Some time back in 2014 Kenneth (Jed) and I had a few exchanges on the forum:

Title: Re: GromerCop
Post by: Jed McKenna on October 11, 2014, 11:01:41 pm

Dear G:

Further, and by the by,  please don’t use the word ‘moron’. Every time I see it I read it as Mormon and I feel all confused inside. Like the Church will no longer accept me, I will be an outcast and all alone.

WTF, no church would accept me (thank God), I am definitely an outcast and I am alone as there is no one else in existence. Goals achieve in spades.

Enough about me, what do you think of me?

Love ya, ME!

(Yeh, further Jed, further.)

Title: Re: GromerCop
Post by: GromerCop on October 12, 2014, 03:33:57 pm

There is no Further, Jed.

Imagine a cream wall just painted red. Keep adding new coats of paint, the colour may deepen, become near burgundy.. but the wall will remain red in shade. That’s the only Further I see, and we paint that wall for a lifetime.

Your question is made ambiguous by the first part, but since I’m never shy on feedback, I will pretend there was no such ambiguity and will answer.

What do I think of you? You are a sane man who sees things as they are, who has a life, who lives it according to own inner call, who is in no way elevated, mystical or God like, one walking among the rest, all and nothing, and completely normal, but not in the way ‘normalcy’ operates out there. YOU HAVE THE EYES TO SEE WHAT IS, TRULY is, like… is is. And that’s the difference. I also think that your path was not as straight forward as it may seem from the books, but that’s because privacy is of utter importance to you.

No (man made) God, but the Universe in your own right, as we all are. Just a bloody honest and true to self Being. Your life, your rules, much within the Game, for we cannot LEAVE the Game, other than six feet under. Play along, play with or vacate the premises. And this here – is the call of nature, not in THAT way lol, the call of YOUR nature, the specifics of which I will not go into here.

As I read through many of the exchanges, both on the forum and in private correspondence, I can see just how spot on were the things I sensed about the man at the time, and how it all turned out to be just so, up to and including his precise energetic makeup. He lived, suffered, got mightily fucked up by the ‘relationship’ business, stopped giving a shit about any of it and went back into the Dream holding both perspectives: that of Eternity where nothing casts a shadow, and that of the human world where all is permissible… because Eternity will equalize all.

An ability to hold both perspectives simultaneously without being swallowed by one or another – is not given to many. But how will that manifest in the context of a human life?

Title: Re: Gromer
Post by: Gromer on November 06, 2014, 01:33:24 am

Let me tell you what REALLY is.

No can stand outside of that collective dream, as you portrayed in your books. I’ve been ‘dead’ to the world for quite some time, but that brought material suffering, despite the fact that whatever I do – I do well. I am not ‘normal’ in the way most people are. Nothing in this world has hold over me, no possession, person, place or job has any deep meaning, all dust. You can’t teach me anything I don’t know already, and what I don’t know – cannot be shared anyway, for a tiger will be a tiger, and a bird will remain a bird. This is the Eternal Law.

Your path is not mine, it’s misleading to many people as I see, here and out there. They’ve read the books and believe(d) you have no life which is total bollocks. You have a normal life, people around you, a job, everything looks as it ‘should’. It’s all a lie you are part of.
The true Reality of your message is – do whatever, all is equally acceptable, play with it. So yes, throwing children under the train is OK, and perhaps you could, but that’s not who I am. Not for my benefit, or someone else’s. How does one live this authentically? With great difficulty I can tell you. A flower gets picked up without permission. It simply graces the world with its presence, and at times heavy boots will walk over, and does it complain? No.

Title: Re: Gromer
Post by: Jed McKenna on November 06, 2014, 02:01:26 am

Hi there:

Well, I understand, except for the use of the word ‘authentic’. Something inside goes, ‘What is that, what does it mean to be authentic?’.

As I write, I come up with my own definition, ‘I don’t give a ****’. I define that phrase very specifically as follows, ‘There is very little or no ‘me’ involved in this hence any outcome is fully embraced.’

I don’t expect everyone to understand where I am coming from, but, I don’t give a ****’, and at the same time,

love ya, Jed.

But it is not about fully embracing any outcome, even though this applies as and when the situation has already presented itself. It is about not creating those situations where the outcomes have a potential damaging quality to them.

As I said to Kenneth (Jed).. ‘I have been mirroring to you the part of you that you had lost’. Some people I spoke to think that he never had that human part. I beg to differ. The inner core of every human, unlike the perspective, never changes. It is eternal in that sense.

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