On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

How are you? Noticed that you’re not writing much here lately.


The gigabytes of information are bursting to be set free into the world, and I’ve been nursing a few ideas.

I would like to publish the author’s name, but the current website format does not allow for what I have in mind. Don’t worry, it will remain free. The name will be made public, but the details of the tangible biography of the man behind the character of ‘Jed McKenna’ will be available to the ‘Jed McKenna’ club members only.

In there we can discuss what threw the man into a two-year turmoil, what his dad did for a living and why is it that both Putin and ‘Jed’ share the philosophy described in the famous phrase Putin once said when he moved into his first position of power in St Petersburg.. “Time to make the dough, fellas. The dough.” In the following five years he made his first fifty million dollars; now his assets are in billions. Should be in the gallows really, and his cold emotionless persona that despises humans – is not far off from ‘Jed’s’. We’ll look into that one too.

I find the photo curious. In the video the guard move away their faces as Putin walks by. The same protocol existed in imperial Japan: when the emperor passed, everyone had to look away.

But let’s go back to the plan. As mentioned before, scores of folks helped me on the way to discovering the true facts behind this 20 year-old mystery. Just like with Putin – 20 years, hey.

Some of these people are in Europe; they shared the very valuable information and probably never come back here anymore, but I would like them to know regardless.

Some are in Australia; they have a very clear understanding of what the so called ‘enlightenment’ is, and is not. They should know exactly because they are not immersed in this game.

Some are in the US; they kept an open mind, were constructive in feedback and clear in their heads. In fact, I have already shared the name with one of them. They deserve to know.

Some are you and I – Joe the Public in many world locations – us, who simply openly shared parts of their life and you looked upon mine without prejudice. You too deserve to know for simply being genuine.

Interestingly, I don’t really communicate with any of these folks. They contributed what they could without expectations and went on their way. They gave, instead of taking, and did not ask for anything in return. The people above do not need to do anything at this point, just to be patient until I whipped this place into a better shape. We have to agree that in its current state the website is not really navigable and quite confusing.

So, about that. Here is what I have in mind:

1. I would like to migrate the site from a very restrictive format of WordPress.com to the self-hosting platform of WordPress.org

2. I have ‘sandboxed’ the WordPress software on my laptop via Wampserve, in order to try out different templates that could become the base for the website design: I have a few in mind right now. I still want to use the WordPress software, as it is the most familiar to me, but I suck at it because the real life choice was: investigate OR learn the soft.. yeah. I investigated as the first priority.

3. The next step would be to get the hosting and transfer the domain. That’s the easiest step as it involves relieving me of money and so would be straight forward. I have a few hosting providers in sight.

4. I am not a pro and cannot programme, apart from the very basic HTML. I need someone to ‘hold my hand’, while I am trying to set up the new format for the website. I need someone to troubleshoot and to prompt solutions when I run into difficulties, which will absolutely happen. It will be a steep learning curve.

While I would have liked to release the name in the next few weeks, it obviously depends on how this project will progress. There is no remuneration apart from the membership that will allow one to delve in the world of ‘Jed’. Neither will you be granted direct access to the website: I have learned my lessons, and WordPress.com is quite limited in the access level privileges anyway. But if any of the above makes sense to you, if you know precisely what I am talking about, and if you want the name to be released sooner rather than later – get in touch via the contact form. I am sure some of you are fucking brilliant in this area, and I am looking for the level-headed and knowledgeable support. I mean… ‘Jed’ had his brother for this kind of stuff, but I have no brothers.

I played for three years looking into the matter. This involved various types of costs which I never passed on and do not intend to pass on to the site visitors. But neither did I have help in ways such as what I am requesting above. Now, all the information pertaining specifically to ‘Jed’ was largely free to obtain. Imagine then what could have been achieved IF I chose to pay for further inquiries. Or even worse.. if I travelled to the US as originally intended, because I certainly keep in mind a vast list of places to be visited where the tangible info dwells. No, not the author himself; I have no interest in meeting the man – we will not get on on a human level, just like I would never get along with the state bandit Putin.

Covid-19 has changed the plans… for now.

Note: This below is for Russians only, if there are any here. It was a decade ago, but the cunning manipulator with strong criminal connections and a fully fledged state thieving career just won’t go away.

The lyrics take a good piss.

“I won’t come back, chaps, no.. but maybe… I will stay some more?”

The Groundhog Day… if Western audiences truly knew the background of this man and what took him to power and what keeps him there… they wouldn’t leave glowing comments.. he puts Trump to shame, although the two men share the psychopathic gene: cold, indifferent, self -serving… what our ‘Jed’ highly praises.

I must say that Russians (in other YT vids and comments) are merciless towards this excuse of a human being. They know.

Putin ‘I will stay’
The virus of the planet has been zeroed out.

39 thoughts on “On The Matter Of Being Silent. Help Needed.

  1. Thanks for posting Tano. Thanks to direction from you, I found out who he is a while back. He wrote for his college newspaper in Midwest….. maybe worked at a printing company after graduation. None of it matters to me anymore. I also know without equivocation who “invisible guru” Jed is. That is 100% thanks to you – and me hearing his voice. No questions there either.

    Appreciate all your efforts. Wishing you consummate wellness.

    Did you figure out who I am yet? Hint: I too am from the Midwest and you have seen my picture on a work website.

    Anyway; thanks again. Seems like I want to call you friend. So I will.


    1. Yes, Doc, of course I’ve known who you are, just like I figured out your whereabouts some months back.

      Because of the EM website the information was placed ‘out there’, and people at least gained the leads if they so wished to look at things themselves. Before – it was mostly like a black hole: no data escaped in the direction of the general public.

      As for Kenneth McMordie.. if I say he is who he is, then he is who he is. The only advantage he has over the real ‘Jed’ is that at least the chap is more daring and adventurous.

      Our ‘Jed’ is much more domesticated. I should get him a pair of slippers for Christmas or something.

      1. You mean the sky diving, mountain bike riding, video game playing enlightened guy? Can’t be! He’s domesticated now? 😉

  2. Hiya Tano – Good luck with the upcoming site build; hope it all goes well. I suspect you’ll get some primo help with it from your readers.
    Did I miss previous mention of your ‘club member’ program? Whatcha got in mind?
    Seems like it’ll be interesting to watch whatever fallout occurs in the near future…
    Best To You!

    1. Thank you, Robert.

      Primo help.. one kind offer so far.

      I did not mention the ‘club member’ before. I just said before I would share with those who I consider level headed and genuine. I kept thinking how to deliver that promise, and came up with something like a membership part of the website. But this is not possible on WordPress.com, unless one is prepared to part with $$ on a monthly basis, in addition to the existing package.

      Also, the virus has affected the amount of free time available to pursue the above.

      Last time I heard Ecuador was in the severe grip of the epidemic, but that was months ago.

  3. I have been lurking around here for a while for now. I haven’t made an effort to contribute earlier since I haven’t had anything really worth saying to say for you. I definitely want to be a member of your Jed club though.

    You have certainly made a quite investigation, no doubt about that. Thank you for doing that service for all of us. It has been such a delight to follow, very informative and revealing.

    I’m sorry I can’t help you with your current problem since I don’t have any special skills needed for these kind of stuff. I’m not really a tech person.

    I certainly do have some history what it comes to the topic of your blog. I’m not going to give any personal data here in public for certain reasons. I really prefer my privacy.

    1. @ originalpowehi

      To be honest, this investigation is at times like a chain. The reason.. for months now I felt like walking away; it’s the past now and not of any use.

      I have lost interest in Jed, spirituality, writing about the chimera of ‘enlightenment’; it has been a dreamy enticing story, I had a closer look, saw it all for what it is and shrugged my shoulders: a great PR on Jed’s part, but how empty is this message in the bottle..

      I wish people could see it all for what it is.

      Ah well.. the sound of the ocean and the smell of the freshly cut grass are a million times more interesting.

      And that breath of air.. as the recently poisoned leader of the Russian opposition said – being simply alive is highly underestimated.

      But I promised to make it available, perhaps, like the final full full stop, the closing chapter, so the obligation is there to be fulfilled.

      If you prefer privacy – do it privately I guess, no problem.

    1. @ anon

      You will be disappointed. Everyone has the name, I just went way further than everyone, to make sure the name is truly so.

      How’s the young reddit deciples? Still insist on smearing the EM content like the dog shit across the pavement… after faithfully reading it all?

      See… Mahktu (the original founder of Jed McKenna reddit) was so much more conscious in his head.. I even miss his consciousness.

      1. I know I’m going to be disappointed. It’s like you’re reaveling a magic trick. You really want to know how it works and you’re deeply disappointed when you do.
        I’m officially the guru of one reddit disciple who saw me claiming enlightenment under a post a year ago. It is just a taste of how Jed had to feel…
        But you are making a great job at keeping my expectations high that I’d even spend the same amount of money as I spend for JM-Books in being in your JM-Club.

        I love the way you write and express yourself, keep going!


        Ps: I’m still excited!

        1. Thanks for the kind words, A4L.

          No charge is due. I’d just want to share the info and thus dump it from my memory and psyche. Kinda like closing the Big Book of BS, the BBBS.

          It played its part in letting me see the chap and his creations clearly enough not to bother about him in the same way I do not bother about another eight billion strangers in the world. In being true to who I am – I made a good thorough study of it. That same mad tenacity got me to see the world out of the fog.

          I can’t think of a bigger load of crap than writing about becoming ‘enlightened’, and that’s exactly what any truly rational (and hence clear in their head) human knows without a doubt.

          Enlightened monkeys hmmm… could there be enlightened elephants perhaps?

        1. I could not read all the comments. It seems one has to be the reddit member? I have no account over there.

          But from the initial first comments.. someone wanted to guru the members, so the bait was placed.

          Here is the amazing human psychology… the minute one announces themselves evolved and enlightened – immediately there is a queue of eager ‘students’ who do not even question the validity of the claim.

          The same unquestioning psychology made people vote for Hitler and other numerous dictators.

          Strangely… very few see the connection.

    1. Apologies, Sergey, your comment went to spam, just retrieved it.

      I did a substantial two weeks blitz study of the Russian affairs, since I spent all of three months there in the past 30 years. Including some interesting documents relating to Don Kremlione’s crimes of the 1990s.

      It turned out to be the true horror story. I do not exclude a potential millitary dictatorship on the cards.

      Fucking sad.

  4. I find all this quite fascinating. Not the details but the search itself. I had been told by my “teacher” some time ago that it was him. He then kinda backpedaled and said it was several folks. We had a falling out after that in which i had documents dropped off to prove the matter but i never even looked at them as I was so disenfranchised w the whole business. what i do know is that i must have recd a pre-release of SW, read it, then commented about Chapter 34. He used that quote verbatim w his name attached on the copy i have now. My guess is this gives some creedence to his original claim. Awesome guy but he has mostly dropped off the radar from this sort of stuff. Havent seen an update on his website since 2019. He also requested his name be removed from a site providing names of teachers. Probably smart – I cant imagine sharing my name if i were “there” considering the ease it is today to find data on individuals. i wouldnt want the sheep to come to my doorstep. Oddly enough i found this site while perusing some stuff on Stuart Wilde. Same thing…everyone tries to find or poke at the “man” instead of “hearing” whatever it is they need at any given point in time. Hell, I’ll never forget one of my darker periods and for some reason put on some Iron Maiden, the lyrics of 2 particular songs made me weep like a baby. it was exactly what I needed to hear at that point. Needless to say, keep it all coming, it still is fascinating! Cheers!

    1. @ kalicmc

      Hmm.. you sound like a jedite of the reddit foundry mold. . True?

      Obviously, I cannot have any idea who you are talking about, but there were vague attempts to impersonate ‘Jed’ in the past, even if not as ourtageously bold as that of Mr. McMordie’s. So, whatever your coy deceitful ‘teacher’ had in mind.. was nothing to do with teaching perhaps, and something to do with ‘holding you dear’ and very close? What do you think?


      1. No Jedite here. I follow no one. As a matter of fact I do very little in online forums of any sort. I was just looking for something re: another “teacher” the other day and said to myself, “Hey, did they ever find out who the real Jed was”…curiosity, what can I say.

        Yes, I’m not hiding names for any reason other than I don’t want my name attributed to anything online without my consent so…do unto others and all that crap.

        Perhaps there was something else there – who really knows anything – but highly unlikely. I have a very good BS meter (hence the reason I normally don’t visit forums) and I would say there is most definitely some involvement. I don’t believe there was any deceit either, the story is somewhat detailed and boring (I would share privately but not here or any other place). No one holds me dear as I can be a pretty difficult person (except perhaps my children) – must be my eastern European background.

        I forgot to mention that I was also told that a key character in the 3rd book was named after someone I knew. Bullshit? Again, perhaps. But it sure would be interesting to know how my quote, and it is verbatim, of what I said and it was only said to this individual, wound up on the book. It’s not like he’s Deepak Chopra or some big name in the biz.

        He was and still is actually quite well respected in certain communities here and abroad but like I said, he went dark – living life, other commitments, etc. Not sure if you “teach” but it seemed like he got pinged incessantly on certain communities, emails, etc from “seekers”. Like I said, not a big name but those who worked with him knew he was absolutely no nonsense and he didn’t tolerate anything other than getting to the point.

        hope monsoon season is almost over for ya!

        1. @ kali

          Not much rain in the past few years. Dry, hot, with an occasional downpour. I miss the torrential rains; here they are very much needed.

          You gave me enough information to try and figure out the name of your teacher, should I wish to. American spiritual circles are a small and closed community: most people know one another or at least are aware of each other’s names and activities, a baby boomer generation especially, which many teachers are.

          “I was also told that a key character in the 3rd book was named after someone I knew.

          ‘Jed’ knows many teachers. It is inevitable in such a tightly nit and closely guarded occupation, so it wouldn’t surprise me that he and you know the same people, especially if you were part of the pickle jar.

          I am an outsider in a sense that – never been part of any spiritual community and don’t know any ‘teachers’. It is all such blatant bullocky bullocks.

          “Not sure if you “teach””
          I don’t. People still expect me to start charging, this predictably bent human morality.

          I want to keep my conscience intact.

          Stay difficult. ‘Difficult’ people are those with own mind, which most around them do not possess and do not appreciate. Hence, the label. If McKenna himself were to communicate directly with the general public and without holding back – he would piss off plenty. So he does not, safer that way. He does not like conflict.

          1. @ kali

            You said earlier “as I was so disenfranchised w the whole business.”
            That rings very true to me. Was the business of ‘getting enlightened’ getting to you? In what way?

            You can write privately (contact form); I am curious to compare notes.

          2. OK, you got me – I am fairly inept with all things “online”. Where might I find the “Contact Form” to write privately? I figured there might be a link but alas, I am a moron and can’t seem to find it on the site.

          3. Go figure, I’m in IT (non-techincal) – I did warn you though. It’s almost always Operator Error. I’m going to blame it on the .05% Neanderthal that supposedly makes up my genetic material! Thank you, will contact.

          4. I would provide you an email address but I’m not sure that would be wise on an online forum.

          5. In fact, I think I know who your ‘teacher’ was.

            He did not charge for his services, at least not in the beginning. Is that correct? I don’t remember the name exactly, but he had this dark background website, and he communicated with Shawn about the name removal.

            Believe it or not… in the course of this research I have come to keep a vast amount of semi relevant information in my head. It sort of pops up as and when something is mentioned, and the dots get connected. Go figure.

  5. I’ve gotten kinda used to how the current site works, I even find the clunky comment section kinda adds to the charm. But I’m curious to see what other design you’re gonna create.

    You said somewhere that at some point you lost most of your interest in social contact, could you elaborate on that? Because it’s almost like an evolutionary need. But in how society works nowadays it doesn’t really matter. I guess that goes for other things as well, like our sensitive fear response, and the way stress works.

    1. I’d like to reply in more detail than just a comment, because sicial contact is what people crave so much, and stress itself should be addressed.

      Give me time. My personal circumstances are changing and taking all my attention atm.

  6. Someone linked to this site.

    Sounds like you’re either hooked on JM or are interested in getting people hooked on JM or getting people hooked on you.

    I’m guessing it’s all three.

    1. Oh ffs.. Much gain in hooking you lot. In the past three years – exactly zero. But ‘Jed’, on the other hand, produced three more books. So maybe I want to have sex with him (was suggested before), or write a book (was suggested before), or suck in the adoration like the vacuum cleaner dust (was suggested before, see the adoring crowds abound here)..

      What’s wrong with your head in your avatar picture? Looks very.. spiritually deformed.

      Apropos for all who seek and never find.

      Anyway, I have no time for hooking right now Come back for a hooking session next month or so. And bring the gifts.

      We’ll hook ya good, and hook ya true.

  7. Tano – I had to laugh. What is it with new advaita converts? Hyper-arrogant, judgmental, pompous pricks who think they know something. I’ve run into a few myself lately.
    Oh well, I was probably like that at some point, too. They’ll grow out of it… hopefully.

    1. Nah. Just a chancer looking for free advertising in order to make a bob. Look at his/her front page. 25 bucks PayPal for answering your life question. Revolting.

      The Oracle of Delphi ffs. I,’m sure some will bite, but hopefully not the ones who read the EM. I hope my readers have cultivated discernment and can think for themselves now.

      “questions are more easily answered when phrased as

      ” what can I expect if I were to [x] … ? “

      or leave blank if you would like the I ching to provide the advice which is most relevant to your life at this time

      send Paypal ($25) or trade offer to xxx@frog.parts

      P.S. I deleted the link to his/her site in the name. No fraudsters are allowed to roam around here.

    1. Wow. I actually thought you might be a serious person and decided to look into this blog further and this is what I see. PUTIN??? Are you serious? LOL. Jed might very well be a fraud but you are CERTAINLY one.

      Oh the data can’t be published in this format? You need to move to a special setting where people can pay you for you invaluable insights into the myth of Jed McKenna? I pray for those poor gullible souls.

      Then again, maybe this is all just a dream and none of it matters. In which case, I suppose it doesn’t matter.

      Carry on.

      1. “Oh the data can’t be published in this format? You need to move to a special setting where people can pay you for you invaluable insights into the myth of Jed McKenna? I pray for those poor gullible souls.”

        Let me quote myself, since you are unable to read and want to see exactly what your highly prejudiced mind wants to see (aka mind illusion):

        I would like to publish the author’s name, but the current website format does not allow for what I have in mind. Don’t worry, it will remain free.”

        It will remain free.

        Also, as predicted:

        Any communication between you and I is futile: I see a head in the clouds when I come across one; the divide is too wide to attempt to communicate over.”

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