The idea behind girlie bars is simple: to entice punters in and keep them spending money on alcohol. Since it is mostly guys who like a beer or four, what better, but to front the bar with young attractive semi dressed females, who will pay really close attention to guys every minute of their time?

Cambodia, Sihanoukville Charlie's
Cambodia, Sihanoukville

As said above, they are employed by the bar and are paid around $100 a month. Many come from provinces where they left behind their sustenance farming families. They are simple, not well educated and are survival orientated, because often entire families depend on whatever they can make in the capital and other big cities. In other cases girls were ‘negotiated’ into bar work by the said families, whether they like it or not.

One hundred dollars is not much. Girls often live in a shared accommodation, with Khmer rates of around $50 per month (there are also barang rates, but those demand a much better quality living quarters). The solution is to supplement income with sex services to the bar patrons. Not every girl will do it, but most – will. I spoke to quite a few. I ask them ‘Do you like the job? They always make a screwed face and say ‘No’. I then ask ‘What about extra activites?’ They say ‘No wana fuck, they alway ask fuck. Need money’.

If a punter has agreed a deal with the girl, he can take her out and spend time with her, but he has to pay a bar fine to the bar owner. Usually around ten bucks.

The girls are friendly, but shrewd. They need to survive, and what other choices do they have? The majority never went beyond elementary school, have no education or work skills, knowledge or money to start something of their own, even something as simple as  a street food cart. All they have of any value is their young bodies, and Khmer girls have very good bodies, slim, compact, light, supple. Good to ‘throw around the bed’ I was told.


It depends. There are so called ‘chicken farms’ where rows upon rows of wooden shacks house women who will provide a service for as little as £5. Sihanoukville has one such well known chicken farm.

Prices start to climb once in big cities, the current going rate is between $20 and  $50 for a few hours. This is what most barangs (foreigners) pay. The word spreads through the grapevine, more and more come to sample the ‘local cuisine’. An entire generation of women is being trained to see themselves as a commodity, a service provider.

Then there are high class girls who are available for big bucks, a few hundred to a thousand a night. They are the privilege of Chinese and Japanese businessmen and wealthy top Khmer officials, all of whom treat the girls as slaves. But for a grand… why not.


These are the girls not attached to any bar, who come in and pick up a trade as and when they please. It gives them certain independence, but offers little protection should things go wrong.

Cambodia, Sihanoukville The Square 1
Cambodia, Sihanoukville The Square

The working girls are very pragmatic about it all. A man can be fucking one on the bed, and the second girl could be painting her nails right next to them. HERE there is very little choice, the rates are cheap and the girls really young. There is no support in the form of social security, and if one falls in life for whatever reason – one dies. Men, both local and Western, take full advantage of this destitute situation. HERE it is full on, smack in the face.. real indeed. Animal origins of Humanity.


Humans think it is OK. Not a problem, the oldest profession in the world, hahaha and all that. The shocking thing is that I used to think the same. But as my conscious awareness grew I realised that the measure of non abuse is not its degrees, or how abuse gets perpetuated, or who abuses and why. The measure of non abuse is its complete absence in any shape or form.

And so the question is…. would YOU? Would you let the animal drive dictate your choices, without consideration of another human being? Yes, the drive is potent and hard to contain… but they are young and naive and.. full of love if only someone could show them what it REALLY means. A strong man not beguiled by a pussy. Instead.. all they get is a fuck. The girls harden and become real smart at swindling the said punters. You reap what you sow.

The so called ‘enlightened’ guys I used to talk to say ‘So what? Who cares’. This becomes a standard reply to everything… so what? Anything goes. Don’t care. Look away.

Or join in.

When people ask what it is like to live in Cambodia, I say this: ‘Get over to Cambodia, and I’ll show you what you really are, what you are made of’.

P.S. This is what you get if you google ‘Cambodian bargirls’

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