Contact Tracing Going Viral?

Yay? Nay?

Just don’t.

Let me outline how this newly emerged proposal will screw up your life, not immediately, but certainly in the years to come IF it becomes the norm (and how Zoom is doing the same right now, but you don’t know that – yet).

First, a harmless app will be introduced on GooglePlay. It will be tracking you with a view of making sure that should you fall ill – the entire network of your movements can be untangled – all for the good of humanity. We want to ‘beat’ the virus, correct? The app is entirely voluntary of course.

Success of the initiative requires high levels of participation, although exact percentages aren’t known given the unprecedented nature of the effort. Some percentage of users will not opt-in to contact-tracing for various reasons, but there’s incentive to participate.

Nothing sinister, just to save you and yours from the horrible disease, folks, because ‘we care’. I wonder what kind of ‘incentive’ they have in mind.. a virtual sticker collection? It sends the shivers down my spine.

Next, other interesting opportunities will arise in the minds of… opportunistic human animals, of which there are quite a few out there, including the big tech minds. As one of the ‘bosses’ here has expressed to my utter disgust in an internal communication as per my query:

“we will continue to leverage off………” A nice turn of phrase, don’t ya think? Leverage off. In plain English it means that NOW that they have the means of staff surveillance so easily available and tweakable – they will use it to its full potential to …. ahem… keep an eye on ya.

Think of the infinite possibilities. You got disliked by the boss? You spoke too much on the subject of improving company communication? We have some dirt on you (whatever the nature is, any information/happenstance can be spun in numerous ways. Even your five minutes ‘late for work’ can be now presented as crime against humanity, and we have the evidence!! Your whereabouts are recorded electronically, even videotaped, and you don’t even know the content of that shit, because your level of access is below that of the monkeys who control you.

So you think it will not touch you personally? What’s the big deal, right? “I have no secrets, my life is an open book”, I hear you say.

Sure. It’s open.. until it is not, and there is something in it you’d like to keep private. And then you have a problem, because it’s too late.

It IS a big deal. If you think it will stop at just some health tracing and a handful of psychopathic CEOs spying on their workforce – you are in for a big awakening a few years down the line. There are too many of us humans, we are prone to doing crazy shit, and it is becoming increasingly harder to control the population for its size. It is not exactly like 200 people living in a village, and the local King Solomon is wisely and justly putting ya all to rights. That world is long gone and is not coming back. Now we have hoards of human monkeys all vying for resources (still got that job, pumpkin?), the tiny minority who are not parting with theirs no matter what… and they all have mobile phones!!! What a boon! The insidious tech solutions will solve the problem of controlling the tribe, slowly and without anyone noticing the qualitative change.

OK, I am off the track here. I don’t care about the tiny minority; we are all going the same way in the end. Let them make their millions as long as I am left alone to live without a trace. Like the Buddhist precepts you know… leave no trace and all that. But no, people just won’t let one another be. So here’s what will happen after the ‘medical emergency’ subsides: we leverage off.

Meaning… under the premise of future pandemics it becomes compulsory to have the phone with the traceable capabilities that will HAVE to be switched on. Forget about disabling your location or buying the phone anonymously. In the developing countries anonymous option is already not an option by law (not that people do not attempt to circumvent it).

Tracing_Apps Next, any new communication equipment will be produced with the inbuilt tracers that one cannot disconnect unless you go to hackers. Next, the disconnection will be outlawed, the said hackers will charge handsome sums for the risk; another illicit market created for our ‘common good’.

Next.. you will get a patch under your skin that will perform all the same functions plus some that you will have no idea about. It will also eventually become the law. I mean.. there is already a community in the USA where the residents chose VOLUNTARILY to have the chips implanted. Just one step to the full bliss of integration and merging with the One. Can’t remember the name of the place, but what the fuck is wrong with humans? You may as well place a gilded cage in the middle of the town square and entice them with exotic food and concubines in exchange for their permanent cage time: believe me there will be no shortage of takers.

It seems Mr. Ted Kaczynski got it spot on: we are being rounded up under the premise of technological development.

Now, I love technology. LOVE it, for the numerous benefits it brings to us as species and to me as an individual. I should have been a computer geek. BUT. Give a monkey a gun and observe it shoot off own foot.

This is what humans are about to do with all the technology that they have: they are about to build the cage for themselves.

Welcome to 1984. We had no means of proper technological enslavement 70 years ago when the novel was written (darn, was it THAT long ago?), but finally we do. It will happen with a friendly lying smile on the smartphone screen and a manipulative hand click. It will happen if we allow this to happen. It will happen the same way as it has happened with the ownership of the smartphone: in many instances it is impossible to have a job if you don’t own a mobile phone, to have an online account if you don’t have a smartphone, to do banking if you don’t have a bloody phone and a gazillion other things are made impossible. It will happen because people are downloading the  tracing shit on their phones as we speak.

Here’s the rope, help yourself.Hanging_Rope


61 thoughts on “Contact Tracing Going Viral?

  1. We’re all rebels now.
    Soon to be anarchists.
    Anyone reading this needs to get off his/her non-dualistic ass and start raising some hell.
    Yes, yes, yes… Everything’s perfect just as it is. I aim to make it more perfect. Starting yesterday.

  2. “We’re all rebels now. Soon to be anarchists.”

    I don’t see that. I see the opposite: people afraid to lose their livelihoods, and as a result, keeping quiet and conforming to the demands of those who are holding the bread tray.

    But you are right… pretty nondual slogans are useless in real life, because they, just like the rest of the enlightenment search, are made of mind matter = the idealist’s dream attempting to gain a solid footing in the world of hard real facts.

    Are you in lockdown?

  3. Ideals are interesting right? Do you live life without them?

    Also have you ever heard of brad blanton, author of radical honesty?

    Speaking of lockdown? Seriously nothing has changed here in the midwest.

    1. Here is an exerpt from his book and some context on whg i might ask if you’ve ever heard of him.

      The third level of telling the truth occurs when you admit that who you are is not who you have been pretending to be. What you have been selling other people on, and selling yourself on, is not who you are. You don’t really know who you are. You confess disillusionment with beliefs you used to stand for, and various sales pitches you did and still do for your act. This is at first embarrassing, then for a while something to brag about, and then just a description of what happened to you in the course of growing up. The process of demythologizing yourself is begun by bragging about all the things which, in your false modesty, you were pretending you didn’t care about. You have to go through your vanity and the suffering associated with it. You have to show off and be embarrassed, both of which are egotism, and you can’t skip, dodge, or get around this step. You have to praise yourself openly rather than manipulate to suck praise. You have to acknowledge being a secret hero to yourself and confess the putrid vanity of all of your usual phony self-denigration. You have to admit what a worm and a liar you are and go through the feelings that come up when you tell the truth about all of this. If you have never truly embarrassed yourself by what you had to say about yourself, you don’t know shit from shinola about transformation. When you get to telling the truth about all of it, you are at level three. Who you are becomes more a description centered in the here and now, and less of a story about your life. When you admit your act you also admit your ignorance. You confess that you developed your act in order not to appear lost and in hopes of finding your way by faking it. Then you admit that you are lost and faking it most of the time these days as well, not just in the far-removed past. Before you acted smart; now you acknowledge ignorance like it is gold. I conduct an eight-day workshop several times every year. One of the exercises we do involves telling the entire story of our life to the group while being videotaped, answering everyone’s questions, and then watching the tape. People demonstrate their attachment to various times in their lives and are moved at the places kept precious to memory. The most remembered times are usually the hard times, and the person whose story it is turns out to be a hero or heroine in spite of difficult or unfair circumstances. Usually, the younger a person is, the longer it takes them to tell their story. Younger people (in their 20s) seem to have more significant moments in which details and interpretations of meaning are very important. It is this ego-attachment to having heroically survived the unfairness of the world that has to be given up at level three of telling the truth. This is a breakthrough to the newness and innocence of young awareness, after you have been adolescent, mind-bound, and jaded for years. Nobody I know stays at level three constantly. Continuous waves of freedom and new egotism, one liberation after another, keep just getting you back to the same place. But if you are in a community which supports you in telling the truth, you get to level three more often. Level three is sharing with other people in ways that occasionally allow you to overcome your own egotism, including the egotism that comes from thinking you are great for telling the truth. You start considering yourself to be a person who attained level three. You have attained, in fact, a higher level than most people, grown further than most people, and you are proud of yourself. You know that your act is not who you are, just a useful development that came from growing up. You have been good. You’ve grown a long way. You have admitted not knowing how to find your ass with both hands with some embarrassment and you deserve a reward. “I’m great, I am a superior being, good for me, this is it, I’ve grown up, I’ve attained enlightenment and I am special,” you say to yourself. Your hard-earned humility is quickly followed by pride in your humility. Owning up to the fact that there is no virtue in owning up is the continuation of the third level of telling the truth. What you end up with if you drop your new pride is innocence much like you had before you developed an identity. What you have then is an identity without much attachment to it. There is less to learn at the third level of telling the truth, but it takes more work and practice than other levels. This level involves practice more than insight. It’s like the difference between being a good amateur golfer and becoming a professional in the game. There is a lot of fine tuning of skills and practice to keep them sharp, and it takes longer than the other three levels generally take. As far as I know, it is never over. My expertise is at an end here. Not that expertise has ever helped a hell of a lot at earlier levels, but I have had more experience there. To concentrate on things outside of your reputation to yourself doesn’t require any effort at all, so it is hard as hell to do. Our minds are always working. This ceaseless mental activity will continue to occur whether we take it seriously or not. But the practice of taking it less seriously can’t be taken too seriously or we are back in our minds again. The less credence we give to our minds’ ongoing activity, the more we detach from identifying with that activity, the less it wears us out. Level three involves vigilance against being taken over by the mind.

      1. He says that “Neurosis is essentially a refusal to accept what is happening in the present and involves denying the truth about anything here and now. And so hes consistently drawing a distinction between description and evaluation in language.

        The only reason i bring this up is because it seems very quite similar to what you’re getting at yet i dont know that ive ever seen you draw a distinction between what you think and what you observe. And i dont know that its that necessary either. Thats just what people do, think and evaluate and most of them are lost in it. So what?

        Its actually really fuckin hard for most people if they’re being honest because thinking is just simply a part of being. Like when hes talking about the difference between an amateur and pro golfer, or not being to serious about taking the mind seriously.

        Sorry this was so off topic. I just find it so interesting and at many times in his book about “truth” he kinda sorta reminds me of someone.

        1. And i dont know that its that necessary either.”

          No, it is not. He draws many distictions, but if you take it apart, the content you’ve quoted here and in other comments seems to lack any truthful content.

          It looks pretty on paper, I’ll give him that.

          Radical honesty is not possible. It is a utopia.

          1. I should have said “necessary all the time.” I do think it’s important. I can’t imagine going through a day without any distance between myself and thoughts. Id probably go crazy.

            Not sure why you think radical honesty isnt possible. I think its not only possible but obviously very therapeutic for various reasons.

          2. “Not sure why you think radical honesty isnt possible”

            Come on, J… you speak completely unfiltered thoughts all day long every day?

            I spoke about this a long time ago: the true self is completely lost in the maze of everyday living, because you simply cannot BE your true self and express yourself without filters.

            This starts in childhood when your parent berates you for the first time when you said something deemed ‘inappropriate’ in public. From that point on… people filter. Always.

            Where that honesty again?

          3. Youre talking about what people do – do not what they can – do. People CAN be truthful, they just arent out of fear. And thats theyre business. Like i say, ive found, even before this book that a good bout of honesty and directly addressing is often the best approach at processing and being done with something for good. Processes not suppression. They both lead to drastically different outcomes.

          4. Youre talking about what people do – do not what they can – do. People CAN be truthful, they just arent out of fear”

            Yeah… that little obstacle. You call it fear, I call it cowardness. One of my all time favourite films is “V For Vendetta”. It explores just that difference and how one overcomes the small handicap of being owned by just about everything and everyone.

            Just because one CAN be truthful – does not mean one IS, and people aren’t. I am not talking about the mystical ‘human potential’ the popularity of which keeps resurfacing under the different guises.. I am talking about Reality, about what is.

          5. And yeah does an “honest killer” even become a “killer” without a bunch of pent up and unprocessed emotions? Not likely

          6. And yeah does an “honest killer” even become a “killer” without a bunch of pent up and unprocessed emotions?”

            What are you on about? You have misunderstood what I wanted to express. To successfully commit an act of pre-planned abduction and murder – one would have to lie and filter out thoughts and behaviour, in order to conceal the intent.

            There are no honest serial killers.

          7. You can only do so much to optimize physical health. This is simply my attempt at optimization of my mental processes through honesty and emotional clearing.

            I cant think of anymore worthy goal than self optimization in everyway. Working out all the time gets boring.

      2. Blunt, shocking, and sometimes profane, this exciting audiobook blasts self-help and feel-good remedies to expose the lies with which we imprison ourselves. It talks straight, hard, and true to the heart of the human condition, pulling no punches.”

        This is his self-promotional blip for an audio book version. The book was published in 1995. You can see the collective consciousness in action: the ‘straight talk’ might have influenced the straight talk of our Jed Guru, who published his own 7 years later.

        Ahh.. the days of the first internet everything… bliss.

        This Brad chap PATENTED the radical honesty concept! Wow. Considering he’s been a psychotherapist for over 30 years.. how much honest talk do you think REALLY is in his closet?

        He has some good points. The rest are the fillers. Something has to sell those seminars where people pretend to be ‘honest’ to their hearts’ content for eight days, then go back to the real world and continue to… ya know…

        It’s a con, J.

    2. Is that your girl?

      Did she agree to be used as an avatar for your online accounts? What about her right to remain private? She is a separate from you individual. Gotta treat her as such, no matter what age.

      1. It is! I’m quiet proud of her! I asked her for permission as you had suggested and she didn’t seem to mind but….i can see your preference is that i dont use it so i changed it as to be less upsetting. This is the only use i have for wordpress anyways so no biggie

      2. She is young and cannot give you her consciously thought through permission yet. YOU have to be her minder and protector for now.

        I never understood why people feel so easy about plastering their kids’ photos all over the internet, Facebook and the likes.. when these are your kids and it’s their privacy that is being compromised, and they haven’t asked for the exposure, and can;t because they are too young.

        Let them grow up and decide for themselves whether they desire to see their mugs online for all to admire.

  4. In terms of covid, nothing here has changed. Ive not missed a day of work because my company has been deemed essential, whatever that means. What it means to me is work or forfeit your job. No incentive pay, bonus , nothing. Just hysterical people who unlike me, have the fuckin opportunity to just stay home.

    Surreal to actually have a physical representation of the difference between the apparent outter reality and intimately personal worlds.

    Sorry, im off work today and am afforded the opportunity to ruminate a bit.

      1. Well, please dont get bogged down in the above minutiae. I just find it a fascinating paradox to be able to be aware the nature of the mind, be able to use it and know at the end of the day that its completely faulty and not to be trusted. To not be minding as well as not mind being…also ties into ideals and how its okay to have them, to raise the bar, to promote growth but to also know that the distance between where you are and your ideals is usually directly related to the amount of stress you put on yourself.

        Lots of observations I’d like to talk about even if they’re not important lol It’ll run out of juice at some point.

        1. the distance between where you are and your ideals is usually directly related to the amount of stress you put on yourself.”

          That’s a solid thought. The correlation is definitely there, I agree.

          1. It can be physically felt in the body. People who are tuned into physically can actually feel this tension as they go through the day. I would actually this is my primary navigation system.

          2. I agree. Most people feel it, J. But they dismiss the sensations as something unrelated to the disconnect.

            Those who are literate in own body/mind function – do understand why they feel what they are feeling.

  5. And maybe thats all “enlightenment” is. Rather than resistance of the human condition, the free and uninhibited being simply illuminated with the awareness of it and its inherent “okayness” me thinks. To not mind being *as is* so much.

  6. And if you do, thats okay too because…well thats what people do.

    Okay, click. Cool.

    Much adieu about nothing.

    1. Im still kinda reading through this dudes book and am really enjoying his take. It seems to me that his method is to direct people away from the mind and into immediate experience where they are then encouraged to be as real and truthful as possible which then leaves them in a place of untapped pent up energy to take real action in their lives.

      This is what ive been doing since my little foray into “enlightenment” …getting real. And I’ve honestly found much of what he’s described in process is exactly whats been happening quite naturally.

      And none of it its special, just rare because nobody is doing it.

      1. “his method is to direct people away from the mind and into immediate experience”

        Mind and direct experience are not in opposition to one another. Directing anyone AWAY from the mind means deceiving them.

        Do you not see it yet, J? You ARE the Mind. That’s what you are, your J-ness, only yours.

        Change the body and keep the Mind – you are still J.

        Keep the body and change the Mind – you as J are gone. No J anymore, but a stranger in his body.

        1. Thats an interesting thing to say. I actually have changed my mind…and my body in, say, the last 10 years quite drastically.

          On one hand I see many characteristics of mine in my daughter. But to say that im the same person, even after the course of a day sometimes seems inaccurate. Im not much of anybody anymore and i kinda like it that way.

          1. “I actually have changed my mind…and my body in, say, the last 10 years quite drastically.”

            There is some limited agency over our bodies and minds, confined by natural capabilities.

            You have not changed your mind deliberately. Your mind has grown, and this has altered how you see yourself and the world.

  7. Here I’ll share one final excerpt in closing regarding truth and wellness. Sorry in advance, i probably should have corresponded through email…

    Diet, exercise, and psychological healing programs can support people in learning to create wellness as a natural, ongoing state of being. This approach is radically different from the typical moralism of the usual “try harder to do good” approach. In fact, such moralism is a primary source of injury and ill health among health freaks. Show me a moralist and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t know how to take care of him or herself. Only if people can learn to undo their dumb ways of trying-to-take-care-of-themselves-by-shoulding-all-over-themselves, can they heal more naturally, by letting up. If you’re tired and sick take a break. Take it easy. Don’t worry, be happy. Some people will relearn how to take care of themselves and some won’t. Those of us in the helping professions who deal with stressed-out people know that not everyone will be successful in overcoming the ways of surviving that are killing them. We know that regardless of our best efforts to provide a place and a way of being that gives people the best chance to interrupt themselves on the road to slow suicide, many won’t even slow their pace. Nevertheless, when intervention does work, this is how it is done: regardless of what or how the person is thinking, we interrupt the person’s mind, then begin a conversation about personal power based on noticing rather than on thinking. When that conversation gets started, it will sometimes last a lifetime. Most of the walking wounded can’t tell down from up anymore. Because self-crippling people will continue to cripple themselves with any “self-improvement” program, we have to interrupt their mechanical replication of their own suffering before we can do anything other than waste time trying to teach them anything new. After that interruption, we can teach people the nuts and bolts of taking care of themselves. For this reason, telling the truth is central to all activities and programs of self-improvement. The source of personal power is the ability to interrupt your own mind. And since having things to hide keeps you in your racing mind and keeps it racing, you have to reveal what you have hidden. The whole being that each of us is, includes, but is not limited to, the mind. Nothing interrupts the mind like telling the truth. What happens when therapy works and keeps on working is that people want to learn about how to stay well. They become interested in living in the world by constantly renewing their leases on life rather than by being lost in their minds. They can do that best within the context of a sustaining community of other people in the same boat — people who have created wellness and are committed to maintaining wellness. Individuals who attain some new health and wellbeing need the support of such a community of friends, or the individual fades back into the cultural woodwork we are all dying from. It is from a position of support by a group of such people: friends, colleagues, and former clients of mine, that I write this book. As I have worked with people under stress over the years, I have become more interested in life-management on the physical and immediate level, and less interested in the intricacies of deep psychological meaning. It is through this interest that I have discovered the practical value of telling the truth.

    1. “, and less interested in the intricacies of deep psychological meaning”

      I repeat.. he spent most of his life as a shrink, by the looks of it. It took him 30 bloody years to discover that digging every little emotiinal blip is a waste of energy??

      Man… I gotta write a separate article on the useless advice of examining every silly emotion, hurt and memory of the past.

      1. ‘Man… I gotta write a separate article on the useless advice of examining every silly emotion, hurt and memory of the past.’

        Please do.

  8. Therapy consists primarily of teaching people how to re-contact the experience that exists below their moralism, or below ideas about how life is and how it should be. The experiencer normally blocked by moralistic resolve will then gradually come to the foreground, and the moralism, while remaining intact, will recede to the background. One’s life changes, of course, after such a transformation, but the point is not the change. The circumstantial changes are almost incidental; the point is the shift of figure and ground. The figure in the foreground, the mind-bound, harried, “shouldistic” warrior, moves to the background — still alive and well and whole, but no longer leading — and the heretofore background figure, the quiet animal who walks and laughs, taking what’s so in nature, comes to the foreground — even in the city, and even at work. Such a shift is a matter of grace and strikes only those in good-feeling shape who are ready to receive it. Being a good therapist is knowing this and helping the odds along. People can be turned on to their own power and goodness enough that they don’t need tightly held principles to hold themselves together anymore. It is here that visions of a more heroic life arise. They arise from the same depths that the self-crippling principles of control came from. They arise this time, however, at the behest of a person who feels like creating and affirming his or her life, rather than a person who feels sick and bad and powerless. It is precisely at this point, the most visceral and basic point of physical experience, that the power of personal responsibility for well-being emerges. People discover how to take care of themselves when they come back in contact with their experience. No one has time to discover anything when they are constantly being swamped by orders from central casting. These orders, given in a shrill internal tone of voice, were built in with feelings of shame at eight years of age or earlier. When we are not unthinkingly obeying that voice, we handle our daily, physical, basic, on-going existence with energy left over and worry decreased, and we are able to get in touch with our power as creators. Psychological well-being comes out of the re-discovery that you are the Creator. Most of our education is to prevent such a thing from happening.

    1. Lol then he follows up with this which i think you’ll probably enjoy…feel free to delete this stuff. I just wanted to share with you and bounce around ideas.

      “The abysmal truth is that everything comes to nothing. No change matters. Whatever you don’t have is only important to you because you don’t have it. Something you want is very important to you until you get it, and then it’s nothing after a while. This movement from anticipation to accomplishment to disillusionment is inevitable. All change is futile. The alternative kind of life — conservative, preserving beliefs, avoiding change, a kind of stagnation within the protected bounds of first-learned concepts — is an equally futile way to live. Both ways to live are merely playing tiddlywinks between predoom and postdoom. Willingness to face the abyss of meaninglessness is the power required to accomplish change. Whatever your main struggle is, it is insignificant in the face of your death; it is petty and unimportant and has no meaning at all. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      1. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here”

        The doorway to becoming grounded in experience is called despair. Despair comes from the Latin root words de and sperare meaning “down from” and “hope.” “Down from hope.” The only hope is to give up hope. The only hope is a kind of hope through despair. Abandon all hope, give up romance, and learn the earth language. The truth is not some story about something that happened to you in the past. Telling stories about your memory of what happened may be entertaining for a while, but if that is all you can do it gets boring pretty fast. Truth can only be told if you are present in the telling and present to the person to whom you are talking. When I am describing to another person how things are, I am always describing how things are for me at the moment, or I am not telling the truth. I can only tell the truth that is my truth at the moment. We don’t have to agree with each other about how things are. We just have to listen to each other and get how things are for each other, now.

        1. ““Abandon all hope ye who enter here” –”

          I am the corrector. I correct what feels/seems/is untrue in the expression of others, at the cost of being greatly disliked.

          Who cares. Barometers have no other function, but to point to the present air pressure levels. Let it all explode in people’s minds and clear their minds of the collectively and personally accumulated trash.

          Other people have other functions. This is what makes the world so interesting, so it’s not all gloom and doom. There is a lot of beauty and fascinating stuff that keeps me personally captivated.

          Captivated? yeah, that’s the right word.

          1. Quite honestly i thought that if anyone else would value truth and honesty it would be you. Thats okay, it doesn’t stip any of the value to me but you never cease to amaze me.

            I think ive probably found your thumbscrew. If i ever wanted you to prove a point for me, i would just take the other side of that and present some real solid statements about why i agree with or valie it in spme way. Then I could just sit back and watch you build a case in the other direction. Lol, oh life and people…

          2. ” i thought that if anyone else would value truth and honesty it would be you.”

            Who says I don’t? Absolutely. I just don’t see much of it.

            Then I could just sit back and watch you build a case in the other direction.”

            Not really. The points that I do not mention – are the ones I have agreement with. What’s the point of mentioning them? So that I could shake hands and hug the brother? Where’s learning and growth in the mutual admiration?

            Not the way people usually operate, I conceed to that.

          3. “I am the corrector. I correct what feels/seems/is untrue in the expression of others, at the cost of being greatly disliked.”

            The only people who see the difference in perspective, get angry about it and insist in theyre own rightness are children. Adult children. Not to be taken seriously.

            Part of being an adult is simply understanding that people see things differently and being okay with that.

          4. people see things differently and being okay with that.”

            Oh I’m ok with the fact that people see things differently. It’s WHAT they see that makes it so fascinatingly stupid.

            Like what do people see in the prevailing political theories and choose one over another? What do they see in the two presidential candidates both of which are crooks? What do they see in personal therapies which simply give them a dependence on one more totem pole?


          5. Thank you for your interesting answer and in no way it was meant as some kind of an attack, just a friendly joke, but you probably already know that. 🙂

    2. J, can you not see that he is attempting to ‘explain away’ human behaviour when there are no logical explanations to most human decisions? We act upon an impulse in the majority of cases. Not ALL cases, but mostly.

      The only truthful answer one can give to the question “Why did you do it?” is..

      “Because I felt like it.”

      And here is Brad. And his many ‘explanations’. Men.. can’t take their minds away from them.

      1. Nah I get that most of what he’s talking about is a dead end and unnecessary striving. Not taking the mind seriously it ceases to be a “problematic” sort of thing anyways.

        I mainly shared with you because i found that the content and delivery were strikingly similar to another author i had read in the past

        I still like some of his points and can see the benefits of being as absolutely truthful with yourself and others to your best ability in any given moment.

    1. Zoom is used by companies. Companies have the capability to record every meeting. Many – do. Have you given your concent?

      Zoom has now access to enormous amounts of privilliged private information. Not some digital data about how much time you spent zooming, but the real stuff: your name, where you work and in what capacity, where you live, who are your colleagues, what job you have etc etc.

      The possibilities for exploiting this data for gain are endless.

      Zoom has become one powerful mother fucker overnight.

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