed all sorts of unflattering labels, but he is not any of those. He just saw what was coming way before most people did.

  3. Hi Tano,

    Here are some other views on the veracity of the dated position taken in the film.





    There may be more and better analyses of the film, but I got bored after surfacing these and sensing that, like enlightenment, “all that glitters…”

    I know you like to think and analyze deeply and are always nudging us to ‘Find questions ‘with a potential to contribute to understanding’. I am curious as to what question you were asking that led to this post and whether you explored other positions on this before you used your pulpit to direct attention?

    One way or another, as you said: “You (and we all) are a sack of meat barely able to cognite in any constructive advanced manner and destined to rot away without a trace. Make the best of it.”

    Good advice, Tano. I intend to.


    1. Rudy, more than three links in a comment go to trash, so was not posted, I had to retrieve it manually.

      The film is not perfect, but it causes one to think and re-examine all the arguments and evidence in favour of various types of energy. The links you gave – contend to that too.

      To avoid the ping-pong of ‘I am right and you are wrong’ there is a solution:

      Calculate absolutely every joule of energy that goes into production, delivery, installation, distribution, maintenance, exploitation of ‘green’ energy devices. Take into account the mining activities, the people who participate in all the stages of manufacture, distribution, sales, installation, exploitation.

      Then calculate how long these devices will last before the replacement is due.

      Calculate the environmental impact of the terraform processes that prepare the land for installation and the alternative use of land.

      Calculate the waste management costs during the exploitation and after the devices have been disposed of.

      IF it can be shown that a field of solar turbines can be self sustainable in that all of the above can be managed from using ONLY green generated energy sources, then yes, it may work.

      But so far.. there has not been such a thing. So far green energy is supported by using biologically derived sources. It has to be made absolutely clear to the observers that right now, RIGHT NOW, green energy relies on the input of fossil fuels.

      Instead, what do the proponents of green energy do? They lie, just like they lied in that environmental theme rock concert in the film. The facts have to be made crystal clear, so that the people can make informed decisions.

      Maybe in the future it will be possible to run everything on earth from these ONLY true renewable sources: the sun, the wind, the tides, the thermal energy of the earth.

      I doubt it however. People have a limited vision: I, me, mine, NOW.

    2. “One way or another, as you said: “You (and we all) are a sack of meat barely able to cognite in any constructive advanced manner and destined to rot away without a trace. Make the best of it.”
      Good advice, Tano. I intend to.”

      How, Rudy? How you make the best of it – counts. Will YOU lie and plunder? Who cares, right? One life, one opportunity, right?

      Will you?

      1. Hi Tano,

        Good to hear back from you. I hope you and your son are well.

        Your original advice was “to make the best of it.” I guess it is always good to define terms to avoid confusion. By make the best of it, I thought you meant that each person should define what best is for them (some will be self-serving, some will define best as best for a balance of them and their families and their communities writ large) and then go try to make it happen. And yes, I believe your orientation here is, as you say, “‘one life, one opportunity’ and then nothing.”

        But your question to me about lying and plundering suggest that you may have two hopes: that people should make the best of it and oh by the way there is a right way in your view to make the best of it. Is that the case?

        As for your question to me about will I lie and plunder, I can’t answer. The question is not clear enough…something I know you are big on 🙂 …to provide an accurate answer.

        But even once what is a lie (not speaking up when not asked?, answering part of a question? Covering up to protect a friend or family member (extremely interesting cultural differences on that question, btw)? Playing along with a child about Santa Claus?) and what is plunder (I won’t even try to suggest boundary examples of plunder) have been defined, as Paul Simon sang, “one mans ceiling is another man’s floor”: doing one’s level best on some front and being a standard deviation above the mean in your efforts could easily be regarded as being a piker to someone else and therefore lying and plundering.

        Finally, not sure why you would care enough to ask whether one anonymous bloke in America will lie or plunder and further not sure whether the dialogue is worth the time, but if you are in earnest, as you advised me, if you want to get anywhere, you are going to have to sharpen your questions.

        Stay safe.



        1. @Rudy

          Do you realise just how disingenuous your answer above is? Come on.. you started playing a game here.

          1. You don’t need me to define the terms around my questions. Even a serial killer knows right from wrong.

          2. You don’t need to answer my questions. They were posed for you to consider whether right and wrong will feature in your life choices.

          3. Not everyone who understands the existential Reality of the world – will necessarily choose to walk on the straight and narrow. Some idealistically inclined people tried to tell me that it always leads to compassion and so on… not true. They just have their heads in the clouds.

          Boring, isn’t it? It always comes down to this little choice. That is why I’ve always maintained the serial killers could be just as ‘enlightened’.

          But everyone who understood it well – will at least CONSIDER where they personally are in that split. Including serial killers.

          Everyone has a choice, but it is not my business to tell you what to choose.


          1. Hello tano. you comment above that even a serial killer knows right from wrong. not to get too far into the weeds on this, but i would dispute that on a couple different levels. the serial killer knows what his (because they are ALL men) pervading society considers right vs. wrong. in terms of his own consideration of right and wrong there is largely none – and indeed there is no regret or remorse in most cases for his actions. in that way, they seem “enlightened” in the jed sense of the word. take action and consider not the ramifications etc….. I could go the shakesperean way too – right and wrong only in the mind and all that. but i won’t bore you any longer.

          2. Hello tano. you comment above that even a serial killer knows right from wrong. not to get too far into the weeds on this, but i would dispute that on a couple different levels. the serial killer knows what his (because they are ALL men) pervading society considers right vs. wrong. in terms of his own consideration of right and wrong there is largely none – and indeed there is no regret or remorse in most cases for his actions. in that way, they seem “enlightened” in the jed sense of the word. take action and consider not the ramifications etc….. I could go the shakesperean way too – right and wrong only in the mind and all that. but i won’t bore you any longer on that score.

            I disabused myself of all notions of idealism in big movements long ago. there’s a formula for it all and here’s how it goes:

            1. some idealists get an idea that they think would be best for our world (no way of knowing by the way, until the idea is tested, even if it seems obvious). if they get enough other humans on board, the ideal gains momentum.

            2. power takes notice. power = money = big business in all its forms including government and rich individuals.

            3. power decides if there is money to be made from said ideal. if no they squash the ideal. if yes, they embrace it.

            4. Once embraced, it is their prerogative to convince their market that the idea(l) is good (ideal is now becoming idea)

            5. Marketing campaign. business now throws millions and millions of dollars into advertisements both covert and overt in a massive effort to brainwash their market – which they will achieve.

            6. sell into the new market they have created.

            7. make more $

            8. consequences be damned

            there is no such thing as compassion or idealism within a corporation. think of big business as a giant sociopathic human. no remorse. no morals or ethics. only one thing is true for them: profit. period. nothing else.

            even the so-called keepers of everything that is “good” in our world like hospitals and churches are the same. hospital systems care about one thing only: money. sure, they take care of the sick, but only if there is money to be made in so doing. to the extent that they can bring in more patients and thus make more money by cloaking themselves in advertising that touts their care for people or having the best and most compassionate doctors, they will ply that deceit. And churches? come on. the bigger, the better, the more donors. Look at any televangelist. what is their goal? money.

            Okay. all well and good. obvious stuff really.

            i’m sure i’ll think of more…. thanks for the post.

            – tano2

            p.s. i can explain how a combustion engine and the kidney work if you’re really interested. (wink)

          3. “in terms of his own consideration of right and wrong there is largely none – and indeed there is no regret or remorse in most cases”

            Ted Bundy knew. An absence of remorse does not imply an absence of understanding. Notions of rightness are partially implicit in human beings and partially culturally cultivated. But regardless of the origins – people know when they do wrong, without manuals.

            This largely sets us apart from most animals. While chimps grieve over the death of their babies (feeling), they are unlikely to think of it in terms of right and wrong (emotion). We do. We are not chimps, but are caught instead in the middle, half way from the animal perception of the world and the higher understanding of it.

            Serial killers are not ‘enlightened’ because of emotionless, ‘Jed-like’ perceptions, even though it is true that most psychopaths, for instance, do not feel emotion. I once corresponded with one, a true psychopath who murdered and was imprisoned and so on. It was short, but gave me a good insight into the mind.

            It is cold and highly intelligent. But ‘enlightened’ in this case means they see the world for what it is, exactly because the mind is not clouded by emotion.

            This makes them scary to any normal human being. In a way, you are dealing with a human machine. Emotion has a very solid reason for existing. It is a barometer.

            “I disabused myself of all notions of idealism in big movements long ago.”

            Sure. You should. The pink-coloured glasses of an idealist were one of the first things I wrote about in 2013, when the blindfold fell off. Suddenly, ideas and ideals looked flimsy.

            However. I keep repeating.. My internal perceptions do not come from the foggy space of idealistic notions about the world. They come from my DNA, the internal blueprint. I cannot abuse, and abuse can take many forms, including what you spoke about above.

            I do murder creepy crawlies when they invade my personal space: ants, roaches and the likes. I would also most likely kill (or at least try to) if someone attempted to take my life.

            I do agree with your assessment on how idealistic movements start, progress and, finally, merge with the established order of things. This is inevitable. Most people and institutions are corruptible and fall easily to the survival call.

            It is just a matter of the right price, and it takes some effort to consciously resist own corruptibility.

          4. @jmk

            Also, can I request that you drop using ‘Tano2’? You are not me, in the same way that Ken McMordie is not Jed McKenna.

            I find it really strange that you do that.

  4. Just came across this while browsing the news.


    Current technology does not yet break over the 20% limit. In lab conditions they manage to collect up to 30% of all sunlight. All state that the most efficient methods of collection are also very costly.

    Not as straight forward as eco warriers want us to believe. And that’s without taking into account the next problem: that of harvested energy storage and then transporting it to the consumer.

  5. @tano. No probs. That was just a joke – the Tano2 thing. It was my way of revealing to you who I am.

    “ An absence of remorse does not imply an absence of understanding. Notions of rightness are partially implicit in human beings and partially culturally cultivated.”

    Agree with that first sentence. Understanding is the easy part. But “grokking” something to me means it’s visceral and becomes you in a way. Just like I think I have a pretty good intellectual understanding of Jed’s enlightenment but that doesn’t mean I am that – or okay. I am that. But I am still a reactor via ego at times despite understanding the thing. If that makes any sense. The aerial killer understands right and wrong like they understand math. Exactly. No emotion tied to it.

    Notions of rightness are partly implicit? I can yield that our genes evolved (if we accept history and evolution as preconditions…) in a way that made cooperation and altruistic behavior positive selection criteria. Sure. Richard Dawkins wrote about that. But even with that, it is only a theory which can never be proved. So I don’t accept absolutely the idea that knowledge of right and wrong is implicit. It may be. Fine. But no way to know. For all I know it is 100% conditioned by environment. Except for biological imperatives. Like pooping. Every child seems to know that pooping is “bad” which is why they go hide when they’re doing it. Always fascinated me.

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Appreciate them all.

    p.s. Combustion is just getting gas and oxygen and a spark together to create a mini explosion many thousands of times per minute which drives a piston up and down. Piston(s) are connected to a long metal in a way that makes the rod spin. This spinning rod is connected to your wheels and makes them spin. That’s pretty much it. The kidney is a tad more complex but still runs on simple fluid mechanics (pressure) and chemistry.

    1. Well, I understand the combustion engines theoretically, very approximately. But give me one – and I will not know the end of it.

      In other words.. there is definitely a big difference between theoretical understanding and its practical application. Including this ‘enlightenment’ thingy.

      “I don’t accept absolutely the idea that knowledge of right and wrong is implicit.”

      It is not implicit in robots, it’s absent. Artificial Intelligence would have to be taught this using our human models, which I personally find ironic: we run a risk of passing all human flaws to machines.

      As for humans and this being implicit… observe very young children, those up to the age of four, no older. That will tell you whether it is implicit.

      What happens after this age – becomes largely the result of social conditioning layered over the child’s own nature.

  6. i have watched children. closely. three of them. i worked hard to not imbue them with my preconditioning – very very hard to do. but i remain unmoved in my notion about right and wrong; which of course doesn’t matter. but thank you for your response.

    you have a motorbike. what kind is it? is it a “v-twin”? when you look at a v-twin, the pistons are contained within the two “v’s”. these usually have metal fins on them which is what we see (for cooling). there are also usually visible spark plugs – these transmit the spark of course into the cylinder in which the pistons move……… okay. i’m overstaying my welcome.

    thanks again for all.

    1. The basics:

      pain – wrong
      absence of pain or even presence of pleasure – right

      All the wrongness in the world at its basic is pain experienced by self or caused to another.

      And is this understanding (of pain) not intrinsic to every human since birth?

      There are unnecessary complex explanations of what ethics and morality (aka rightness versus wrongness) are and where they originate. But just remember:

      avoidance of pain and seeking of pleasure (or at the least an absence of pain) are the very basic notions of right/wrong.

      You can break down absolutely every human action to this simple equation.

      Honda Phantom, cheap as chips, not v-twin and with a host of flaws, including intermitently working rear breaks that can fail (and regularly do) at any moment.

      Then magically go back to normal for a few days. I wonder how I’m still alive, especially where I live.

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