The Nightmare Is Over

I am slightly disappointed. What, no chaotic, last ditch attempt at a power grab? No twits anymore??? No daily CNN evangelical on the evils of the White House Bogeyman??

Is it REALLY over?

The reality is… Donald was all bark and no bite. Such commendable energy levels and staying power… but sometimes Mother Nature simply delivers goods to the wrong house.

24 thoughts on “The Nightmare Is Over

  1. Since when does the media get to decide its over? Since when is the media an ‘official source’ of anything.

    It isn’t over….mark my words.

    Trump won’t concede

    He will win through sustained pressure. The left are not made of strong men. They will crack

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    1. @ Gary
      “Since when does the media get to decide its over?”

      They don’t. They report victory when the statistical odds of winning for one of the candidates become impossible.

      Since when is the media an ‘official source’ of anything.”

      Officially the US Congress certifies the final election results in January, but that’s only the formality. The media is the source, but not the determiner. The media reports on the factual result of over 270 votes.

      The result can be challenged, of course, which is what Mr. Trump is planning. If one is such a hardliner as Donald wants to be seen, why not go all hog and bring in the tanks?

      Gary, Trump was in it for himself only, or to be more precise, for his Everest high ego. He never cared about anything, but own standing, and not even in YOUR eyes or the eyes of the world. But his own eyes.

      I also think he cared about the eyes of his dead father, and that’s a pretty big burden to carry.

      He never grew up.

      He will win through sustained pressure. The left are not made of strong men”

      Hmm.. being a stubborn ass and refusing to acknowledge the facts (the reality of the situation) is a sign of strength to you?

      Or bullying?

      For me personally it is more interesting to understand why a man of 77 who basically has seen it all, done it all, has it all, who wants for nothing – chooses to endure the stresses of the presidency in his twilight years.

      I’d rather put my feet up and watch the sunset.

  2. Hahaha. Finally, I was almost inclined to vote for him. The sad victimized narcissist. I had daddy issues. It feels like a better place, like it’s back to the direction it was heading. Aside from profit wars and all the extra that goes along with this nation. The brainwashing of freedom, military policing etc. It still feels a touch better. A new warden has taken office and the jail wont be as bad. I guess that’s a subjective experience, for those that are threatened by differences it’s a scary place again. Who knows..

    1. @ Panos

      “I was almost inclined to vote for him.”

      I’d be curious to know why, for my own education.

      Funny you mention ‘daddy issues’. I think Donald never got fully over what his father was (who was a cunt in his own right).

      1. I thought of your question as I myself did not know why. There are several dimensions.

        1) I live in trump land, midwest. In a way I have adopted to the locals. Swayed my own reasoning to belong. A wonderful skill I learned from my narcissistic days, never thought I would start believing my own lie.

        2) I felt sorry for all the racists. I know it sounds messed up, but when you are surrounded by people that have all this inner hate and now they are all oppressed and sad by internalizing their own bigotry. Well it’s a sad face to notice. They all look defeated. Do I prefer them not defeated and have that hate expressed? No, I prefer for them to realize that these are internal issues and to realize their own limitation. I mean the irony of being racist in the US still makes me chuckle. In the end they feel like they dont belong and I cam relate to that.

        3) The political side has some validity. What if we got someone in there that was different? It was unfortunate that this was not the real reason which many had claimed, was what was driving the support. To me it seemed that he repsented the power of immature male bravado that others wish they could express. Which eventually can create everything male and fucked up like rape and war. However, he did do some unconventional moves some which had some actual valid reasoning. Like green energy consumes more coal to be created and so on.

        In the end I witnessed a man that I was scared of. I felt like he was close to a previous leader that cost a few million lives. A leader that always flipped his viewpoint to the crowd and kept a few concentration camps on the side. It was my suspicion that there was a lot of that secretly occurring in this case as well.

        So in a way I have a certain degree of hate and power hungry male bullcrap in me. Without which the consideration would of been nothing less than an abomination.

        This was a self centered psychopathic lying narsicist that used the system to help his own interests and had no concern for his people beyond mainting power. I just think he wasn’t smart enough to pull it off, unlike his historic counterparts.

        1. @ Panos

          Thank you for your detailed reply, it was interesting and, actually, spot on.

          You summed it up yourself:

          “So in a way I have a certain degree of hate and power hungry male bullcrap in me.”

          People who tend to support Trump also tend to feel very angry.

          The question then is: why are they angry? This is what needs to be understood. Trump is simply the reflection of that anger, not the reason, not the cause.

          I see a lot of lost people in the US, more so perhaps compared to Europe. Perhaps it is also the reason why spirituality currents are rife in the States. Most Europeans are not too interested, the numbers of ‘seekers’ are limited.

          But the American psyche is constantly on the lookout for something.


  3. Tano,

    Trump as an ‘individual’ isn’t the real issue. Trump not winning isn’t what has lit a fucking fire inside me and many others.

    Regardless of Trumps personality traits, or his father or his real reasons for running for president, this election was a fraud. Full stop.

    If someone broke into your house and robbed you, do you just ‘accept the facts’ ? Do you not fight back because you might worry about being a bully? get fucking real, you would open the fucker up and make the sure perpetrator would see you in his nightmares for the rest of his days.

    If the cabal / big tech / neocons do actually get in then prepare for 1984 ‘Orwell’ on levels you can’t comprehend. Prepare for wars. Prepare for communism. (One positive is watch the corona virus now magically disappear)

    All on the fucking basis that Biden says nice things.

    Pussy generation

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    1. @ Gary

      “Trump not winning isn’t what has lit a fucking fire inside me”

      Well, it is. Trump not winning is exactly what is setting fire to your breeches.

      I cannot imagine you casting doubt on the election results IF Trump had won the election.

      I cannot envision you demanding recount IF the ‘the cabal / big tech / neocons’ hadn’t returned to power.

      “this election was a fraud”

      Prove it with facts, and I will concede. With facts ONLY, not the fucking fire inside you.

      “If someone broke into your house and robbed you”

      You compare getting an election result to breaking into someone’s house? The United States is not your house which you can see fit to run anyway you want. If Trump had won – would you say the same?

      Look, Garry… I decided yesterday not to publish your Trump email exactly for these reasons – don’t want a prolonged political debate on the site. One either sees the man for who he is – or does not.

      You don’t. So what.

      “If the cabal / big tech / neocons do actually get in then prepare for 1984 ‘Orwell’ on levels you can’t comprehend.”

      This will happen regardless of who is in power. Political affiliation is irrelevant in this case. It will happen.

      People didn’t vote for Biden. They voted against Trump.

    1. @ justmevn

      From the site:

      “I remind you that I think the whole election was manufactured from the ground up, so I am not saying this fraud actually happened. In other words, I don’t think Biden himself or even the Democratic Party planned and executed this. It was done from much higher up. I think Biden agreed to be part of it, buthe is just an actor, not a producer or director. He had no power to cause it, and no power to resist it.No ballot boxes were physically stuffed. The controllers just made up a script and then made up some numbers. So this late-election fraud is just part of the larger election fraud that includes both parties.Trump also knew and, like Biden, is just playing a part. His direction is to chew the scenery, as usual.”

      An interesting conspiracy theory that places any form of casting a ballot in the category of a rigged affair. No matter how one votes, the result will be the way ‘powers that be’ want it to be.

      In that way ANY political act, legal stipulation, a law, a decision – can be made look invalidated. Why? It is rigged of course!! Trust no one!!!

      If we place doubt on absolutely every devised process, how are we going to decide anything huh?… How to govern the millions who grab rifles and baseball bats every time they are aroused?? Look for King Solomon to hold court and make wise decisions?

      Here in SE Asia sometimes the mob simply beats the perpetrator into a pulp. They get the wrong guy occasionally too.. the one who was just passing by. Forget the police, the courts, the vote, the due process.. hack them to pieces now!! the mob justice.

      How about that? Would you like to be that guy?

      1. I read another PDF on Stalin conspiracy theories from this guy, just to evaluate my first impression of him.

        I obviously have one massive advantage in this particular case: I can read (and did not that long ago) original documents in Russian, while he goes by English Wikipedia and other English language sources.

        My verdict: a highly intelligent mind who is nuts.

        Steven Hawking was replaced by a double.. riiiight.

        (I share a lot of Hawking’s views on science, humanity and cosmology.)

      2. That’s a reason why “the powers that be” must use the puppets and the rigged system, because no one want to be that guy who’d be beaten into a pulp.

        1. I don’t understand how the first part of your sentence (‘must use the puppets and the rigged system’) is connected to the second part of your sentence (‘because no one want to be that guy who’d be beaten into a pulp’).

          It is like saying “I eat chocolate because buses are always late in this town”.

          Just no connection. What am I missing?

          On the subject of the mob justice… Here’s how it goes.. the latest from the glorious Kingdom of Cambodia: a man murdered by villagers for stealing two bunches of bananas. I was not kidding.

  4. Post court proceedings you’ll have plenty of ‘facts’

    Perhaps I should temper fire since ‘the man in the arena’ is more chilled than his base.

    Perhaps he’s ahead of the game after all.

    Can help but think If you were the most powerful man in the world, with unlimited budget, and you knew four years in advance that a crime would be committed, would you… a) let it happen, b) stop is happening c) set up a sting

    Fucking hope ‘c’ but if facts reveal ‘a’ then the guy has made his bed.

    Last point before I disappear, please reply to my points within my direct message

    If the vote count stops….unprecedented….simultaneously in 7 different states for no reason at all, chain of custody of votes/thumbs drives is lost, and vote count resumes hours later in secret with no observers, it is fucking fraud.

    Occam’s razor…who is more likely to win an election, the guy who had £50k people show up for a rally, or the guy who has 50?

    Occam’s razor…would a party who spent the last 4 years trying to impeach Trump and discredit him, would a media set up that have fucking hammered him with constant negative and fake coverage of him accept a loss that would destroy them, or would they lie and try to steal it??

    Occam’s razor…Is it more likely that an old white guy who called blacks predators, and who lost more minorities nationwide than any other democrat in 60 years, fucking hammered and outperformed Obama’s margins ONLY in cities in swing states, and only in mail-in ballots tallied post-election??

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    1. @ Gary

      “Perhaps he’s ahead of the game after all.”

      I doubt it. I am not sure the guy lived in reality. It seems his reality was airbrushed for him. Always happens to would be dictators. I should know the signs: come from a dictator-run country and live in a dictator-run country.

      You whining lot have no idea how good you have it.

      To your Occam’s razors..

      1. It makes no difference how many people turn up for rallies. I never did, never do and never will. I’d vote Biden if I were American, and preferably postal and not face to face, because of corona and because I dislike clamoring at the voting station.

      I suspect many thinking Americans would reason the same.

      2. I can only get the CNN here (out of American channels), and no English language newspapers bar one locally produced (which was subject to restructure in favour of the government). Foreign media is not welcome here. The CNN has been in business well before Trump. It was the only available station on Russian TV during the 1990s coup de etat., which allowed people to see what was really going on, and turn out into the streets.

      Are they objective? Of course not! Was I sickened by the CNN’s daily ‘Trump this Trump that’? Sure. No media are ever objective; all represent the views of specific groups of people and are businesses to run for profit. The business model requires that products are placed strategically, targetting specific population.

      The BBC, which is supported through subscription (you cannot watch TV if you did not pay the license), is a special case. They are biased, but for a very different reason.

      In short: the media will survive with or without Trump. He is not the one paying their bills.

      3. I am not sure which point to address here, because you have lumped a few together:

      – old white guy
      – called blacks predators
      – lost minorities nationwide

      did this:

      outperformed Obama ONLY in cities in swing states, and only in mail-in ballots tallied post-election

      City dwellers tend to be more educated than country folk. They would not care about Biden’s track record at this point in history. All they would want is to get rid of the threat to the established democratic processes – Mr. Trump, because they genuinely see the threat. I see the threat. If Trump were to remain in office for the next term – it could be also his desire to consume the term after, and after, and after. He is that kind of man I am afraid. How he is American – is beyond me.

      That may explain your ONLY cities.

      Mail-in ballots tend to be sent by.. well, people like me. I outlined my reasons above for why I would choose mail-in. Hence, you know who I’d vote for.

      Let us stop here, because you know this discussion will lead to no breakthroughs. Just.. watch that mass media for any developments.

  5. Btw no ‘official’ sources have called the election. Federal law and the constitution limit ‘official sources’ to state officials, the electoral college and ultimately congress

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    1. I agree, Kamala kind of scared me in her victory speech. Her sweet and innocent demeanor was gone. Anyone that switches like that, smells like trouble.

  6. Now your thinking,

    Kamala was always the end game for them.

    They couldn’t put her as a front man to risk another Hillary scenario so chose Biden who ‘smiles a lot and says nice things’

    Biden will move aside on ‘health grounds’ and Kampala will become president at which point buckle the fuck up and embrace what Pandora’s box you lot have opened.

    2016 (Trump) was never meant to happen and they won’t ever let it happen again.

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    1. @ Gary

      I am always thinking.

      Kamala was always the end game for them.”

      Who are ‘them’? And why would ‘they’ want Kamala?

      buckle the fuck up and embrace what Pandora’s box you lot have opened.”

      Meh. I am hardly ‘we lot’, what with not being American and not being in America.

      There is no ‘Pandora box’ with Kamala. She has a very male mind and is not as clear cut as it looks on the surface.

      In other words.. she smiles and yet.. is as cold as ice.

  7. I’ll wrap it up after this because it’s getting fucking boring….

    We haven’t touched on Trumps capitalist / nationalist regime and actual policy. I know he didn’t ‘say nice things’ but I believe he’s policies are solid.

    There are many but highlights for me…..

    Pulled that bullshit Paris climate deal nonsense Kept manufacturing / jobs in America and told China to go fuck itself Cancelled WHO. (They are fucking clueless) Cancelled Obama Care. (Idiotic Concept) Highlighted how fucking corrupt the media is I.e fake news. Pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. Only president not to start any news wars whilst in office

    Well Biden / Kamala will reverse all of the above and re-establish globalist / socialist policies to levels unheard of. Censorship / tax rises / wars / outsource jobs and manufacturing to Daddy China and that’s not the half of it.

    But it doesn’t matter cause Biden says ‘nice things’

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    1. These are not policies. These are instantly taken irresponsible decisions, with no thought and consideration for potential consequences.

      Ya know.. like in a playground where toddlers do whatever the fuck they feel like – in the moment.

      I hear in Kazakhstan the population is obliged to learn by heart the ‘leader’s horses’s names. He is into horses you see. And their statues. Big ones.

      Yeah.. there is a lot Mr. Trump pulled out of… could never quite come and finish the job 🙄

      Can he please now pull out of the White House?

    2. Note the countries that do not openly acknowledge the election results.


      All factual dictatorships.
      Ask yourself why.

      Note that the Defense Secretary went first from the Trump team.
      Ask yourself why.

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