Fake Everything

Aussies contribute to the Trump concession debate.. the Aussie style.

I laughed when the eagle got Donny at 1:43.

Sorry, could not NOT share, as it covers most points in 2 minutes 19 seconds. Yeah yeah.. may seem a shallow undignified response, but it fits the man – shallow and undignified.

A fake human being, who shouts ‘fake’ in the same way a thief is the first to cry out ‘Thief!’


11 thoughts on “Fake Everything

  1. Same sentiment, wasn’t going to post this as shallow, undignified…but thought fuck it, It’s good to balance it all out……

    My life won’t change one iota no matter who’s in charge

    Perhaps every politician should have the piss taken out of them.

    Perhaps that’s where most of them go astray, start taking themselves too seriously and start believing their ‘shit don’t stink anymore’

    Apt quote from Mr Herbert (Dune)

    ‘The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. He must reflect what is projected upon him. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. This is what uncouples him from belief in his own pretensions. The sardonic is all that permits him to move within himself. Without this quality, even occasional greatness will destroy a man’

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    1. @ Gary

      Ha-ha, that was funny and also true. Biden’s diction is poor. But remember, he is a life time stutterer. It would be hard on anyone.

      Incidentally.. has anyone ever made fun of Franklin Roosevelt wheelchair?

      See? That’s the difference in the levels of mocking. Trump can change his stubborn unacceptance of reality. Biden cannot change his stutter, although he did a pretty good job out of overcoming it.

      Will your life change? Not if the democrate/republican spread remains the same.

      It will, if either side refuses to acknowledge facts and calls the stupid population to arms. Civil wars are never pretty.

      Donald Trump would want to, but is afraid to go all hog, and the military does not seem to support him.

      And if it did???

  2. Nope….thats no mere stutter….that’s called being incoherent, coupled with the resting hand tremors he regular displays in public and let’s throw in the involuntarily spasms…Parkinson’s all day long.

    He isn’t fit to lead the country Tano, hell he isn’t even a good man. Dude has a weird fetish for sniffing kids hair. Likes to rub their noses and fondle their faces too. He reminds me of Mr Saville.

    The election results will be what they’ll be. The facts will reveal themselves.

    It will go to SCOTUS. Talk about Karma. Clarence Thomas and all that. When the facts come out he might hand Biden a ‘high tech lynching’

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    1. @ Gary

      I agree that Biden is old and may have physical issues. I do not agree he is incoherent.

      You are missing the point. The issue is not about supporting Biden. It is about not letting the potential dictator stay in power.

      When I said in 2017 he might go for power grab – I was not far off. And IF he started urging his supportes to arm themselves, and he gained the support of at least some US army or special forces…

      THAT is the issue here. Gary. The United States was close to losing their tradition of following the due course. And another four years of Trump presidency would put America a century back in terms of handling political power.

      Trump wants to run for 2024 presidency, potentially. I hope the lawsuits against him will land him in jail.

      I just can’t believe the man of his attitudes to world and domestic politics could be nurtured on the American soil, but then we have similar examples in history from other countries.

      The due process is what stops dictators coming into power. The human cowardness lets it happen.

  3. See we politically do not align at all.

    I could provide a counter argument for each and every point you have just made…:but head tennis doesn’t get us anywhere.

    You see a power hungry dictator, I see a dude who believes he’s been royally fucked and is fighting like hell from preventing those demonic motherfuckers from going ‘full 1984 Orwellian’ on us all.

    Biden is a a front. Probably the weakest president-elect I’ve seen. But he’s ‘nice’ and he has nice teeth which shows people buy into sentiment more than ever… ‘empathy, niceness’ which isn’t actual politics.

    Trump is a bell end Tano. Of course he is. Big ass capitalist all the way . They are all bent. Everyone of them.

    As Bukowski said….capitalism has survived communism. Now, it eats away at itself.

    We need a man or woman of action, someone tested by fire, someone from a real working class background (fuck the lobbyists and elite),decent, honed by humanistic study with rigorous organisation

    But all this could be hopeful nonsense on my part. Perhaps it’s better to focus my energy on real shit and accept we will always be overmatched by evil, revenge is for fools, god won’t save us and death wins in the end

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    1. @ Gary

      As they say… if you are lost in the woods and want to find a way back – start talking about politics, and someone will turn up to argue with you 😏

      It is the ages old argument… Terrorists verses freedom fighters. This dude you mention has always felt he has been ‘royally fucked’. The words ‘fake news’ got popularised by him, correct?

      I see a cult-like reverence in his supporters, and I wrote about cults, the most despicable way of mind prison.

      I despise cults: people who participate in them (because they are stupidly gullible), and those who start them (because they are anti humane).

      If Donal Trump is a freedom fighter to you – nothing I can do.

      You fail to see that my position has NOTHING to do with politics.

      1. @ Gary

        We need a man or woman of action, someone tested by fire, someone from a real working class background (fuck the lobbyists and elite),decent, honed by humanistic study with rigorous organisation”

        I am sure you fail to see the irony of this, but it sounds nearly like a piece from Lenin or Marx.

        History repeats. As I said.. I’ve seen it all by now… every beach in the world.

        P.S. In fact, you are fucked, Gary.

  4. Nah I don’t see how listing reasonable character traits on a would be president is ironic.

    Idealistic…yup, but not ironic. But perhaps you see something I don’t . I couldn’t lace your boots intellectually and have told you so.

    Trump ain’t no freedom fighter…..told you on my last post what I think of him and what he stands for.

    But neither is Biden and who he really represents. Fucking hell….complete opposite end of the spectrum from anything that resembles freedom….being sent to the ‘gulag’ for a ‘thought crime’ could actually soon be a reality.

    I just think we should never sacrifice truth at the altar of social justice.

    Course I’m fucked. Accepted that a while ago. Don’t feel bad or guilty about it. Don’t feel like buying an online course to change it.

    I know what I’m about.

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    1. @ Gary

      “I don’t see how listing reasonable character traits on a would be president is ironic.”

      It is ironic because you dislike leftist ideologies, but your sentiment was expressed in near same terms by the most leftist figures: Marx and Lenin.

      we should never sacrifice truth at the altar of social justice.”

      It’s a punchy phrase, but… the truth is we are born as animals first. As an animal, one does not have to feel for the one they consume, and not even for the one from own tribe… Survival, right?

      But we are also given thinking abilities and conscience, unlike other animals. So… fuck social justice, Gary? Who cares, right?

      I know what I’m about.”

      Good. ‘Know Thyself’ is a way to a fulfilled life. That’s all there is to ‘Who Am I’ question.

      Good on ya, Gary.

  5. Hate that phrase ‘who am I’…….it gives those spiritual, namaste types an intellectual hard on. I avoid those fuckers as much as the bullshitters….AKA post-modernists…..fucking intellectual terrorists or simply Lefties will do 🙂

    ‘Who am I’ surely just means growing up and accepting what your about.

    Aint easy and you have to spend time in the trenches, but your right in that there is some sort of fulfilment when you know who you are and what makes to tick. Kinda makes you bulletproof because you don’t hide anything. You simply do not give a fuck. That’s the only way you’ll make it IMO

    Ive never met a solitary person whom I don’t think is utterly fucked including myself and acceptance of your own madness is the very, very, very first thing. Diagnosable or not.

    Think though you have to go the sheer cliff edge, even the ledge, before you see it and know it for what it is. Defo big lessons in the suffering.

    Enjoyed our debate Tano 🙂

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    1. @ Gary

      It was a wise message on your part. It is strange how, when people do not fight their ‘position’ tooth and nail – they come up with wonderful simplicity which is true to Truth 🙂 Which is what you expressed – simple and true.

      You are actually correct here: the type I met who are into ‘namaste’ and other socially acceptable spiritual practices – are almost always lefties.

      “‘Who am I’ surely just means growing up and accepting what your about.”

      Pretty much. Those who walk on clouds of “I am Infinite Intelligence” or “I am Consciousness” carry the internal (and unrealised) belief in own mysterious significance. There is no mystery and they are not significant, but sshhhh… let them dream and fantasize.

      It’s been a pleasure.

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