Cambodia, Kep Blue Window
Cambodia, Kep Blue Window

28.06.17 Sihanoukville Trip 1

Got very wet riding from PP, there was a storm : )))

Had a spin through Ekareach street today and along some wide winding road next to the sea and past a few casinos. No idea what the area is called. Ended up back in Otres village, spent a couple of hours with an assortment of Western folks, one of whom runs a cafe (closed now for low season). They were just sitting inside, doing nothing in particular. All smoking weed and generally being affable, people coming and going, most seem to know one another.

Ahh… sod it. I’m in town till Saturday. Would you like to meet, for no particular reason?
Normality appreciated. A guitar lesson optional 🙂

28.06.17 Sihanoukville Trip 2

No meeting…  no reason…

Enjoy your visit and safe travels.

Love ya, Jed.

28.06.17 Sihanoukville Trip 3

Are you sure? People make up reasons as they go along, or the reasons manifest somehow. One never knows.
What are you afraid of?

If you change your mind, I will be in Dao of Life on Thursday, around 1pm. Blond in black.

29.06.17 Sihanoukville Trip 1

I cannot think of any reasons, except that the journey to Cambodia had started years back, without me even knowing, and now I’m here, and so why the hell not.

But I can give you all the reasons NOT to meet. … I cannot offer you

.. money, except what I owe you
.. connections in ‘high places’ as I don’t make friends with people for their ‘worldly’ value
.. generals for land acquisition, but I’m looking at a piece of land tomorrow, huh..
.. sex, as this is ineffiable quality beyond any conscious thought (to me at least)
.. service of any kind, because hey!! I know nothing about you and how your interests correspond to mine
.. interesting life stories, because to me all are mundane, no matter how strange

and any other life ‘goodies’ that people place high value on.

I can only offer you one thing – honesty. Which, frankly, is not much and wouldn’t add much to your life. But that’s all I have. Everything else in my life flows from that, and I consider it the easiest thing to be.

Dao of Life is just a coinsidence, I’m no vegeterian, but it has good reviews. It’s on Serendipity Road next to Big Easy.

29.06.17 Sihanoukville Trip 2

Try their tofu bunny, (Tofunny), it’s great with raspberry sauce.

Love ya, Jed.

I used to call Jed ‘Houdini’ on the forum.

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