Elections And Clear Thinking

This below was written by me to our impostor Ken McMordie in February 2017. The last passage is my prediction then – for Donald Trump. It illustrates what is possible to foresee when one looks at and considers the real state of affairs in the world as opposed to the personally preferred and delusion driven outcomes.

As you can see from the above – Trump did get impeached, and we do have a situation now whereby, in the case of the potential election loss, Mr. Trump is considering not conceding defeat, while his supporters are beginning to talk about the local militia grabbing control of the post election situation.

Well done, the best democracy in the world.

The sad truth is… the United States WAS and CAN STILL REMAIN the best democracy in the world, as flawed and as limited as it is. The alternatives are pretty dire: look at the number of states on planet Earth where people are free to go out into the streets and say ‘Fuck you’ to their governments without being immediately charged with a serious criminal offense. Or simply thrown behind bars with no due legal course. Or executed in severe cases. We have some in Europe and some solo political entities dotted around the globe. You can count the countries that are at least in some way committed to developing in the democratic direction – on two hands.

THAT IS ALL. In the rest – it is either never established itself, or is now moving towards the far right across the globe, which is a scary thing to observe.

Why the hell would I talk about politics in the ‘enlightenment’ blog? Well, what happens ‘up there’ – will define how you live day to day. It is entirely possible to isolate self on the mountain side somewhere in the world, but then it is entirely possible for the powers that be – to extract you off that mountain and carry you off into the ether.

You may never come back.

I was born in one such country without rights. And I am now in one such country without rights. There is enough experience of swallowing the shit on either side to confidently declare: I do not want the backwater politicking, the corrupt, uneducated elites that emerge from the squalor and destruction of post communist states, with not a single shred of respect for due course. I do not want any religiosity to dictate the rules of my existence. I do not want to be run over and then deliberately killed by a car because the driver is afraid that I would survive and they would have to pay the invalid for life. I do not want to be quietly whispering at the kitchen table the facts that should be shouted from the rooftops and open for discussion.

Neither Americans nor Europeans fully appreciate the fragile state of own democracies and what they are up against. They are up against the ignorant stupidity and economic greed of massive proportions, and this is not the Western influence now. Just remember… if people lay flowers on the grave of Pol Pot who destroyed two thirds of population here in Cambodia… one day it may be possible to honour Hitler too. All it takes is one nutcase and a few generals.

Western states have gone over the hurdle of abject universal poverty and serious survival struggles, when one had no idea what to eat in the coming days. ‘Can I have some more, Sir?’ is not a fairy tale; we WERE that, and it has not been that long ago. As a result, Western population received enough humanity in its more recent upbringing to at least feel some compassion when another human being is genuinely in trouble. As thin as this veneer of civility is – I have come the full circle from the initial rejection of the so called ‘consumer society’ to the full appreciation. No, not of consuming: we are slowly waking up to the fact that consumption is simply not what makes us happy as human beings.

I have come to treasure the fact that here in the West we can think for ourselves.

Yes, it is flawed, imperfect, it is often defined by the unthinking individuals who were greedy enough and unscrupulous enough to get to power or start writing books on history, politics, spirituality – without truly understanding those; it needs to be shaken off and a new head needs to be placed on one’s shoulders in order to begin to see all as is. But we CAN think, and we CAN get out of the conditioning, and we SHOULD continue to use our minds in the only way they were meant to be used – to provide for an interesting, engaging and suffering-free life.

In many places on this planet it is simply not an option, and you will be PUNISHED for any attempts at independent thinking or even for expressing doubt. Trust me, I have seen it.

The election is (as always) governed by emotion. Unfailingly, people choose on one principle only: personal affinity with the candidate OR personal dislike of the candidate. They can tell you about the policies, healthcare plans, covid-19 bombs and how they support the political manifestos of either candidate, but the reality of any election is – your emotional gut chooses, and not your mind.

However. The gut is blind, and the establishment of the jungle law is only a gunshot away.

P.S. ‘Jed McKenna’ does vote btw.

19 thoughts on “Elections And Clear Thinking

  1. Outstanding post, Tano. Thanks!
    Many times over many years I have contemplated the points you make here. The unfathomable complexity, precision and evolutionary creativity of Nature, of the Universe, of Life… infused and guided by omnipotent, omniscient consciousness. On our little planet, we are currently the most creative, and destructive, result. For a few hundreds of thousands of years H. Sapiens has slowly awakened to its capabilities. Hamstrung by our ruthless survival predispositions, we’ve applied much of our creativity towards refining and psychopathically applying the most destructive aspects of ourselves onto each other.
    And yet, on the flipside of the coin, the spark within that cares, shares and defends one another has also slowly evolved, counterbalancing the evil we are each capable of at any moment.
    It’s a helluva battle constantly going on, inside and out. It’s the source of the dualistic friction that drives evolution. This most delicate and fragile balance slowly progresses upward, if we are wise enough to see it and appreciate it. (https://cdn-bewellbuzz.pressidium.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/SprialDynamics-AQAL-Large7.jpeg)
    Humanity is being force-fed a new reality, right now… the preferred harsh feudal reality of the psychopaths that run the banks, governments and corporations of our world. We are currently in Stage 1 of this extremely well thought out Program (https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb0000000pTDYEA2?tab=publications). Covid was the opening shot, the crack of the starting pistol. For nearly a year now the engine of worldwide totalitarianism has been warming up. Now that engine is being shifted into first gear.
    From here on out things will get more and more serious, more and more restrictive, more and more oppressive. Here’s the likely timeline of implementation in the 1st world western countries, mas o menos: https://awarriorcalls.com/pdfs/This.Must.Go.Viral.To.Every.MLA.pdf.
    A wide net is being cast; nearly all will be snared by it. A very dark winter is being imposed as we speak.

    Salvation? As I see it, our only possible salvation is exactly as you have stated:

    “I have come to treasure the fact that here in the West we can think for ourselves.
    “… we CAN think, and we CAN get out of the conditioning, and we SHOULD continue to use our minds in the only way they were meant to be used – to provide for an interesting, engaging and suffering-free life.”

    Perhaps enough minds have been awakened and are currently awakening… perhaps the swelling numbers of free-thinking spirits can see through the relative illusions being presented to the world… perhaps a sufficient number of minds and bodies comprehend how high the stakes really are at this moment. One way or another, a permanent tipping point is coming on fast. There is no returning to ‘normal, the way things were.’ Nor would we want that anyway. The time is quickly coming upon each of us to make life-defining choices for our individual and collective future. With this new technological feudalism being imposed (technocracy), there is no longer any possibility of returning to (much less reforming) anything about the old system, the choice that remains is to separate out from it, wholesale. Those of us who fully grok the enormity of this tipping point shall, god-willing, come together to form small islands of sanity amidst the chaos.
    I’m well aware the odds are slim, a positive outcome unlikely. Nevertheless, that’s my choice; that’s where my efforts will continue to go until I exit this planet in another 10 or 20 years.a

    1. Fckkk… Just lost the entire contents of the comment by hitting a button accidentally. No way to recover. This is annoying: one of the biggest online content platforms cannot come up with a simple solution to this very common problem.


      1. I’ve been burned enough times with that sort of thing… now I ALWAYS do my commenting in libre office and copypaste it over when I’m done.

    2. I agree that human societies are slowly becoming more controlled and institutionalised.

      There are now technology tools to keep tabs on the population and to manipulate its inclusion or exclusion from certain processes.

      As a simple example.. when we use programmes and applications, often we have to opt in in order to use all the features. We don’t HAVE to, but if not – functionality becomes limited or non existent. So it’s kinda.. up to you to decide, but in reality – there was no choice.

      For instance, I tried to go without a Google account on my Android for about 6 months. While possible to use, there was no access to apps on Play, some functions disappeared, all had to be updated manually or not at all. There are workabouts, so complicated that in the end one gives up and goes back ‘to the fold’.

      Or what if one refuses to have a smartphone altogether?………………………

      See? Unthinkable now. This little device controls human lives now, from jobs to relationships to entertainment, to.. everything.

      And those who control the smartphone (everything you can access on it, and the means of access) – control you.

      However, I don’t agree this process is some preconceived master plan.

      Humans are incapable of planning anything well in advance (like hundreds and thousands of years). Even China with its ‘Silk and Road’ initiative does not think ahead more than a few decades (but at least they do a few decades).

      Why? Because human landscape changes way too fast and is too unpredictable. Today there is Adolf Hitler, tomorrow it is Angela Merkel. New powers most always undo what previous administrations stood for. We do not agree on the most basic things: weapons, healthcare, food distribution, resources extraction, abortion.. etc. Forget about the master plan of some unseen invisible forces: they have no clue themselves.

      Everything and everyone go by the immediate need of survival NOW, i.e. any decisions are made around this basic need whether you are the president or the beggar.

      Hence, I am not a conspiracy theory supporter, as I place them in the same bracket – mind illusions. If it makes someone’s life more exciting – by all means, go for it. Just not for me.

        1. It will. It will take a number of years.

          The world returned to normal after the Spanish flu.

          The threat of technology abuse is present, of
          course, but that abuse began taking place a while back. The corona situation just highlighted it.

          I never trust articles which speak of ‘they’ and ‘them’, and which run advertising on every spare centimeter of the website space.

          Who ARE these mysterious ‘they’?

    1. Dramatized over the top, but some elements will eventually materialize, like Ray Bradbury science fiction.

      Aside from that.. someone is capitalizing on the current discourse, big time.

  2. I live in one of the best countries of the world, and yet here I can see society declining. Focus shifting to money instead of value. We prefer cheap produce over quality and virtue. We feel bad for animal cruelty, cheap laborers, child laborers and whatnot, be we aren’t willing to pay fair prices for fair wages. Well most of us at least.

    Do you believe there is hope for humanity?

    1. @ petorikoru

      “Do you believe there is hope for humanity?”

      No. As I said there is a thin veneer of civility when the masses are well fed. It disappears as soon as there is a shortage of resources that threatens personal survival.

      It’s Mother Nature.

    2. I don’t believe in hope itself. In my eyes, it’s a creation of a first-world economy, and a by-product of the affluent — the same society which creates the very problems we “hope” to transcend.

      1. Just to be clearer and less wooly, hope is the reaction some of us sensitive souls have or want when we see the exploitation. The problem to me is that this exploitation (of resources, people) go hand in hand with sustaining the conditions we require. Thus from my perspective, some of our hopes (for a “better tomorrow”) cannot be satisfied if we continue to live in the conditions we’re currently living in.

      2. I would disagree with the sentiment that hope is the ‘creation of a first-world economy and a by-product of the affluent’, for these reasons:

        Hope does not stem from economic situations. It is a state that reflects the innate ability of the human mind to imagine better times. The mind attempts to ignore the facts of each dire situation. It strives to see beyond the shitty lives most people live.

        As an illustration.. I think cave people had hope. They perhaps hoped for a mammoth (i.e. meat) for tomorrow, and warmer (cooler depending on where one lived) temperatures and that the tribe members would not die, because more members meant better survival chances.. a far cry from now.

        Yes, it’s shitty.. who gives a shit about you, the little man/woman? The little man is being stomped on by absolutely everyone: employers, neighbours, own families and partners, the state and its government, the social institutions of religions, social networks, fan clubs, educational establishments, financial companies and… a long list.

        Society does not create hope. It takes this nurturing and intrinsic to humans drive – and BREAKS IT…. can you hear the cracking sound of your broken hope??

        It takes away hope.

        P.S. I once was an optimistic being, smiling at the world and embracing it with the open arms, trusting and hoping for the return of that trust. Instead.. every event in my life showed the basic inhumanity of people. I have no arms or smiles left now. So now…. I enjoy the things that only suppose the human participation to the minimum.

        The very minimum.

        1. Hi Tano, hope you’re doing well.

          In my head, I make a distinction between individual and societal hope. Contrived terms, of course, to try and clarify what I mean.

          By individual hope I refer to the examples you provided: a caveman’s desire to eat more mammoth, a tribe’s desire to conquer land, a father’s desire to provide to his family a better tomorrow, and an individual’s desire to achieve whatever she wishes to. I think it’s tied to desire — and to an innate optimism, as you’ve mentioned — regardless of present circumstance.

          When I shared my perspective on peterorikoru’s question, I was responding to her/his examples. They seemed to indicate a dissatisfaction with our moral failing as humans. What are we up to? Why are we fucking up the world? When will the exploited workers of the third-world — slave to corporate interests — live a life similar to those in developed countries? That’s what I’d call societal hope (for this example). I don’t think we have a solution for this. Rather, I think that the system that affords first-world comforts directly impinges on the rights of the less fortunate, be they animals or “cheap laborers”.

          To sum it up, I empathize with an individual’s hope to have a better life. However, I don’t think humanity has hope, in the sense of an entire fucking society/civilization caring about the rights of the less oppressed as it this oppression that creates the comforts afforded to the developed countries. Hope this answers your second question too.

  3. Yes, that’s clearer.

    I would not set it as ‘developed countries’ versus ‘less developed countries’. Trust me, less developed countries are the least humane, because here the survival realities are ‘in your face’ and extremely harsh.

    Extremely. If one thinks it makes people more compassionate – think again. It makes people aggressive and very uncaring towards anything and anyone apart from own family, because families are the insurance of your survival.

    So yes, I agree that overall human societies are based on exploitation: of resources, of each other, of children, of animals, everything.

    There is no hope, as this will never change. It COULD in theory, but in practice – never will.

    In the same way a lion does not give a shit about the fate of a gazelle it consumes.

    1. Yeah, I agree. I’ve spent some time in less-developed countries — pretty brutal out there. I actually find myself preferring American artificiality sometimes 🙂 and all the economic conditions that contributed to this tranquility

      Also, grew up very trusting, optimistic and pretty naive. Although I haven’t been too burned (thankfully) by people, all our selfishness is pretty apparent. Not quite sure what to make of it yet, but yeah, it’s what it is, I guess. Just watch cat videos and listen to Pink Floyd/classical music when too stressed 😉

      1. Good to know you had a chance to compare, P.

        Those people who never left the comfort of the West – will never understand where I am coming from. One has to actually live it, not be a passing tourist, to understand the fundamental differences that exist between the two worlds.

        Do you remember ‘Jed’ complaining about purchasing a new truck? Well, I would say his tolerance threshold is pretty low.

        Imagine moving continents AND attempting to settle in other strange country AND dealing with two of the most corrupt states in the world AND having to watch the wallet, as no income is an issue…

        Cat youtube probably won’t cut it. But writing does.

        That is why he writes. Plus the money of course.

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