Rotten Tomato Kenneth (Jed) once expressed his intolerance for those who ‘sell tomatos from an empty cart’. He meant people who sell ‘spirituality’ without having gone all the way, and there are many.  But he failed to mention that sometimes one has indeed gone all the way to remove the blindfold, to see the nothing that it turns out to be… but then he/she heads back into the world to start selling those same tomatos, albeit in full Knowing. Kenneth (Jed) cried ‘thief’ in his tomato expression, but it is not so evident to those who are still of the impression they have ‘attained’ something.

Below is one of my last emails to Jed which reflects some of the reasons for the existence of this website. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the incoming facts have eventually crushed this irrevocably.

04.06.17 All Is Fake

I will write here, Cuddly. It helps to refine the thoughts.

The guys, Steve, Ray, Justin, Mike… are still in the woods, giddy from realisation of ‘REALISATION’, because they talk about it as if it is something real. I am not inerested. Little boys.

Behind every major religious cult is one man who realised SOMETHING. But they were all in two states: either partial realisation and subsequent belief in reality of it and then going preaching about nothing =====> Jesus was that way. He never got the whole banana. But he believed in the whole thing and was rather stubbon about it.

Or Gautama, who, I suspect, was more cunning. He perhaps saw there was nothing to see, but decided ‘Hey, why not make a living!’… Look at the industries around ‘enlightenment’, look how the ‘teachers’ do nothing else, but sell… sell the empty air. Osho, Tolle – the biggest of them all, and then countless little gurus inhabiting the spiritual market.

And I thought perhaps you believe in part in reality of it? Things you say on the forum are so not true it makes me cringe. See… I am still trying to find an excuse for you…. he doesn’t bluff.. he belives this b.s…. but then I know just how intelligent you are, it cannot be true that you sincerely believe all that you say.

What’s left then? You are knowingly faking it all. Selling those tomatos, except there are no tomatos either. There is a story of enlightenment, a fake, which has the potential to sell. And I thought that at some point you were like me – THERE IS NO ENLIGHTENMENT, but no one listened to this, all wanted to believe. So you gave them what they want, caved in.

If you had the guts to look me in the eye and say ‘Listen, it is all fake, a story’…. I would have said ‘Fair enough, you were true here, I respect that’… and let it be. It is more important to me to see ONE individual to be honest.

But you couldn’t do that… and left me no choice. I think of this old (ish) guy, the clever eyes, the need to live, be comfortable, the man who is not attached to own life, but yet holds everything under tight control (you are a control freak for sure)… feel for him, but he left me no choice. He never said ‘I am fake, can you accept this?’

Because I would have accepted truth.


P.S. I had a dream about you last night. You were normal in it, none of this either ‘guru’ b.s. or running b.s. Just a normal bloke able to hold a convesation face to face, without being fake.

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